47 Oval Nail Designs To Try Now

Key Takeaways
  • Oval nails are a popular nail shape choice due to their classic and versatile appearance.
  • This nail shape is characterized by its rounded tip, resembling an elongated oval, and can be flattering on most hand shapes.
  • Oval nails provide a balance between the durability of square nails and the elegance of almond or stiletto nails.
  • Maintenance of oval nails is relatively easy, making them a practical and stylish option for individuals looking for a timeless nail shape.

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A selection of the most flattering manicures that will make you fall in love with oval-shaped nails.

Deciding on a specific nail design can be challenging. A task, however, that is equally as difficult and is often overlooked is choosing the right nail shape. 

Nowadays, it seems as though there is an endless myriad of nail shapes to choose from.

Do we want to make a statement and go for long, coffin nails? Or perhaps we’re feeling fierce and would prefer a pointed cut.

Or maybe sticking to the basics is what we do best and would feel more comfortable with a classic shape.

The Oval-Shaped Nail 

When it comes to nails, there’s nothing more classic than the oval shape. Now, you may be thinking, well what is the difference between oval and round and almond?

Although quite similar, there are distinct differences.

If you’re in the mood for a little self-care and are looking to try out a new and refined nail shape then here is everything you need to know to get the look.

Oval nails are an optimal choice for everyday life due to their natural-looking appearance. To achieve the look, the nail is filed into a rounded shape.

In contrast to rounded nails, with an oval manicure, the sides are gently filed in order to create the illusion of an elongated finger. 

It’s important to note that because of this elongated effect, you need to have grown out your nails just past the fingertip.

Waiting for your nails to grow can be  a tedious undertaking but we assure you that it will be totally worth it.

Because the oval shape creates a long and slender finger, the overall appearance is very quaint and feminine in nature.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that your fingers are a little shorter than you would like then this is definitely the aesthetic for you. 

If we still haven’t convinced you to start rounding your edges, then take a look at these 48 oval-inspired manis. With an array of colors and designs, there is definitely something for everyone. 

1. Shining Blue Oval Nails

Shining Blue Oval Nails Oval Nail Designs

Image by @veronica_nails90 via Instagram

Every nail deserves a little sparkle every now and then (the more often the better, really).

Sparkles not only enhance a manicure with a pop of shimmer, they also make an outfit simply fabulous.

For a fresh and summery feel, opt for a glitter nail in a bright and vibrant color such as this blue. To make things really interesting, change up the hues on different nails.

2. Daisy Print Nails 

Daisy Print Nails  Oval Nail Designs

Image by @theperfectnailsboutique via Instagram

Daisies are the ultimate throwback print as they honor the flower power movement of the 1960s.

If you’re active on social media then you’ve likely seen the floral look everywhere.

Navy blue hues act as the base for this mani and are the perfect contrasting shade for the white and yellow daisies.

If you want to be on-trend this summer then we would definitely be considering this one.

3. Sea Waves Oval Nail Design

Sea Waves Oval Nail Design

Image by @x_x_alexx_x via Instagram

There is something so calming about the sound of waves crashing.

I mean, there’s a reason there are a million apps and Youtube videos that provide the audio for those seeking a little relaxation.

For an equally calming nail look try out these turquoise blue oval nails. The colors and design remind us exactly of the sea and bring the much-needed beach getaway straight to us.

Before You Get Started 

  • Nail Preparation: It is essential to start with clean, dry nails. You must remove any existing nail polish and ensure your nails are free from oil and debris.
  • Nail Shape: If your natural nail shape is not oval, you may need to shape them accordingly.
  • Nail Polish Selection: Choose your nail polish colors and designs in advance and have them ready.
  • Base Coat: Applying a base coat is essential to prevent your nails from staining and to create a smooth surface for your nail polish.
  • Clean Tools: Ensure that your nail art tools, such as brushes, dotting tools, and striping tape, are clean and in good condition.

4. Purple Oval Manicure

Purple Oval Manicure

Image by @simona.nailtech via Instagram

Speaking of beach getaways, nothing says tropical vacay quite like palm leaves.

For the perfect summer oval nail opt for a bright lavender hue with a palm leaf print in an accent color such as white.

For an edgy touch paint some of the nails in a darker polish such as this deep purple.

5. Black And Nude Oval Nail Design

Black And Nude Oval Nail Design

Image by @meloo_nails via Instagram

Black and white have always been the go-to color combo when looking for a classic nail. A duo, however, that often gets left behind is black and nude.

