56 Orange Nail Ideas That Will Leave You Feeling Juicy

Key Takeaways
  • Orange nail ideas are known for their vibrancy and energetic appearance, making them a perfect choice for those who want to stand out.
  • Orange nails can be customized in various shades and styles, from neon orange to softer pastels, making them suitable for both bold and subtle looks.
  • Orange nails are popular in the fall, as they complement the warm, earthy tones of the season, but they can be worn year-round for a pop of color.
  • Orange nails can be a canvas for creative nail art designs, including pumpkin-inspired patterns, ombre effects, and intricate floral motifs.

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Are you looking for an easy and refreshing nail design? Then, try inspiring and lovely orange nail designs.

Orange colored nails are gorgeous and a big trend. They provide a wide range of shades to suit every season.

Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @liza_691 via Pinterest

It is an intense and warm color widely popular that represents romance and celebrations.

It inspires a wide range of manicures, and these days it is all over Instagram due to its increasing popularity. 

Orange color is known to strengthen your emotional state. It has the power to transmit excitement and joy and brings cheerfulness.

The captivating power of the orange color has huge emotional effects, and it is comforting as well.

There are shades for everyone that are awesome for creating beautiful nail designs for every occasion and matching all outfits.  

Before You Get Started

  • Orange Nail designs can be versatile, allowing you to choose from shades of orange, from soft pastels to bold, vibrant hues.
  • Consider incorporating nail art, such as geometric patterns, floral motifs, or ombre effects, to add creativity and uniqueness to your orange nail designs.
  • Experiment with different nail shapes, like almond, square, or stiletto, to enhance the overall look of your orange nails.
  • Don’t forget to apply a high-quality base coat and top coat to ensure your orange nail designs last longer and maintain their shine.
  • Orange nail designs can be a fantastic choice for seasonal themes, like Halloween, summer vacations, or simply adding a pop of color to your everyday style.

1. Orange Textured Orange Nail Ideas

Orange Textured Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @panna_nail via Instagram

Want your nails to exhibit exuberance and elegance?

Coat your nails with a textured orange design and transmit excitement and joy through this manicure. It is a brilliant orange nail design to match your preference and mood.

This design is a mix of beauty and attraction and a beautiful way to create a gorgeous nail design that radiates energy and happiness.

2. Stunning Rhinestones Orange Nail Ideas

Stunning Rhinestones Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @nailsby_daaissy via Instagram

Do you want to uplift your manicure and give it a dazzling charm? Then these simple rhinestone nail art designs are for you.

The beautiful glitter nail art in them adds to your glam quotient. Here pretty rhinestone art is painted on nails that make your nails best suited for all seasons and parties.

Due to their shapes and sizes, you can create infinite combinations with rhinestones.


3. Sun & Bright Orange Nail Ideas

Sun & Bright Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @nailsbymelissaa_ via Instagram

You can kick off the summer vibe with this hot and bright orange nail design. Try this attractive and fun nail art with your favorite summer dress, and be a fashion girl with beautiful nails.

This design is eye-catching and fresh to look at, with intense bold colors that will make you rock this summer. This exciting orange accent will give you exciting ways to wear the style.

4. A Neon Moment Orange Nail Ideas

A Neon Moment Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @nails.by.roshi via Instagram

Isn’t neon the most isolating color out there? But, it is undoubtedly a beautiful trend worth trying. Inject this gorgeous nail design into your nails and let people feel your presence.

It is the most inspirational neon design that is currently trending on Instagram. They are the best designs for your bright nails, with which you will love to step out in public and make people turn their heads.

You can easily create this bold neon moment at home.

5. Silver Stripes Orange Nail Ideas

Silver Stripes Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @glitterbeenailsxo via Instagram

Have you ever tried doing a manicure with silver stripes? If not, please try doing this with an orange color.

The silver stripes beautifully complement the shade and decorate your nails for a special occasion. 

To create this look, paint your nails bright orange and then create silver stripes with the help of tape and paint over them.

You can do this for a few nails or all nails reflecting your mood and matching outfit.

It is a cute design to start a new season.


