What Is The Best Nail Polish Color To Wear With A Blue Dress

You may want to wear your favorite blue dress to an event or party. However, what color do you paint your nails to complement the dress?

Well, that can vary depending on the shade of blue that your dress is. 

The nail polish color you choose can also depend on the style of the dress and the occasion that it is being worn for.

What Is The Best Nail Polish Color To Wear With A Blue Dress

There are many shades and tones of blue, therefore you have lots of nail polish color options, depending on the shade of blue of your dress.

In this article, we will discover what is the best nail polish color you should be wearing with your blue dress.

Shades of Blue

Just like with any color, there are various different types of the color blue. The color differs from the hue, saturation, intensity, brightness, or dimness.

It is also possible to see the color blue mixed with other colors, such as white, to create a pastel blue color. Or blue may be mixed with black to create a very deep and dark blue.

Blue and purple are often mixed together to produce indigo.

Each type of blue has its own name. As a result, before we decide on what color nail polish you should be wearing with your dress, we need to discover what shade of blue your dress is. 

The following are a few of the most commonly different shades of blue, that you may see:

  • Light/Baby/Sky/Angel Blue – Light blue is part of the X11 color system, and there are variations of this color. From sky to baby blue. Baby blue is known as a pastel color. 
  • Periwinkle or Lavender Blue – A tone of light blue, which was named after the Periwinkle flower.
  • Blurple – A bright blue to a purplish color. This color is most associated with the Discord software logo.
  • Savoy Blue/ Italian Blue – This is a shade of blue that is between peacock blue and periwinkle. It is a lighter shade of peacock blue. The name is due to this color being the color of the ruling dynasty of the House of Savoy from Italy. This has then become a national color of Italy.
  • Dark Blue – A  very common color that is a mixture of blue and black. 
  • Navy Blue – Navy blue was worn by sailors in the Royal Navy. It was originally known as Marine blue, yet it was first recorded as Navy blue in 1840. Dark blue contrasted with white is how this color was created. 
  • Sapphire Blue – As the name suggests, this shade of blue resembles the color of sapphires. This is typically a deep shade of navy blue. 
  • Duck Blue – Duck blue is a type of greenish-blue.

As you can see above, it would be great if you could identify what shade of blue your dress is. Then you could be more exact on what color nail polish you ought to be wearing.

However, fear not if you can identify the shade of blue exactly. As long as you can tell whether your dress is a light or dark blue in color, then we can work with that. 

Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Your Nail Polish Color

Once you have determined the shade of your dress, you can use our lists below to determine the right color your nails should be.

However, there are a couple of other things to consider when choosing the correct color to paint your nails, for it to compliment your blue dress. 


The style of your dress is really important, as this will affect the nail polish color that you may decide to pick.

A royal blue formal wrap dress compared to a royal blue floaty summer dress is two completely different styles of dress. Therefore, the nail polish color that you choose may be different. 

Therefore, with a floaty blue dress, you may want to choose a bright color such as yellow or pink. Both of these shades work really well for spring and summer.

While with your formal blue wrap dress, you may want to go with a more neutral nail color, such as white or light gray.

This will then give you a more sophisticated and elegant look, that is also very minimal. As a result, the style of your blue dress can impact the color of nail polish that you select.


The occasion that you are wearing your blue dress for can influence the color of nail polish. You can wear a blue dress for a wedding, party and for a funeral.

With a blue dress, nail colors like red, pink, gold, and orange are ideal for a party or a wedding.

However, really bright nail polish colors may not be suitable for a funeral, where more neutral colors and grays would be more appropriate. 

You may wear a blue dress on a date, where you may choose red and pink colors as you want to come across as flirty and romantic. Whereas, if you are wearing a blue dress for a job interview, then your nails should reflect this and more sophisticated color. 

Skin Tone

You most likely already try to match your clothes and makeup to your skin tone. Well, you can try to match your nail polish to your skin color also.

If you manage to find the perfect nail polish color that matches your skin tone, then you can achieve a harmonious look. There will be no clashing tones and nothing will look out of place. 