Black and nude provide the same sophisticated elegance as black and white and complement an oval shape perfectly.

The floral print in this look is chic and understated and suits the timelessness of the manicure wonderfully. 

6. Little Black Hearts Oval Nails 

Little Black Hearts Oval Nails

Image by @sapiker.beauty via Instagram

Sometimes, less is more. Like the previous look, this manicure uses neutral tones to create an effortlessly chic oval nail.

In contrast, however, nude is the main color and black is a subtle secondary shade. This look is also significantly more trendy than the previous look and gives “Pinterest it girl” vibes.

7. Red Rose Oval Nail Design

Image by @sammiis_nailsss via Instagram

In terms of color, black and white have always been the classic choice. In the flower world, the equivalent would be roses.

Roses symbolize beauty and love and will give any oval-shaped manicure a romantic feel. And you can’t have roses without luxurious diamonds.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect Valentine’s nail you’ve found it. 

8. Autumn Leaf Oval Nail Designs

Autumn Leaf Oval Nail Design

Image by @nataliethornenails via Instagram

Palm leaves aren’t just for summer. In fact, they also look great in an autumn nail palette.

This nail utilizes the print in a bright and fun design with green and blue as the main color scheme. Sparkles also give the fall look a magical touch.

9. Swirly Silver And Blue Oval Nail Designs

Swirly Silver And Blue Oval Nail Design

Image by @the_nail_bug via Instagram

For a cool and unique take on the winter wonderland color combo, try out this oval mani.

Blue and silver are soft and angelic and the swirls are a great alternative to the classic nail look. And have you seen how beautifully shaped this manicure is? (Hint hint, wink wink). 

10. Telescopic Swirl Oval Nail Designs

Telescopic Swirl Oval Nail Design

Image by @petcucamy via Instagram

And the swirl nail inspo doesn’t stop there. Next up we have an oval nail look that although similar to the previous image, possesses its own unique fun flare.

With only two nails painted in aqua and royal blue shades, this manicure is speaking more toward the minimalist side of nail designs.

And is it just us or does this print resemble something you would see under a telescope in a laboratory?

But don’t worry, with the sparkly accents this science experiment is a little less gross and a little more glam.

11. Sweet Hearts Oval Nails

Sweet Hearts Oval Nails

Image by @nailsbyjeness via Instagram

If you love a minimalist aesthetic but the previous look was a little too eccentric for you then we have just the thing.

A transparent base is first used to create a simplistic foundation. Then, a sparkly pink polish is added in arbitrary sections around the frame of the nails.

And what would a cute, feminine oval nail be without little hearts to go with it?

12. Minimalist Glitter Oval Nails 

Minimalist Glitter Oval Nails 

Image by @centro.lei via Instagram

If you’ve hopped on the minimalist oval nail Designs wagon then hold on tight because the ride isn’t over. In fact, this has to be the most simplistic nail look we’ve seen yet.

Not that simplistic implies boring, because this mani is serving understated elegance.

If you’re going to a special occasion in the near future and are looking for the perfect touch of sparkle to compliment your outfit then this is it.

13. Blue Is Better Oval Manicure 

Blue Is Better Oval Manicure 

Image by @paintedprettybysarah_ via Instagram

The great thing about the retro daisy print is that it is extremely versatile. Pair it with any color and shape and you’ll be well on your way to floral mani paradise.

(However, we do have to admit that the design looks especially good paired with this oval nail- not that we’re biased or anything…).

The bright blue gives it a particularly bright and summery feel.

14. Orange Creamsicle Oval Nails

Orange Creamsicle Oval Nails

Image by @bydaisnails via Instagram

Okay, these nails look so good we almost want to eat them. Well, not really. But you do have to admit they look just like a delicious orange creamsicle.

And not only that- this oval manicure is giving us all of the bright and bold vibes that this summer is all about.

Vibrant orange is an it color this season and will give any outfit a trendy touch. Try pairing it with another bold color such as hot pink or neon green for an especially colorful OOTD. 

15. Crazy Brown Oval Nail Designs

Crazy Brown Oval Nail Designs

Image by @kimnailsinc via Instagram

For a seasonal change, try out this maroon oval-shaped manicure. Maroon is full of dark, rich hues and therefore makes it the perfect color for the fall and winter seasons.

To lighten up the look add a white polish. Hearts are also always a classic choice and plaid is all too perfect for the back-to-school season (think cute preppy plaid skirts and button-ups).