6. Feels like Butterfly Orange Nail Ideas

Feels like Butterfly Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @shansnailz via Instagram

Are you interested in trying one of the prettiest nail design trends?

Butterflies, the popular trends in the 90s, have returned. Butterflies are symbols of beauty and transformation, and they enhance the nail design perfectly.

The butterfly design gives the manicure a feminine and sweet look.

This brilliant design gives a calm and serene look and tends to be a flattering shade on fingernails.

You can call your skilful manicurist to achieve this look or opt for nail art stickers. Create the nails of your dreams!

7. Ice And Slice Orange Nail Ideas

Ice And Slice Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @worldofglitterltd via Instagram

Ice and slice nail designs are a bold, unique, and fun nail art.

You can create different yet matching nail designs such as glitter, orange slices, or personal favorite orange flames.

It is a statement-making idea that is clean to your eyes.

Long nails give a good vibe and provide ample space for the design. It is a cute and summery idea, best suited for a date or special occasion.

8. Self-Love Orange Nail Ideas

Self-Love Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @rachi_phadte via Instagram

Manicure is a precious moment of self-care that our nail deserves.

There is a range of artistic and cute designs varying in difficulty, color, and size to get you involved in decorating your nails.

Self-love nail art is not the easiest of designs to create. It is pretty and best suited for the festive season.

You can utilize your artistic talent in making heart-inspired designs and shapes of your choices to create nail art that is inspiring, attractive, and romantic.

9. Pokémon inspired Orange Nail Ideas

Pokémon inspired Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @sugamama_nailz via Instagram

Do you want to see your favorite characters on your nails?

If you fancy seeing Pokémon and its characters, then this unique artistic nail design will steal your heart.

You can express your love for these characters through this manicure. These adorable characters engraved beautifully will instantly freshen and enliven your mood.

This vibrant nail art will impress one and all and make you the center of attraction.

10. Dandelion Orange Nail Ideas

Dandelion Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @beyoutiful20_20 via Instagram

Dandelion is a brilliant color and this nail art perfectly stands out.

To create this design, you should have a lot of patience. This inspiring multi-colored Dandelion nail art starts with a white base to make an eye-catching design.

Then paint Dandelions in gradient and fading colors for a simplified version and bright outcome.

The design gives a look of flying florets in the clear open sky.


11. Leopard Print Orange Nail Ideas

Leopard Print Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @obsessedwith_nails via Instagram

Do you want your nails to look fierce? 

This unique leopard nail design will make you feel bold and a true queen. The gorgeous design will help you catch your prey easily and fast.

Many women choose this design as they feel this manicure reflects their aggressive nature. This design will help you make a unique identity and draw attention.

Match it with a brown-colored dress to make the leopard print design look more appealing.

Orange color with a cheetah print is a stunning combo, suitable for everyday use.

Quick Guide: Orange Nail Designs

  • Color Choices: Select shades of orange that match your skin tone and style, such as bright citrus or warm terracotta.
  • Design Variety: Experiment with nail art, ombré, or accent nails to enhance your orange look.
  • Base Coat: Apply a clear base coat to protect your natural nails and prevent staining.
  • Top Coat Finish: Seal your design with a top coat for a glossy, long-lasting finish.
  • Maintenance Routine: Be prepared for touch-ups, as vibrant colors like orange may require regular upkeep to stay fresh and vibrant.

12. Glitter and Rhinestones Orange Nail Ideas

Glitter and Rhinestones Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @marine_nail.s via Instagram

Use this vibrant glitter with lovely Rhinestone nail art to make a bold statement and let people take note of your presence.

This beautiful nail design is for you if you want to incorporate glittering rhinestones in your manicure with a subtler look,

You will love this pretty design in which the accent nail comes with beautiful rhinestones. It is a stylish, luxurious, and eye-catching design for special occasions.

13. Orange Peel Orange Nail Ideas

Orange Peel Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @heavenlyhandsstyles via Instagram

You can express your feelings and emotions through nail art. It is an excellent way to express yourself and have fun with exciting nail designs.

Peel orange is a classic color to create brilliant nail art that helps you express your love and purity. This intense color demands attention.

You will love this statement-making design because it is stylish and offers elegance to your look.

