33 Aesthetic Nail Designs: Elevate Your Manicure Game

Key Takeaways
  • Aesthetic nails encompass a wide range of nail art styles, colors, and designs, allowing individuals to express their creativity and personal style through their manicures.
  • Nail art can be a form of self-expression and a way to make a fashion statement, with choices ranging from classic French tips to intricate 3D designs.
  • Maintaining healthy nails through proper care and maintenance is crucial for achieving and preserving the best aesthetic results, including regular moisturizing, nail trimming, and cuticle care.
  • Aesthetic nails can be a temporary or semi-permanent art form, making them versatile for those who like to change their look frequently or prefer long-lasting options like gel or acrylic nails.

Get ready for this year’s top-rated manicures that will give you the aesthetic nails you’ve always wanted. 

Have you been searching everywhere for the perfect “aesthetic nail”?.

Image by @by_hannahtaylor via Instagram

Well, look no further because we are about to show you a selection of this year’s most aesthetic manicures. If you love a good nail and staying on top of the trends, then you won’t want to miss these. 

The dictionary meaning of the word “aesthetic” indicates that to be aesthetic is to be concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

Pop culture, however, has developed a new concept for the term: an aesthetic refers to the overall style of a person or object. 

If you’re active on social media then you’ve likely heard this word in practice a countless number of times. “How to look aesthetic” is one very common example.

Go on TikTok or Instagram and you find an endless amount of people teaching you how to achieve a specific beauty standard. 

In our opinion, beauty is subjective. “To be aesthetic” can therefore mean many different things, based on the interpreter.

This is why we have chosen a variety of nail looks with different “aesthetics” (to use the pop culture’s definition of the word) that will appeal to a diverse range of individuals. 

Whether your aesthetic is more edgy, femme, minimalist or retro, in this selection there is something for everyone. 

Before You Get Started

  • Dive into the world of aesthetic nail designs and embrace your creative side.
  • Aesthetic nail Designs offers endless possibilities to match your personality and fashion choices.
  •  Achieving the best aesthetic nail designs requires care, quality tools, and meticulous attention.
  • Regular touch-ups and refinements help keep your aesthetic nail art looking fresh.
  • Prioritize the health of your natural nails and the care of your aesthetic nail designs.

1. Cottagecore Glam 

Cottagecore Glam Aesthetic Nail Designs

Image by @nailsbyalannahh via Instagram

When we think of aesthetics involving florals, the first thing that comes to mind is cottagecore. Cottagecore romanticizes life in the countryside and is all about nature.

But who says we can’t spice things up a bit? In addition to the white and red flowers, this manicure features a beautiful gold design.

If cottagecore can be aesthetic, then why not cottagecore glam?

2. Valentine’s Nails 

Valentine’s Nails  Aesthetic Nail Designs

Image by @nailsxgoldenhour via Instagram

Pink and red french tips and little hearts- this aesthetic couldn’t be anything other than the day of romance.

Traditionally, pink and red were a big no-no in the fashion and beauty industries.

But you can say goodbye to these archaic ideas because red and pink are stronger than ever and they’re not going anywhere.


3. Aesthetic Cool-Toned Nails  

Aesthetic Cool-Toned Nails Aesthetic Nail Designs

Image by @kiran.nails via Instagram

If cool tones are the most flattering for you then this blue and silver mani is calling your name.

With its glossy finish and sparkly polish, this nail look is giving winter wonderland. And who doesn’t love a good checkered print?

4. Retro Nail Design

Retro Nail Design Aesthetic Nail Designs

Image by @nailsbyalannahh via Instagram

Speaking of blue, this throwback nail look is perfect for those who identify with the retro aesthetic.

Swirls were iconic during the hippie era of the ‘60s due to their cool and psychedelic characteristics. Combine the look with a french tip and your vintage fit will be looking fire.

5. Chocolate Brown Nails 

Chocolate Brown Nails Aesthetic Nail Designs

Image by @josefinenj via Instagram

The ‘60s isn’t the only decade that has inspired today’s trends. Chocolate brown was an it color during the ‘70s and has since made a huge comeback.

This manicure utilizes the shade to complement its classic and minimalist design. With this nail look, you get a little bit of retro and a little bit of modern.


6. Aesthetic Wave Nail Art 

Aesthetic Wave Nail Art  Aesthetic Nail Designs

Image by @kiran.nails via Instagram

Is your happy place a warm, sunny day at the beach listening to the calming sounds of the ocean? If the answer is yes then you will love this look.

