Go Glam With Gorgeous Green Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas

Key Takeaways
  • Green eyeshadow offers versatility for makeup enthusiasts, as it can be used in a wide range of looks, from natural to bold and dramatic.
  • Green eyeshadow can complement various eye colors, mainly brown and hazel, enhancing their natural beauty.
  • This eyeshadow shade can be a perfect choice for spring and summer makeup, adding a fresh and vibrant touch to your look.
  • Green eyeshadow comes in various shades, from soft pastels to deep emeralds, allowing you to experiment and create unique eye makeup looks for different occasions.

Green eyeshadow works with almost every skin tone and eye color to elevate your look to something captivating and charming, regardless of whether you are going for a casual or more dressy look.

The color green is the color between blue and yellow on the visible light spectrum, and there are over 295 different shades of green that the human eye can see.

Best Ideas For Green Eyeshadow Looks

It is regarded as a cool color, and it is associated with nature and is heavily linked to greenery such as plants and trees. The color symbolizes optimism, good luck, health, and vibrancy.

It can also be associated with the concepts of motivation, rebirth, growth, and renewal.

In the makeup industry, green eyeshadows have been used extensively throughout history. Eyeshadow has been in existence since ancient Egyptian times, when eyeshadow was used in religious ceremonies.

Green eyeshadow was especially popular in the 1960s, where the use of color made looks vibrant and pop. 

Today, green eyeshadow remains a popular choice for all.

Trending at the moment are shades of emerald green, as well as metallic and shimmery finishes on green eyeshadows are proving to be on trend at the moment. 

As mentioned earlier, green eyeshadow looks great on a variety of skin tones and with different eye colors. Although, green eyeshadow probably looks its best next to brown eyes on an olive or darker skin tone.

A rich and deep eyeshadow will make your eyes pop and stand out against a darker complexion.

Before You Get Started

  • Apply eye primer to make the eyeshadow color more vibrant and long-lasting.
  • Choose the right shade of green that complements your skin tone and eye color.
  • Have quality blending brushes on hand for seamless color blending.
  • Apply a neutral base eyeshadow color before the green to create a smooth canvas.
  • Prepare a setting spray or powder to ensure your eyeshadow stays in place throughout the day.

Ways To Achieve Perfect Green Eyeshadow Looks

Here we have included a couple of looks with video tutorials to take your use of green eyeshadow to the next level.

The first look is a smokey eyed look using shimmering emerald eyeshadow shades.

The second is a look that is inspired by St Patrick’s Day – honoring the use of green to match any green outfit.  

Of course, as vast as the internet is, there are thousands of resources available on makeup tutorials for using green eyeshadow, but the ones included below are our favorites and are also comprehensive enough for beginners trying out more complex makeup looks to understand

1. Smokey Eye In Emerald

Smokey Eye In Emerald

The first step to applying any eyeshadow is to make sure that you use a good primer on your eyelids. Here, white eyeshadow is the first layer of eyeshadow that is put on your eyelids.

It is important to press it down firmly to ensure complete coverage up to below your eyebrows.

By making it go all the way to below your eyebrows, you will achieve a slightly lifted look on your eyes and eyebrows, giving an illusion of a more youthful face. 

For the crease area of the eyelid, a peachy or nude shade blended with an orange color is done to build up the color along the crease. This is done using a blending brush.

The next step is to go with a mild green, sage color which is blended into the crease. This is blended in a little at a time to control the amount used.  

To create a halo effect, gel eyeliner can be used in the inner and outer corners of the eye, which is pressed down to create a darker look. Next, a dark shade of emerald is applied.

It is important to go back and use a lighter color on the eyes to avoid a harsh look and edges on the eye.

A neon green eyeshadow was used in the middle of the eyelid, which was done by lightly pressing the brush onto the lid. 

To blend the edges, the green used in the creases can be used again to make it  look a bit more cohesive.

To finish off, a black liner can be use on the eye and then the green and orange is used on the lower lash line.

Lastly, a light shade like a shimmery white is used to highlight the eye, followed by the additional use of mascara or adding false eyelashes.

2. St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Look

St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Look

Again, this makeup look is stated off with priming of the eyelids with a good quality primer.

