41 Pop Smoke Braids- A Rapper’s Influence On Style

Key Takeaways
  • Pop smoke, the late rapper, popularized the distinctive “Pop Smoke braids,” which are characterized by their tightly woven, thick, and long style.
  • Pop Smoke’s braids became an iconic part of his image and added to his unique and memorable look, making them a symbol of individuality and self-expression.
  • To achieve the Pop Smoke braids style, individuals typically need longer hair, and the braids are often accentuated by faded haircuts on the sides for a sharp and contrasting appearance.
  • Pop Smoke’s braids continue to influence and inspire fans and artists alike, demonstrating the lasting impact of his style and persona in the world of hip-hop and fashion.

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Pop smoke braids hairstyles are the trendiest hairstyle in season. Try out any of these 40 fashionable pop smoke braids for a new, cool style.

Cornrows who? You’ve grown bored of cornrows and you’re looking for a  hairstyle that will place you among the town’s cool kids while remaining simple and minimalist?

Image by @sveltemag via Pinterest

If this is you, then you’re in the right place. Don’t bother combing through the internet for hairstyles though. We’ve got you. Say hello to Pop Smoke Braids!

Pop smoke braids are a super easy, yet fashionable hairstyle. They are very light, can be worn by anyone, and won’t cost you as much as traditional braids will.

They’re also a great protective style (as long as your hair isn’t pulled tightly), so that’s another plus for you.

The best part of this hairstyle? It allows you to showcase your personality and creativity.

You could add the styles, colors, and lengths you want without restrictions, and you’d have the most gorgeous hairdo in any room you walk into.

There’s a world of pop smoke braids out there to choose from, ranging from short to long braids, neutral and bold colors, a variety of braid sizes, and even combos with other braid styles.

Have no idea where to start? Take a look at this catalog of our favorite pop smoke braids below. There’s a glorious hairstyle waiting for you in this article!

Before You Get Started

  • Pop Smoke braids can be heavy on your scalp, so ensure that your scalp remains healthy and moisturized. 
  • Regardless of the style, keeping your hair hydrated is crucial. Regularly condition your braids to prevent dryness and breakage. 
  • Schedule trims every 8-12 weeks to prevent split ends from traveling up the length of your braids and causing damage.
  • To maintain a fresh and bouncy look, use dry texture sprays. These products can add volume and hold, preventing your braids from appearing flat or lifeless.
  • Pop Smoke braids hairstyes often feature sleek edges and a tidy nape. Use anti-frizz styling gels to tame stubborn flyaways and maintain a polished appearance.

Our Favorite Pop Smoke Braids

1. Zig-Zag Parted Pop Smoke Braids

Zig-Zag Parted Pop Smoke Braids hairstyles

Image by @theh.airwhiz via Instagram

Here, we see our hair of the moment in a longer style.  Four cornrows come down from the center part to each side of the head and fall to the waist in thick, black braids.

Feminine with an edgy twist, the zig-zag parts in this one completely elevate an already unique hairdo, transforming it into something you won’t see anywhere else.

The parts here are wide, so you can make it as long as you want without worrying about weight, it’s stunning but very comfortable.

2. Classic Pop Smoke Braids

Classic Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @coco_strandz via Instagram

This is a more classic version of our first look. The cornrows here have straighter parts and the braids are more close together.

The braids are also thicker in size and long so you have the option of leaving your hair down or tying it back behind you on a hot day.

If you’re not a fan of black, you could recreate this in any color of your choice and you would look amazing.


3. Tiny Black Pop Smoke Braids

Tiny Black Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @bellalici0us via Instagram

Want something masculine? Try this look. In this one, we’re looking at our usual side cornrows with a center part, but after the first pair of cornrows, there’s an interesting twist.

The second stitch-in cornrow artfully climbs over the third, before making its way down to just below the ears.

Though slightly complex, the thin braids are smooth, glossy, and even.

Moreover, you don’t need extensions to make this, so if you want to look good without the added cost and weight of extensions, you have your gem.