The lighter shade reminds us of a clear, blue sky and the darker hue, of the color of the sea. The design is also symbolic as it resembles that of the waves.

7. Neutral Nails 

Image by @zvrotwoss via Instagram

We’ve already mentioned that chocolate brown is a trending color but creams are also having a moment in fashion.

If you love a neutral, minimalist aesthetic then we would definitely recommend this manicure.

Brown and creme as a color duo work extremely well together and the hearts give it that little extra something.

8. Daisy-Inspired Aesthetic Nail Designs 

Daisy-Inspired Aesthetic Nails 

Image by @beautebyeirian via Instagram

It seems that nowadays with our affinities for nostalgia most trends are retro-based. As the saying goes, fashion really does repeat itself.

Daisies are a product of the ‘60s and make any manicure so cute. Red, white and beige complement each other perfectly and give the overall look a lovely spring vibe.

9. Minimalist Chic Nail Design 

Minimalist Chic Nail Design 

Image by @beautebyeirian via Instagram

The minimalist aesthetic is everywhere right now and this manicure fits the style perfectly.

The star design is subtle and charming and the diamonds provide just the right amount of elegance to the overall look. Minimalist chic is definitely one of our favorites. 

10. French Tip & Diamond Nails 

French Tip & Diamond Nails

Image by @ladyaroom via Instagram

Or, if simple diamonds aren’t enough try adding a french tip to each of the nails.

A french tip is a great choice because it provides the nail with depth without being too over the top: so you can still maintain that minimalist aesthetic. 


11. Classic Aesthetic Nail Designs

Classic Aesthetic Nails

Image by @fuwanails via Instagram

For many, the classic aesthetic is ideal as it has proven to be the most versatile and timeless.

This manicure uses beautiful shades of sapphire and teal to create an effortless and classic look. 

12. Sweet Love Nails 

Sweet Love Nails 

Image by @kiran.nails via Instagram

For a sweet and romantic aesthetic, there’s no better design than a heart one. This manicure with its sparkles and polka dots is fun and flirty.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or you just want to spread a little love then this is the nail for you. 

13. Black Abstract Nail Design 

Black Abstract Nail Design 

Image by @kiran.nails via Instagram

Black is a bold and daring color. If a full black manicure is a little too much for you then this abstract minimalist-inspired manicure is a great alternative.

With its unique french tip and cross design, this look is understated but still adventurous.

14. Sweet But Psycho Nails 

Sweet But Psycho Nails 

Image by @happyprettynails via Instagram

Apparently, we all have tendencies toward the sinister and these nails are definitely bringing out our dark side.

The texture and design of the red polish resemble dripping blood. If “sweet but psycho” resonates with you then this nail look might too.

15. Aesthetic Sparkly Peach Nails 

Aesthetic Sparkly Peach Nails 

Image by @fuwanails via Instagram

If “soft femme” appeals to you, then you will definitely love this aesthetic.

The soft and light nature of the peach polish gives the manicure a delicate touch and the gold and silver sparkles elevate the look even further.

Spring is here and this nail look is like a sweet, (pink) breath of fresh air.


16. Yes Queen Mani

Yes Queen Mani

Image by @peachy_ci_nails via Instagram

In contrast, this manicure is GIVING. Slay the night away with this elaborate and unique nail art.

With so much going on it’s hard to say what the exact aesthetic is. All we know is this manicure will be sure to leave behind an impression. 

17. Tiger Print Nails 

Tiger Print Nails 

Image by @a_votre_convenance via Instagram

Another great style choice is the animal print aesthetic. Animal print never really goes out of style and this tiger-inspired look is serving.

We love how the artist has taken a unique twist on the classic tiger print by using unconventional colors. The alternating designs and use of the tiger french tip are also a great touch.

18. Cow Print Manicure 

Image by @bbiikmil.nails via Instagram

For a more conventional take on the animal print, this cow-inspired manicure is just what you need.

If a short, classic nail is your thing- but you also have a quirky side- then a traditional cow print is perfect. 

19. Flame-Inspired Nails 

Image by @fancynails_ladylake via Instagram

Flames aren’t just for motorcycles and campfires, in fact, they also look great on nails!

The flames give the manicure a fiery edge while the sparkles provide it with a glamorous touch. This nail look is giving edgy chic. 

20. Aesthetic Snowflake Nail Design 

Image by @nailedby_natalia via Instagram

There is something so intriguing about a snowflake: their texture, color and the way each one possesses its own unique shape.

If you’ve ever watched a snowfall then you know how truly magical it is. If we were to translate this experience onto a nail, it would be this manicure.