Wear this design with confidence and be innovative with your makeup to make a perfect match.

14. Orange Wreath Orange Nail Ideas

Orange Wreath Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @vilivinails via Instagram

Get your hands noticed with a bold orange wreath design, the perfect nail art for the woman who values elegance and glam.

This pretty color orange nail design will pull attention. It matches to perfection when paired with black or white clothing.

The unique design is a great manicure that is easy to create. Ideal for the office and to get togethers, this elegant design is good all year round.

15. Cool Girl French Nail Orange Nail Ideas

Cool Girl French Nail Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @nailsfeed.only via Instagram

Are you looking for artistic and creative nail art? Then cool-girl French design is an excellent opportunity to showcase your creative skills.

The nail idea is created on longer nails, making them appear slimmer and pretty.

Get creative with this design and opt for a modern approach and style. The manicure is versatile and eternally chic and looks appealing and fit to dine out or go on a date.

Pick your favorite orange color for the tip to try glamorous tips and keep the base a clear or nude shade.


16. Mandarin Orange Nail Ideas

Mandarin Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @beautyfactoryireland via Instagram

When you see this adorable nail design, doesn’t it remind you that the Chinese New Year is around the corner?

Mandarin nail design is a beautiful way to express your feminine outlook. Rich and bright colors are necessary for this incredibly simple manicure.

Layers of clear coats will make your nails glossy and stunning. The simple look is gorgeous, and the nail art is not overly complicated.

If you love elongated nails that are bright and attractive, look no further than these.

17. Orange and Peach Orange Nail Ideas

Orange and Peach Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @jazzhands_nailart via Instagram

 Are you searching for a peachy punch nail art? Try this manicure and feel the difference.

Orange and peach are popular summer colors, and the contrasting combo gives a stunning nail design to bring out your carefree side.

This look doesn’t take special skills to achieve, and you can create it at home. Orange and peach look flattering on your skin tone and create stunning nail art for everyday wear. 

Keep in Mind

  • Skin Tone: Choose an orange shade that complements your skin tone and undertones for a flattering look.
  • Artistic Freedom: Experiment with nail art techniques like patterns, gradients, or unique accents.
  • Base Coat: Apply a clear base coat to protect your natural nails and prevent discoloration.
  • Top Coat: Seal your design with a top coat to enhance shine and extend the longevity of your manicure.
  • Maintenance: Be prepared for regular touch-ups, as bold colors like orange may show signs of wear more quickly.

 18. Rose Blossoms Orange Nail Ideas

Rose Blossoms Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @cursodeunhasaq via Instagram

Let roses blossom on your glittery nails to give an eye-catching flower nail design.

Give your nails a spin with blooming roses nail art. The stunning nail design will make people around you envious of your glamorous look.

This elegant orange nail design oozes extravagance that flaunts an orangey-gold manicure.

The design proves that fabulous nail art has the power to greatly influence your overall look and create an aura of dominance.

Marvelous and stunning completely describes this nail art.

19. Feeling Fruity Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @beautybox.ldn via Instagram

Do you love to try creating fun and fruity nails?

Look no further than marvelous strawberry nail design. Strawberries are easy to create and are the most commonly used fruits for creating cute nail designs.

Let your playful side show up through this fruity nail art.

Fruit nail art is a mouth-watering manicure and an easy way to add some color to your nails. You can choose from your favorite fruits to give a summary and fruity feel.

20. Bad Bunny Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @styledxivonne via Instagram

If done correctly, this bad bunny nail design makes your fingers stand out, elevating your outlook and personality. You can get creative with this nail art.

Do this nail art over light colors and inject a glam feature into your look. You can create this stunning design on long nails to give a bold and fun effect.

It is a beautiful design to carry to memorable occasions. 


21. Golden Highlights Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @beckymylesehshairandnails via Instagram

Are you looking for sweet nail art to arouse envy?

This pretty orange nail art with golden highlights will turn heads and demand attention. It gives a romantic flair with glittering golden highlights and will add elegance to your looks.

The orange acrylic nail art is friendly and versatile. It allows you to channel your inner artist and create a unique romantic design to complement good looks.

