8 Best Luxury Shampoos That Are Worth Splurging On

Whilst we do have the option to wash our hair with drugstore bought shampoo (there is nothing wrong with that), it is also pretty nice to indulge our senses with something more luxurious.

From the beautiful scent to the added hair loving ingredients, a luxury shampoo can work wonders even on the most damaged of hair. Not only are the bottles instagrammable, your hair will be too!

Luxury Shampoos

If your hair is currently looking a little lacklustre, then a good shampoo will fix it right up. Whilst there are many options out there available to you, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Because of this, we have put a handy list of 8 of the best luxury shampoos to shop for right now.

Not only that, we have a short buyer’s guide so you are never caught out when it comes to buying a luxury shampoo.


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Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo


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Philip B Forever Shine Shampoo


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L’Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo


Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

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A cult favorite in the beauty industry, and used by the likes of the Kardashian’s, Olaplex is a shampoo that is favored by many hair salons and influencers across the USA. 

The no.4 shampoo (they all have numbers) is a color-safe formula that helps to repair damage done by hair-dye and flat irons. 

It is said to work at a molecular level (quite deep down) to repair broken bonds within the hair which may have been caused by thermal, mechanical and chemical damage.

It keeps your hair at the recommended pH balance, and is completely vegan and cruelty free.


  • Highly rated – used by celebrities, hair salons and influencers
  • Works at a molecular level – for intense repair of the hair
  • pH balanced – for healthier hair


  • Best used with other products – if you want the full effect


Philip B Forever Shine Shampoo

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Perfect for curly hair, but can also be used for any type, the Philip B shampoo has been created with ultra moisturizing botanicals that sink into the hair, helping to strengthen and hydrate it from within. 

Due to it being great for curly hair, it also helps to defrizz, and instead promises to create bouncy and sleek blowout curls as if you have just stepped out of the hair salon. 

It has been made from hops, nettle, comfrey and African shea butter for super hydration. It can also safely be used on hair that has recently had keratin treatments, as well as color treated hair. 


  • Great for curly hair – helps to keep curly lock frizz free
  • Can be used on treated hair – such as keratin treatments
  • Super hydrating – includes African shea butter


  • Strong scent – which may not be to everyone’s taste


L’Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo

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If you are after something that has a more natural scent, then L’Occitane is the one to go for.

With its mixture of citrus, rosemary and lavender to delight the senses, this shampoo is an essential oil infused option for those who want to treat damaged hair.

It includes five essential oils: ylang-ylang, lavender, angelica, patchouli and geranium to work together in order to repair hair that has been color treated, or has been used with products that dry or heat the hair.

Even if you do not have damaged hair, it is said to be a great allround shampoo that takes care of different hair types to reveal smoother, more manageable hair. 

Due to its inclusion of sulfates, it cannot be used on keratin treated hair, so keep this in mind if you want treated hair to last longer. 


  • Essential oils – natural scent and ingredients
  • Repairs damaged hair – by heating tools and hair-dye
  • Great for all – will work well on any hair type


  • Cannot be used on treated hair – it will shorten the treatment time 


Paul Mitchell Shampoo One

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When we think of luxury, we think of salon quality. Paul Mitchell is that shampoo. 

It is the shampoo that gives everybody’s hair the ultimate at-home salon experience without anyone having to leave the house. Who would not want that?

The ingredients include wheat-derived and panthenol conditioners that help to hydrate the hair from root to tip. This helps the hair to become more manageable, and improves the texture of the hair to make it less frizzy and dry. 

It is gentle enough to use daily, and will leave your hair smelling tropical – but not overly strong either. 

It may be a little too gentle on hair that needs extra nourishment, such as if you want to help your color to stay on longer.


  • Salon quality – from a trusted name in the industry
  • Gentle formula – can be used daily
  • Super hydrating – improves the texture of hair


  • May not help hair-dye longevity – if you dye your hair, this may not be suitable for you


Color Wow Color Security Shampoo And Conditioner Duo

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Color Wow are known for their cruelty free and vegan hair care products that do a great job.

They contain no hidden nasties such as parabens, silicone or thickening agents, and instead prefer to use cleaner ingredients that give the scalp and hair a good wash.

The shampoo is for every hair type, from color treated and thinning, to damaged, fragile and those with extensions.

It really is an all-rounder – great for those who are not sure what kind of shampoo they need, and for those who have different hair concerns and want a shampoo to answer them all.

The shampoo leaves no residue build-up, and is gentle enough to use a few times a week, even on the finest of hair. It will also help the staying power of color treated hair. 