4. Hint of Blue Pop Smoke Braids

Hint of Blue Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @niastouch_2 via Instagram

Who doesn’t love a touch of color? This style is giving rock star vibes with electric blue framing each side of the face.

For added glamor, we see edgy zig-zag parts in wide sections again.

You won’t spend a lot of time installing these pop smoke braids, so our slightly impatient but stylish queens, this is for you.

The braids come down to the waist, so that blue will be an attention grabber as it dangles at your sides.


5. Stepped Layer Pop Smoke Braids

Stepped Layer Braids

Image by @braidobsessionllc via Instagram

There are so many varieties of pop smoke braids hairstyles. Don’t want your cornrows going from top to bottom? You have another fantastic option.

This features our pop smoke braids in groups of four, but rather than having one layer of only four cornrows,  there are three layers of four cornrows each.

Gently falling over each other in thick, long braids, the beauty in this one is in its uniformity. If you want a little more fullness in your braids, go for this.

6. Starlight Black Pop Smoke Braids

Starlight Black Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @jmadisonexperience via Instagram

If you thought zig-zag parts were all you could do when sectioning, how wrong you were! This style incorporates unique starlight parts into the braids.

With this, you can be as simple or as extra as you want.

Waist-length or chin-length, the lovely black used here or any other color you want, thicker braids or medium-sized braids as seen above; anything works. 

It will turn out amazing no matter what you choose to put on it.

7. Extra Long Classic Pop Smoke Braids

Extra Long Classic Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @stylesbyyd via Instagram

Jumbo braids will never stop being a statement on their own. Coupled with pop smoke braids? Show-stopping.

This is the classic style, four cornrows and center part, made trendier with extra thick braiding.

For more of a cool girl aesthetic, the braids come down to knee length, so everyone will definitely notice this if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Black not your thing? Go for a different color. You’ll still look bomb.

8. Cute Hearty Pop Smoke Braids

Cute Hearty Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @slayedd_by.jay via Instagram

And yet another parting style. This one’s a cute heart, so if you want to show love with your hair, then try this.

The zig-zag parts here are artfully aligned under each other to create a beautiful heart shape. At shoulder length, you can be sure this style won’t cause you any discomfort.

The medium-sized braids are perfectly natural-looking, so if that’s more your speed, then here you go.


9. Rounded Short Pop Smoke Braids

Rounded Short Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @beautybybabyxo via Instagram

While this may look similar to our previous masculine classic pop smoke braids, there is a detail that is an absolute must in this one.

The cornrows are rounded at the edges, leaving some cleanly shaved hair behind.

It’s also a natural look, and the thick braids flirting along the shoulder will make you look trendy and hip, while still maintaining a masculine aura.

It can be done with or without an extension.

However, this rounded short pop smoke braid is easy to make, and creating a braid is a simple task that won’t cause discomfort, as it sits comfortably above your shoulders.

This type of rounded short pop smoke braid perfectly matches both men and women to look fashionable, and you can apply this on different occasions too.

Try this once if you are getting bored with your old fashion.

10. Bohemian Pop Smoke Braids

Bohemian Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @thebraidbar_llc via Instagram

Pop smoke braids, but make them as sweet and girly as possible. If that’s your order, then this style delivers without missing a beat.

Previously, we’ve seen a straight center part, but here, the center part is slightly diagonal ( from right to left).

We have thick cornrows descending into braids which then burst into a pretty spray of curls around shoulder length.

You could make this style with the same length or in a longer variation, it’s up to you. Either way, you’ll look like a princess.

This style is perfect for a romantic day or night look. Accessorize your curls for a head-turning appearance.

11. Jumbo Sized Pop Smoke Braids

Jumbo Sized Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @braidbynath_ via Instagram

You can’t get more elegant than this. For all the girly girls, check out these beautiful black pop smoke braids haistyles.

The jumbo braids are a work of art without help, but tiny cornrows nestled between two pairs of these jumbo braids and the zig-zag and straight part combo take this style to the moon.

Kudos to the stylist that gets braids as neat and even as these ones! It’s long too, so let your hair sway magically behind you.

