Jingle Nails: 83 Festive Christmas Nail Art Delights

Key Takeaways
  • Christmas nail designs offer a wide range of themes, from classic red and green to whimsical characters like Santa Claus and Rudolph.
  • Nail art enthusiasts have the creative freedom to experiment with colors, shapes, and patterns to personalize their Christmas nail designs.
  • Christmas nail designs can add a festive touch to your overall look, enhancing the holiday spirit and spreading joy.
  • Nail designs are a temporary form of self-expression, allowing you to change your style to match different occasions and moods during the holiday season.

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A fun and diverse collection of this year’s top Christmas manicures to get you in the holiday spirit. When it comes to Christmas, being over the top doesn’t exist.

The more bells, carols and eggnog, the better. I mean, that’s part of what makes Christmas so special: it’s the one time of year that you can be a fanatic and no one will question it. 

Now, if you really like to go all the way then an important part of the holiday season is also looking the part. And we’re not just talking about ugly Christmas sweaters.

Whether you’re getting ready for a Christmas party, heading to Christmas dinner or simply wrapping presents, a good holiday look is not complete without the perfect matching manicure. 

For some, this might look like a classic red or green polish. For others, you could apply a literal Christmas tree to their nails and this still wouldn’t be enough. Okay, not really.

But if you’re a person who always puts too much tinsel on the tree or starts listening to Christmas music in September, then we have a selection of holiday nails that you are going to love.

And if this isn’t resonating with you, don’t worry. We’ve got something for you too. 

Before you get started

  1. Decide on a Christmas theme for your nails. Whether it’s classic red and green, winter wonderland, or Santa-inspired, having a theme in mind will guide your design.
  2. Choose a festive color palette. Reds, greens, golds, and silvers are classic Christmas colors but feel free to get creative with different shades.
  3. Start with clean, well-shaped nails. Trim and file your nails to your desired length and shape before applying any polish.
  4. Apply a clear base coat to protect your nails and ensure a smooth surface for the nail art.
  5. Sketch out or visualize the designs you want on each nail. It can help ensure a cohesive and balanced look across all nails.
  6. Have your nail art tools ready, including fine brushes, dotting tools, and toothpicks for intricate details.

1. Twinkling Tree Christmas Nails 

Image by @Zoebrownnailsalon via Instagram

We couldn’t begin an article on Christmas nails without first addressing one of the fundamental aspects of this holiday: the Christmas tree.

Despite its diversification, traditionally the good old Tannenbaum is green.

This nail look captures the color exactly and the twinkling stars are the perfect replica of the lights on the tree. Can you already smell the pine?


2. Gifts & Snowfall Nails 

Image by @Thenailboxbasingstoke via Instagram

To continue with the theme of green, this manicure is giving us all of the Christmas feels.

Imagine this, you’re wrapping your carefully thought-out gifts in beautiful paper and golden bows.

You look outside and see snowflakes gently falling, creating a blanket of snow on the pine trees. Now imagine this on your nails. 

3. Santa Love Christmas Manicure 

Image by @Nailsbarofamerican via Instagram

And what’s the second most important holiday color? Red nails at Christmas will forever be iconic.

But if you want something a little different from your standard mani, then opt for a french nail or add some nail art such as these cute, little hearts.

4. Red Snowflake-Inspired Nail Design 

Image by @Amy.Beauty.Basement via Instagram

We’ve established that snowflakes make the holiday season that much more magical so why not try the aesthetic over a rich and luxurious red mani? This nail look is giving holiday glam. 

5. Candy Cane Nails 

Image by @Chicnailsbysueandbcthebeautyloft via Instagram

Another great way to add some Christmas cheer to your red holiday manicure is by adding a candy cane print.

Match it with a snowflake french tip and a fun sparkly design and you will be in the Christmas spirit in no time.


6. Sparkling Winter Manicure 

Image by @Les_Pensees_And_Nails_D_Emily via Instagram

If your favorite part of the holiday season is what happens outside then this is the nail look for you.

Blue hues, glittery accents and snowflakes all come together to create the perfect picturesque winter wonderland.

