46 Bold Big Box Braid Ideas For A Fearless Fashionista

Key Takeaways
  • Bold Big Box Braid Hairstyles are a striking and eye-catching choice for those seeking a distinctive and confident look.
  • These hairstyles are known for their versatility, as they can be customized in various sizes, lengths, and even colors, allowing for individual expression and creativity.
  • Big Box Braids offer protective styling, helping to maintain the health of natural hair while reducing the need for frequent styling and manipulation.
  • Before getting Bold Big Box Braid Hairstyles, it’s essential to consider factors like the size of the braids, the type of hair extensions used, and the maintenance required, as they can impact the overall style and durability of the braids.

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Quick Hair Style Guide: Bold Big Box Braids

  • How To Choose The Right Style: Select bold and larger-sized box braids if you want a statement look. Smaller box braids can give a more intricate appearance. Choose colors that complement your skin tone and personal style.
  • Level Of Maintenance: Medium
  • Suitable For: All skin tones and hair types. Big box braids work well with both natural and synthetic hair extensions.
  • Looks Best With: Large, statement earrings, vibrant and colorful outfits to match the bold look, and minimal makeup to let your braids take the spotlight.

Big Box braids take the time and stress out of protective styling. Here are 46 different variations to this forever classic.  

They may be centuries old, but never have box braids been so universally celebrated as they are now.

Box braids originate from the African continent and are woven into human history. They’re back in a big way. From celebrities to salespeople, everybody wants in on the action.

There are so many ways you can wear box braids, but there’s something special about the jumbo version.

It could be the attention they draw, their affordability or the time you save while installing them.

Going big with your braids is a sure hit, and if you’ve never tried it, now’s the time. 

These big braids will win you over. Who knows? You might find the catalyst for your next hair journey. 

Before You Get Started

  • Ensure your hair is long enough for big box braids, as these braids work best on medium to long hair.
  • Start with clean and well-moisturized hair to prevent damage and promote healthy hair growth.
  • Decide on the size of your braids; bigger braids make a bold statement, while smaller ones offer a more intricate look.
  • Choose high-quality braiding hair extensions that match your desired color and length for a bold and long-lasting style.
  • Develop a maintenance routine to keep your bold, big box braids looking fresh, which includes regular washing, scalp care, and avoiding excessive tension.

1. Modern Bob Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @lacyredway via Instagram

The 90s are back, and there’s no better way to get into the vibe than this braided bob.

But you don’t have to go old school with the sealing method; nowadays, all you need is a rubber band to tie off the ends.

This mini pom-pom cut is excellent for anyone who’s too terrified of putting a lighter or match near their face.

Accessorize your heart out with string, beads and cuffs. This updo is a Tik Tok staple, but feel free to hold your big bob in any way you want. 

2. Coi Leray inspired Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @fro.fosho via Instagram

Coi Leray has cemented herself as a trend-setting, boundary-breaking rapper, but now she’s taking on the braiding world with these jumbo curl box braids.

She rocked a similar style on the red carpet and had everybody running to their braiding tech with reference pictures.

Install medium-length braids and leave about three inches of straight hair at the bottom to copy her swag.

Curl the ends with formers or rods, and boom, you’re a superstar.


3. Big Blond Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @soul.africa_ via Instagram

There’s no way you can go big without going blonde. These big, butter blonde braids are perfect for a night out with friends.

Thanks to the tucking method, the color reflects sunlight beautifully, and the dark roots are practically hidden.

This method involves wrapping your natural hair underneath the extension, covering it completely.

It mimics the dutch braiding method, which creates an undercurrent for a seamless, black to blonde transition. 

4. Milk Chocolate Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @rebecabraids via Instagram

Caution, staring at these braids might cause a craving for smooth milk chocolate. This subtle, understated brown is almost matte, just like a candy bar.

The curved shapes at the end are achieved by burning, which naturally tightens the synthetic fibers. When installing hair jewelry, go for the minimal route.

You want the uniformity of each braid to really shine and create a silky silhouette of box braids.  

5. Caramel Barbie Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @trancadaspor_iza via Instagram

Caramel skin and caramel hair go together like swimming pools and sunshine. You can rock this sun-kissed style with your summer tan and drink in hand.

To add a layer of movement and texture, incorporate beach wave extensions. It’s best to braid them into the hair to look effortless.

You want to go for something with yellow undertones with blonde braid extensions. It will bring out the warmth in your skin and highlight your face. 

6. Funky Magenta Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @randnbraidedwigs via Instagram

This cross between mauve and crimson is your best bet for a vibrant look without clashing with every outfit you own.

