5 Of The Best Press-On Nails For Kids

Press-on nail art kits are one way to get your mini-me to sit quietly while you get your own nails done.

It’s only natural for kids to want to copy what they see you doing, but there’s never a less convenient time for them to be all over you than when the lid is off the nail polish bottle.

As soon as you begin doing your own nails, they make sure that chaos ensues.

If you want to avoid nasty nail polish stains on your soft furnishings or yourself with their enthusiasm to be just like you and join in, then take our advice and get them something for their own little fingernails.

That way, you can spend time together doing something you both enjoy without any of the hard to explain mess after. 

Press-On Nails for kids

Press-on nails have been designed with kids in mind, so they’re designed for little fingers and come in attractive designs that kids will love.

They’re also mess-free and easy to remove, which is great if your kid’s school doesn’t allow nail art as part of their dress code.

Spending time with your kids is great for bonding, and it’s always better to find a way that they can join in with an experience rather than battling for them to leave you alone while you finish.

Even if you get your nails done by a professional, your kids will enjoy their own manicure game with you at home afterward, and a little incentivization to behave while mommy is at the nail salon never hurt anyone. 

Let’s have a look at what designs are available for kids’ press-on nails and nail wraps right now.


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Beautia Kids Press On Nails


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Vivace Color Changing Fake Nails


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Fanoshon 3D Nail Art Stickers


Beautia Kids Press On Nails

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These are adorable fake nails that use a strong glue just like adult fake nails, except these are smaller. One box contains one tube of glue, which is enough for several applications and 24 nails, so they can be used multiple times.

We like these designs because a lot of them are quite natural colors, so they’re suitable for many occasions or no occasion at all, but with a sparkly or fun twist that will appeal to kids.

They look like professional gel pattern nail art with a soft shine, so kids will love them. 


  • Cute designs – These are the perfect mix of fun and natural designs, so there’s one for every occasion. 
  • Durable – These are pretty durable fake nails. Beautia claims they could last 7 days, but with kids being kids, we think you could reasonably expect them to last between 3-5 days, which isn’t bad for fake nails. 
  • Reusable – each pack contains 24 nails in 12 sizes, so they can have fun choosing the right size for each finger. The gel glue contains enough for multiple full applications. 


  • Strong glue – We think it’s important to say that young children have more delicate nails than we do, so using strong glue to attach the fake nail to their nails must be done carefully, and they must be removed correctly to help avoid damage. 
  • Price – These tend to come in packs of three, which means they are more expensive than other similar products. 
  • For older children – We don’t recommend these nails for use by children under 10 years because they are not pre-glued and the gel glue is strong so may damage younger nails. 


Vivace Color Changing Fake Nails

[amazon fields=”B07QWBBR6H” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

These are great for younger kids who like fun designs and lots of colors. They come in many designs like cupcakes, hearts, polka dots, and geometric shapes.

They look the tiniest bit longer than the Beautia ones, so they may be more suited to wear for parties and occasions over daily wear.

Vivace junior nails are great for kids of any age though, since they are pre-glued, so you just press them firmly to the nail, and you’re good to go.

They are inexpensive and come with 12 pre-glued nails in each pack, so you should have enough in the right sizes for different age kids. 


  • Fun designs – Vivace nails have cute, fun designs in lots of bright colors which will appeal to younger children.
  • Color changing – These nails subtly change color in the sunlight, but there are also glow-in-the-dark versions available.
  • Inexpensive – Press-on pre-glued nails are often cheaper than ones that come with a tube of glue.
  • Pre-glued – No mess and no fuss, just press them to the nail, and you’re done.


  • Less durable – Pre-glued na
    ils don’t usually last as long as ones that come with separate strong glue. 
  • Single-use – Because these nails are pre-glued, they are generally not reusable. Once they are removed or fall off, they won’t stick to the nail the same way again. 


Fanoshon 3D Nail Art Stickers

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Fanoshon does really gorgeous designs for grown-ups too, so you might want to go all-in and get different designs for yourself and your mini-me.

Nail wraps are really easy to apply and are never too long for their nails because you file them off where their nail ends. This makes them ideal for small children as they won’t hinder any use of their fingers.

Nail wraps are essentially hard-wearing stickers that fix to your nail like a second skin. They tend not to last as long as glue on fake nails, but they do last for a couple of days before they can get damaged or peel off.

The designs on the junior wraps seem to be geared towards younger children, with pastel prints and unicorn designs wherever you look. These would make great party favors for children 3 years and up. 