7. Rosy Snowflake Nail Art 

Image by @Nails_G_Beauty via Instagram

There’s no better way to add a bit of holiday glam to your nails than by getting a hot pink manicure. Add some sparkles and snowflakes and you will be ready for any holiday party.

8. Crystal Wreath Nails 

Image by @Aprilnailsland_Kk via Instagram

If sparkles weren’t enough pizzazz for you, then this crystal wreath nail look should do the trick.

Classic holiday colors such as red and green give the manicure the ultimate Christmas feel while silver and gold make the look all the more luxurious.

Make sure to start with a clear base so that the wreath remains the focal point. 

9. Sparkling Rudolph & Frosty Christmas Nails

Image by @Mags_Nificent.Nails via Instagram

And we couldn’t forget about good old Rudolph and Frosty.

Start with a glossy, green base for that magical feel and then add a fun array of nail art to bring your Christmas nail to the next level.

We are loving the candy canes and twinkling lights mixed with our favorite childhood characters. 

10. Silver & Red Nails 

Image by @Immrsfeldman via Instagram

When it comes to holiday nails you can never go wrong with red and silver. Try adding an ombré effect, snowflakes and sparkles to really impress the family at Christmas dinner. 


11. Christmas Party Nails 

Image by @Nails_By_Shannonchristinee via Instagram

Whether it’s a holiday work party or a fun night out with friends, no Christmas look is complete without the manicure to go with it.

This nail look adds a twist to the classic manicure by adding golden sparkles and a champagne glass. With these nails, you’ll be the life of the party.

12. Christmas Ornament Nail Design 

Image by @Luxenails_By_Lex via Instagram

For a bright and cheerful holiday manicure, this nail look will not disappoint.

The cherry red polish and colorful sparkles combined with the unique and creative ornament nail art make this look the ultimate holiday addition to any outfit.

13. Christmas Plaid Nails 

Image by @Vikfan4 via Instagram

Okay now if you really want to make a move this holiday season then this manicure is just what you need. Plaid is a classic Christmas print.

Complement it with fun nail art such as candy canes and snowflakes to make an even bigger statement. 

14. Neutral Christmas Manicure 

Image by @Twilldidmynails via Instagram

If bold and bright isn’t your thing and all of the colorful cheer at Christmas quite frankly makes you nauseous, then try a black and white holiday nail.

These neutral shades, silver sparkles and minimalist nail art are giving “it girl” and are perfect for any classic chic look. 

15. A Touch Of Gold Nails 

Image by @Nokti.Milica via Instagram

Like the previous look, this manicure is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic. An important factor in achieving this style is starting with a clear coat.

Then adding subtle, decorative elements such as stripes, icicles and snowflakes will bring the perfect balance to the manicure. These white and gold shades are understated yet elegant.


16. Santa Baby Christmas Nails 

Image by @Nails.By.Kenzie7 via Instagram

And what would Christmas be without Papa Noel? These french tips are too cute and the Santa Hat is the perfect touch to finish off this holiday look. 

17. Understated Glam Nail Design 

Image by @Onon_Nail via Instagram

For many decades Christmas was all about vibrant colors and tacky ornaments.

The 21st century, on the other hand, has introduced the “understated glam” Christmas aesthetic.

In nail language, this translates to neutral colors, minimalist nail art and a subtle luxurious pop such as these golden snowflakes and bedazzled Christmas trees. 

18. Christmas Gnome-Inspired Nail Look

Image by @Paulie_Littlebat via Instagram

Did you know that gnomes are a symbol of good luck?

Well if we want Santa to visit this year then we’ll be taking all of the gnomes we can get! Including one on our classic red holiday manicure.

19. The Grinch Nails 

Image by @Bethzys.Nxils via Instagram

“He’s a mean one…”-our favorite Christmas supervillain. As much as we hate The Grinch, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Nor would our nails. These Grinch-inspired nails are creative and fun and will give your holiday look a bit of Christmas mischief.

20. Red Reindeer Manicure 

Image by @Emilytopnails via Instagram

As we all know, a great operation is never possible without all of the background workers who make it happen. And no, we’re not talking about the elves.