Next, peach-colored eyeshadow is applied to the whole lid as a base for the rest of the eyeshadow colors that will be applied later on. 

A brush is then used to give a guideline or sharp edge to the corner of the eyes. Once this is done, the green color eyeshadow is blended into the crease.

Again, following the principle of a little at a time to control the amount of eyeshadow used.

The edges are buffed out with an unused brush to take away any harsh edges.

A metallic shade of green is then applied carefully and a little at a time to ensure that there is no overflow. The green is then blended into the crease using a clean brush.

Black eyeshadow is then used to create more depth in the inner and outer corners of the eye.

Then, a shimmery green eyeshadow is applied in the center of the lids and blended carefully to create a smooth and cohesive look. 

On the lower lash line, green eyeliner can be used to enhance the green color and the look is finished off with a couple of coats of mascara.

Green Eyeshadow Makeup Guide

  • Choosing the Right Green Shade: Consider your skin tone and eye color. Olive or emerald green complements warm undertones, while mint or teal suits cool undertones.
  • Eye Primer for Intensity: Apply an eye primer to make the green eyeshadow color pop and stay vibrant.
  • Blending for Seamless Look: Use blending brushes to ensure the green eyeshadow blends seamlessly with other colors and achieves a professional finish.
  • Eyeliner Accent: Complement your green eyeshadow with brown or black eyeliner to define your eyes without overshadowing the green.

3. Green Eyeshadow Inspo

Green Eyeshadow Inspo

Green eyeshadow is so versatile, and it is no wonder that so many makeup artists, celebs, and influencers use it on a day-to-day basis. Here are some green eyeshadow looks to get you inspired to stay on trend.

4. Green And Sultry

Green And Sultry

Sparkling green eyeshadow combined with heavy-duty cat wings made with black eyeliner will make any outfit look more elegant and seductive.

It is a bit of a pain to get the wings right but once you have them down, you will look a treat!

5. Light Green Simplicity

Light Green Simplicity

Taking inspiration from the 1960s Twiggy era of makeup, using lighter shades of green with contrasting colors on the rest of the face will give your look a vintage twist.

It is easy enough to do and only requires use of one color with little blending.

6. Smokey Grungy Emerald Green Eyeshadow

Smokey Grungy Emerald Green Eyeshadow

Looking to bold up your look? Try smokey green eyes to upgrade your look. Whether you are wearing a ball gown or want to do something different for your normal gothic, rocker style, this look may be for you.

It is super versatile and will make your eyes look stunning as well.

Keep in Mind

  • Color Harmony: Choose green shades that complement your eye color and skin tone.
  • Eye Primer: Apply eye primer to enhance eyeshadow vibrancy and longevity.
  • Blending Skills: Use blending techniques for a seamless transition between colors.
  • Eyeliner Choice: Consider using brown or black eyeliner to define your eyes while keeping the focus on the green shadow.

7. Neon Pop 

Neon Pop 

Neon green eyeshadow or eyeliner will give you a unique look.

Paired with simple mascara or eyelash extensions, give you a funky, yet chic look that will make you stand out from the crowds. 

8. Green Eyeliner

Green Eyeliner

A green eyeliner wing, used as a substitute for the classic Audrey Hepburn look, will update your look instantly. You can apply a thin or thick layer and let the color speak for itself.

Pro Tip

When working with green eyeshadow, use a white eyeshadow base to make the green pigment pop, blend the edges well, and add a touch of gold or bronze in the inner corners for a captivating effect.

9. Wildlife Cut-Crease Eyes

Wildlife Cut-Crease Eyes

Create a captivating wildlife-inspired cut-crease eye look using lush green eyeshadow.

Start by priming your lids for vibrancy. Apply a soft beige base shadow, then define the crease with a deep forest green, blending seamlessly.

Cut the crease with a clean line using concealer, making the green pop. On the lid, layer a shimmering emerald shade for added dimension. Highlight the inner corners with a pale gold hue.

Complete the look with winged eyeliner and mascara. This nature-inspired cut-crease emulates the enchanting greenery of the wild, enhancing your gaze with a touch of wilderness in just a glance.