What Is The Best Nail Polish Color To Wear With A Blue Dress

A lot of nail polish colors are seasonal. Therefore, the right nail polish color you should choose to pair with your favorite blue dress may change depending on the season. 

  • Spring – At this time of year, pastels are perfect to be paired with any blue dress. Bright colors, whites, and nudes are ideal during this time of year. They work with any kind of blue dress that you are thinking to wear at this time of year. 
  • Summer – When it comes to summer, you can go really vibrant. The colors can be really bold, and even neon colors work well. Colors such as pinks, oranges, yellows, corals, and purple are great for this time of year.

Although, you may not want to be loud with your nail color choice. Therefore, like with spring, you can go with softer colors to be paired alongside your blue dress. Lilacs and peaches are less bold colors that work well. 

  • Fall – Once fall is here, teal, mustard, and gold colors are a better match with your blue dress. This is as the weather changes, and it begins to get colder. You can also use a more neutral shade too, like a dark nude. It gives a warming effect to your overall outfit. 
  • Winter – When it is winter, we think of all the festivities and parties that are only around the corner as Christmas comes closer. For winter, darker and deeper shades work really well with a blue dress. Deep purples, black, and even emerald greens all work well with a blue dress. Alongside this, winter is the perfect time to add a bit of extra sparkle to your nails with a bit of glitter and gold. 

Personal Style

Although, no matter what our opinions are, the color you choose does also come down to your own personal style. You may like minimal looks, therefore a neutral nail polish color will be the ideal choice for you.

However, you may enjoy a bolder and vibrant look, therefore a deep purple or red might be a suitable choice for you. 

Finally, you may enjoy lots of colors, therefore a bright nail such as hot pink or yellow might be more stylish. Your style will hugely affect the nail polish color that you decide on. 


For a lot of people, they try to match the accessories that they are wearing. For example, you may be wearing a deep blue dress, but you are pairing that with a fuchsia purse and heels.

Therefore, your nails could be painted fuchsia to match your purse and heels. Thus, all your accessories will match, which then means your whole outfit will look harmonious. 

Nail Recommendations For A Light Blue Dress

What Is The Best Nail Polish Color To Wear With A Blue Dress

You have chosen a light blue dress for your event and occasion, and now we need to decide what color your nails should be.

When it comes to light blue dresses, you want your nails to match this light color. Therefore, pastels or white nails are a very popular choice when it comes to a light blue dress. 

As your dress is such a light color, you want that to be the focus of your outfit and what people see first. Therefore, it is no wonder that people pick a pastel or white color to complement their light blue dress.

Otherwise, a dark nail could distract people away from your outfit. A darker nail while you are wearing a light color stands out a lot more. However, this doesn’t apply to dark blue nails, as the two contrasting blue colors suit each other. 

Hence, you either want to try and match your nails to your dress. Or go for a pastel blue or a vibrant white nail polish color. If you have pale skin, then a pale pink may work well alongside your light blue dress. 

The following are colors that will work well with your light blue dress.

  • Pure white nail polish colors, such as Alpine Snow from OPI, Essie’s Blanc, and Purity from Zoya, go well with a light blue dress. 
  • Most cream colors and nudes work well. However, when it comes to nudes, you want a light nude color that compliments your skin tone. 
  • Soft yellow nails with a light blue dress screams spring and happiness. Blue and yellow just work really well together. However, you want to head towards a softer yellow when it comes to a light blue dress. Otherwise, a darker or very vibrant yellow will look out of place alongside the light blue dress. Such yellows to consider could be Barry M’s Lemon Sorbet or OPI’s Bee-hind The Scenes.
  • Light pink’s in general work really well with a light blue color. Like a nude nail, they look really natural and don’t draw attention to themselves. Light pink colors that are known to work with a light blue dress include Essie’s Matter of Fiction and Rimmel’s All Nails On Deck. 

Other pink colors that suit a light blue dress include Peach and Dusty Rose colors.

Peach colors really suit a light blue dress and give the wearer a more feminine appearance. Some peach polish to consider could be Peach from Revolution Express or Peach Side Babe from Essie.