We’ve also got to give the reindeer some credit and what better way than to honor them with a fun and spirited manicure. 


21. Holiday Holly Nails 

Image by @S.Timeanails via Instagram

The Christmas holly is not only great for home décor, but it also makes a splendid nail art design!

The glossy rich, red polish and the basic white shade accent the floral print perfectly. If you can’t have a kiss under the mistletoe, at least you can put it on your nails. 

22. Holy Holly Nails 

Image by @Sb.Connections via Instagram

Holly looks great as a minimalist nail design but this holly manicure is serving. Long coffin nails provide the perfect shape for this elaborate and festive nail look.

Red, white and green are always a classic trio at Christmas and you can never have too many sparkles during the holiday season. 

23. Gingerbread Men Nail Design 

Image by @Lasher.Id via Instagram

If your favorite part of the holiday season is the snacks then you are going to love this nail look.

Gingerbread men and candy canes are everything at Christmas and we are obsessed with this holiday treat-inspired manicure.

And the red polish and shiny finish give it that little extra Christmas cheer. 

24. Holiday Treat Nails 

Image by @Finessedbytee__ via Instagram

But no, we couldn’t stop there. While little gingerbread men are quaint and sweet, writing cookies across your nails is the move.

Bright colors, cookies and gnomes give this nail look a youthful feel and a diverse, creative palette. 

25. Pink Christmas Nails 

Image by @Nailart.By.Hasti via Instagram

If you’ve ever heard the lyrics “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” and wish they’d said pink instead, then this nail look is the holiday manicure for you.

Although pink is not a traditional Christmas color, with the right design it can exuberate just as much holiday cheer. 

Pair it with a snowy white polish and Christmas nail art and you’ll be in a Christmas pink paradise


A quick guide

  1. Start with clean, trimmed nails. File them into your preferred shape, and apply a clear base coat for protection.
  2. Opt for classic Christmas colors like red, green, gold, and silver. These colors capture the holiday spirit.
  3. Decide on a theme—whether it’s snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santa hats, or a combination. Having a theme adds coherence to your design.
  4. Consider designating one or two nails as accent nails for more detailed or intricate designs. It adds a nice touch without overwhelming all the nails.
  5. Have your tools ready. Use fine brushes, dotting tools, or even toothpicks to create intricate details.

26. So Sparkly Christmas Manicure 

Image by @Gelsbylucyanne via Instagram

The holiday season is all about glitz and glam. It’s the time of year when your favorite sequin dress and gold sparkly eye shadow come to the forefront.

But a fabulous glam look isn’t complete without the glittery nails to match. Stick with a simple design such as a classic mani and bows- the sparkles are already taking center stage. 

27. Christmas Wonderland Nails 

Image by @Puzikovadasha_Nails_Innovation via Instagram

For those of us who simply love everything about Christmas and couldn’t possibly decide on just one holiday nail design, this manicure has come to the rescue.

This nail look is the true epitome of Christmas with everything from hot cocoa to candy canes to snowflakes to cozy mittens. 

28. Christmas Cheer Nail Design 

Image by @Nailist_Seori via Instagram

Or, if you want an all-encompassing Christmas manicure but the previous look was a little over the top for you, then this nail look is a great alternative.

Each nail has a different illustration that reminds us of one of our favorite holiday pastimes. It looks simple while speaking volumes. 

29. A Christmas Gift 

Image by @Ambers.Nail.Polish.Obsession via Instagram

One of the best childhood memories has to be waking up on Christmas morning and seeing all of the gifts under the tree.

That’s why this manicure is so special: it captures this scene wonderfully with its holiday colors, festive stripes that resemble wrapping paper and Christmas tree illustrations. 

30. Classic Christmas Nails 

Image by @Emma.Pureteam via Instagram

Sticking to the basics can also be a great way to show your festive side. If a classic aesthetic speaks to you then opt for a solid color in a holiday hue.

The green in this manicure is giving Grinch. For a little more add some nail art such as this Christmas tree. 