22. Spicy Orange Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @touchofelegance_x via Instagram

Are you interested in statement-making and a unique look?

Spicy Orange nails evoke warmth and zest, blending a fiery hue with the vibrancy of citrus. A captivating color that ignites energy and radiates a bold, playful charm.

Spicy orange gives an artistic manicure for a unique and bold look. Stunning nail art combines the must-have trend.

The touch of silvery lines on the spicy orange background creates a fabulous design to give you a glam look.

The design is anything but boring, perfect with any nail shape, and apt to create memorable moments.

23. Pink Poured Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @studiosix_nails via Instagram

Sometimes simple designs create the most elegant effects. This design is one of those subtle nail arts that elevate your look and exhibit a touch of charm and fascination.

The simple yet game-changing are easy to create and match all outfits. Shorter nails enhance the look of the design and make it a perfect wear for everyday use.

The pink poured design adds to the beauty of soft-looking nails and makes them look sweet and sophisticated.

Pro Tip

To make your orange nails pop, consider using a white base coat before applying the orange polish. This enhances the color’s vibrancy and provides a bold, eye-catching look.

24. Hearts and Waves Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @crystal.brooks.731 via Instagram

Want to wear your heart on your nails?

This soft and wavy design is the perfect art to add cute hearts to your manicure.

Choose a light background, and then paint hearts shapes with a brush and combine them with waves of your choice to make a beautiful design perfect for a memorable date night.

A cute heart shape in the center of the nail and the waves around it make a treat to watch.

You can draw a mix of small and large hearts for a change. Your partner will feel the intensity of your love the moment he holds your manicured hand.

The heart and wave design is simple that can wear for every occasion and with all outfits.

25.  See-through Flowers Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @cannotdonailart via Instagram

Doesn’t this design look elegant and seductive?

It doesn’t get more glamorous than a see-through flowery design created in a pretty style. If you prefer a sober vibe, avoid background color and allow colorful flowers to blossom.

You need soft nail polish colors that you like, to paint flowers on the ring and little fingers. Apply intense orange shade to other nails to give a pretty combination to wear for a date or festive occasion.  


26. Purple Tints Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @faye.nailart via Instagram

When you are short of options, paint it purple!! 

Purple tints are a brilliant shade that suits every occasion and represents all moods. It beautifully complements the orange color to give you a lovely nail design.

The stunning combination shows how to wear this combo in style. The design makes the two look great together to give you a perfect nail art to display style and elegance.

The color combination gives you the liberty to alter the shapes as per your preferences to match your outfit.

27. Sunset Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @nailsbykamilekaraliute via Instagram

Grace, glamor, and elegance are on display!

This superb nail design is the perfect option if you want something out of the box.

It is less glossy, bold, and has a stunning nail design that requires no technique to create and use for everyday wear.

Sunset orange with subtle lines perfectly enlivens the design to make it rock.

You can trust this design to make your evening memorable. The manicure is the best display of how to wear orange for elegance and style. Best fit for moments to cherish.

28. Tangerine dream Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @thenailartbabe via Instagram

Flaunting tangerine nail art allows you to celebrate your womanly existence.

The loud and fluorescent color will up your nail game. The design looks adorable, and the simple yet beautiful art speaks up for your expressive personality.

This design is so appealing and easy to make that you can create it yourself with ease and confidence.

The minimalist nail design creates an empowering look to express feminine nature and boldness.

Tangerine dream is a playful nail art that is a must-have trend for celebrating special moments. 

29. Pastel Love Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @50_shadesofnails via Instagram

A soft, romantic hue merging pastel elegance with a warm orange glow. Delicate and charming, it exudes a subtle vibrancy perfect for any occasion.

A quirky pastel love manicure is perfect if you want to try a colorful and vibrant nail design other than the classic French Manicure.

It is a feminine nail design that looks so adorable that you can wear it regularly.

You can keep the nails short to help them look precious and present a clean and suitable look. This orange is a pastel color with a bit of matt outlook, so it works well as a minimal nail style.

30. Spiced Coffee Hearts Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @kathynailarts via Instagram

Coffee-inspired nail art is gorgeous. The coffee-oriented nail designs and combos are having a great time on Instagram.

