Asian Eye Makeup – The Ultimate Guide To Success

Key Takeaways
  • Asian eye makeup should celebrate the diversity of eye shapes and sizes, recognizing that techniques will vary to enhance unique features.
  • Many Asian makeup looks prioritize brightening the eyes with techniques like tightening, using lighter eyeshadows, and applying inner corner highlights for a youthful and awake appearance.
  • Techniques like eyelid tape, glue, or surgery are standard tools for creating or accentuating double eyelids, allowing for more versatile eye makeup application.
  • Asian eye makeup doesn’t need to be limited to neutrals. Experiment with a wide range of eyeshadow colors to find shades that complement your skin tone and personal style.

Are you struggling to find an eye makeup look that suits your eye? Do you find yourself trying to follow along with makeup tutorials only to realize there isn’t enough space on your eyelid?

Perhaps you are new to makeup and don’t know how to do eye makeup on Asian eyes? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you!

We know that it can be tricky to replicate trends on Asian or hooded eyes.

With typically smaller lids, it seems that no matter what you do, or what style you follow, you just can’t get it to look right.

Asian Eye Makeup - The Ultimate Guide To Success

You spend hours online, searching and scrolling, desperate to find some help and tips you can follow to enhance your eye makeup game.

But each time you search, you come up empty-handed. Upset and disappointed, you start to wonder if you will ever find out how to do Asian eye makeup.

Well, wonder no more! Today, we are here with the answers you need. Keep reading for the ultimate guide on Asian eye makeup!

We are here with the essentials you need, advice on the best brushes, and techniques that will see you succeed in your eye makeup. Just keep reading to find out more.

Before You Dive into Asian Eye Makeup

  • Begin with a clean and moisturized face, ready for makeup application.
  • Choose eyeshadow shades that complement your unique eye shape and skin tone.
  • Gather brushes, eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow palettes for a polished look.
  •  Master Asian eye makeup techniques tailored to your eye shape.
  • Accentuate your eyes while embracing your Asian heritage for a captivating look.

Why Is Asian Eye Makeup Different From Other Makeup?

Before we get into Asian eye makeup and how to do it, you might be wondering how it is different from eye makeup you might do on any other eye?

Well, Asian eyes tend to be smaller, meaning there is less space for eyeshadow and other products compared to other eyes.

We see this issue too for those with almond-shaped eyes and hooded eyelids.

You have less space to blend your eyeshadows and many find it difficult to create beautiful eye makeup.

Often, we see Asian people resorting to some eyeliner and eyeliner, and abandoning eye shadows altogether!

It can be challenging to master, and with so many tutorials online geared towards Western eyes, it can be hard to find resources for makeup fanatics and artists to use.

But, with a little practice and some top tips, there are ways that you can master eye makeup and create wonderful looks on Asian eyes.

Some of these techniques might be a little different from any previous makeup training you might have had, and certainly can seem like we are throwing the rule book out, but stick with us because the results are fantastic!

It is also worth seeking out professional makeup artists that specialize in Asian eye makeup if you want to pick up some more tips or have some real-life classes that can help you perfect your skills.

These days, more and more makeup artists are likely to be trained in Asian eye makeup, so you can find someone with the skills you need.

But for now, let’s dive in and take a look at how to do Asian eye makeup.

Eye Shape Analysis for Eye Makeup 

Image by @natural_injector via Instagram

Eye shape analysis is a fundamental step in the world of makeup as it guides you on how to enhance your eyes in a way that complements your unique features.

For individuals with Asian heritage, various eye shapes are common, such as monolid, double eyelids, hooded lids, and almond-shaped eyes.

Monolids typically lack a visible crease, requiring techniques that add dimension and depth. On the other hand, double eyelids possess a natural crease that can be emphasized with makeup.

Hooded lids feature a heavy, often concealed crease, while almond-shaped eyes have a classic, versatile shape for different makeup styles.

Understanding your eye shape helps tailor makeup techniques, such as eyeshadow placement and eyeliner application, to make your eyes appear more prominent and beautifully accentuated.

It’s the foundation for creating eye-catching, flattering makeup looks that enhance natural beauty.