Get all of the wildlife colors in one makeup look! It’s mostly one hue on the eyelid, with a lovely cut crease that allows for a couple of extra green shades!

Finish the look with some lime green eyeliner; the little elements make the look come together!

10. Bottle Green and Gold

Bottle Green and Gold

Bottle green eyeshadow exudes sophistication with its deep, lush hue reminiscent of emerald forests. This rich, velvety shade instantly captivates, framing the eyes with an aura of luxury and mystery.

When paired with shimmering gold accents, it creates a mesmerizing contrast that evokes timeless elegance.

The green symbolizes nature’s tranquility, while the gold infuses a touch of glamour and warmth.

Together, they form a captivating duo that enhances any eye color, particularly complementing green or hazel eyes, making them sparkle with an enchanting allure.

This combination embodies earthly and regal charm, ideal for casual and glamorous occasions.

Green and gold are color wheel sisters. Therefore they complement each other well in an eyeshadow look.

Choose a dark green eyeshadow and finish with a dazzling gold eyeshadow in the center to create a strong contrast. To get the complete look, repeat the process under the lower lashes.

11. Pale Mint Green Eyeshadow Look

Pale Mint Green Eyeshadow Look

Create a captivating pale mint eyeshadow look for a fresh, ethereal vibe. Start with a neutral base on your lids.

Then, delicately apply the mint shade, blending it into the crease for a subtle transition. Add a touch of shimmery silver to the inner corners for added depth.

Line your eyes with soft brown or black eyeliner, keeping it thin for a natural effect. Finish with mascara for fluttery lashes.

This serene green hue complements various eye colors and suits both day and evening occasions, giving your gaze a gentle, mesmerizing allure.

Green doesn’t have to be overpowering, as evidenced by this pale mint eyeshadow look! Anyone can do it because it is straightforward.

This style is stunning with blue eyes, but it would work nicely with any color of eyes!

Fun Fact

Green eyeshadow has a rich history. Ancient Egyptians used malachite and green pigments for eye makeup, while in the 18th century, green eyeshadow was a popular choice for a captivating look.

12. Sparkly Peacock Green Eyeshadow

Sparkly Peacock Green Eyeshadow

Sparkly Peacock Green Eyeshadow is a mesmerizing makeup essential that captivates with its vibrant allure.

This lush, jewel-toned shade evokes the iridescence of a peacock’s plumage, shimmering with a dazzling interplay of green, teal, and blue undertones.

Its finely milled, reflective particles add a celestial dimension to your eyes, making them appear larger and more enchanting.

Whether aiming for a subtle hint of emerald elegance or a bold, dramatic gaze, this eyeshadow provides versatile pigmentation and adheres smoothly, ensuring a long-lasting, luminous finish.

Embrace the enchantment of this shade to create striking, nature-inspired eye looks that command attention and evoke timeless beauty.

Make a statement with this peacock-inspired eyeshadow look. This design can be done in any color combination, but you have to admit, it looks excellent in green!

Tips And Tricks 

  • Before committing to a green color, test it out first. When you are buying a green eyeshadow, apply it to the back of your hand to see how the color contrasts to your skin. It is important to note if it downs out your skin or compliments it.
  • Mixing green and brown colors or other earthy tones will give you a more rounded and elegant look.
  • Blend and buff your eyeshadow shades together to get a more cohesive and smooth look on your eyelids. 
  • Always start with a light cream, nude, or peach color as a base before applying the green colors
  • With applying bold eye colors like green, it is best to start off with doing your eyes, then the rest of your face.
  • If you want to highlight the corners of your eyes, add in darker or lighter shades to enhance them. 
  • If you have a yellow skin tones, green and gold can be mixed to highlight the yellow undertones to your skin. 
  • Layer the eyeshadow until the desired color is achieved.
  • Always, always use eyeliner and mascara to finish off your look. 

Final Words

In conclusion, green eyeshadow offers a versatile canvas for eye-catching looks. From subtle daytime elegance to bold, smoky creations, it complements various eye colors. With proper application, quality products, and creative flair, you can embrace the enchanting allure of green eyeshadow for any occasion.

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