The idea of adding little hearts to your nails can create a colorful and sweet manicure. It is a fantastic way to celebrate the people you love, the arrival of good things in your life, or highlight the beauty of your nails.

You can create a unique manicure with cute hearts and experiment with different finishes.


31. Simple Yet Sweet Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @onceuponablingshop via Instagram

Love flowery nails and girly colors? You can get these both with this romantic and fashionable nail design.

The nail art looks great on long nails that help you express your charming beauty so easily yet boldly. 

The flawless design is perfect for spring or special events where you need an elegant and vibrant look.

Your nail artist can create it with off-white polish and top it with simple flowers for a mesmerizing combo with a clean and simple look.

32. Black Cuticle Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @by.daniellesparkle via Instagram

Tap your fingertips in style to get the attention they deserve. People will double-check when they see a nail design with wonderful black cuticles of such a high class. 

The first appearance it gives is that of a nude nail, but then the orange tips complemented with cute bluish cuticles mesmerize with their elegance.

It is simple, easy to create, yet elegant and marvelous nail art.

Have fun painting nail tips and cuticles of different shades anywhere your heart desires. The design proves that the simple touches can create elegant effects. 

33. A Subtle Heart Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @kennyramos.jk via Instagram

This design proves that you don’t need great art and bold colors for beautiful nail art.

The subtle heart orange on nails looks pretty and seductive but so simple that you need not hire a manicurist.

The subtlety of this orange color makes these nails so pretty. The color also complements the shape of the nails.

You will feel the elegance and style of a million dollars with a nail design like this. If you prefer anything unique, try this design and get all the attention.

34. Fall Florals Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @julierichardnails via Instagram

Love floral designs? If you do, check out this design!

Everybody loves flowers; they give a feeling of romance, freshness, and sweetness. You will love this gorgeous nail art design which is perennial.

A combination of different shades complementing the orange color gives a lovely pattern, and floral art adds to the charm of these nails.

These soft floral nails are beautiful to wear for fall and spring. With subtle changes, you can make them suitable all year round.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a pro to create details or intricate lines. Just have fun and experiment with your skills with it.

35. Apricot Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @jadeesnails8 via Instagram

This apricot-inspired manicure will make you smitten. 

Apricot tones are a summer staple, and you can see why. This manicure is flattering on every skin tone and best for all events. It also goes beautifully with all other colors, from blue to black and red. 

You don’t need to do the same design on all fingers, be innovative with designs and have fun painting different shapes and shades anywhere your heart desires.

Apricot is a pretty and versatile color, and you can wear it in various ways. It brightens your nails.


36. Orange Love Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @mimim_maestro via Instagram

What a beautiful piece of nail art!

You’ll need a professional nail artist to do this manicure and enjoy a marvelous design on your nails. These intricately hand-painted oranges are cute that you want to wear all year long.

Paint tempting oranges on your nails that ooze elegance and class. The long feminine nails give the best outcome for this design that you can wear for memorable events or a perfect date. 

37. Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @radnails.ph via Instagram

Want an impressive nail art design that exhibits class? This light orange manicure with waves decorating the tips is the perfect option that will amaze you with its beauty.

This manicure is easier than it looks. With a closer look, you’ll notice that it’s just a series of waves of soft shades that creates a brilliant design on nail tips.

 The nail design gives your nails a touch of class and grace.

38. Summer Hues Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @jaqulineusa via Instagram

This lovely nail art gives your nails all the attention they deserve!

It is a simple way to decorate your orange-colored nails with a botanical accent. Use a thin brush to draw leaves and buds to create a pretty fern.

You need a manicurist to do this manicure, and he will love this unique style. The summer hues manicures will work with all types of nails to make a statement. 

You’ll look like a million dollars with this manicure.

39. Autumn Vibes Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @lavendervioletsofficial via Instagram

 Could you believe this unique and crazy combination of colors would come out so well?

The orange combined with yellow and white gives a perfect manicure to draw attention to your superb nail design. Autumn vibes make a flawless nail design for special events.

One nail presents a clear coat of cool white, and another flaunts a soothing yellow to compliment the orange shade to make a stunning design.