Eyebrows in Asian Eye Makeup

Image by @the_browandbeauty_boutique via Instagram

In Asian eye makeup, eyebrows are pivotal in framing and enhancing the eyes. The key is to balance natural fullness and a well-defined shape that harmonizes with your eye and face shape.

Many Asians are embracing fuller, softer brows, complementing their features beautifully.

Subtle arches can help create the illusion of a higher crease for monoids while maintaining a more natural angle that suits double eyelids or almond-shaped eyes.

Use an eyebrow pencil or powder that matches your hair color to enhance your eyebrows.

Feathered strokes should fill your brows, focusing on the inner corners for a softer, more natural appearance.

Grooming, regular maintenance, and proper blending are essential to achieve brows that enhance Asian eyes without overpowering them.

Asian Eye Makeup Basics

To get started, let’s take a look at some of the basics you will want to master. You will want to choose the shade, technique, and style that best suits you.

There is no point creating makeup you don’t enjoy or want to wear, after all, makeup is an expression of you and your creativity!

Don’t forget to have some fun with it and you are sure to look and feel fabulous.

What Products Do I Need?

To start, you will want to find products that agree with your skin and suit your skin tone. Anything that irritates your skin should be avoided at all costs.

If you have sensitive skin, be sure to only select products that state they are suitable for sensitive skin or are hypoallergenic.

And for those with allergies, you will want to read through the ingredient list to ensure it is safe for you to use.

Once you have checked that the product is safe for you to use, turn your attention to the color.

If you aren’t sure what colors best compliments your skin tone, there are plenty of color wheels and resources online that you can use.

Some brands even offer virtual simulations where you can test the products on your skin tone to find the colors that best suit you.

You can also try out some samples in-store or enlist the help of the beauty specialists in store for further advice.

These trained experts are a fantastic resource to use, especially if you are new to the world of eye makeup!

Once you have selected your eyeshadow, you will want an eyeliner. Eyeliner is a staple in Asian eye makeup, and isn’t half as scary as you think it might be!

Opt for a black eyeliner that can be paired with any eyeshadow. It’s up to you if you want a pencil, liquid, gel, or pen.

There are plenty to choose from so you are sure to find a type you can use with ease. A fine-tipped eyeliner pen is often easier for beginners to master.

Finally, you will want some mascara. This will finish your look and define your eyelashes. You can also opt for fake eyelashes if you wish, but we find mascara is easier to use.

There are plenty to choose from, with volumizing mascaras to create a dramatic look, and defining mascaras offering some length and definition on those no-makeup days.

You might want to purchase a mascara for dramatic looks and an everyday one, or just one that does it all, the choice is yours.

Whichever you choose, make sure that you change it every 3-6 months to avoid bacteria building up in the tube. The last thing you want is an eye infection!

Quick Guide to Perfect Asian Eye Makeup:Techniques 

  • Eye Shape Embrace: Tailor your eyeshadow application to enhance the beauty of your unique Asian eye shape.
  • Eyeliner Precision: Master the art of precise eyeliner for captivating Asian eye looks.
  • Natural vs. Glam: Choose between natural and glam styles to match the occasion.
  • Maintain the Look: Carry blotting papers and a small touch-up kit for long-lasting, fresh-looking eye makeup throughout the day.

What Eyeshadow Palette Is Best?

What Eyeshadow Palette Is Best

Most eye makeup looks call for more than one color of eyeshadow. Often the cheapest way to purchase multiple colors is with an eyeshadow palette.

These will come with colors that work well together, and often offer a mixture of mattes and shimmery shades that will allow you to create a wide range of looks.

When it comes to finding the best one, you must again consider the color of your eyes and your skin tone.

You will want a palette that is packed full of colors that will work well with your eyes, so have a browse and see what intrigues you!

If you are new to eye makeup, you might want to stick with neutral, earth tones. As Asians usually have a warm skin complexion, these tones will help you find the best brown or nude shade.

If you want to experiment, then why not opt for a colorful palette? A bright pink or neon blue is sure to make a statement and look fantastic! The choice here is entirely yours.

So what eyeshadow palettes do we recommend?