Dusty Rose colors are similar to peach and tan colors, just a little less vibrant and not as dark as tan colors. Examples include Barry M’s Pink Charm or OPI’s Rosy Future.

  • Light browns and tan colors can look gorgeous with a light blue dress. Shades like Low Tide High Slight from Essie or Spencer from Zoya work well. 
  • Corals, like peach and dusty rose colors, add a bit more femininity to your overall outfit. It is a great choice for summer as well. Examples of coral nail varnishes include Maybelline Color Show’s Urban Coral or Revolution’s Coral nail polish.
  • Lavender nail polishes are a great choice for your light blue dress. Such as Barry M’s Lavender or Grape Soda, or Essie’s Nice is Nice. 
  • Just like lavender colors will work well, so will lilacs, as they have a similar hue to lavender colors. Examples of some of the lilac colors you could use include Essie’s Lilacism and Revolution’s Lilac Power nail varnish.
  • Darker blues can work well with a light blue dress. Examples of such shades include OPI’s Correctamundo and Essie’s Midnight Cami. 

Therefore, when it comes to your light blue dress, you have plenty of options to choose from for your nails. Different shades of light blue work better with different nail colors.

However, generally, baby blues look beautiful with darker blues, peach, pink or white nail colors. While, sky blues look great with white, cream, or jewel tones like coral. 

If you do want to have blue nails to match your dress, then try to match any undertone colors that it has.

For example, if your dress is a light blue-green color, then your nails could be a darker blue-green color, such as teal. This will then complement your dress and tie the entire outfit together. 

Nail Recommendations For A Dark Blue Dress

What Is The Best Nail Polish Color To Wear With A Blue Dress

We have gone through all the nail color options you can decide from when it comes to a light blue dress, now it is time for the dark blue dress. A dark blue dress doesn’t always mean Navy blue, and we will go through options for a Navy dress after.

However, when it comes to dark blue dresses, these dresses are commonly worn in the colder months such as winter. Dark blue is generally associated with winter, and it stands out against any bare backdrops. 

Although, darker blue dresses have a very grand or royal feeling about them. No matter the occasion, a dark blue dress will fit in well with everyone else.

When it comes to your nails, there are some similar choices with the light blue dress. However, there are some other options that work really well with deeper and warmer blue colors. 

The following are all nail polish colors that work really well with a dark blue dress. Overall, yellow is a great match with a dark blue dress. 

A pale yellow nail, like with a light blue dress, is really effective against a dark blue dress. However, unlike a light blue dress, a pale yellow nail stands out a lot more with a dark blue dress. Examples to use include Essie’s Sunny Business or Zoya’s Bee.

On the other hand, a bright yellow nail works well too. A bright yellow nail is much more bold and striking than a pale yellow nail. This kind of nail makes a statement. Such nail polishes to go for includes Barry M’s Banana Split or OPI’s Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet.

Mustard nails also come under the yellow nail category that works well with a dark blue dress. Mustard-colored nails are less striking, as they are less bright, but the deep color compliments the dress’s color. OPI’s Marigolden Hour and Zoya’s Pippa, are two great mustard shades to consider.