The purple, red and orange hints will grab onto even the darkest dress and liven it up. If you want to try something new, change the way you part your hair.

As you can see, these are rectangles, not squares. This will create a brick-laying pattern that’s easy on the eyes.

Then, swoop your edges into the braid for ready-made baby hairs. 

7. Blond Mix Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @karenjesusofc via Instagram

Black and blonde are complete opposites on the hair color spectrum. That’s what makes them the perfect match.

You’ll need an equal amount of hair for each color. To mix the two, start with half a packet of black and half a packet of blonde.

Then, with each color in opposite hands, take strands from one and incorporate them into the other, and vice versa. You’ll get to custom create your own color this way. 

8. Puzzle Part Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @seni_stylist via Instagram

One of the best features of big box braids is the visible parting lines. Nothing is hidden. So you get to express your artistic flair right down to the parting.

This jigsaw puzzle part is a testament to what can be achieved with some attention to detail. Start at the back and create a straight line.

That will be your gauge. You can maneuver the line in any way you want, as long as each section has the same amount of hair. Keep at it; it gets easier. 

9. Big Bun Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @yaritcha_ via Instagram

Big braids mean a big bun. This style is perfect for older braids. It covers your roots and creates a massive statement, drawing the eye upwards and accentuating your face shape.

You can shift the attention from your worn braids with some new baby hair. Take a baby wipe and clean off the old gel product before applying more.

You don’t want any to build up. After that, swoop your edges with an eyebrow spoolie or a handy, clean toothbrush.

10. Purple Crush Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @studio3_s3 via Instagram

Purple is often associated with royalty, wisdom, bravery and beauty. You can emulate these traits with big purple box braids.

You can stick to one color, but it’s so fun to go for a monochromatic vibe. Lila, lavender and aubergine work well together.

Some gold accessories add regality and tie the look together. If you want to anchor the style a bit. Add some black hair.

It’s dark enough to create a shadow effect without weighing your entire royal aesthetic down.  

Keep in Mind

  • Braid Size and Length: Discuss the size and length of your big box braids with your stylist, ensuring they align with your desired look and styling preferences.
  • Color Selection: Choose bold and vibrant colors that suit your style. Consider options like ombre or multicolored extensions to make a striking statement.
  • Scalp and Hair Care: Prioritize the health of your scalp and natural hair. Regularly moisturize your scalp and ensure your natural hair is well-conditioned.
  • Hair Jewelry and Accessories: Enhance your big box braids with hair jewelry, beads, cuffs, or ribbons. These accessories can add individuality and style to your look.
  • Regular Maintenance: Bold, big box braids often require extra care. Schedule touch-up appointments to maintain the style’s vibrancy and ensure the braids are not too tight to prevent discomfort or hair damage.


11. Burnt Orange Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @pri.braids via Instagram

Bright, loud and in your face, these burnt orange braids are not for the shy at heart. You’ll need a lot of confidence to prance around with hot orange hair, but you can do it!

Brave colors like this often bring out your inner superstar, so try it out. You’ll find that this orange color matches most skin tones, so don’t worry about it potentially clashing with your natural beauty.

Instead, go for extra long braids. They weigh the hair down and allow your roots to take on a relaxed shape. 

12. Loose Curls Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @helen_trancas via Instagram

Big black box braids are essential for any braid enthusiast but build on your base with bouncy curls if you get bored.

Again, you don’t have to do much, just get a crochet hook and attach the waves where you see fit.

Since the curls are sparse, you won’t have to worry about a texture clash or add additional products to maintain the style. 

13. Shining Blonde Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @studiobelissimashair via Instagram

This glistening blonde is a great way to diversify your hair color portfolio without damaging your natural tresses.

You can go for an ultra-shiny braid pack like the Xpressions range. With this length, you’ll be able to use one package twice.

Just cut the hair in half and taper the ends yourself. To let your dark roots shine through, use the knotless method. 

14. Mauve Shoulder Bob Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @rebecabraids via Instagram

We celebrated the modern bob, but now it’s time to take it back to the original, curved shoulder bob. For a versatile yet eye-catching experience, try this muted mauve.

When the light catches your hair, everyone will wonder what color it is and where they can get it.

You will have to burn the ends if you want to get the ends tucked in, but don’t freak out.

You can use a candle if a lighter seems too daring. Lightly kiss the ends with the flam, and move the fire away.

Press the bottoms with your fingers, and they’ll curve independently. 

15. Lilac Fade Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @jessyafro.lotus via Instagram

Let’s keep this purple train on the racks with a lilac, pastel fade. Soft, feminine and fun, these braids are the perfect style for anyone willing to experiment with color choices.