  • Fun designs for younger girls – While nail wraps come in so many designs, Fanoshon junior wraps feature a lot of cartoon-type animals, unicorns, and bright colors that will appeal to Kindergarten-age kids.
  • Big pack – For around the same price as a three-pack of Beautia fake nails, you can get 270 adorable nail wraps, so you won’t run out for a while!
  • Easy to apply – just peel and stick to the nail.
  • Suitable for young children – recommended for 3 years and up, these will look super cute on little fingers and toes. 


  • Not durable – nail wraps don’t usually last as long as glued fake nails, as they tend to peel after a while and can suffer damage from everyday activities. 
  • Single-use – You cannot use these again. 


Allstarry Artificial Press On Nails

[amazon fields=”B09BCLVTBT” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Allstarry do beautiful designs on fake nails with a press-on adhesive pad which means no mess during application, and it is super easy so you and your child can have a stress-free experience. 

These nails are made from a high-quality ABS material which is recyclable and recycled. ABS plastic can be used again and again for various purposes, which is why it is considered to be more eco-friendly than other types of plastic polymer. 

Allstarry typically do large packs, which is good because you cannot re-apply the nails once they have fallen or been taken off the fingernail.

They have lovely designs that children of any age will love and offer mermaid, unicorn and rainbow themed packs, amongst others, with a mixture of different designs.

These nails are designed for use from age five upwards, which is a great age to market nail art to. As with many press-on nails, they don’t tend to stay on for more than a day or two, but they are cute while they last. 


  • Cute girly designs – unicorns, seahorses, mermaids, rainbows and flowers are just some of the themed collections Allstarry do. These should appeal to children aged 5-10 years
  • Big pack, better value – The above link will take you to an Amazon listing which offers a pack of 120 nails. 
  • Easy to apply – just press on the nail for a few seconds and avoid immersing them in water for an hour afterwards. 
  • Short nails – Kids with talons are creepy, so we’re glad these are short, but they can also be trimmed and filed to shape.


  • Not durable – Less durable than glued nails, press-on nails often fall off after a day or two.
  • Single-use – The manufacturer does not specifically suggest re-using the nails more than once, but some reviews suggest buying nail glue separately and reapplying them that way works well. 
  • Price – Due to these being sold in large packs, they can seem more expensive than other brands. 


Etsy Kids Press-On Nails

Etsy Kids Press-on Nails

Etsy offers several designs and even custom press-on nails at very reasonable prices. They are a little more expensive, but it’s worth it to spend your money on items from small businesses or individual nail artists.

You can also get replacement adhesive nail pads to attach fake nails to your finger nails. This is handy if you want to reuse some old press-on nails or would like to try to design your own.


  • Crafted, rather than printed – Custom and hand-painted design options are available on Etsy.
  • Packs of replacement adhesive nail pads available.
  • Stay small – Etsy helps support small retailers


  • Price – if you shop small and local, the price might be higher than buying mass-produced items from abroad

Final Thoughts

If you want durable, everyday wearable nails for your teen or older child, then you can’t go wrong with some strong nail glue. You can usually remove these by soaking them in warm water with a little oil for a few minutes to soften the glue.

These are the messiest options though, and nail glue can damage young nails too, so think carefully about which type you want to get.

5 Of The Best Press-On Nails For Kids

Most fake kids nails aren’t designed for longevity but are more aimed at providing a special treat accessory for parties, birthdays and other special occasions. Nail wraps are inexpensive and come in thousands of neat designs, as do press-on nails.

For very young nail art enthusiasts, we recommend nail wraps, as they will provide a pop of color but won’t interfere with their fine motor skills by sticking out over the edge of their natural nail.

For children over the age of five, press-on nails should do the job just fine, but don’t expect to reuse them or for them to last forever.

As with most things with children, a little goes a long way, and giving them the option to choose the design they like themselves will make them feel more grown up and independent. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Nail Glue Bad For Kid’s Nails? 

Small children’s nails are more brittle than adult nails, so strong nail glue can damage the nail. We do not recommend using nail glue on children younger than ten years. 

Can Children Use Adult Fake Nails? 

They can, but junior or kids fake nails will likely fit better. In fact, some adults who have particularly small fingers use junior nails on themselves because they find they fit better.

Generally, adult fake nails will be too wide to fit comfortably on small finger nails, but it is possible to trim and file them into a more comfortable shape.

How Old Should Kids Be To Use Press-On Nails? 

Most manufacturers would suggest that press-on nails are suitable from the age of five upwards, but many parents claim they are safe for four-year-olds.

If you have a nail art enthusiast under four years old, we would recommend nail wraps as an alternative because they aren’t heavy and so the adhesive is less potent. This would be better for young nails.