  • A dark blue dress gives off huge cold holiday vibes like Christmas or new year. Therefore, a gold nail and a dark blue dress work really well together. A gold nail can sometimes be glittery, which then adds a little extra sparkle to your overall look. Gold nail polish examples include Oh My Gold by Rimmel or This Gold Sleighs by OPI.
  • Bright Coral colors, add an extra pop of color alongside your dark blue dress. Examples of colors to choose from include Zoya’s Virginia and OPI’s Live Love Carnival. 
  • Like with bright coral colors, bright hot pinks are a great color to wear with a dark blue dress. You may think that combination might clash, and yet it works really well together. The bright pink gives your outfit a bright splash of color, which can be carried on in your makeup or shoes, or purse. Examples of this color include Essie’s Big Splender and OPI’s Strawberry Waves Forever.
  • Everyone loves a red nail moment, therefore a cherry red nail might be perfect for you. Reed just seems to go with everything, but a cherry red is a slightly darker red, which does give off Christmas vibes. Paired with a dark blue dress, a cherry red nail will blend in perfectly. Some cherry red polishes to look out for are Cheer-y by OPI and Cherry Cherie by Nailberry.
  • Burnt Orange or Marigold is another great color option for your nails with your dark blue dress. Like with the hot pink colors, a burnt orange or marigold color adds a pop of color. Pinky colors and blues are a great combination, just like yellow and blue are a great combination also. Examples of these colors include Marigold by Zoya and Yes I Canyon by Essie.
  • You may not be a bright nail fan, therefore light to medium shades of gray might be for you. Light to medium shades of gray are perfect for dark blue dresses, for someone who wants a more subtle nail. Examples include Essie’s Press Pause or Essie’s Serene Slate. 
  • Carrying on with lighter colors, light shades of blue work well with a dark blue dress. Just like in the previous section, a dark blue nail works well with a light blue dress. Therefore, the same applies here. A light blue nail works well with a dark blue dress. A baby blue or a sky blue nail will work really well against your dark blue dress. Some colors to look out for are Essie’s Salt Water Happy Baby Blue and OPI’s Angels Flight to Starry Nights. The OPI nail varnish also has hints of glitter, which makes this nail varnish a more magical appearance. 
  • A green nail compliments a dark blue dress. An Olive Green is a fantastic choice to be paired alongside a dark blue dress. The earthy color of the olive green is a match made in heaven when next to the deep and rich dark blue dress. This nail color gives off fall and winter vibes, especially when paired with a dark blue dress.
  • Some nail varnishes that will give you this beautiful olive green color include Shine Olive For Green by OPI and Cooper by Zoya.

However, you might not want such an earthy nail color. Therefore, an emerald green nail might be better for you. Emerald green is seen as a very royal and elegant color that suits everyone.

When paired with a dark blue dress, it finishes the look off and the whole outfit looks very sophisticated and elegant. Examples of emerald green nail polish include Thyme by Gelly Shine and Giovanna by Zoya. 

  • Carrying on with the elegant nails, rich purples will suit a dark blue dress, just as well. A rich purple nail is perfect during colder months, but will give the entire outfit a very royal and comforting look.
  • Rich purples like plum work well with any type of dark blue dress. Examples include The Sound of Vibrance by OPI and Hope by Zoya.

As you can see, a dark blue dress can be worn with a vast range of nail polish colors. There are many shades of dark blues.

If your dress is midnight blue then gold, orange, or baby blue nails will work perfectly with that dress. While pale yellows, light grays, coral, and pinks work better with a royal blue dress. However, it is all down to personal preference as well.

What Is The Best Nail Polish Color To Wear With A Blue Dress

Nail Recommendations For A Navy and Royal Blue Dresses

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a popular and common color for dresses. Therefore, we thought it would be best for it to have its own section on the nail polish colors that you should wear with a navy blue dress. 

Navy blue is considered to be a neutral color, therefore your nails can match this neutral theme. They can be white, gray, beige, brown, or black.

However, you don’t have to keep with the natural theme, your nails can be used to add a pop of vibrant color to your outfit. Therefore, cherry red, hot pink, or mustard are a great excuse to add more color to your dark blue dress. 

The following colors will work perfectly with your navy blue dress.

  • Pure White.
  • Ivory.
  • Gray.
  • Silver.
  • Beige.
  • Nude.
  • Blush.
  • Coral.
  • Mustard.
  • Gold.
  • Red, including Cherry Red.
  • Hot Pink.
  • Sage and Mint Green.
  • Turquoise.
  • Burgundy.

The red, silver, and gold nails add a festive feeling to your navy blue dress. While, gray, beige, and nude-colored nails add to the neutral theme that this dress gives you.

Although, you may want to add a pop of color, therefore, the mustard, burgundy, and hot pink give your nails a vibrant pop of color to elevate your outfit. 

Royal Blue

What Is The Best Nail Polish Color To Wear With A Blue Dress

Royal blue is another popular blue color. It is typically a lighter blue color compared to navy blue. However, it is still a vivid and deep blue color.

Like with the navy dress, you can either go for a neutral nail color or have a splash of color on your nails. 