This look also works brilliantly with yarn, which comes in various colors and shades.

You can get wool mixed with white, gray and lavender for an ultra-unique braiding experience. You can add even more dimension with an ombre version. 

16. New Cruella Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @francielelorrayne via Instagram

You don’t have to be a puppy-snatching millionaire to identify with Cruella’s fashion sense.

She’s one of the most iconic villains out there, and her half-white, half-black hair is a fashion statement in itself.

Of course, you could go for a two-tone, middle split version, but these light touches of white amongst the dark hair work just fine.

You’ll need one pack of pure white Kanekalon fiber and 7-10 bags of jet black hair. No puppies were hurt in the making of this hairstyle. 

17. Mega Fluff Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

There’s big, and then there’s gigantic, and these braids are gigantic. Fluffy and double the size; these are the T-rex of box braids.

You might have a hard time holding them in a bun or ponytail, but who cares? They’re so beautiful you have to try them at least once.

Now, these will require a lot of braid packets, so make sure you have 10-12 regular packs lying around.

The baby hairs are a must, as they soften your face and create variation between the deep, dominating braids. 

Pro Tip

For a bold and unique twist to your big box braid hairstyle, consider using a mix of colorful and contrasting hair extensions. This can create a visually captivating and eye-catching effect, making your braids even more striking.

18. Golden Triangle Part Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @narahairbraiding via Instagram

Gold never gets old, and triangle parts will always hit the spot. When you combine the two, you get this legendary look.

These braids are so neat that they’ll suit any occasion. You can be a boss during the day and a fun-loving party animal at night.

The size is smaller, so they’ll definitely last longer, and your ends are completely tucked in and protected. 

19. Knotless Minimalistic Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @styledbyarii_ via Instagram

Minimalism isn’t just about having an empty house; it’s about efficiency, which translates to your hair.

These minimal knotless braids are a great way to cut down on your synthetic hair use. They also last way longer than regular, knotted jumbo box braids.

You’ll need about 3-5 packs of hair. Don’t add as much to each section. The minimal extensions create this natural, flat look that isn’t bulky or weighty. 

20. Chunky Mix Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @__zafro_ via InstagramCredit:

Let blonde hair lead the way with this mixed bag of vibrant colors. The best thing about it is your natural hair will blend beautifully without you having to worry about hiding it under such a light color.

Also, the crimped texture at the ends turns this straightforward style into a fun, glamorous moment.

A few cuffs here and there will be enough to draw attention and add a twinkle that elevates your braids.


21. Half Cornrow Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

If you’ve got tender edges and you’re worried about the weight of big box braids, go for this half cornrowed option.

The intricate, beautiful designs are good-looking and easy on your scalp and roots. Let the back of your head do the heavy lifting.

The smaller lines at the front give your scalp enough breathing room while creating shape and structure. This style works just as well when you wrap it in a bun.

22. Burgundy Big Box Braid Hairstyles

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Image by @tode_tranca1 via Instagram

Burgundy is the perfect mix between purple and red. It’s bright and resembles cherry wine. To really commit to this look, dye your roots burgundy.

The braids will take on a natural effect, and their size will create a strong transition between your natural hair and the extensions.

Since these braids are extra chunky, go easy on the attachment process. You don’t want to strain your roots any further. 

23. Electric Shock Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @braidsshair via Instagram

Shut down the haters with this electric feel. Dark roots and lighting yellow ends are what you need for your next big hairdo.

Since the braids are extra-large, you can play around with length and let your hair sweep the floor.

Interestingly enough, these aren’t pre-maid ombre extensions. Instead, it’s a mixture of green and black.

Simply braid your black hair in as you usually would then attach green hair at the bottom through the knotless method. Instant electricity. 

24. Off-Center Big Box Braid Hairstyles 

Image by @_flaalima via Instagram

Straight top knot buns can get predictable after a while. Tilt your big box braids bun to the side for an asymmetrical, edgy vibe to switch it up.

If you’ve got hair jewelry, make sure those braids are front and center, shining through the bun.

To prevent the bun from creating tension, tie it loosely and let the strands form their own shape. 

25. Peek-a-Blue Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @cris.afro via Instagram

Like a mullet, these big braids are business in the front and party in the back. Specifically, a blue-themed party.

The peek-a-boo method is a great way to hide your wild side during formal occasions. When it’s time to relax, or party, pull up the front for this surprise blue streak.

You can go with one solid color, like this electric blue, or season the back with various shades and tones. 