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette – Warm Neutrals

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette - Warm Neutrals

This palette has a fantastic mixture of matte and shimmery shades that allows you to create a range of looks.

The neutral colors all work well together and are the perfect palette for beginners or more experienced eyeshadow users.

The colors blend easily too and you can create beautiful looks with just one or two colors. It’s also an affordable palette, as well as being cruelty-free and available in most countries.

Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Palette

Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Palette

If you have a bigger budget to play with, then Huda Beauty is an excellent choice! The brand has countless palettes for you to choose from, but the Topaz Obsessions is a fine choice.

It’s packed with wonderful warm tones that look beautiful on most Asian skin tones.

Again, you get a mixture of mattes and shimmers that have fantastic pigment and color pay off.

We recommend using a damp brush with the shimmer shades to get incredible pigment and sparkle!

The eyeshadow market is incredibly saturated, making it overwhelming for beginners and even experienced makeup lovers to navigate!

When searching for an eyeshadow palette, be sure to look for the following criteria:

  • Colors that work well together
  • Good color pay-off
  • Pigmented colors
  • Shadows that blend easily
  • Products that are suitable for your skin

You can make use of product descriptions and customer reviews to find out this information.

If you have friends or family that work in the beauty industry or are passionate about beauty, it is also worth asking them for some recommendations.

You could also ask them to let you swatch their palettes to see if the colors are right for you or not.

Take your time when deciding and opt for the palette that suits you best. Don’t get swept up in buying the latest craze or trend. Stick to what you like and suit your skin best.

Applying Eyeshadow On Asian Eyes

Now that we have found the right eyeshadow palette, it’s time to apply the makeup! The key to successful eye makeup is blending.

We don’t want any harsh lines, but for the eyeshadow to blend seamlessly with other colors or fade out along your brow bone or outer creases.

Blending can take some practice to perfect, but a good rule to remember is:

If you think it’s blended out, blend a little more!

While sometimes it can feel like you have spent ages blending your eyeshadow, the final result will be worth it, trust us.

A good place to start when learning how to apply eyeshadow on Asian eyes is to watch a tutorial. One of our favorites is the one below by Jennifer Chiu.

She takes her time in this video and shows you some pro tips for blending eyeshadow.

These tips are incredibly useful, especially if you have deep-set eyes or monolids. If you are a beginner, we recommend watching this tutorial.

There are also thousands of other tutorials online for you to check out if you wish.

Let’s look now at how to apply the eyeshadow to your eyes. There are three steps to do this which we recommend following.

Put Your Nude Eyeshadow Down First

No matter the look you are creating, you will want a base to work from. Start with a good quality eyeshadow primer to prevent creases in your eye shadow (concealer will cause creases unless it’s set with powder!).

Next, take a light white or cream-colored eyeshadow across your eyelid and up to the eye bone.

This gives you an even base to work with and will also visually lift your eye, giving you the illusion of higher brows and larger eyes.

You can apply this base with your fingers or a large fluffy brush that covers your eyelid.

Morphe, Real Techniques, and Zoeva make some of the best affordable makeup brushes on the market and are popular choices.

You can purchase their brushes individually or as sets that will offer plenty of brushes to create your new looks at a good price!

Create A Crease And Blend

Once you have created your base, it’s time to go in with a dark eyeshadow.

For those with monolid and hooded eyes, start on the outer corner of your eye and wing it up, twisting your hand upwards as you move the brush.

Opt for a smaller blending brush to do this. A good brush will do most of the blending work for you and save your wrist and arm the job!

Next, blend your eyeshadow towards the middle of your lid. If you want to make the eye pop, then take your dark eyeshadow slightly higher to create a crease.

You will want the eyeshadow to sit above your natural crease (where your eyelid creases when your eye is closed). If you want a heavier look, simply apply more eyeshadow to the crease.

To blend your eyeshadow, hold your brush towards the bottom of the handle. Holding it here softens your stroke and helps to blend your eyeshadow seamlessly.

Sweep the brush back and forth over the area of shadow that you want to blend out. Blend in the direction you want the shadow to move in to achieve your desired look.