Orange, peach, and pink give off fall or winter vibes when paired with a royal blue dress. The more natural your nails, the bigger the focus will be on your dress.

While adding color to your nails, adds more color to your overall outfit. The lighter colors will add more femininity and elegance to your look. 

These nail colors will easily match your royal blue dress.

  • Light Gray.
  • Off White.
  • Coral.
  • Peach.
  • Different shades of orange.
  • Blush and Hot Pink.
  • Emerald and Lime Green.
  • Yellow and Gold. 

Final Thoughts

We have given you the best nail polish colors that you can wear with a blue dress.

There are lots of different nail polish colors available for you to choose from, whether you are wearing light or dark blue dress. When you aren’t sure what color to go for, then you can’t go wrong with a nude or neutral color.

However, if you do want a pop of color, you have lots of options to go with. Such as purple, green, red, and pink.

Your personal style, the occasion, and the season are all factors that can greatly affect the nail polish color that you select.

However, whether you like a pop of color or a more minimal nail, you now know which color nail polish is most suited for your blue dress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Your Nails and Dress Have To Match?

No one wants their dress and nails to clash. Therefore, you want some harmony between your dress and nails.

However, you can’t always change your nails to match every dress. Especially if you aren’t sure what kind of dress you want to wear.

As a result, neutral nail color is always the way to go, because if you do change your mind on the day your nails will still go with your new outfit choice. 

Although, having a different color on your nails, is a great opportunity to wear a different color. As mentioned above, you can match your nails with your accessories instead of your dress.

Therefore, if all your accessories match and are in the same color, then your outfit will work and flow together.

It is common for people to select a dress as a statement piece, and the shoes and accessories are in a different color that compliments the dress’s color. 

Some people do enjoy matching their nails to their dress. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find a nail polish that exactly matches the shade of your dress. As a result, you don’t have to match your nails and dress.

It is a great opportunity to wear another color that compliments your dress. Or you can stick with a neutral color that you know won’t let you down and won’t look distracting in photos. 

What Nail Polish Colors Go With Everything?

There are some nail varnish colors that go with any color and any shade of blue. You can just go with a simple french manicured nail or a clear nail polish that gives your nails a bit of a shine. Both are very minimal nail choices. 

However, there are some block colors that you can choose that go with anything. Neutrals, nudes, and light pinks work with any blue dress and any outfit. Neutrals are considered colors that have little to no color at all. You can’t go wrong with a neutral nail polish color. 

The following are the best neutral nail polish color that you can choose from:

  • Pure White.
  • Ivory.
  • Beige.
  • Cream.
  • Nude.
  • Gray.
  • Black.

However, there are some other colors that go with any outfit that looks incredible.

These colors are not considered neutrals, but they work in the same way that neutrals do. Some of these are very classic nail polish colors, while others are a different shade of neutral.

The following are other nail polish colors that you can choose from that will go with everything, including any blue dress:

  • Light to blush Pink.
  • Shades of Red.
  • Olive Green.
  • Sage Green.
  • Brown.
What Is The Best Nail Polish Color To Wear With A Blue Dress

What Color Jewelry Goes Well With A Blue Dress?

Once you have decided on the dress, shoes, makeup, nail, and purse, the final ingredient is the jewelry you will be wearing. The jewelry you decide to wear can elevate your simple look very easily.

It is completely up to you which jewelry you decide to wear alongside your blue dress.

You may have pieces of jewelry that hold sentimental value that you want to wear, due to the occasion. Or you may not be sure what jewelry to wear at all.

Typically, simple gold and gold jewelry makes a real impression with any blue dress. Some people enjoy matching their jewelry to the color of their other accessories, like their purses or heels. 

A simple piece of jewelry is a great match with a summary or floaty blue summer or spring dress. Sometimes a simple piece of jewelry is all that is needed to finish off a look. However, you may want to wear a piece of statement jewelry that has hues of blue in

it. A chunky piece of jewelry will help draw your attention to your blue dress. If you have a simple design, then a statement piece of jewelry will draw everyone’s eye to the dress.

However, you don’t want to match a chunky piece of jewelry with a busy dress design. Otherwise, your outfit will look too messy.