12. Honey Blonde Smoke Braids

 Honey Blonde Smoke Braids

Image by @tae.slayss via Instagram

Looking at this style, the first thing that comes to mind is mouthwatering honey on pancakes. And who doesn’t love a pancake and honey breakfast?

That’s the same way everyone will love your hair with this sweet honey color mix. The zig-zag part is as fun as it is unique, and the braids fall to waist length on each side.

You could put these braids in front or behind you, just make sure it shows off your more flattering side when taking a pic for the ‘gram.


13. Twinkle Pop Smoke Braids

Twinkle Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @styledbye.m via Instagram

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. That’s the song your hair would bring to mind with the spattering of white all over long, black braids.

Though a center part is more commonly used, this graceful side part is even prettier. You’ll also be done quickly, as it features very wide, straight sections and medium-sized braids.

Simple, but beautiful, you’ll light up the darkness wearing this number on your head.

14. Thick Medium Pop Smoke Braids

Thick Medium Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @jenn__braidz via Instagram

This style is like an explosion of candy treats, with so much deliciousness you won’t know where to look first! We have our trademark center part, with a cornrow over it.

That alone makes this style so distinct but it doesn’t stop there. In between each jumbo braid, we have thin cornrows in the zig-zag shape of the parts and sections.

These smaller cornrows join the bigger ones at the base of the head and continue down the back in thick braids.

You’ll be wearing the most beautiful painting on your head rocking this style. If you don’t want black, you could also pick a lovely brown, however, try to use a muted color to allow the details to shine through.

15. Shadow Black Pop Smoke Braids

Shadow Black Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @nyestyle8 via Instagram

The beauty of this understated piece is in the sectioning.

Notice how with the first three pairs, the sections are widest near the center part but thin out as they move away from the center.

When you think you’ve got the style figured out, it surprises you. In the back, the opposite is the case.

We see thinness near the center slowly expanding in width around the base. This style is simple, short, and won’t take your time at all. You could accessorize to pretty it up a bit if you want to.

Pop Smoke Braids: Style Guide

  • Iconic Hairstyle: Pop Smoke braids hairstyles are inspired by the late rapper and are known for their distinct, tightly braided cornrows with a diagonal parting.
  • Versatility: This style allows for various lengths and styles, giving you room to express your individuality while paying homage to the rapper’s signature look.
  • Maintenance Level: Once installed, Pop Smoke braids hairstyles are relatively low-maintenance
  • Confidence and Swagger: These braids can boost your confidence, exuding the same swagger that reflected the late rapper’s unapologetic attitude and style.

16. Long Pop Smoke Braids With Beads

Image by @hudabraids via Instagram

Pop smoke braids can be sexy too. Add a touch of sensuality to your style with these colorless beads.

This style will also favor our long hair queens, so if you want your hair doing its thing behind you as you walk, then this should be your fave.

The parts are straight, and the braids, are smooth and evenly sized. You would absolutely kill it in any color you choose, just make sure the beads match the color of your hair nicely.


17. Bounced Black Pop Smoke Braids

Bounced Black Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @stylezby_deee via Instagram

If you loved the previous style, but want something extra, try this. The difference between the two is the colossal size of these braids.

You can do a shorter length if you want, but for the size of these braids, the longer the better.

The parts are neat and straight, nothing distracts from the statement the large braids make. Recreate this in whatever color you like.

18. Uniform Half Up Half Down Pop Smoke Braids

Uniform Half Up Half Down Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @the_hairguru1 via Instagram

Versatility is key. Why choose a hairstyle that has to be worn the same way every day? As you can see, this is styled in a pretty half up half down look.

The braids from the front tie behind the head over the other braids which are left to flow freely down the back. It’s a good way to get your hair out of your face when you mean business.

As for the parts, we see straight even sections braided close to each other. You can never go wrong with a classic.

19. Unique Little Bob With Beads Pop Smoke Braids

Unique Little Bob With Beads Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @braidcompi via Instagram

Who said your kid can’t rock pop smoke braids? It’s the perfect bouncy style for little children. Use clean, easy sections, short lengths, and thin braids so your baby isn’t overwhelmed.