26. Maroon Passion Twist Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @_braidedbeauties_ via Instagram

We love passion twists, and this variation combines the convenience of a bob cut with the playfulness of a beaded braid look.

Since your sections are more prominent, you won’t have to worry about these medium-sized twists tugging on your edges or roots.

If you’re scared of the beads getting in the way of high-impact activity, don’t be. The length makes it versatile. You can tie the hair into a ponytail or bun as needed. 

Fun Fact

Bold, big box braids are more than just a hairstyle; they are a statement of confidence and self-expression. This bold and daring style empowers individuals to showcase their unique personalities with flair.

27. Classic Big Box Braid Hairstyles

Image by @deiconicbeautysalon via Instagram

These clean, big, neat box birds will always be a classic. No fuss, nothing extra, just pure hair sorcery. Each braid is precise, even and straight.

The parts are simple but perfect. With such a straightforward style, executing each element is vital. To achieve this look, go slow with each braid application.

You should try as much as possible to smooth over every strand of extension and tuck your own hair in.

If you see any flyaways, cut them with scissors. Just make sure it’s not your own hair. 

28. Big Variety Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @tashia_slay via Instagram

If big black box braids aren’t enough, add blonde. If that’s still not enough, add some jewelry. If you still want more, try two cornrows down the middle.

You can have it any way you wish to with this variety of braids. It’s a hybrid of Fulani braids and box braids, and each element works together to create a unique style.

The parts are also huge, so it won’t take long to install. The great thing about the cornrows is that they provide a structured foundation on which to base your parting. 

29. Rainbow Realness Big Box Braids Hairstyle 

Image by @palomabarbiezinha via Instagram

With these multicolored, multi-tonal modern rainbow braids, you are both the gold and the rainbow.

If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s a custom creation. Each braid has its own color cadence. They’re also ombre braids that transition smoothly into the next tone.

You can find specialty braids like these on Amazon.You’ll be fine as long as the texture is specified as Kanekalon.

If you really want to create your own unique color pattern, buy 7-10 packets of individual colors, and mix them on your own. Your hair will be as rare as a leprechaun. 

30. Spring Twist Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @stacysbraids via Instagram

Spring twists are a trend that is here to stay. Why? Because they feel like clouds on your head. You don’t have to worry about the weight of these big box braids.

When you part large sections like this, it saves time while creating a minimalistic look.

Separate some strands from the middle and form these cute mini Bantu knots for extra cuteness.

The color contrast created by both your brown and black braids 


31. Big Havana Twist Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @leonegoddess via Instagram

These long, luscious Havana twists are ultra-glamorous. Havana twists gained notoriety because they blend ultra-smooth and textured synthetic fiber.

Havana textured hair allows the twist to hold its shape and blend in with your natural texture easily.

If you’re having difficulty attaching twists, start the braid out with the three-strand method, then break off into twists once the extension is firmly attached. 

32. Marley Twist Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @stylesbymyley via Instagram

If Havana twists embrace smooth and textured hair, Marley twists celebrate the beauty of kinky, coiled hair.

At their best, Marley twists look like what your natural hair would look like if it was extremely long.

They’re a favorite in the black natural hair community for their texture similarity. You don’t have to worry about extra gel when parting either.

Instead, let your biological roots mold into the extensions. They’re also pretty light, but they do carry some bulk.  

33. Big Bubble Box Braids Hairstyle 

Image by @VoiceOfHair via Pinterest

This style is excellent for beginners who aren’t confident in their braiding skills yet.

The bubble ponytail is a big trend, but these smaller bubble braids have been around for decades and are mostly worn on children.

But don’t let that discourage you. They’re just as cute on adults, especially with baby hairs.

First, you can separate the section with rubber bands and add structure with some hair cuffs.

Next, add some beads at the ends to weigh down the hair shaft and create movement. 

34. Big Beautiful Goddess Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @Boujeexbaddie via Pinterest

These flowy, fountain-like braids are absolutely stunning.

From the uniformity created by the water waves to the straight braids, everything works together to create this fantasy style.

The triangle parting adds a touch of rebellion and fun towards the root. First, you’ll probably need 5 packs of freetress or water wave hair.

Then, you can crochet the hair directly into the braid or at the source. 

35. Big Butterfly Passion Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @stylebyvee_ via Instagram

You could fly away on these fluffy, cloud-like butterfly wings. The Butterfly braid is a new way to utilize curly extensions.

Usually, they’re used for spring or passion twists. However, when you braid them alongside Kanekalon extensions, you get this.

A distressed, topsy-turvy structure that seems otherworldly.Though they’re beautiful, they can be pretty heavy.