The attractive combination makes the nails glow, and so does your personality. 

40. Beautiful Bow Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @exclusivenails.17 via Instagram

Gorgeous orange enhances the bow nail designs. Bows are suitable for nails of all lengths, and you can wear this design for formal and unofficial events.

Rhinestones in the center will uplift this nail design to the next level.

Black and white polka dot bows are an all-time favorite for all women. The nail art is lovely and easy to create. Try a few bow nail art designs per your preferences.

Draw bow nails in feminine colors like black and white to make them inspiring and attractive.


41. Pumpkin Spice Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @readthetease via Instagram

What a stunning look this simple nail design gives! The way this shade pop shows that you don’t need to spend much to get a lovely look.

It proves that even simple nail art can produce the most elegant effects. A pumpkin spice manicure can shake up your look for summer.

It is a time-saving and low-maintenance nail art to provide a sober and cute look.

Moreover, you do not need a professional nail artist to create this manicure. Go all out for this lovely design. 

42. Tiger Print Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @luciarosesnails via Instagram

Tiger print nail design is proof that you love elegant looks and lovely nail designs. It also shows your interest in fashion and how much you value wildlife!

Try quite a few styles on your pretty fingers in tiger print design. This one stands out the most and looks unique in orange and black nail paint.

It is super easy to create as it does not require special nail art skills-a thin brush is enough. Animal-inspired designs are in trend for both nail arts and fashion. 

43. Pastel Slices Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @lustyrich via Instagram

This incredible pastel nail design shows that you don’t need to cover your entire nail to achieve a lovely look. Such gorgeous nail prints never go out of trend too.

Soft colors are always in a rage, and what could be better than to try this super cute design. Why not add it to your nails for a twist?

Pastels are a powerful manicure, and they can be bold too. It depends on how you choose your design. It is a pretty shade that suits everyone.

44. Spooky Season Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @nails_britt via Instagram

The Halloween nails are fascinating. The best thing is that they are available from gorey to witchy to downright cutesy. This lovely manicure shows that all.

Nails provide you with the perfect middle ground to show a little spirit through skills and choices. They’re. Spooky season designs are cheap, easy to DIY, and provide fun. They are great on Instagram.

 Bring an orange-black manicure to the next level with lovely designs to celebrate the season.

Ghosts and beasts add spice to the background and elevate the nail art. Go all out for this design and steal the show.

Fun Fact

Orange nail designs have been in vogue for centuries. In ancient Egypt, people used henna to dye their nails orange as a symbol of social status. Today, orange nails represent creativity and enthusiasm, making them a timeless fashion statement.

45. Cats Everywhere Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @whatsheloves14 via Instagram

 Do you love little playful cats on your nails? This cute nail art gives you the chance to have fun with little cats and express your love for them.

Nail art is an easy way to have some fun and express yourself with such incredible nail art.

Cat nail art comes in different styles- be it a cute little kitten or elegant cat design, it makes a lovely manicure that suits all occasions. Cat nail art is elegant and stylish like a cat itself.


46. Abstract Art Orange Nail Ideas

Image by @nailsbynazish via Instagram

Abstract nail designs achieve an impressive manicure with minimal effort. You can draw different nail art using shapes, angles, and patterns for an abstract appearance. 

This beautiful abstract design looks easy but expresses a lot. Simple dots on the colorful background gives an abstract but futuristic nail design. 

Abstract art like this is an excellent way to express your thoughts and emotions and achieve a beautiful nail design to match all outfits and suit all situations.

47. Soft Waves Orange Nail Designs

Image by @nailsbyana__ via Instagram

How enticing is this orange nail design?

It gives such an elegant look and oozes class and style. The orange shades on the sides with wave designs on the middle nails make alluring nail art.

The orange waves add oomph to the beautiful nail art.

Nails look impressive and expressive and make it an incredible choice to carry them to special events and memorable evenings.

Manicure looks easy and requires no special tools to create. Try and be the object of admiration. 

48. Blue Sparkles Orange Nail Designs Idea

Image by @paum.nails via Instagram

Want to bring out the artist in you? Try this fantastic and simple nail art to boost your confidence and personality. 