16. Peach Cloud Oval Nail Designs

Peach Cloud Oval Nail Design

Image by @luhv_beautique via Instagram

In an ideal world, everyone would be happy, we would eat all the sugar we wanted without the consequences, and the sky would be pink- peachy pink to be exact.

Unfortunately for us, this isn’t going to happen anytime soon so the next best thing is definitely this mani. 

17. Golden Glamor Nails

Golden Glamor Nails

Image by @carinevicente via Instagram

When it comes to a luxurious oval nail designs, there’s nothing more glamorous than gold.

Golden french tips are classic and elegant and the gold foil adds a cool and creative element. If you ask us, this manicure deserves a gold medal (see what we did there?). 

18. Red And Black Oval Nail Designs 

Red And Black Oval Nails 

Image by @jovana.esthetique via Instagram

Because of what they symbolize, red and black tend to be viewed as edgy and mysterious shades.

On the other hand, gold has been traditionally representative of glory. Is this color scheme reminding you of anything? Ancient Roman warriors wore these colors during combat.

For them, these hues symbolized their fierce and determined nature as well as their mentality to conquer.

If you’ve been feeling a little unmotivated lately and could use some wins, perhaps you should think about getting this nail look. It helped the Romans so why not you too?

19. Royal Blue Floral Manicure 

Royal Blue Floral Manicure 

Image by @kingasosin via Instagram

Royal blue is a rich and sophisticated hue that will give your oval mani a mature feel.

Dark blue is another great color for the cooler months and would be especially fitting for a winter function.

For a twist on the classic oval manicure add a floral print in a hue that will stand out against the dark backdrop.

20. Geode Nails 

Geode Nails 

Image by @middleton_beauty_bar via Instagram

Geode seriously had a moment last year and we aren’t complaining. If you’re an avid baker, you likely saw the print all over your Pinterest cake feed.

It was also a popular choice on baking shows on Netflix. If the technique can be applied to cakes, why not nails as well?

This oval manicure utilizes the effect with a rich sea blue, white and most importantly sparkly silver hues (the sparkles are what represent the crystal design in the geode aesthetic). 

21. A Work Of Art Oval Nail Designs

A Work Of Art Oval Nail Design

Image by @lucy_sh_nails via Instagram

Sparkles, swirls and hearts are always a stunning choice but something that always makes our jaws drop is when we see a manicure that looks like it belongs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This manicure is definitely one of those jaw-dropping moments. I mean, look at that elaborate design. The detail is truly exquisite and is just what you need to bring out your artistic side.

22. Milky White Oval Nail Designs

Milky White Oval Nail Designs

Image by @vivictha.nails via Instagram

When you’ve already planned an outfit with a busy pattern it’s good to choose a manicure that won’t exaggerate it.

Nothing works better as an understated highlighting shade than a simple, white oval nail.

White nails are angelic and super trendy at the moment (even men have spoken up about it on TikTok expressing it as their favorite nail color for women).

This is likely due to the fact that they go with practically everything. 

23. Melting Heart Oval Nail Designs

Melting Heart Oval Nail Design

Image by @nailedbykatie_ via Instagram

Now, these nails are nostalgic. If you had a childhood like ours, animated hearts and sparkles were also all over your popular toys.

If you can’t remember, think Barbie and Polly Pockets. This oval manicure is not only retro, it’s also a fun and flirty way to dress up any summer look. Can you ever have too much pink in your life?

24. Classic Marble Manicure 

Classic Marble Manicure 

Image by @nail.by_nazanin76 via Instagram

Marble print is another great way to elevate your oval-shaped manicure. Marble has been used for centuries and was even used by Ancient Romans and Greeks.

To get the look, apply a base coat and then choose two or more shades to create the marble effect.

If you want to DIY it, check out our article on marble nails where we give step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the look.

With its dreamy and ethereal aesthetic, it’s hard to resist the marble nail.

25. Choco Brown Oval Nail Designs

Choco Brown Oval Nail Design

Image by @markovicsimicslavica via Instagram

For this oval mani, we are calling all of our fellow chocolate-lovers.

Deep, rich brown tones couldn’t represent anything other than our favorite treat and a glossy finish only makes it all the more appealing.

For a little nail art, add a white feather on one of the nails. If the chocolate analogy isn’t resonating with you, how about a picturesque scene with earthy tones and delicate feathers?

26. Line Heart Oval Nails

Line Heart Oval Nails

Image by @makartt_official via Instagram

Nowadays, it seems that the more simplistic something can be, the more aesthetic it becomes.

Well, in the nail world this is true anyway. And nothing is more simplistic than lines.