31. Star Light, Star Bright Nail Design 

Image by @Ioana.O_Nails via Instagram

Stars are one of the oldest symbols of Christmas, having their origins in the Biblical story of the birth of Christ. Today, stars are widely used as a means of holiday cheer.

They can be found hanging from windows, on top of trees and even on your nails. For a celebratory feel, add some champagne glasses to complement your star design.  

32. Flirty Festive Nails 

Image by @Laexa.Beauty via Instagram

If you plan on entering the holiday season with a flirty flare then we would definitely recommend this festive mani.

Pink sparkles are feminine and glamorous and reindeer with lashes? Yes, please. A subtle heart will also help to spread a little Christmas love. 

33. A Christmas Gem Manicure 

Image by @Habomnails via Instagram

And finally, what would a Christmas nail article be without a good rhinestone-inspired look.

If fearless is your middle name and glam is second nature to you then this mani is exactly what you’ve been looking for this holiday season. 

34. Retro Ornaments Christmas Nails 

Credit: sweetandsavvynails

Old-fashioned ornaments offer elegance to any Christmas tree, making a manicure even more appealing.

Savannah Walker, a nail artist, painted a different traditional ornament on each nail in a variety of shapes and colors — yellow, orange, red, pink, and blue — all of which stand out against the chrome-like green base that adds even more festive enthusiasm to this nail art. 

35. Sealed-In Sequins Christmas Nails 

Credit: _rl_nails

Nothing says holiday chic like red lips and red nails. Take the latter to the next level by encasing it in imaginative brilliance.

Nail artist RLnails used Madam Glam Soak Off Gel Polish in the bold scarlet shade Very Chic to coat extra-large, sequin-esque glitter particles.

It takes the idea of a glittering Christmas manicure and turns it into something more understated — yet just as joyful.

36. Wisps of White & Blue

                        Credit: havennails_beautyspa                                   

Take the most beautiful Hanukkah wrapping paper you’ve ever seen and turn it into nail art for this stunning manicure.

Waves of white, light and dark blue, and silver flow down from squared-off tips on a lovely beige base.

The freestyle design is equally beautiful in any combination of conventional festive hues; try it with a transparent foundation for a more modern feel.

37. Festive Retrofuturism Christmas Nails

Credit: glosssy.and.co

Is it holiday-themed? Yes. Is it possible that it was influenced by vintage toothpaste packaging? Yes, as well.

But that’s precisely why we adore this manicure. It has a nostalgic feel to it while also being very modern.

A white polish is used to add snow-like dots to a neutral background and to accent swoops of glittering teal. The most excellent eight-point stars on each nail are made of the same dark, cold green.

38. Jewel Tones & Gems Christmas Nails

Credit: _prettyperfectbeauty_

The most Christmassy jewel tones for a manicure are undoubtedly emerald green.

A dazzling, metallic version of the color alternates with a darker, glossy green shade — The Gel Bottle’s Ivy and Jungle, respectively — in this manicure. Both middle fingers have a vertical row of gems to add to the festive vibe.

39. Gems & Geometry Christmas Nails

Credit: nailbyleomy

Even if your nails are long, you may use simple nail art to convey festive cheer. A delicate pink base is given a festive touch with burgundy geometric elements in this gorgeous combination by nail artist Mimi. Crystals are placed along the cuticles of the middle finger, which is the only nail that does not have red lacquer. 

40. Retro Curves Christmas Nails

Credit: nailsbyravi_

Ravi’s ’70s-inspired nail art is a beautiful and understated way to infuse a little passion into your cosmetic style. It dabbles in two essential holiday colors — The Gel Bottle’s light blue Michelle and dark green Jungle — and makes them much more wearable by swirling them in different curve combinations over a sheer nude base. It’s perfect for anyone who prefers a more subtle way to enjoy the season via beauty.

41. Merry Minimalism Christmas Nails

Credit: betina_goldstein

Red and white are two colors that will always conjure up images of Christmas, and there is so much space for interpretation. If you’re not into channeling Santa in your manicures, consider Goldstein’s elementary, super-stylish nail art. Each nail has a white vertical line over a translucent wash of beige, with a dark red dot toward the cuticle on each line. It may not feel like a Christmas outfit if worn any other time of year, but when worn in December, the intent is clear.