Blue sparkle is a simple and cute manicure that makes an incredible impact on your looks. It is a great festive design and is fun to wear.

Something is stunning about this glitz on your nails that will bring a simile to your face. The sparkling stars on a white base are a beauty to admire. 

49. Golden Foils Orange Nail Designs

Image by @hannahfish_nailsandbeauty via Instagram

Are you searching for a cute summer nail design? If so, this golden foil manicure could be perfect for you.

Tap your fingertips in style and surprise your friends and co-workers with the beauty of this soft and elegant nail design.

Putting gold foil is easy, and you can unleash your artistic skills to get your hands all the attention.

The focus is on the tips to create nail art with a simple and modern approach to the classic manicure.

50. Boo’d Up Orange Nail Designs Idea

Image by @luxuriantnailsalonspa via Instagram

Boo’d Up nail art is gorgeous with which the young generation is in love.

It is an excellent option for those who love dark polish and drawing different shapes for dramatic nail art.

The art makes a unique but trendy manicure with animal prints and contrasting patterns.The celestial-looking art makes a lovely but thoughtful manicure.


51. Pumpkin Harvest Orange Nail Designs

Image by @laurellsnailsandcare via Instagram

This charming orange nail design transforms simplicity into grace and sophistication.

Orange and brown make a marvelous combination bound to draw attention to your uniquely decorated hands. 

You can combine the two colors in different ways, but this design is simple and alluring, and you can do it yourself with ease.

The intense nail art makes a pretty pattern. It will highlight your nail shape and transform your looks to perfection.

The nail art symbolizes the confidence of a powerful woman. Pair it with dark lipstick for a brilliant effect.

52. Heat waves Orange Nail Designs Idea

Image by @tipas.nailslashes via Instagram

This appealing design gives your nails a refreshing makeover.

 Each nail comes with exquisite heat waves that make the manicure a treat to watch.

If you’re a fan of style and glamor, these wavy nails are for you. The museum-worthy nails will make you a walking beauty! It reveals your creative skill and taste for classic designs.

53. Juice Drip Orange Nail Designs Idea

Image by @belxnails via Instagram

Isn’t this Juice drip nail design adorable?

It is a great nail art for summertime, and you can do it in many ways.

The bluish base for the orange juice drip makes a stunning combination that looks awesome for a date or special event.

The design also allows you to get creative and innovative with manicures and color combinations. The design brings grace and the best fit to complement your beauty.

54. Lazy Gradient Orange Nail Designs Idea

Image by @greicegschwendtnerkuster via Instagram

This nail design make any nail art lover a little envious? Try this vibrant shade and allow your nails to do all the talking.

A combination of two vibrant colors makes the manicure a beauty. The brilliance of this complementary color combination will easily make you fall in love with this design.

It is a great manicure to wear with a formal and casual outfit, and the juicy manicure work year-round.

55. Matte Coffin Orange Nail Designs Idea

Image by @riyathai87 via Instagram

The following nail design is another summery one. Each nail has a unique design – some are just one color, one has an ombre, and the final has beautiful flower art.

The floral nail is unpainted and has hand-painted orange blossoms. It is additionally embellished with gold studs.

Overall, it’s a lovely and vivid manicure appropriate for summer or fall. You may replicate this look or go for all floral nails.

There are internet tutorials that can provide detailed instructions on hand-paint flowers.

56. Summer Miracle Orange Nail Designs Idea

Image by @d.cs_nails via Instagram

For a juicy punch, try this summer miracle nail idea. The extra-long nails maximize the effect of this manicure, so you do not have to worry about their length.

It is such a gorgeous idea for a perfect date and event. In this design, you use two shades of orange for a lovely look.

You will love the mix of these colors that looks so trendy.


You can choose any nail design from short acrylic nails, cute short nails, or longer ones, yet a good manicure is a must!

Orange color is perfect for celebrating any moment as it radiates warmth and happiness. Orange accents give you exciting nail arts to wear in style.

Stripes, dots, glitter, ombre, French tips, or marble patterns, opt for any nail design as all pair majestically with other colors and outfits.

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