The Ultimate Guide To Acrylic Nails: The Best Brands And Reviews

The acrylic nail trend may have been around for decades, but its popularity continues to soar. Instagram and Pinterest reveal endless images of the much-loved acrylic nail technique in action.

You’ll see beautiful pictures of acrylic nail manis, the best acrylic nail brands, that inspire dreamy acrylic nail goals. 

With so many stunning pictures of acrylic nail varieties and high-profile endorsements, it seems everyone wants to get in on the acrylic nail trend.  Acrylic nail powders and liquids are available from amazing brands.

There are also all-singing, all-dancing acrylic nail kits available from leading acrylic nail brands. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, there's an acrylic nail kit for you.

If sorting through the vast array of acrylic nail products is leaving you feeling a bit overwhelmed, read on. 

We provide you with all the facts about acrylic nails. The ingredients to avoid as well as how acrylics work are discussed. Find reviews on the best acrylic nail brands and their most rated products and kits by scrolling down further.

So, whether you are giving a DIY acrylic kit or go, or are looking for a professional kit for your salon, this guide is for you. In this article, we review the pros and cons of the best acrylic nail products to help you decide which is right for you.

You can find even more helpful information by reading our final verdict and frequently asked questions.

Acrylic Nails

What Are Acrylic Nails, And Who Uses Them?

Acrylic nails are a godsend for those of us who just can’t get any decent nail length or strength. Their long term presence on the beauty scene means the possibilities, shapes, and designs are limitless.

From the celebrity-adored acrylic talons, to almond, coffin, oval, and square - these nail extensions truly are something to behold.

Acrylic nail formulas consist of a powder and liquid monomer. Together, these ingredients form a thickened mixture that is then painted on to your nail and shaped as required.

Unlike gel nails, the acrylic nail technique hardens (cures) as soon as it comes into contact with air. There is no need for an LED lamp. However, due to the polish’s quick-drying process, practice, and skill is needed to ensure best results.

How Are Acrylic Nail Brands Rated?

Several requirements need to be ticked before an acrylic nail brand can be worthy of high-end status. A brand’s acrylic powder and liquid must tick all the boxes to ensure quality, safety, and optimal efficacy.

Let’s take a look at what makes an acrylic nail powder and liquid worthy of your investment.

Acrylic Powder: What Is Required?

A good quality acrylic nail powder will enable ease of mixing, without an outcome of bubbles or an uneven finish. If you are a newcomer to acrylics, we recommend you start off with a clear acrylic powder which can be coated easily with your chosen polish.

Pros Of Using Acrylic Powder

  1. Long-lasting results
  2. Fast curing (drying and setting) capabilities without the need of an LED lamp
  3. Slightly more flexible nail result.

Cons Of Using Acrylic Powder

  1. Poor application of acrylic powder can cause eventual infections or nail damage.
  2. Overuse can harm your nail plate
  3. Incorrect removal also damages the natural nails.

Acrylic Liquid: What To Look For

Your acrylic liquid should come from a reputable brand and contain good quality ingredients. When searching online, always check the labeling before hitting the ‘buy now’ button. The ingredient your liquid should contain in EMA.

If the product contains MMA rather than EMA, it means it contains toxic and potentially damaging chemicals. As we have discussed, MMA is considered unsafe for use. However, some nail product manufacturers are still using it in their products.

Pros Of Using Acrylic Liquid

  1. Long-lasting results
  2. Easily fixed when broken
  3. Flawlessly smooth and even acrylic manicure
  4. Achieve an array of decorative nail art designs and shapes.

Cons Of Using Acrylic Liquid

  1. Weaken and (or) damage the natural nails over time
  2. Incorrect application and removal of acrylics can be harmful to your nail plate.

What To Look For When Buying Your Acrylic Nail Products

When buying your acrylic nail powder and liquid, check the customer reviews to see what others are saying. Ask professional nail techs for their opinion. Do a little research and always check the labeling states the products are MMA-free.

Products Needed For Acrylic Extensions

Should you want to have a go at acrylic nail extensions, you will need an acrylic nail powder and acrylic nail liquid. There are many different products available to buy online.

Amongst the myriad of options, some brands offer high quality products, whilst others barely make the grade. The last thing you want is to spend ages on creating the ultimate acrylic nail enhancement, to be shot down through poor quality ingredients.