To ease the strain by using the knotless method and creating super large sections. That way, your butterfly braid has a solid foundation to hang on to. 


36. Detailed Base Big Box Braids Hairstyle 

Image by @jelzthenaturalista via Instagram

If you really want your braids to have a strong base, cornrow them into intricate patterns that ultimately steal the show.

These slender shapes criss-cross into one big braid that’s textured throughout.

Imitating the same way across each section will be tough, so go to a gifted professional stylist or friend who can achieve this.

Finally, curl the ends for extra bounce and variety. Not that this hair needs it. The roots are already fabulous enough. 

37. Thick Twist & Shaved Sides Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @esponjamagic via Instagram

There’s something brave and bold about shaving your sides. It screams confidence and flavor.

With these thick twists, you can soften your look simultaneously. Senegalese twists look particularly fantastic when they’re large because they take on a rope formation.

You can ask your barber to finesse the sides with some line art or do it yourself at home. 

38. Big Faux Locs Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @sadgalhal via Instagram

We’ve all dreamt of having big, dreamy, delicious locks, but the time it takes to grow them out discourages many people.

These big faux locs are the best way to live your locked life. However, they’re super long, and they will take a few steps to achieve.

First, install a simple three-strand jumbo braid to your preferred length. Next, you’ll need a soft, light extension like Marley or Fluffy kinky braids.

As you can imagine, you’ll need a lot of hair, so buy extra packs. Finally, wrap the textured hair around your big braids and seal the ends by burning them.

Alternatively, you can use nail glue. 

39. Copper Updo Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @braidshub via Instagram

Want to look like a queen with minimal effort? Try this “poetic justice” inspired updo. The copper hair will draw attention, and this tower-like structure will defy gravity.

Start by tying the middle section of your hair into a ponytail. Leave out two braids on each end.

Then, take those braids and create a criss-cross formation around the ponytail base. Finally, be sure to lay and slay your baby hair.

40. Chunky Golden Blonde Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Chunky Golden Blonde Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @7yico7ilfo via Instagram

Dark brown box braids are popular among other girls. But what if you customized this look with a gorgeous color?

This dark golden blonde has a beautiful appearance. Adding a bead accent to your huge box braids will add some flare.

It’s understated, refined, and uncomplicated. Who knew maintaining good looks could be that simple?

42. Two-Tone Auburn Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Two-Tone Auburn Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @dayelasoul via Instagram

In addition to being low maintenance, box braids are a preferred hairstyle among African-Americans because of the cool-girl image they exude.

These are excellent for experimenting with vibrant hues you might not ordinarily choose. But choosing a color that goes well with your skin tone is always a good idea.

43. Ombré Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Ombré Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @jlowedabraider via Instagram

In addition to being low maintenance, box braids are a preferred hairstyle among African-Americans because of the cool-girl image they exude.

These are excellent for experimenting with vibrant hues you might not ordinarily choose. But choosing a color that goes well with your skin tone is always a good idea.

44. Burgundy Highlights Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @book_yasmin via Instagram

Burgundy Highlights Big Box Braids combine thick, protective box braids with vibrant burgundy highlights, creating a captivating contrast.

The deep red hues add depth and flair to the traditional style, resulting in a bold, eye-catching look that blends contemporary trends with timeless elegance.

Try extra-large box braids for added flare. Carrying these large braids might get a little tiresome, but it will be worthwhile.

Add a variety of hues to the appearance to make it even more vibrant. Baby hair should be smoothed down for a flawless, silky finish.

45. Thick Platinum Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Thick Platinum Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @laidbyliv via Instagram

Large braids provide an excellent canvas to display the chosen hue’s subtleties. The colors are accentuated and cannot be hidden.

Transform your hair to platinum blonde without ever using any bleach. The thick extensions will reveal Your darker hair, which will transform you into a stunning blonde.

Thick Platinum Big Box Braids create a bold and voluminous hairstyle. These large braids, adorned in a striking platinum hue, make a dramatic statement.

The intricate pattern showcases a fusion of elegance and edginess, offering a fierce and captivating look that exudes confidence and individuality.

46. Half-Up Halo Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Half-Up Halo Big Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @kersti.pitre via Instagram

With these large box braids, you can fully embrace the length you’ve always desired. Having long, luscious locks can be both a blessing and a punishment.

This hairstyle pulls back half of the braids for a relaxed yet polished appearance. This simple and adorable approach is a surefire win!

If you’re in love with big box braids and want to try them out, you should know a few things. 

Rock The Big Box Braid

It’s time to try these out for yourself. So here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the trendy big box braid look.

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