42. Colorful Candy Cane Tips

Credit: sweetandsavvynails

No, you are not the only one who loves fruity candy canes to minty candy canes. Wear your preference pridefully with a candy cane-inspired French manicure that pays homage to the unappreciated seasonal delight. Walker modified the stripy color scheme on each tip, using a mix of pastels and brights that seem just as festive as red and green.

Did you know: The tradition of decorating nails during the holiday season has deep roots in various cultures. In ancient China, around 3000 BCE, people used a mixture of gum Arabic, beeswax, and egg whites to create vibrant and intricate nail art.

43. Asymmetrical Twinkling Tips

Credit: heymichellelee

Michelle Lee, the former Allure editor-in-chief, has a dazzling gold manicure that would look festive with or without her stunning matching jewels. She used Paint Box Nail Lacquer in Like Gilded to add glittery asymmetrical tips that dip to one side of her otherwise naked nails. It’s new, modern, attractive, and, most of all, simple.

44. Candy-cane French tips

Credit: polished_yogi

I’m craving a peppermint mocha just looking at these candy-cane nails. I like the rounded, oval shape of the design’s diagonal, straight lines, but these would also look great with coffin or square nails to emphasize the sharpness.

45. Dark-red Ornament Christmas Nails 

Credit: thehangedit

Should I prune the tree? Trim your nails in both senses of the word. With classic tree trimmings like these circular decorations that fit perfectly on even the most miniature nail beds, even super-short nails may join the nail painting celebration.

46. Gingerbread Christmas Nails

Credit: overglowedit

Because of the mix of negative spaces and accent nails, this gingerbread mani with glittery-gold accents feels statement-making and neutral. However, instead of attempting to design a slew of small gingerbread men by hand, try applying a few gingerbread nail stickers for far less stress.

47. Plaid Christmas nails

Credit: samrosenails

My mom hasn’t allowed me to open presents in anything other than my “Christmas plaid” since I was able to dress myself, so this year, I’m going all in by putting plaid into my nail art as well. I like this version with deep crimson, black, and silver, but any festive color combination will do.

48. Brown velvet Christmas Nails

Credit: heygreatnails

You’ve probably noticed the “velvet” nail craze if you’re on Instagram. A few layers of hyper-shimmery polish are applied, followed by a magnet to “activate” the sparkles. The result? A soft, fuzzy feel that resembles your velvet Christmas suit. You can go for this look all over your nails or keep to classic French tips with a mistletoe accent nail, as shown above.

49. Gold snowflake Christmas Nails

Credit: mynailfielife

Not a fan of the over-the-top Christmas vibes? I understand. I adore these simple gold snowflakes, which give me all the festive vibes without the red and green. Plus, they’re straightforward at home: two coats of white nail paint, a gold snowflake sticker, and a layer of shiny top coat to lock it all in.

50. Colorful Christmas nails

Credit: pop_polished

This year, abandon the “classic” colors in favor of colorful pastel shades for your Christmas manicure. This negative-space mani has a mid-century contemporary Christmas flavor without being old or cheesy. It’s what I imagine West Elm would look like in nail art form.

51. Winter wonderland 

Credit: polished_yogi

Do you like your nails to resemble a genuine winter wonderland? Show this nail design to your manicurist as soon as possible. Be warned: a design this elaborate will take some effort and money. However, instead of painting, you may save money (and possibly even do it yourself) by applying nail stickers.

52. Glitter Christmas ornament nails

Credit: charsgelnails_

Glitter decorations are the only thing more Christmas-y than regular ornaments. Because of their sheer foundation and shimmering, dark-red lacquer, these ornament (and reindeer!) accent nails enhance essential Christmas nail art. To complete the effect, apply full glitter to a few of your nails, stacking the layers for an opaque finish.