Little knick-knacks like these colorful beads add fun and games to your baby’s hair as they click against each other on each side of the center part.

Remember to watch your kid around beads, to prevent accidents.

20. Colored Pop Smoke Braids

Colored Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @slayedbyqwa via Instagram

We’ve seen the center cornrow before, but why not make it two?

The more the merrier, after all. The two center braids are the main detail here, the side cornrows go off on each side in wide sections and straight parts.

Above, we see a striking, spicy red, but go for any color of your choice in any length you like. The braids here are more thin than thick; you’ll definitely get maximum comfort with this style.


21. Freaky Black Pop Smoke Braids

Freaky Black Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @_danidoes.hair via Instagram

At first glance, this may look like all the others with the usual center part, center-to-side cornrows, and thick, chin-length braids.

What you probably didn’t notice though, was the finely cut lining at the crown. Though this isn’t a traditionally feminine look, it would work well for whatever aesthetic you’re going for.

Another small detail is the small burst of hair at the ends of each braid.

Instead of tying the end in a knot or braiding completely, you could opt to leave out that small bit of hair. Be careful with this though, so you don’t maltreat your hair ends.

22. Heaven Hearted Pop Smoke Braids

Heaven Hearted Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @glo.locs.by.nyee via Instagram

Don’t you love love? Imagine this as a fun Valentine’s Day look spiced up with some accessories.

A tail comb is used to carve out some heart sections by making curves on each side of the head from the center part, and the cornrows follow the shape of these curves.

Though this is all-natural, add extensions to yours if you want to. Your hair will show love to and be loved by everyone that turns to stare at it.

23. Springy Twist Pop Smoke Braids

Springy Twist Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @stylebyfelii via Instagram

This is another masculine style. Sleek, glossy hair is braided in our usual side cornrow style on each side of the straight center part in short medium-sized braids and very wide sections.

Each braid ends in a spring twist and knotted ends.  For edginess, the sides of the hair are closely cropped, and the braids fall from somewhere around the middle to chin length.

It’s perfect for any hair texture or color and can be made short or longer if you wish.

Fun Fact

Pop Smoke, the late rapper, popularized the “Pop Smoke braids” hairstyle characterized by tightly braided cornrows with diagonal parting. This style gained popularity as a tribute to his distinctive look and musical influence within the hip-hop community.

24. Two Flat Pop Smoke Braids

Two Flat Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @_braidingbrat_ via Instagram

In the legend himself, we can see why this hairstyle is so adored by everyone. So many details come into play to create a masterpiece.

First, we see a well-lined crown and smooth hairs, then the first pair of braids frame each side of the face in a thick, straight bob, with blunt ends.

In between wide zig-zag parts, the other braids are tied together at the back of the head.

This speaks to the versatility of this style, you could leave it down or tie it behind you, depending on your mood for the day. Rest in Peace, Pop Smoke.


25. White Extension Pop Smoke Braids

White Extension Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @rosasbraids via Instagram

Want a color that says ‘spot me’ before you’re even close to the party? White will do it perfectly.

A loud color with thick jumbo braids in a one-of-a-kind hairstyle will get you noticed with zero effort on your part.

Not to mention, our pop smoke braids hairstyles here are in straight, even parts, and fall nicely to the waist on each side of your center part.

This color is everything on its own, but you could accessorize for more drama if you’re the type.

26. Short Knotted Pop Smoke Braids

Short Knotted Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @ataraxia.beauty_ via Instagram

Pretty guys in the house raise your glasses! This one will show off that handsome face and get the attention of everyone at the party.

Firstly, we have hair only at the top, the rest of the head is neatly shaved.

For more stylishness, we see that hair at the top in our beloved pop smoke braids, but there’s a catch, the small cornrows in front that join our first braid. 

Moreover, the braids are straight and widely spaced, rather than curved, so we have that flat look. Secure the ends of your braids with rubber bands in any color of your choice.

27. Flip Flop Tiny Pop Smoke Braids

Flip Flop Tiny Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @hairbymissgracey via Instagram

Think you can’t have a nice hairdo with your natural hair because of its texture? False. Take a look at this.

