6 Incredible Ways To Make Your Own Crop Tops

Do you fancy yourself as a budding fashion designer or are you just looking to hand-craft your own crop tops for fun?

Eager to impress during the summer months? Read on to discover six amazing ways that you can make your own crop tops!

Sequin Crop Top

Have you just purchased a discounted crop top at your local store but want it to have way more flair than it currently has? Spice it up by adding an abundance of sequins and decorating it with a sparkly sequin laden ribbon that can be arranged into a slogan or a pattern of your choice. 

Cut T-Shirt Crop Top

There is no better and simpler way to make a trendy crop top than to cut an old t-shirt. This idea is proven to work time and time again, especially when you are rummaging through your old summer clothes desperately trying to find something that is weather appropriate.

There are a variety of bloggers online that will show you how to cut your t-shirt successfully but don’t fret too much over accurate tears. These tops often look better the more haphazard they are! 

Sunflower Crop Top

Sunflower crops are perfect to uplift your spirit during the summer month and there are a variety of sunflower designs that you can print onto your crop top. There are numerous tutorials online that will show you how to do this and this Is not just specific to a sunflower design. 

Hooded Crop Top

The best thing about cropped hoodies is that they are distinctly fashionable. Nearly every fashion line incorporates this style of hoodie and they can be whipped out at all times of the year (providing you are layered up during winter months of course!)

You can easily cut up an old hoodie to make one of these for yourself but be sure to use an appropriate style of scissors to ensure that you are not making the process harder than it needs to be!

These crops can become a part of your exercise routine or worn as an essential item for a chilled evening with wine at a friend’s house!

Minimalist 90s Crop Top

These 90s style crop tops caused a massive stir amongst celebrities during the 90s and they continue to do so!

A minimalist 90s crop is the perfect example of DIY excellence and these can be hand crafted from old vest tops amongst other items. 

Popsicle Crop Top

Purchase a popsicle design and iron it onto an old vest top to create the perfect summer item. These crops are perfectly suited for chilling by the pool on a summer’s day and the brighter colors that you use, the more your stencil design will pop authentically. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Make My Own Crop Top As Opposed To Just Buying One?

Whilst you can just purchase a new crop top, making your own provides a sense of satisfaction that is incomparable.

The more confident that you become when re-working your old clothes, the more that you will save money and feel more inclined to become experimental in your process.

People love designs that are hand-made and crop tops are arguably the easiest form of clothing that can be made as you can rework a plethora of old clothes ranging from hoodies to t-shirts.

Can Crop Tops Only Be Worn During The Summer Months?

Whilst crop tops are traditionally only worn during the summer months due to the weather conditions, there is no reason why you can’t layer these items up during the winter, placing a thermal underneath or an alternative vest in order to showcase your unique design during all seasons.

Contrary to what you may believe, there is no limitation on when you can and cannot wear a crop top. 

Are Crop Tops Better To Exercise In?

Crop tops definitely provide you with more freedom whilst exercising as your body is more aerated and you will therefore feel cooler when running on a treadmill or on the street.

The cooler that your body temperature is, the more likely you are to complete that 10 mile run and these tops are therefore perfect for those who are exercising extensively and for those who have just started to implement a fitness routine into their daily lives.