This can sound tricky, but with plenty of practice and the help of some online tutorials, you are sure to achieve success. Remember, it takes time to achieve the perfect blend.

Create A Gradient

Create A Gradient

Once the darker shadow is blended, take a smaller, flat eyeshadow brush. Use it to apply a light and shimmery eyeshadow to the inner parts of your eyelid.

You will want to pat the brush gently onto your lid when doing this for the best payoff.

Doing so will create a beautiful gradient. Lighter colors can sometimes take a few layers to achieve the desired pigment, so don’t be afraid to apply a few coats.

To get your shimmers to pop, it’s worth spraying your brush lightly with some setting spray beforehand.

This gives the shimmers something to cling to and can create a foiled effect on the eye that looks beautiful.

To finish the eyeshadow, take a dark brown or black eyeshadow and apply this to the outer corners again. Blend this out to create a seamless transition from light to dark shadows.

If you struggle, there are plenty of tutorials online that can help you achieve this with some practice. It can be tricky, so don’t be disheartened if it isn’t perfect the first time you try it.

Drag the shadow to the inner part of your eye to add some more depth. You will also want to run this color on your lower lash line.

Start with a small amount on the outer corner and blend it towards the center with a small brush. This can help to smoke out your look and tie the whole eye look together.

You might want to ignore this step if you are going for a natural, daytime look.  

Using Eyeliner On Asian Eyes

Eyeliner is a staple in Asian eye makeup, helping to draw attention to your eyes. But it can be tricky.

Thankfully, you can make eyeliner beginner-friendly by following our step-by-step guide below!

Start With Your Primer And Eyeshadow

Before applying eyeliner you will want an eye primer on your lids. It ensures that your makeup stays in place, especially if you are applying a lot or need it to last all day.

Once this is applied, you can add your eyeshadow before your eyeliner.

The look you choose to create is entirely up to you, but for beginners, it might be best to stick to some neutral eyeshadow and focus on the eyeliner.

Create A Base

Before applying your eyeliner, you will want a base. Take a brush tip eyeliner, as these are some of the easiest to use and should limit the chance of any mistakes.

Avoid gel eyeliner unless you are comfortable with eyeliner. It can be difficult to use and leave you with a mess that could ruin your eyeshadow!

Take your eyeliner and start at the top of the eyelid, creating a good base. Take care not to overlap it with the crease as this can look messy and make your eyeliner appear too thick.

Create an angle with the eyeliner and connect it to the top to create the bottom of the wing.

This can be tricky to master, so don’t worry if the first time it doesn’t go too well. You can always use a dry Q-tip to clean up any mistakes you make along the way.

Fill In The Gaps

Once you have finished the base, opt for a more pigmented eyeliner and fill everything in. you will want to ensure that you have lined your lash line to complete the look.

There are plenty of great tutorials online that can help you perfect eyeliner on Asian or hooded eyes. These are worth checking out if you are struggling with your eyeliner.

To finish the look, add some mascara to your eyelashes.

Keep In Mind

  • Eye Shape Diversity: Understand the variations in Asian eye shapes and choose techniques that enhance yours.
  • Subtle or Bold: Decide whether to go for a soft, natural look or a more dramatic, glamorous style.
  • Primer Power: Apply eyeshadow primer for long-lasting and vibrant eye makeup.
  • Eyeliner Expertise: Perfect the art of eyeliner application to define your eyes beautifully.
  • Balance and Harmony: Choose eyeshadow shades and styles that harmonize with your overall makeup and attire, keeping the look balanced.

The Finishing Touches – Help With Powder, Mascara, And More!

The Finishing Touches - Help With Powder, Mascara, And More!

Let’s take a look now at completing your eye makeup. If you are worried about your work smudging throughout the day, apply some translucent powder over the top.

This is a vital step for those with oily lids, however, if you have never had this issue you can skip this step.

Next, you will want to turn your attention to your eyelashes. If you have an eyelash curler, use this before applying mascara. Curling your eyelashes can help make straight eyelashes more visible and even helps to open your eyes!

Take your mascara and apply coats to both your upper and lower lashes. Here you can choose the mascara you want to get the best look.