For a trendy and minimalist oval manicure start with a white base and follow it by adding black lines on each nail in varying horizontal and vertical designs.

And would it be a trending style if we didn’t add the signature mini hearts?

27. Oval Red Matte Manicure

Oval Red Matte Manicure

Image by @sylvias_nail_atelier via Instagram

Matte nails are another great way to enhance an oval manicure.

If you don’t want a glossy finish, matte polish will provide you with the perfect unsaturated, non-shiny appearance.

This artist has chosen to apply the aesthetic in a deep red hue over a classic oval nail.

28. Heart French Tip Nails

Heart French Tip Nails

Image by @nailartby_lily via Instagram

Another technique that compliments an oval nail is french tips. For a fun twist on the classic french manicure opt for a cute design such as these hearts.

You can never go wrong with red nails, especially in a simplistic and refined aesthetic such as this.

29. Blue Abstract Nail Designs

 Blue Abstract Nail Designs

Image by @nails.by.yesi_ via Instagram

Aside from daisies and miniature hearts, abstract nail art has also been extremely popular as of late. What’s cool about this nail design is that every look is unique.

Try out the design in various blue hues and white polish for a breezy, summery oval manicure. 

30. Red And Black Classic Oval Nails

Red And Black Classic Oval Nails

Image by @nailsbyjeness via Instagram

As previously mentioned, black and red make a great color combo when it comes to all things dark and creepy.

If you’re dressing up as a vampire for Halloween this year and are already looking for some inspo, this oval mani would be a great option.

Deep red french tips resemble bloody fangs and the black nails would tie in perfectly with your cape. We are already getting chills.

31. Purple Paradise Oval Nails

Purple Paradise Oval Nails

Image by @studiocandybymagiboychanova via Instagram

Pastels are everything this spring and summer and we can’t get enough of them.

One of our favorite flowers during the warmer months definitely has to be lilac and these nails represent the floral aesthetic perfectly.

Not to mention that adorable heart nail art and dreamy purple glitter. Can anyone say fabulous fairy?

32. Green Marble Manicure 

Green Marble Manicure 

Image by @yellowclo05 via Instagram

The first marble look we showed you played with subtle neutral tones to achieve its look. This mani, on the other hand, is giving the exact opposite energy.

The only thing that we can really think of when we look at this color is glow sticks. 15 years ago, if you had a glow stick at the school dances you were definitely one of the popular kids.

Now imagine having a sparkly glow stick… mind, blown (although we would like to take the credit, this has probably already been invented). 

33. Pastel Oval Nails

Pastel Oval Nails

Image by @ammaraheesa via Instagram

They’re the signature colors of Easter and they’re also an amazing source of inspo in the beauty and fashion worlds. Pastels are colors that possess soft, pale hues.

They’re fun and sweet and will help to bring a bit of color to your oval nails without being too vibrant.

To really make things interesting, apply your pastel shades in a cool design such as this checkerboard print and french tip. 

34. White Nail Art 

White Nail Art 

Image by @melissa via Instagram

If you are one of the less fortunate ones to have been born with the indecisive gene, fear not. With this manicure, you can have it all.

White stripes, swirls, hearts, polka dots and french tips make this oval mani a unique and diverse nail look.

If you’ve been looking for an easy art project, this look would be a lot of fun to try at home. 

35. Splattered Paint Oval Nails

Splattered Paint Oval Nails

Image by @rexianne via Instagram

Speaking of art, this manicure takes its inspo straight from a painter’s uniform.

You know the one- it looks like a baking apron and is used to protect your clothes from getting messy (you probably used one as a child in school for painting projects).

When you paint and I mean really paint, splatters of color inevitably get on your apron. Kinda like the design on this oval nail look.

36. More is More Oval Nails

More is More Oval Nails

Image by @Ione via Pinterest

When you look at a manicure like this, you really wonder what goes on inside of the mind of the individual who chose it. I mean, don’t get us wrong.

This nail look is freaking cool. Like where can we get some of this creative energy?

Bright neon shades in every print you can imagine including cow print, smilies, the evil eye, the yin and yang, swirls, stripes (“inhales deeply”) and polka dots make up this fun and unique oval mani.

37. Safari Oval Nail Designs

Safari Oval Nail Design

Image by @elyana via Pinterest

Who said french tips are boring? This look certainly says otherwise. If you can’t get enough of animal print why not try a nail look that includes all of your top favorites.

With a palette including, tortuous, cow, zebra and cheetah prints the zoo is brought straight to you (why is it so satisfying when things rhyme?)

