10-Step Guide To Achieving A Natural Makeup Look For Black Girls

Key Takeaways
  • A natural makeup look for black girls aims to enhance your unique features while maintaining a fresh, effortless appearance.
  • Finding the perfect foundation shade that matches your skin tone is crucial for a flawless, natural look. Undertones matter too!
  • Opt for earthy, neutral eyeshadows and lip colors that complement your skin tone. These shades create a harmonious and understated look.
  • Keep your makeup minimal with a focus on even skin tone, subtle contouring, and enhancing your eyes. Less is more when aiming for a natural look.

When it comes to finding the right makeup for darker skin, it can most certainly prove a challenge.

From selecting the correct shade of foundation, to knowing what highlighter will help those cheekbones to become statement pieces, it can be a nightmare.

Even so, just finding a brand that has more than 5 colors in a foundation can be a problem, but that is a whole other story.

Get Natural Makeup Look For Black Girls In 9 Steps

If you are after a natural ‘no makeup makeup’ look, then you have come to the right place. It is a good go-to on days where you want to look presentable but do not want to spend hours in front of the mirror.

Before You Get Started

  • Begin with a well-cleansed and moisturized face for a smooth makeup application.
  • Select makeup products that match your skin tone to create a natural and seamless look.
  • Use a primer to ensure your makeup stays in place and looks flawless throughout the day.
  •  Blend your makeup meticulously to achieve a natural and radiant complexion.
  • Enhance your unique beauty by defining your eyes, lips, and cheeks subtly in a way that complements your skin tone.

In this article we will show you 10 easy steps to a natural makeup look for black girls that you can do in under 30 minutes. 

1. Sun Lotion And Primer

Sun Lotion And Primer Natural Makeup Look For Black Girls

After you have cleansed and moisturized the skin, it is time to set the base ready for the makeup.

Not only will this give you a smooth canvas to work on, but it will help give makeup staying power and make sure the skin stays matte all day.

No matter your skin color, sun lotion is vital to protect your face from the UV rays and wrinkles. You can either use sun protection alone as a primer, or follow it up with a dedicated primer. 

Once this has been completed, you are ready to start using makeup!

2. Buildable Foundation

Buildable Foundation

Finding the correct shade of foundation can be frustrating for anyone. Once you have found the right shade, it almost becomes a kind of holy grail.

When it comes to darker skin, the choices of foundation color can feel limited. This is a shame, but brands are listening and more are releasing extra skin tones for black women. 

However, the likes of Fenty, NARS, Huda Beauty and Maybelline have some pretty good choices. 

If you are going for a natural look, avoid heavy foundation. Either seek out a ‘does it all’ CC cream, or apply a buildable coverage foundation.

This way you can add color and even out skin tone without losing the natural skin underneath. 

A skintint like the one from Fenty would be a great choice, and can be built upon to produce a stronger color. 

Quick Guide to Achieving Natural Makeup look for black girls: Easy Steps

  • Skin Prep: Cleanse, moisturize, and prime your skin for a flawless makeup base.
  • Color Harmony: Choose makeup shades that complement your complexion.
  • Blend Seamlessly: Blend makeup thoroughly for a natural finish.
  • Feature Enhancement: Define your eyes, lips, and cheeks subtly to highlight your unique beauty.

3. Always Use A Damp Sponge

Always Use A Damp Sponge

If you have black skin and want a sheer coverage, then using a damp sponge will always give you the best possible application. 

This is because it will not apply as much product and will give you a lovely hydrating base. Just remember to pat it on, do not rub, and blend well. 

Like with all foundation, remember to blend into the hair line, around the ears and down the neck.

4. Concealer To Correct Color

Concealer To Correct Color

Even if you have used a CC cream, you will want to do this step. This is because the damp sponge will have left the coverage lighter than usual.

If you have blemishes and uneven skin tone such as around the nose or under the eye, this is the step where you can cover them.