Choose between a dramatic mascara or a defining mascara that will offer some length and increased definition.

If you are creating a more dramatic look, you will want a mascara that focuses on volume and thickness so that your lashes stand out.

Apply your mascara from the bottom of your lash to the tip, taking care to coat all your lashes. One or two coats are usually enough, but if your mascara has dried up a little you might need to apply a few more coats.

You could also add false eyelashes if you want to. These will make your eyes look bigger and dramatically extend the length of your lashes.

You can choose from a strip lash or individual lashes that can be applied to your whole eye or just the outer corners.

They can seem tricky, but false eyelashes aren’t too difficult to deal with. You will want to apply some lash glue to the lash band which will sit on your eye.

Wait roughly 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky before using tweezers to apply them.

Place them as close to your lash line as possible and gently push them into place. The corners can be the most difficult place to apply your lashes, so be sure to press them here for a few seconds.

It can take a few attempts to get to grips with false eyelashes, but patience is key. Don’t get stressed out when applying them as this can make it even harder!

Finish The Look – Let’s Talk Brows And Blush

To complete your look, you will want to keep your brows well-groomed. Usually, brows are kept straight, although if your brow has a high arch, this isn’t anything to worry about.

Keep your eyebrow shape as it is for an easier job.

If you do want to change the shape and add a higher arch that is fine, you can do this with your eyebrow product, whether that is a pencil, pomade, or powder.

Fill in any sparse areas if you wish. If you are using a pencil you can go straight in with the pencil, using light strokes upwards that will resemble hairs.

For powder or gel products, take a small angled brush. Opt for a shade lighter than your natural color too.

It’s better to go lighter and add a little more, than a color too dark and end up with unnatural-looking eyebrows!

The goal here is to lightly define your brows. If yours are already thick or well defined then you won’t need to worry about this.

You can move to our next step and brush your brows into place using a brow gel. This will also help to keep your brows in place and looking neat.

Finally, add some color to your cheeks using blush. You will want to use a subtle pink or peach-colored blush depending on your skin tone.

This is just to add a light, natural flush of color that works well with a natural or more dramatic look.

Apply the blush with your fingertips or a round brush along with the apple of your cheeks and up towards your cheekbones. And like that, the look is complete!

False lashes for Asian Eye Makeup 

Image by @cblashco via Instagram

False lashes can be a game-changer in Asian eye makeup, adding drama, volume, and allure.

For Asian eyes, which can vary from monoids to double eyelids, choosing the right style of false lashes is crucial. Individuals with monoids might opt for lashes that gently lift and open the eyes

At the same time, those with double eyelids can experiment with various styles, from natural to dramatic.

Customizing the length and thickness of the lashes to suit your unique eye shape is essential for a harmonious look.

False lashes should be applied close to the natural lash line, following the curve of your eye, and can be blended with mascara for seamless integration.

Whether aiming for an everyday enhancement or a particular occasion statement, false lashes can be a versatile tool to achieve captivating Asian eye makeup.

Asian Eye Makeup – Tips For Different Looks And Eye Types

Asian Eye Makeup - Tips For Different Looks And Eye Types

Now we know that everyone looks different and that one style won’t suit everyone. So to help you, we’ve got some top tips before you leave today!

Whether you have larger lids, hooded eyes, or are looking for some extra tips, we are here to help! Just keep reading to find out more.  

Tips For Double Eyelids Or Large Visible Lids

For double eyelids or large visible lids, we recommend opting for the standard natural Asian makeup look.

Take a shimmery eyeshadow shade in a similar color to your skin tone and apply it all over the lid.

Follow this with some black or brown eyeliner if you wish before adding some mascara.

If you have the space, here is the standard way to apply eyeliner. Take your pencil, gel, or liquid as close to the lash line as an even line across the lid.

If you want to create a cat-eye shape, apply a wing to your eyeliner.

To do this, visualize your lower lash line extending to the tail of your eyebrow.

Extend your bottom lash line towards the tip of your eyebrow and do the same with the top lash line, continuing from your eyeliner.

This will create a triangle with the tip pointing towards your eyebrow.

