Five Ingenious Ways How To Crop A Shirt

So you need to crop your shirt, but you aren’t sure how to. Do you just play around with the scissors?

You could do this, but there are quite a few methods to make a crop top and produce a brand new shirt from what you already have.

The best way to upgrade your old t-shirts is to turn them into crop tops. You don’t even need to know how to work a sewing machine. T-shirts can be cropped without it and still look fantastic.

As well as t-shirts, you can also try cropping sweatshirts, gym shirts or strappy tops. Let’s find out how.

1. Quick And Easy Cropping A T-Shirt

Before you start cropping, you need to choose and try on the shirt that you are going to cut. This is how you will determine where on your body is the part that you want to crop. The best way to determine this is to try the T-shirt with a pair of jeans that will go with it and see where the bottoms start.

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You will now need something to mark a place where you want to cut your shirt. Use a marker pen or a clip to mark a simple dot on your shirt so that you know where to start cutting. 

Now begin to take off the shirt and lie it down on a flat surface. It is important not to crop the shirt whilst you are wearing it as you may end up shortening it wrong and it may not be even. 

You should use sewing scissors instead of regular ones. Sewing scissors aren’t as expensive and they cut through the material much better than regular ones. 

Begin cutting the shirt, buut ensure you are leaving one or two centimetres below the place you marked. This will ensure that you won’t ruin your shirt. You can always cut more if you mess. The worst thing to do is crop it too short.

With cotton t-shirts, they will roll a bit so keep this in mind whilst you are cutting. Always give yourself one or two centimetres more than you have marked initially. 

2. Folding Over The Shirt

Repeat the same steps from the first tutorial – dress a shirt, mark, put on a clip or a dot.

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However, instead of cutting it straight along the marked side, you should fold your shirt in half. Next, take your sewing scissors and cut it. Remember to leave one or two centimeters of fabric, so that you can easily cut more if you don’t like the length.

3. Sides Cut Short

If you always wanted to know how to cut a shirt on the sides, then this is the tutorial for you. It’s so easy, you will end up with a brand new t-shirt. 

Again, you need to lay the shirt down on a flat surface. Then proceed to take your sewing scissors and cut the bottom band off. Remember to cut away from the stitch line. 

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To complete this DIY, you need a ruler or a tape measure. Measure about 5 inches from the bottom hem at both sides of the shirt. Make a mark with chalk,

You then need to cut a diagonal line from the sleeves to the marked place. Begin by cutting from the corner where the shoulder meets the sleeve down to the mark. 

4. Shirt Fringes On The Side

Begin by laying your oversized t-shirt on a flat surface. You will upgrade it by making side fringes. As they are now trendy, it is assured that you will look great.

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You then need to measure the front of the shirt, so that you know how much to cover. Once you have figured that out, you need to fold the shirt in half with the front on the outside. Ensure that everything is even and lined up. 

After you have lined up everything, you can begin cutting. Ensure you don’t cut too much material, just cut to the dot you have previously marked. Start to cut strips from the bottom to the upper part of the t-shirt. Strips can be about ¾ of an inch or an inch wide. 

You can now open the shirt and turn it to the backside. Fringes can also be cut on the back if you wish to do this. 

Stretch and pull fringes to add a bit of length. Upon doing this, you need to find the center of the strips. You don’t need to worry about them being the exact same size. Cut them in half and then tie them into knots. Ensure they are nice and tight and don’t skip the strips. 

5. How To Crop A Shirt Smartly? Cut Slits On The Back

Start by picking a shirt that you want to cut and lay it down on a flat surface. You can choose either a printed or an even shirt – just know that you will turn it into a gorgeous and trendy item after cutting.

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Now, grab the middle of your collar and the hem bottom and flip it onto its side. Ensure the area where you need to cut is nice and smooth. Remember to line up the sleeves as well. Take the scissors and cut into the shirt.

After you have cut the straps, you can pull them so they roll up a bit. You can cut an infinite amount of straps and if you need to prolong them, turn your shirt at the back and cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Be Skinny To Wear A Crop Top?

Anyone of any size can wear a crop top. Just simply pick a shirt that is your size and proceed to cut from there. 

Do Crop Tops Make You Look Shorter?

Crop tops are not likely to make you look shorter. If you pick a shirt that works well with the bottoms you have on, there is no risk of the crop top making you look shorter.

How Do You Fix A Crop Top That Is Too Short?

If you have cropped a shirt too small, then it may be difficult to correct this issue. A solution to this is to purchase a similar piece of fabric and begin sewing it on to the areas where you need more length to your shirt.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you would like to get out of a cropped t-shirt, it hopefully will have been covered in this list. 

Each method is easy to follow and offers unique and trendy outcomes that anyone is able to try out themselves.