Not only do we have our base center part and side cornrow features, but we see a blend of different braid sizes, both thick and thin, providing a beautiful contrast.

There are no extensions, so it’s short and leaves no room for hair damage. We love details here so that zig-zag pattern just above the ear? Wow. I’m sold, aren’t you?

28. Fabulous Black Pop Smoke Braids

Fabulous Black Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @yourcrown.glory via Instagram

As the name suggests, this style is just fabulous. There are no shaved sides here, so if you want to grow your hair without any unevenness, try this.

Though subtle, the converging of all the cornrows over each ear on both sides will make your hair stand out to everyone, and they won’t be able to figure out why your style is special.

It’s also very male, with its short length and thick-sized braids, so you won’t skip that football game because getting your hair done took up all your time.


29. Barrier Flat Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @stylesbylena_ via Instagram

Pop smoke braids hairstyles usually feature cornrows with a rounder shape, meaning they are plaited in a curve from the center to the side.

For a cool NBA star look, you could replace those curves with thick, straight lines, resulting in flatter-looking cornrows.

Because the cornrows are in straight lines, they’ll fall forward when you bend, so that’s a subtle way to show off your hair.

In this style, we also see slightly shaved sides that lend more swag to your look.

30. Messy Braid Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @ophelia__7 via Instagram

There’s been a lot of hype around the alte movement. So if you’re one of the alte kids and your style is more jiggy and hip, then you’ve found your match.

This features many small cornrows woven into three thick, shoulder-length braids on each side of our characteristic center part.

You could accessorize this however you want, and throw in some color, clips, and any bits and pieces you like for a  more personalized look. It’s unusual and interesting, but laid back.

31. Lotus Braid Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @refinnej_braidsr via Instagram

In every collection, there’s always that extra special piece. Here, it’s this style. It’s complex and unique in a never seen way without doing too much.

This hairstyle incorporates the center part and center-to-side cornrows of pop smoke braids with three intricate, smaller, thin cornrows at the top of each braid.

These small cornrows join the larger thick braid at different lengths and continue in a single braid down your back to whatever length you’re comfortable with.

Any color would be lovely, but black is simply stunning in its simplicity.

32. Shining Black Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @drippedbydrii_ via Instagram

Usually, with pop smoke braids hairstyles, we would have our cornrows in a similar center-to-side direction. Want to do something different?

Try weaving the first pair in a different style. Above, we can see it goes from front to center, then to the side.

The braids here are thin and natural, dancing around the shoulder in a glossy, shiny treat.

Also, there are wide sections and even braids, so you won’t have to pay through your nose for a lot of extensions or sit for too long.


33. Metal Black Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyles

Image by @braids_by_nerissa via Instagram

We always know those people in our circle, the ones that don’t want any form of stress, but want to bring their A-game to their hair. Sounds like you? Check this out.

Featuring our usual center part, and side cornrows without any embellishments or extras, this is the minimalist dream. For some extra fullness, we have more than four braids on each side.

This is an extremely versatile piece, so you can make any changes you want, swap in the thin braids for thicker ones, and the shoulder-length braids for much longer braids if that’s your preference.

Worthy of note here is the metallic matte black color of the hair. Even while in braids, your hair will look long, full, and shiny.

34. Fantastic Bob Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @lissyhair via Instagram

From the top, this looks like classic pop smoke braids hairstyle with the usual center part and stitching in cornrows in groups of four on each side.

However, a small addition made a world of difference in this look. 

Instead of having each braid fall on its own down the shoulder, each braid is connected and woven with the next on each side, eventually resulting in two large pigtail-like braids hanging down each shoulder instead of four.

It’s a beautiful variation especially if you’re aiming for a younger look. You’ll be the prettiest schoolgirl on the block with this, some shades, and a brand new bag.

Also, if you want long hair but don’t want the braids getting in your way, consider making this your next hairstyle.

35. Star Model Pop Smoke Braids

Image by @styledxpaige via Instagram

We’ve seen a star part previously, but if paying attention to details is important to you, you’ll notice the subtle difference.