Once you are happy with it, fill in the triangle and you have created a cat eye! It can take some practice so don’t worry if it doesn’t go to plan the first time!

If you wanted to create a smokier look you could put your eyeliner on top of a shimmery shadow and smudge it slightly.

Pro Tip

To create a captivating Asian eye makeup look, apply white or nude eyeliner on your waterline to make your eyes appear larger and more awake.

Tips For Narrow-Shaped Or Almond Eyes

If you have almond-shaped eyes or thinner eyes, you can try a mini cat-eye. Take your eyeliner and create a small flick on the outer corner of your eyes after lining your lid.

Make sure that the line is as straight as possible when doing this.

To make your eyes pop, you can use a white or peach eyeliner in your waterline. This can help open your eyes too and make them seem bigger than they are.

Place a lighter shade on your eyes to open them up too. You can also apply your eyeshadow beyond the mobile lid if you don’t have much space to work with, just remember to blend it out!

Tips For Hooded Or Monolid Eyes

For those with little or no visible lid space, you will want to create an eyeliner or shadow shape that covers a larger area than just your mobile lid.

Take your eyeshadow up from your lid into your crease and the brow bone. You will want to round out the top of your eyeshadow, finishing with a wing or triangle shape on your outer corner.

To help you achieve this wing or triangle you can place a piece of tape on the side of your eye at an angle to your lower lash line.

This will help keep the eyeshadow in a neat line. Once you are done you can remove the tape, leaving behind a clean and precise line.

For those with little or no visible lid, applying eyeliner can be tricky. But we have just the solution! Use some eyeliner to mark the spot where you want the eyeliner to be visible.

A dot or a dash will do. Do this when your eyes are open, before closing your eye and using the dot to create an outline of where you will color in the eyeliner.

To avoid smudging opt for gel or liquid here. Before closing your eye, wait around 30 seconds so that the eyeliner does not transfer to your crease.

You can go over this line as many times as you wish to get the thickness you want. It might look a bit silly when your eyes are closed, but when you open your eyes, it will look beautiful!

This technique can be used with eyeshadow or standalone eyeliner if you prefer.

Tips For Korean Aegyo-sal Looks

You can also try a Korean look called aegyo-sal, or eye-smiles. To achieve this, we accentuate the under-eye area. You will need a soft, matte brown eyeshadow and a light, shimmery shade for highlighting.

You will contour your under-eye area using shadow and highlight. The goal is to create more defined eye bags.

This look is said to give you a cuter and more youthful appearance and make your eyes seem rounder.

This seems a far cry from the countless products sold to conceal under-eye bags! But why not try it and see if you like it?

First, you need a matte brown shade slightly darker than your skin tone and apply it to your lower lash line. Use a small brush here to apply it to where your natural eye bags are.

Take care to follow the natural curve of your eye for a more realistic look.

Next, take a blending brush or Q-tip and blend out the line so that it isn’t too harsh. You can then take an eyeshadow a little lighter than your skin tone and apply it below your lash line.

With a highlighter or light shimmery eyeshadow, apply it to the fullest part of your under-eye area.

To finish, blend it out so you have a seamless transition from brown to shimmer.

Tips For Downturned Eyes

With downturned eyes, the outer corner of the eye tends to be lower than the inner corner of the eye. To apply makeup to these types of eyes, we can use the puppy eye.

This is similar to the cat eye we looked at earlier, but instead of going upwards, the eyeliner flicks downwards.

After lining your lash with eyeliner, draw a small triangle on the outer corner of your eye, in a cat-ear shape. The triangle should slant outwards, going beyond your lash line and into your lower lash line.

Tips to Create Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are one of the most popular techniques in the makeup industry. From classic black and white to brightly colored ones, it’s a technique all of us have tried at some point.

And while it can seem trickier for those with hooded eyes, we have some tips that can help you succeed!

Use A Transitional Shade

The trick to achieving the perfect smokey eye is to use a transitional eyeshadow. Apply your primer and nude base as you usually would and follow it with a light eyeshadow to your brow bone.

For dark smokey eyes, you will want a brown or gray color for your base. You can then use a transition shade and apply it all over your eyelids. This will help the colors blend and achieve your desired look.