Using a concealer with an orange tone is perfect for darker skin, and will help to hide anything you do not want the world to see. Plus, it gives a more finished look to the base once it has been applied and blended using a brush. 

5. Shape Those Eyebrows

Shape Those Eyebrows

Whilst there are arguments whether to do brows before or after the foundation, we will leave that up to you to decide.

It is all about preference whether you like to shape an eyebrow with foundation or not, but you will find this makeup might be too sheer to do that – though there is a way!

If you do not do much with the brows, then use a dedicated clear or colored gel to shape them, and add pencil lines if you want to add definition.

If you shape them artistically, then you can use concealer blended out to give them that defined look. 

Keep in Mind

  • Complexion Harmony: Match foundation and concealer to your skin tone for a seamless look.
  • Eye Definition: Play up your eyes with mascara and eyeliner, enhancing their natural beauty.
  • Lip Love: Embrace your lips’ richness with lip colors that suit your skin tone.
  • Less is More: Keep makeup light to let your natural beauty shine.
  • Confidence Matters: Carry yourself with confidence; it’s your most beautiful accessory.

6. Eyelashes For Days

Eyelashes For Days

Eyelashes can make a huge difference to whether you look awake or not, and always look fabulous with an upturned curl. 

There are a number of steps you can take here, such as just using eyelash curlers, or using a light mascara that will lengthen the lashes and give them extra definition.

Another option is to wear natural looking glue-on eyelashes to add length. 

Because you are wearing makeup for the day, avoid anything too heavy and bulky. You want it to look like you are just going out for coffee, not spending all night in a bar. 

7. Highlighting Areas

Highlighting Areas

If you are a newbie to highlighters, then avoid powder and always opt for a cream base. This is because they are buildable.

Always start with less is more. If it looks too subtle, you can add to it, but if you add too much to start with, it can be a struggle to remove.

Choose something like bronze or gold which complements darker skin tones really well. Use it on areas that naturally hit the sun such as the end of the nose, the upper lip, and cheekbones. 

Pro Tip

To enhance your natural beauty, try a nude or brown lip liner to define and shape your lips, creating a subtle yet stunning look.

8. Set The Makeup

Set The Makeup Natural Makeup Look For Black Girls

Whilst not everyone sets their full face with powder anymore, it is still a great way to lock it all into place. Use it on areas of the face with a brush where you tend to become oily. 

If powder is not your thing, then a setting spray is another great way to keep the makeup from slipping down the face by 11am, but do this after you have used lipstick. 

9. Lipstick

Lipstick Natural

A neutral lipstick is optional, but will bring a pop of color to the overall look – think chocolate browns and deeper reds.

If lipstick is not your usual go-to, then try a lipgloss or hydrating lip balm. The latter is certainly a great option if the weather is cold and you need something extra smooth to keep those lips from drying out.

10. Setting Spray for Final Look

Natural Makeup Look For Black Girls

Image by @glamgirlzbymahwish via Instagram

A setting spray is the perfect finishing touch for your natural makeup look for black girls.

This product helps set your makeup in place, ensuring it lasts throughout the day and provides a subtle, dewy finish that adds a healthy glow to your skin.

It locks in your hard work, making your makeup smudge-proof and resistant to the elements while blending the products on your face for a seamless, natural appearance.

Spritzes of setting spray can help you achieve that fresh and radiant look, leaving you confident and ready to take on the day with your effortlessly beautiful makeup.

Final Words

A natural go-to makeup look can suit anyone, and is a great way to look polished without wearing too much.

It is all about keeping the routine simple and sticking to neutral shades that compliment your skin tone. 

The steps can be changed according to what you feel like wearing, and can also be a good base to help those who find applying makeup daunting. 

If you stick to buildable makeup, you can work it up from being sheer to heavier, depending on how your skin feels that day. 

Fun Fact

Makeup history reveals that iconic Black actress and singer Josephine Baker, known for her natural beauty, often used minimal makeup to accentuate her features, setting a timeless standard for natural elegance in beauty.


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