38. Rainbow Floral Design

Rainbow Floral Design

Image by @cristina via Instagram

Rainbow nails are another great way to add a bright and cheerful element to your oval manicure.

French tips in various vibrant hues will help you add a colorful surprise to any spring/summer outfit while a subtle cartoon daisy will give you a vintage vibe.

In our opinion, you can’t get more summery than bold rainbow hues and florals. 

39. Cherry Oval Nails

Cherry Oval Nails

Image by @hairmarie via Pinterest

Pretty please with a cherry on top? It’s safe to say that everything is simply better when cherries are involved. Ice-cream lovers think so at least so why shouldn’t we?

Add a sweet and fruity flare to your oval mani by adding red and white french tips along with a fun cherry print. 

40. Limoncello Oval Nails 

Limoncello Oval Nails 

Image by @chasingdaisies via Pinterest

Since we’ve already entered the fruit-inspired nail realm we thought it important to show the second most aesthetic fruit: lemons.

Lemons are bright and cheerful and scream summer relaxation.

Whether you’re sipping on fresh lemonade or a cold glass of limoncello (when you’re in the mood for something a little stronger), this oval mani is just what you need. 

41. Emerald City Oval Nails

Emerald City Oval Nails

Image by @breanaspoon via Pinterest

Emerald is one of those shades that truly takes you aback. It’s dark, rich and luxurious nature actually derives from the emerald gemstone.

If you’re a May baby, you’re likely very familiar with this stone (emerald is the official gem for this month).

Even The Wizard of Oz saw its potential naming the most important geographic space “Emerald City”. This manicure showcases the color in a dreamy and elegant way.

Diamond crowns have also been added to give it an even more luxe feel. 

42. Mystical Night Manicure

Mystical Night Manicure

Image by @ciorstaidh via pinterest

“Star light, star bright…”- get ready because with this oval mani all of your oval nail dreams are coming true.

Pink, blue and purple hues combine to create a magical-looking marble print and the stars make it that much more mystical.

Whether you’re a magic enthusiast or just love all things supernatural, you’re going to want to consider this oval mani. 

43. Ombré Oval Nails

Image by @aleksandra.gruska_indigo via Pinterest

Pink and purple were simply created to be together. Similar to eyebrows, pink and purple are sisters, not twins.

They are not exactly the same but do share similar qualities making them the perfect color duo.

For a bright and dreamy oval manicure, try a blurred ombré effect using hot pink and lavender hues. This look is colorful and trendy. 

44. Classic Red Oval Manicure 

Image by @swatchandlearn via Pinterest

We’ve seen an array of colors and designs but it’s time to take a moment to honor the nail polish look that got us to where we are today.

That’s right, red nails were the OG manicures. Even Cleopatra herself painted her nails blood red.

Over time, red polish has developed a reputation as the go-to color if you’re looking for a classic and timeless mani. And oval-shaped nails are no exception. 

45. Transparent Nails

Image by @laura via Pinterest

Now, this manicure takes the minimalist aesthetic to a whole new level. You might be thinking, does that even count as a nail look but honestly today, anything goes.

For the basic of the basics, all you have to do is paint your nails in a transparent, white polish.

This oval mani is perfect for those of us who don’t like to make a fuss but still want to look groomed.

It’s also an optimal choice for people who struggle to paint with their non-dominant hands. Minimal effort, but still looks great. 

46. Pink Pumpkin Oval Nail Designs

Image by @gulii via Pinterest

Okay are we not seeing right or is this actually a PINK PUMPKIN FRENCH MANI. One word: obsessed.

Sorry orange pumpkins, but you’ve been replaced because this oval nail look is too cute. Fall couldn’t come soon enough. 

47. Oh So Sparkly Oval Manicure 

Image by @chicpursuit via Pinterest

Sometimes, all an oval manicure really needs is a bit of sparkle.

Gold is luxurious and elegant and a great choice of glitter for anyone planning on attending a glamorous event.

In fact, we could totally see this as the perfect addition to your New Year’s Eve party look. 

If you’re looking for a manicure that utilizes a classic and refined shape then oval nails are definitely the way to go.

While red polish provides you with the most timeless appearance, bold and bright hues will make you on-trend and influencer-ready.

In terms of design, if you’re wanting a minimalist aesthetic, understated prints such as mini hearts and lines are your best bet.

For the opposite effect, go crazy with sparkles, 3D art and color. Regardless of what you choose, with an oval mani get ready for feminine, flawless fingers. 

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