Unlike before, the parts are aligned in an angle bracket, forming a beautiful star shape that will be sure to get heads turning as you walk past. 

We also see thin, scanty braids here, so don’t be scared of discomfort. Though this is done in natural hair, you can do yours with extensions of any length if you wish.

It is a perfect, low manipulation protective style for your hair if you’re looking to preserve length.

Keep in Mind

  • Single or Double Braids: You can choose to have a single long braid extending from the back or double braids running down the sides.
  • Tapered or Faded Sides: Some Pop Smoke braid styles incorporate faded or tapered sides, which provide a sharp and edgy look.
  • Length and Extensions: The length of the braids can vary, with some people opting for shorter braids while others choose longer extensions for a more dramatic effect.
  • Accessorize: Pop Smoke braids hairstyles can be accessorized with hair cuffs, beads, or colorful strings to add a personalized and stylish touch to the look.

36. Black and Blue Pop Smoke Braids

 Image by @melaninterest via Instagram    

We’ve seen blue before, but here’s another way to add it to your hair. Starting with a lowkey black, the braids transform into cool, metallic blue towards the ends.

Besides color, the center cornrows and symmetrical straight sections make this style movie star worthy.

We see thick, long braids here, so you can style however you want: a half-up, half-down look like in the picture above, tie it back completely, or leave it to twirl flirtatiously around you. 


37. Short Pop Smoke Braids

 Image by @un-ruly via Instagram    

If you hate length but love style, check this out.

Featuring a center part and straight parts, this appears normal at the roots but gets more chic and cute as the thick braids are cut off at shoulder length.

Moreover, the braids do not get thinner towards the ends as is more commonly seen with braids but maintain equal thickness throughout their length.

For an added baby girl look, twine with a bold yellow color is used to accessorize the more muted black. Don’t like yellow? Switch it up.

38. Pop Smoke Braids With Curls

Pop Smoke Braids hairstyles

 Image by @blackbeautybombshells via Instagram   

More curls! Regular, plain pop smoke braids hairstyles were stepped up ten thousand notches by adding these adorable water curls to the end of each braid.

This is a wonderful way to add feminine girlishness to your pop smoke braids hairstyles.

While the top of the hair is classic; center part and wide sectioned cornrows, the braids descend into this burst of tightly curled goodness at both sides.

Though light, they’ll probably fan out in the wind, especially because of their length, so keep that in mind.

39. Thick n Thin Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke Braids hairstyles

 Image by @un-ruly via Instagram   

The name of this one says everything you need to know. Thin cornrows are nestled between powerful jumbo braids.

Over here, we love details, so notice how these thin cornrows make a long “s”, kind of like those integration signs in our dreaded calculus class.

To top that, we have a single cornrow in the middle accessorized with gold hair rings and cuffs. This is black but play with colors if that’s what you prefer.

40. Elastic Band Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke Braids hairstyles

Image by @ankarastyl via Instagram

Though we see this on a child, anyone can pull it off, age aside. The colorful elastic bands give off a young, playful look, while the braids are bouncy and convenient.

With the uniform medium thickness, shoulder-length, and wide but neat sections, you’ll be done putting your braids in before you know it.

Secure the ends tightly to keep your braids from unraveling and use multiple colors of bands to give you more of that childish innocence we wish we still had.


41. Stylish Black & Brown with beads

Pop Smoke Braids hairstyles

Image by @sleek_stylz via Instagram 

Pop smoke braids hairstyles are a trendy and unique hairstyle that combines black and brown hair with beads.

If you don’t have thick hair to make this, add more extensions to increase volume and colorful beads to make it perfect and fashionable.

This look is an excellent option for a night out and daytime event as it is eye-catching and unique.

This pop smoke braid is stylish and safeguards your hair from potential damage, and it can be an excellent option for an effortless look. Try these braids once to make life fashionable.

Quick Tip

Achieve the iconic Pop Smoke braided hairstyle by sectioning your hair into rows, then create cornrows with extensions for added length. Keep them tight and uniform for a signature look.

Watch this video to see how Pop Smoke Braids hairstyles are made

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