53. Gingerbread and candy cane nail design

Credit: disseynails

The cartoon-level Christmas imagery sprinkled on each nail makes these multicolor French tips much fun (identify yourself—I’m the thumb snowman). Don’t stress about reproducing the entire look: if you’re not an artist, stick to just the French tips, or ask your manicurist for mix-and-match mistletoe, candy canes, and gingerbread men.

54. Green velvet Christmas Nails

Credit: overglowedit

I told you velvet nails would be everywhere this Christmas season, and I’ll be starting off the trend with a ridiculously sparkling green-black mani. To achieve the “velvet” effect at home, layer a shimmery-green hue over shiny black nail polish to achieve the same depth and saturation as shown above.

55.  Shimmery Christmas ornament nails

Credit: pop_polished

Start with a glitter base coat rather than a glitter top coat to make your Christmas manicure seem even more festive (without looking flashy). The sheer base of sparkling white on these classic ornament nails (reminiscent of the Internet’s favorite mani of 2022, Hailey Bieber’s “glazed donut nails”) keeps the nail art from seeming flat and uninteresting.

56. Muted Christmas-colored nails

Credit: lolo.nailedit

Last season, you probably depended on olive green, oxblood, ivory, and gold manicure colors. However, combined, they create a beautiful, somewhat understated Christmas manicure. If you feel like doing something other than exact nail art today (which is understandable), forgo the work and paint each nail a different color.

57. Red and white Christmas Nails

Credit: calpolish

These nails make me think of candy canes and gumdrops. Grab a nail brush and a dotting tool to give it a shot. Allow two coats of white polish (or until opaque) to dry before dipping your dotting device in red nail polish and creating a pattern on your nails. Brush on a few lines of red polish and wipe up any mistakes with a nail remover pen to create the candy cane stripes.

Keep in mind:Decide on a Christmas theme, whether it’s traditional symbols like snowflakes and reindeer or a whimsical theme like Santa’s workshop.Choose classic Christmas colors like red, green, gold, silver, and white. These colors capture the spirit of the holiday season.Consider designating one or two nails as accent nails for more detailed or intricate designs. Consider your nail shape and length when planning your designs. Specific patterns may work better on longer or shorter nails, so adapt your designs accordingly.Have your nail art tools ready, including fine brushes, dotting tools, and toothpicks for creating intricate details. This preparation ensures smooth and precise application.Experiment with layering techniques, such as ombre effects or gradient designs, to add depth and dimension to your Christmas nail art.

58. Tree Christmas Nails

Credit: samrosenails

From a distance, these nails appear to be conventional French tips. Still, closer inspection reveals delicate metallic gloss with snow-topped trees—the right amount of festive happiness for seasonal nail haters. If you’re a natural artist, grab a thin nail brush and forest-green polish, or apply a small tree decal and call it a day.

59. Mistletoe Christmas nails

Credit: lamashnails

Yes, these mistletoe nails are easy, but that makes them ideal for the lazy. The trick to achieving this simple style is to apply a sheer base color one shade lighter than your skin tone, resulting in a crisp and neutral manicure. Use these nails to obtain free mistletoe kisses from anyone and everyone this Christmas.

60. Abstract Christmas nails

Credit: disseynails

Not a fan of cutesy designs? No problem, include Christmas colors in your favorite abstract mani. For a classic appearance, go for rich tones like blood red, emerald green, ivory, and gold, as illustrated below, or try a blend of metallics to add a bit of extra celebration (particularly around New Year’s).

61. Mint candy-cane Christmas nails

Credit: polished_yogi

Christmas nails in minty blue? Yes, absolutely, yes. The candy-cane motif on this turquoise mani reminds me of vintage Christmas wrapping paper. But don’t be fooled by the art—zoom in, and you’ll notice that each candy cane is simply a collection of dots anyone can replicate. Just grab a fine-tip dotting tool and carefully dot red and white polish in the shape of a cane across each nail, finishing with a top coat.

