How You Can Achieve The Ultimate Natural Asian Makeup Look

Key Takeaways
  • The Natural Asian Makeup Look focuses on enhancing your natural features rather than heavy makeup.
  • Choose soft and subtle colors for eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick to create a gentle, understated look.
  • Achieve a flawless, porcelain-like complexion with a lightweight foundation or BB cream and minimal concealer.
  • Enhance your eyes by using eyeliner and mascara to define the lash line and create an illusion of more giant, almond-shaped eyes.

When it comes to thinking about classic Asian makeup, most people will think of that perfect skin complexion.

This is usually married up with flawless makeup and in general just looking especially refined and chic.

How You Can Achieve The Ultimate Natural Asian Makeup Look

However, we all know that this effortlessly chic look will take a fair amount of effort to be able to pull this off.

Here, you will find our best advice on how to create the perfect natural Asian makeup look.

Before You Get Started

  • Start with a clean, moisturized face. Apply a light, hydrating eye cream to the delicate skin around your eyes to create a smooth canvas for makeup application.
  • Choose makeup shades that complement your Asian skin tone, ensuring a natural and harmonious look.
  • Asian skincare routines often emphasize a clear complexion. Incorporate skincare into your makeup routine for a healthy, radiant base.
  • Emphasize your unique Asian features, such as monolids or almond-shaped eyes, by using makeup techniques that enhance your natural beauty.

Taking It Back To The Basics

A key aspect of perfecting this style of makeup is by mastering the fresh and dewy skin look. Your goal for your complexion is for it to look as effortless and as subtly glowy as possible.

You will know that there are a whole host of ways that you can achieve this look, but it ultimately depends on what works best for you.

You might even find that if you are blessed with good genes then you will not even need to use foundation.

If this applies to you then you should apply concealer in a shade that matches your skin tone.

That’s right, to achieve that perfect natural dewy glow you will need to match your skin tone and not apply a lighter shade.

You want a naturally glowy look and not a forced highlighted look – so it is up to you whether or not you want to apply powder.

If you have a dry skin type then we would say to avoid this step as your skin might look unnaturally matte whereas if you have oily skin then powder will really help you with controlling the oil that is produced around the t-zone area.

If you are someone who is keen to get that perfect flawless finish then you can use a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream just to give you that little bit of coverage without being too heavy in coverage.

You are not going to want to go for an overly matte look as this takes away from the natural glow.

Talking about glow – you may want to apply some highlighter on the areas of your face where the sun would naturally hit.

However, using a liquid highlighter or a cream highlighter will give you a much more natural look opposed to a powder highlighter which can sometimes be chalky on the skin.

How Can You Pick The Right Base For Your Makeup Look?

With that Asian makeup base, it is especially important to purchase the correct foundation formula for your skin and also you need to select a foundation that is the correct shade.

If you are not naturally blessed with flawless skin you will be wanting more coverage, but you will not want this to look heavy because this takes away from the natural Asian makeup glam look.

The best way to work out the best shade of base for you is to compare the shades to your jawline.

Getting your base shade correct is what will really make your look that much more naturally flawless.

However, as a guideline we can recommend that for Asian skin yellow-toned foundations or base makeup will be much more complimentary opposed to foundations or base layers with a pink undertone.

These kinds of foundations will be especially great for achieving that flawless natural look.

Natural Asian Makeup Guide

  • Skincare Prep: Start with a thorough skincare routine to achieve a fresh and radiant base.
  • Light Coverage: Opt for a BB cream or lightweight foundation to maintain a natural appearance.
  • Subtle Eyeshadow: Choose soft, neutral eyeshadow shades for a subtle and enhancing eye look.
  • Eyeliner Techniques: Apply eyeliner with precision, focusing on subtle enhancements rather than dramatic lines.
  • Lip Tints or Balms: Finish the look with lip tints or balms for natural and youthful lip color.

What About Eye Makeup?

What About Eye Makeup

Here’s the thing, Asian eye makeup will have some distinctive features that are important to incorporate into your look.

For the base it is all about getting that natural ‘your skin but better’ look. But, when it comes to eyes you will be wanting to either keep to a sharp simple look or a shimmer.

It is also important to take into consideration your eye shape and what will compliment your eyes. For instance, if you have hooded eyes then using eyeliner might not work the best for you.