Once done, add a slightly darker shade to the outer corners. Here is where you will start to create depth.

Apply this dark color over the crease line so that the line doesn’t disappear when you open your eye. It’s best to stick to matte shades here too as shimmers tend to crease easier than mattes.

Add Your Darker Colors

Next, you will want to add your darker colors. Place it in the outer corner of your eye and pull it above your crease. This will add some more depth to your eye.

Avoid dragging the color to the inner part of your eye, you want this clear for your shimmers!

Add Shimmery Shades

Once your darker colors have been added and blended, go in with a shimmery shade in the corner and center of your eyelid.

Keep these shades under the hood and apply the color of your choosing to the corner and center of your eyelid.

Once done, you will want to add these shadows to your lower lash line too, using the technique we suggested earlier. Apply black eyeliner and mascara to complete the look!

Finishing Touches spray for Asian eye makeup

Image by @samerkhouzami via Instagram

 In Asian eye makeup, a setting spray is a finishing touch that often works wonders.

This versatile product helps your eye makeup last longer and contributes to an overall polished appearance.

After meticulously crafting your eye look to perfection, a gentle mist of setting spray locks your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara in place and prevents creasing and smudging, especially on monoids or hooded lids.

It’s the secret to ensuring your beautifully enhanced eyes remain captivating throughout the day or night, and it can add a touch of refreshing hydration to the skin.

The correct setting spray can also improve the dewy, radiant finish that complements Asian skin beautifully, making it an essential finishing touch for your Asian eye makeup routine.

Asian Bridal Makeup – How To Do It Well

When it comes to bridal makeup, you will want to use long-lasting products. The last thing you want is your makeup to disappear before the reception!

Opt for a smokey eye using dark brown tones and a clear and glowy complexion.

Tina Yong has a fantastic tutorial that you can follow to create glam but not over-done makeup for a wedding. This is a great tutorial for those with almond eyes too. You can check it out below.

We also have some tips below that you can use:

Hide Imperfections

To start, use a primer to prep the skin. You can then apply some concealer to hide any imperfections such as spots. Use a rolling motion to blend the concealer into your lower lash line for a flawless look.

You can also try contouring too, but be sure to blend everything to avoid any harsh lines in photographs!

Base And Crease

When applying your eye makeup, start with the base color. For those working with neutrals and browns, you will want a white or nude base color.

Follow with warmer tones in your palette to make a crease. You will want to blend back and forward with a wiper motion to do this.

Follow with dark shades to create a v-shape or triangle in the corner of your eye to elongate your eye.

Only Use Eyeliner If You Want

As this is a special occasion, you can add more shimmery eyeshadows than you usually would use. Apply these to the middle of your lid and inner corners of your eye.

You can then choose if you want to add eyeliner or not.

If you decide to add eyeliner, a thin line across your lash line is ideal. You can then top this with false eyelashes or waterproof mascara if you wish.

Natural Looking Asian Makeup

For those days when you want a natural, ‘no makeup makeup’ look, we have some final tips! Opt for moisturizer, a good foundation, and some contouring. A good tip is to mix your foundation with your moisturizer.

This creates a tinted moisturizer that will match your skin tone and provide a lighter coverage than your usual foundation.

Make sure that you blend everything in to create a healthy glow! There are plenty of natural makeup tutorials online that you can follow to achieve this look with ease.

Don’t forget to add pink or nude colored lipstick or liner to your lips too!

Fun Fact

The history of Asian eye makeup dates back centuries, with ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and Chinese using various techniques and ingredients to enhance the beauty of their eyes, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Asian beauty traditions.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, your complete guide to Asian eye makeup! While it can seem a little tricker initially, you just need a slightly different technique to achieve fantastic results.

Remember to check out the tutorials we suggested to create these wonderful looks. Whether you want a glam look or something more natural, there is a style to suit everyone!

Remember that makeup is all about creativity and expressing yourself. There are no right or wrongs here. If you enjoy it, then go for it! Do what makes you happy and with plenty of practice, you are sure to excel.

Brittney Adams

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