Always avoid cheaper products and check labeling. Ingredients in cheaper and poor quality products often contain the substance, MMA. This is considered to be unsafe. Ensure your products are MMA free.

Check out our guide of the best acrylic nail brands. These superb nail industry leaders offer  high quality, safe, and effective products. These brands supply MMA free products What is more, they all have tonnes of rave reviews.


[amazon fields=”B00BGTQEKE” value=”thumb”]


[amazon fields=”B0829FSDW2″ value=”thumb”]


[amazon fields=”B00FLOQPUY” value=”thumb”]


[amazon fields=”B00BGTQEKE” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Try Mia Secret Clear Acrylic Powder (4 0z)

Made in the USA and under strict regulations, is the highly rated Mia Secret Clear Acrylic Powder. Mia Secret is a nail brand known and loved across the globe for its ease of use, high quality ingredients, and great results.

Mia’s Clear Powder has garnered more than 24,000 5-star reviews on Amazon alone.


  • Minimal filing required
  • Self-leveling formula
  • Super strong adhesion
  • Easy to use and fantastic for acrylic nail skill development.


  • Should only be used with Mia Secret powders


[amazon fields=”B094NSBJ2T” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Saviland Acrylic powder Set (Includes 10 Powder Colors)

This well-known nail brand never fails to impress. The Saviland Acrylic Powder Set provides 10 beautiful colors of easy-to-use acrylic powders.

Including a range of colors (and a glitter powder), the powder set makes for a perfect at-home application. Formulated with high quality and safe ingredients, you can be assured of long-lasting vibrancy, without a hint of yellowing.


  • High quality and safe ingredients
  • Huge range of colors to suit every mood
  • Can be used in conjunction with acrylic liquids for the best extensions.
  • Ideal for decorating, half-tip nails, French manicures, and standard acrylic nails.


  • No black or dark purple - Seriously, the only flaw we can find here.


[amazon fields=”B0829FSDW2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Karlash Professional Acrylic Monomer Liquid (4 0z)

Since exploding onto the beauty scene, Karlash has skyrocketed in popularity. They supply a range of products, from powders and liquids to gel and regular polishes.

You can also purchase your machines and tools from this revered brand. Their Professional Acrylic Liquid Monomer is receiving much appraisal. It is MMA free, gives the most insane shine, and has concrete-like strength. We’re in!


  • MMA-Free - Contains no nasty MMA substance that is widely known to be an unsafe ingredient everyone should avoid.
  • Ultra-Shine - The super glossy, shiny finish will blow you away.
  • Strength - This liquid monomer achieves Thor-like strength for your nails.
  • UV Stabilizers - This liquid monomer combines UV stabilizers to prolong color longevity whilst thwarting any yellowing appearance.
  • Works Without a Primer - This product offers effective results without the need for a primer. Great news for anyone who may be sensitive to nail primers. 


  • Strong Smell - As with all professional MMA-free acrylic liquids, the smell is very strong indeed. However, MMA products smell strong with a tinge of fruit, whereas MMA-free products all carry the same strong (non-fruity) scent.


[amazon fields=”B006CVXR10″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Mia Secret Liquid Monomer (8 0z)

This brand is a nail industry favorite. Their range of products come with tens of thousands of rave reviews, from beginners to professional nail technicians.

The Mia Secret Liquid Monomer is heralded for its showstopping acrylic nail abilities. Including high quality ingredients that stick firmly and do not lift, this is a go-to choice for many. 

Furthermore, you will find the product lasts for ages. You do not need to use much to achieve fantastic results, making this liquid monomer a highly cost-effective product.


  • Long-lasting and lift-resistant formula
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Amazing results with thousands of 5-star reviews
  • Great choice for both nail newbies and using by nail techs in a salon.


  • Doesn’t make friends with other brands. Only mix with the Mia Secret powders
  • May take slightly longer to cure.


[amazon fields=”B00FLOQPUY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Young Nails Acrylic Powders, Core, (85 g)

Young Nails take accessible professional beauty to new heights with their outstanding Acrylic Powder Core formulation.

Providing professional-grade powder created with advanced particle technology, this powder achieves perfect results. Expect incredible adhesion and great consistency.


  • Advanced pigment technology
  • Nineteen different styles and 3 available sizes.
  • Outstanding adhesion and consistency.
  • Long-lasting results
  • Flawless results when mixed with acrylic liquid.