If you are a lover of eyeshadow then you can achieve that chic and defined eye look.

This can be achieved by using a lighter nude shade all over the lid – and you should keep this matte to prevent a glistening look.

To build on this you should be able to apply a darker brown shade to the outer corner of your eyelid and this will help to give your eye makeup look some depth.

If you are wanting to add more sparkle to your makeup look then applying a light shimmer to the center of your eyelid will really add something extra to this look.

This will take the eye look from day-to-night glam without being too extreme.

If you are a lover of eyeliner then you can stay minimal on the eyeshadow and just focus on getting that sleek elongated black winged liner look.

It is important to note that the eyeliner should be thick and sharp, the line should not be chunky as this will detract from the naturally elegant vibe of the makeup look.

Keep in Mind

  • Skincare Focus: Prioritize skincare to create a flawless canvas for makeup, emphasizing hydration and a clear complexion.
  • Light Coverage: Use BB creams or lightweight foundations to maintain a natural, dewy finish.
  • Subtle Eyeshadow: Opt for soft, neutral eyeshadow colors to enhance the eyes without appearing overly dramatic.
  • Eyeliner Techniques: Apply eyeliner with precision to create subtle winged looks that emphasize the eyes.
  • Lip Products: Choose lip tints or balms for a natural lip color that complements the overall fresh and youthful appearance.

What about Primer for Natural Asian Makeup Look?

Image by @bebeautiful_india via Instagram

In the context of a natural Asian makeup look, choosing a suitable primer is critical to achieving a flawless and long-lasting appearance.

A hydrating primer with a dewy finish is often the best choice for this look. Asian skin looks radiant with a subtle glow; a hydrating primer can help achieve this effect.

Apply a small amount of primer evenly onto your cleansed and moisturized skin, allowing it to set for a minute or two before moving on to your foundation.

It helps create a smooth canvas for makeup and adds a natural radiance to your complexion.

Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, selecting a primer that suits your specific needs is essential to maintain your skin’s natural beauty throughout the day.

Pro Tip

For natural Asian makeup, focus on skincare, use a BB cream for light coverage, emphasize the eyes with a subtle winged liner and soft brown eyeshadow, and opt for lip tints or balms for a natural lip color.

Setting Spray for Ultimate Natural Asian Makeup Look

Image by @gerardcosmetics via Instagram

In pursuing the ultimate natural Asian makeup look, a setting spray can be a valuable addition to your routine.

Once you’ve carefully applied your makeup to enhance your features while maintaining a fresh, subtle appearance, a setting spray serves as the finishing touch.

It helps lock your makeup in place, ensuring it stays flawless throughout the day and contributes to that coveted, dewy finish that complements Asian skin beautifully.

A few spritzes of a setting spray designed to provide a dewy or radiant finish will make your makeup last and give your skin a healthy, luminous glow.

This finishing step helps your makeup look seamless, prevents it from becoming patchy or fading, and ensures you maintain that natural, radiant look from morning to night.

Fun Fact

The “no-makeup” makeup trend, also known as “Asian beauty,” originated in South Korea, emphasizing a fresh, youthful appearance with minimal makeup, natural tones, and a focus on skincare.

What About The Lips?

Last but not least, you will have to think about your lips. Here’s the thing – getting that natural Asian makeup look has nothing to do with bold lipsticks or bright colours.

You should instead go for a sheer pink lip tint or a nude lip gloss.

The glossier the better! If you are wanting to accentuate your lips then you should apply your lip liner and then use your ring finger to blend it out and ease the harshness of the line.

For a fresh and natural Asian makeup look, apply concealer to your on mouth and blend it well with your foundation or bare skin.

Then, apply pink or berry lipstick to the center of your lips and blend it outwards using a Q-tip, brush, or finger.

Finish with a clear gloss if desired.

Alternatively, use two lipsticks in similar shades – a lighter shade on your top and bottom lip and a darker shade on the center of your lips, blending with a finger, Q-tip, or brush before applying a clear gloss.

In Conclusion

This makeup look is all about enhancing your natural beauty – so it is that perfect less-is-more sort of vibe for you.

If you are looking to revamp your current makeup routine then adopting this look is quick and easy to do – and you can adapt this to suit you.

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