  • Highly rated – stylists rave about this shampoo
  • Clean ingredients – no hidden nasties
  • Good for all hair types – from damaged to normal
  • Leaves no build-up – completely cleans the hair


  • Not specialized – perhaps too unfocused for those with dry or super oily hair, for example


R+Co Television Perfect Hair Shampoo

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Even though it might seem a little odd, this shampoo gives you perfect television ready hair: has body, shine, strengthens and smooths out any frizz.

The main ingredients used are glycerin, juniper berry extract and babassu seed oil to create camera ready hair that is healthy and hydrated.

It is not great for thick or curly hair – they have a separate shampoo for that. It does however, leave hair feeling weightless yet strong, perfect for if you need to concentrate on that script, but that is optional.

It is completely free from parabens , mineral oil and petrolatum, and is completely cruelty free.


  • Strengthens – and builds up hair to be healthier
  • Smooths out frizz – so you can be camera ready
  • Cruelty free – and free of nasties like parabens


  • Not for thick or curly hair – and is aimed towards normal to fine hair


Enjoy Volumizing Shampoo Color Holding Formula

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Sometimes hair can just naturally lack volume or bounce, and this is where something like Enjoy comes along. The volumizing shampoo has been expertly formulated to help give limp fine hair life.

The ingredient of pea peptide promotes fuller looking hair, which in turn will give the roots a bouncier appearance on the scalp. 

Not only does it give you the luscious, weightless locks you have been dreaming about, but it also hydrates the lengths of the hair due to having tamarind extract which works by revitalizing dry hair. 

The shampoo can also be used on color treated hair, as the formula helps to keep a hold of the color for a lot longer without stripping it out of the hair.

It is not suitable for those who already have thick and curly hair, as it will likely not make a difference.


  • Perfect for fine hair – that is lacking bounce and volume
  • Super hydrating – for dry, long hair 
  • Hair appears thicker – due to the pea peptide added to the ingredients
  • Holds color – and will help it to last longer


  • Only suitable for fine hair – will not make a difference on thick hair


Oribe Gold Lust Repair And Restore Shampoo

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The most luxurious of them all, the Oribe is an insta-worthy product (and that is just the bottle) that will have you feeling like you are in utter bliss every time you use the shampoo.

The PETA approved shampoo is a gre
at option for damaged hair. It uses a ‘bio-restorative complex’ that is said to deeply nourish the cuticle of the hair both inside and outside. 

It also has an amino acid complex to help the scalp also, which is paramount if you want healthy hair. 

It can be used on both color treated hair and if you have a keratin treatment. 

It is rather pricey, but it not only works on reversing past damage, but also helps towards protecting the future of your hair too.


  • Great for damaged hair – will try and reverse damage already done
  • Protects the hair – from any future damage
  • PETA approved – a vegetarian product


  • Expensive – but it has a lot of good qualities to it

Buyer’s Guide

Here is a short buyer’s guide to help you keep an eye on the key areas when buying a luxury shampoo.

Hair Type

When you buy a cleanser, you pick the one that suits your skin type, right? So why would you not do the same for a shampoo?

We all have different types of hair. Whilst some may have thick and coarse hair, others might have dry and fine hair, with both needing the opposite type of care. 

When you buy shampoo, make sure to look whether the one you are buying is suited to the hair you have. There is no point buying something that is super hydrating if your hair is always oily – it will only make it worse.

8 Best Luxury Shampoos That Are Worth Splurging On


The majority of shampoos have some form of specialization. If you dye your hair a lot, you may want to use a shampoo that cares for the color, as well as treats dry hair affected by hair-dye.

There are many shampoos that also provide other hair care steps, such as with Olaplex who have different products to work alongside the shampoo. This is great if you want to build up the strength of your hair again.

Free From

Whilst people have different preferences when it comes to the ingredients in a product, there are a lot that have a ‘free from’ list. 

Some of these include parabens, mineral oils, and silicone. If you want healthy hair that allows the scalp to do its job, it is worth researching what you do and do not want within a hair product, though do look at reputable websites only.

Also, a lot of beauty brands these days include vegan options, and then there are those that are cruelty free – even luxury brands!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Important To Have A Good Shampoo?

It is really important to have a good shampoo. This is because shampoo helps the water to get rid of odors, debris and the build-up of sweat and sebum within your hair. 

How Do I Pick The Right Shampoo?

Always pick one that is right for your hair type, and stick with it – at least for the whole bottle – to make sure you have used it long enough to reap its benefits.