The soft hues, ombré, pearls, snowflakes and diamonds all come together to create a dreamy winter wonderland. 


21. Sage Green Nails 

Image by @nailswithluv_ via Instagram

Sage green is a beautiful pastel green and has been rapidly increasing in popularity in the last couple of years.

For another minimalist look try mixing a solid green with a fun design such as this retro wave. Because of its earthy tones, this color pairs really well with neutral shades such as this white. 

22. Line Art-Inspired Nails 

Image by @dfg_aesthetica via Instagram

Due to its minimalist nature, line art has received a lot of attention as of late. It is mainly seen in home décor but it also looks great on nails.

The female face and floral design provide the manicure with a feminine touch and the neutral shades are the perfect accent for this chic and modest look. 

23. Preppy Chic Nail Design 

Image by @min_moetmoet_maungmaung via Instagram

The preppy aesthetic has been all over social media and we aren’t complaining. Button-ups, trousers and plaid are a few of the attributes that describe this style.

If you’ve got the plaid skirt why not get the nails to match? The black and white shades paired with the diamond accents and plaid design create the perfect aura of preppy chic. 

24. Barbie Pink Manicure 

Image by @naildbyjuli via Instagram

Barbie has and forever will be an icon in the pop culture world. So much so, that a shade of pink has been named after her.

These bright and bold hues and fun stripes are just what we need for the upcoming summer months and it wouldn’t be a truly fabulous Barbie look without the sparkles. 

25. Abstract Black & White Nails 

Image by @magiabenditamx via Instagram

Do you prefer a more alternative aesthetic as opposed to mainstream styles? This manicure is all about pushing the limits.

Instead of one design, this nail look uses four: solid, flames, x’s and criss-cross.

Despite its diverse attributes because of the use of neutral black and white shades, when it comes to finding an ootd, this manicure is very versatile. 


26. Salt & Pepper-Inspired Nails 

Image by @designer.bebel via Instagram

Or, perhaps you love the black and white duo but you’re looking for something a little more understated. This manicure utilizes the colors while presenting them in a unique and minimalist manner. 

27. Aesthetic Birthday Nails 

Aesthetic Birthday Nails

Image by @polishedbyli_ via Instagram

Whether it’s your birthday or you’ll be attending one as a guest, these nails are the perfect addition to any celebratory fit.

With a fun range of colors, confetti nail art and a cheerful smiley emoji, this manicure encapsulates good vibes. 

28. Blue Floral Nail Design 

Blue Floral Nail Design  Aesthetic Nail Designs

Image by @nailsslab via Instagram

If you’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect “Pinterest Girl” mani then look no further.

With their blue pastel hues and quaint floral design, these nails are everything the Pinterest aesthetic stands for: effortless and trendy chic. 

29. Sparks Of Summer Nails 

Sparks Of Summer Nails Aesthetic Nail Designs

Image by @alexandria.maria_ via Instagram

A fun floral and deep pink (not to mention the accents of orange and lilac) are the perfect traits to get you summer-ready.

Like the previous nail look, this manicure is very much giving “Pinterest girl” vibes. Bold colors and cute daisies are trending now more than ever and this look is serving all of that and more. 

30. Aesthetic Emerald Green Nails  

Aesthetic Nail Designs

Image by @nailedby_natalia via Instagram

Emerald green is a classic and luxurious color that screams vintage.

For a true sophisticated elegance opt for an emerald green gem design with some nails more understated than others.

To achieve a balance, make sure to leave the backdrop clear. This will also allow the gems to be the focal point. 


31. The “It Girl” Aesthetic Nail Designs Look 

Aesthetic Nail Designs

Image by @nail_glam.o via Instagram

The “it girl” aesthetic is all about achieving that effortless cool vibe. And what says effortless cool more than trendy pink and white hues shaped into a minimalist design?

To really capture the look, be sure to maintain a classic shorter, oval-shaped mani.  

32. Aesthetic Rainbow Nails 

Aesthetic Nail Designs

Image by @deezclawz via Instagram

Last but not least we have the rainbow-inspired nail. Each nail possesses a different fun and bright color, giving the manicure a vibrant and cheerful disposition. The long, square shape of the nails is also the perfect form for the unique, elongated triangular design. 

As we’ve seen, “aesthetic” can take on many colors, shapes and sizes. To be aesthetic does not mean simply adhering to standard beauty styles but rather finding what makes you feel beautiful. When it comes to nails, choose the aesthetic that makes you feel confident and fall in love with your manicure. 

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