62. Red Jelly Christmas nails

Credit: overglowedit

Christmas nails in minty blue? Yes, absolutely, yes. The candy-cane motif on this turquoise mani reminds me of vintage Christmas wrapping paper. But don’t be fooled by the art—zoom in, and you’ll notice that each candy cane is simply a collection of dots anyone can replicate. Just grab a fine-tip dotting tool and carefully dot red and white polish in the shape of a cane across each nail, finishing with a top coat.

63. Silver stars Christmas nails

Credit: amyle.nails

These small shimmering stars provide a festive touch to an otherwise minimal and sheer manicure, and they’re thankfully quite simple to experiment with at home. Pour some star confetti onto a paper plate and carefully arrange each star where you want it while your nails are still wet. Then, apply a high-shine top coat to secure the leads in place.

64. Gold bow Christmas nails

Credit: vanityprojects

If anyone is curious, these nails are my Christmas present to everyone this year. Although I prefer a monochrome yellow-gold for the French tips, you could easily substitute a Christmas-y red or green or an unexpected baby blue or silver for some fun.

65. Wavy green Christmas nails

Credit: ykc2712

Your Christmas-nail design can be simple to convey the theme. Try these squiggly, retro nails with shades of green in varied depths if you’re not a nail minimalist but want something you can wear well into the new year. You may even go out and use red, green, and white.

66. Red gemstones Christmas nails

Credit: ginaedwards_

To be honest, I’d feel like I belonged in one of those royal festive Christmas movies I can’t stop watching on Netflix. These red diamonds, especially in this unique form across the entire nail, give off big, regal vibes, which is precisely the appearance I’m going for at every holiday party.

67. Cranberry and gold marble

Credit: charsgelnails_

Honestly, this nail design reminds me of festive cranberry sauce, which I don’t like. To replicate, apply a berry nail polish and swirl on a sheer neutral color while the paint is still wet to achieve the marbled appearance. You can also try water-marble nails, which involve dripping a few drops of nail polish into a cup of water, swirling it about with a toothpick, and then dipping your nail directly into the polish/water mixture.

68. Gold French tips with mistletoe

Credit: the_nail_lounge_miramar

For a Christmas twist, change your go-to French manicure from white to a festive sparkly gold and add a small holly berry stem in the corner of each nail. Pat your nails to help the glitter clump together and become fully opaque.

69. Winter-y Christmas Nails

Credit: ykc2712

Not into wearing a bright Christmas color? Don’t be concerned—this Christmas nail design is ideal for you. Because of the deep colors, you’ll exude a relaxed feeling while still displaying your love of the festive season, as evidenced by the reindeer pattern.

70. White Christmas dove nails

Credit: thehangedit

This manicure design is essentially “The 12 Days of Christmas” in nail form. Despite the fact that it screams Christmas, these nails remain bright and essential due to the lack of a base coat underneath the design and the short length. But don’t forget the five golden rings.

71. Abstract red Christmas Nails

Credit: overglowedit

These abstract red Christmas nails strike the perfect balance between chic and festive. The iconic Christmas red hue infuses a delightful holiday spirit, while the abstract lines add a trendy and modern twist. This bright red shade maintains a classic elegance, making these nails a standout choice for any holiday gathering. Embrace the season with this stylish and timeless nail art. 

72. The Grinch Christmas Nails

Credit: abbeystrohmeyer

One of my favorite holiday trivia is that Jim Carey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas received an Academy Award in 2001. Sure, it was for Best Makeup, but that’s just semantics! So, this holiday season, pay homage to everyone’s favorite Oscar-winning film with a festive red-and-green mani complete with a Grinch decal.

73. Green French tips Christmas Nails

Credit: nailsbymei

Is it just me, or do these nails resemble the metallic ball ornaments on every Christmas tree? I can’t think of anything better to wear when adorning your nails. And all it takes to create the French tip is green nail polish and chrome powder.

74. Christmas lights nail idea

Credit: ykc2712

Replicating this Christmas light-inspired manicure style is probably less time-consuming than installing actual Christmas lights throughout your home. Hack for nail art: With a wax stick or pencil, place the little stones where you want them. Then, paint a super-thin line connecting them using a nail art brush.