  • Core powder sets at a slightly slower time than their speed powders. We are only talking about a minute in difference.


[amazon fields=”B08FDDXJ55″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Try Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit Powder & Professional Acrylic Liquid Monomer Set

Morovan is an internationally hailed nail brand whose nail kits deliver unrivalled results. Whether you are just starting your acrylic nail journey, or an established acrylic nail lover, this set is simply amazing.

The set contains everything you need to create the most stunning acrylic nails which will last and last. Morovan’s formulas ensure total control, consistency, self-leveling, and high quality results every time.

Their professional standard liquid monomer is one of the most valued acrylic liquids amongst experienced nail technicians too. The formula features  nail resin technology within a superior acrylic liquid.

The outcome is the highest quality and smoothest of nails in minimal time.


  • Includes acrylic powder, liquid, nail form extensions, nail tips, nail brush, and acrylic nail glass cup.
  • Combines pink, white, and clear powders and achieves a finish of shimmering, translucent and opaque.
  • High quality and safe ingredients
  • Ideal for DIY, nail extension, gel adhesion, nail carving, nail art designs, to name a few.
  • Effective without a primer 


  • Quick cleaning action required to ensure your brush can be used again.


[amazon fields=”B081QDFJB9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit Liquid Monomer Set for Beginners

This nail kit by beauty supplier, Morovan, literally has every possible item an acrylic nail beginner might need. They have thought of everything. Open this kit and discover a veritable selection of acrylic nail technique delights.

Inside are eighteen different colored carving powders, twelve colors of powder glitter, and 6 types of acrylic nail sequins.

You will also find nail liquid monomer, finger practice for developing skills,  as well as base coat, top coat, brushes, and tips.

Think of the kit as your one-stop shop for developing and perfecting your amazing acrylic nail extension technique.


  • Long-lasting kit with everything needed to go from beginner to pro with ease.
  • Easy blend formula
  • High quality and safe
  • Carving tools, glitters, sequins, and rhinestones for creating 3D and other stunning nail art designs


  • Strong smell (as expected). Use in a well-ventilated area.


[amazon fields=”B01INRNM0Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

NSI Attraction Acrylic Nail Liquid, (32 fl 0z)

Nsi is a brand that continues to offer game-changing results for professional nail technicians.

Their nsi Attraction Acrylic Nail Liquid has undergone years of extensive research and testing to ensure the highest possible standards for nail experts and clients alike.

Nsi Attraction provide an array of nail enhancing benefits that keep it as a highly-rated nail salon product. Nail technicians know this outstanding formula will provide the ultimate sculpting abilities with almost no filing needs.

A nail expert will open the bottle knowing they don’t need to open all the windows too. The product causes little evaporation and is trusted fo providing top-level quality and unquestionable safety. 


  • Highest Quality, Safe Ingredients. Most advanced monomer available.
  • Quick and seamless application
  • Odor-free application
  • Ultimate sculpting capabilities
  • Minimal need for filing the nails.


  • Not a beginner’s best choice.

Final Verdict

So, that is our selection of some of the best, most trusted, and top-rated acrylic nail brands and signature nail products from their beauty lines.

The acrylic nail technique  continues to keep its place in the spotlight for providing dramatic, stunning, and unique nail art designs.

As such, the beauty industry is brimming with some truly exceptional nail brands to help everyone achieve beautiful nails without compromising on safety. That said, there are others who haven’t upped their game.

That is why it is always vital to double-check labeling for unsafe substances (MMA) and poor quality formulas. 

No you have the knowledge and key information at your fingertips, you cna go ahead and let your artistic side soar. Ultimate nail goals achieved!

The Ultimate Guide To Acrylic Nails: The Best Brands And Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need To Adhere To The Ratio Guidelines?

Every brand’s acrylic (that’s the term given for both powder and liquid) is formulated with varying ingredient amounts.

Failure to comply with the ration instructions can lead to poor product consistency, and a less than adequate application. This results in a sub-optimal finished result and premature lifting.

What Factors Can Cause Acrylic Nail Lifting To Occur?

Nail lifting can be caused by several factors. When you have been using the same brand successfully and suddenly experience the dreaded lift, there may be other causes involved.

These factors may include poor client health and exposure to chemicals remaining before beginning the acrylic manicure. Stress can also shorten the life of acrylic nails.