75. Gold glitter snowflake Christmas Nails

Credit: thehangedit

This nail art look demonstrates that you don’t have to paint your nails bright red and green to scream “Christmas.” If you can’t even carve a snowflake out of a folded piece of paper, let alone paint one on your tiny nails, apply a decal on top of a gold glitter nail lacquer on your accent nail instead.

76. Red and silver glitter Christmas Nails

Credit: samsnailstation

Get ready to sleigh the holiday season with red and silver glitter Christmas nails! These dazzling designs are all about that festive sparkle. Imagine your nails adorned with shimmering red and silver glitter, reminiscent of glistening ornaments on a Christmas tree. The chrome accents add a touch of magic, making your nails look like they’ve been wrapped in tinsel. These nails are the ultimate statement of holiday glam, perfect for any festive celebration.

77. Ornament Christmas Nails

Credit: ginaedwards_

Get into the festive spirit with Ornament Christmas Nails! These nail designs capture the essence of the holiday season, featuring glittery red bases adorned with dazzling ornaments, tinsel-inspired accents, and delicate snowflakes. The abundant glitter and shimmer add flair, making your nails twinkle like a Christmas tree. Embrace the holiday cheer and spread the merriment with these enchanting nail decorations.

78. Wrapping paper Christmas Nails

Credit: nailetje

These festive Christmas nails are a stylish alternative to tacky holiday sweaters. Say goodbye to tedious hand-painting – apply these pre-painted nail decals for a quick and flawless manicure. With charming patterns and vibrant colors, your nails will be the talk of the holiday season. Ditch the ugly sweaters and embrace the chic look of these Christmas nail wraps.

79. Green marble and gold Christmas Nails

Credit: thehotblend

Create stunning Christmas nails with a green marble base and elegant gold accents. Start with a flawless marbled technique, and then elevate your look by applying delicate gold leaf and nail transfer foil. The combination of rich green and shimmering gold adds a touch of luxury to your holiday style. These festive nails are sure to make a statement and capture the spirit of the season with their exquisite blend of colors and textures.

80. Multi-green French tips Christmas Nails

Credit: narinanails

Create festive and unique Christmas nails with our Multi-Green French Tips design. Each nail boasts its individuality, perfect for those who need more confidence in their freehand painting skills. The abstract shapes take on a holiday charm with winter-inspired nail polishes in icy blue and cool-toned greens. This non-traditional yet Christmassy look combines creativity and the season’s spirit for a captivating and one-of-a-kind manicure that will stand out at any holiday gathering.

Pro tip:Use a toothpick or a thin brush dipped in white polish to create delicate snowflakes on a dark or contrasting background. It’s a simple yet elegant touch that adds a wintery charm to your festive nails!

81. Colorful present Christmas Nails

Credit: thehangedit

Everyone knows that the best part of Christmas is the presents!! JK, it’s family and friends, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, gifts are lovely in person, but they look fantastic on your nails. Paint them into the corners of your nails (similar to a diagonal French manicure). Then, adorn your masterpiece to your heart’s content, finishing it off with a bow, of course.

82. Green and Gold Christmas Nails

Credit: paintboxnails

Embrace your inner Christmas connoisseur with Green and Gold Christmas Nails. These earthy green hues perfectly match the garland on your fireplace mantel, while a festive touch of gold adds a touch of holiday glamour. These nails exude the vibes of a sophisticated, rich aunt at a holiday dinner, making them the ideal choice for those who appreciate the finer details of the festive season. Elevate your holiday look with this enchanting nail design.

83. Gold star Christmas Nails

Credit: nail.mouse

These Gold Star Christmas Nails offer a festive twist on the classic sheer manicure. They feature a delicate translucent base that adds a touch of elegance. What sets them apart is the playful “pop art” twist with gold star accents. The combination of understated sophistication and a hint of holiday sparkle creates a chic and celebratory look. Perfect for those who want to embrace the spirit of Christmas with a modern and stylish edge.

It’s safe to say that Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year. If you love it as much as we do, up your holiday game this season with a fun and festive nail look. And if you are opposed to this, don’t worry. There’s always the grinch-inspired manicure. 

Ariel Coleman