25 Chic And Radiant Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown-Eyed Beauties

Key Takeaways
  • Purple eyeshadow complements brown eyes exceptionally well, creating a captivating contrast and enhanPurple eyeshadow offers a wide range of shadcing their warmth and depth.
  • es, from soft lavenders to deep plums, allowing for diverse looks suitable for both daytime and evening occasions.
  • Proper blending of the eyeshadow is crucial to achieve a seamless and professional finish, ensuring that the purple hue integrates harmoniously with your natural eye color.
  • Pairing purple eyeshadow with neutral tones like browns or taupes can balance the vibrancy, making it more wearable for everyday makeup while still highlighting your brown eyes.

Eye makeup is always a great way to enhance the natural color and twinkle in your eyes. It is also a way to attract attention to your eyes.

Brown eyes make up between 55 to 79% of the world populations’ eye color, making brown eyes the most common color of eyes globally. 

21 Stunning Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Because brown is a neutral color, many shades of color go well with them.

Whether you have light chocolate colored eyes or deep, rich coffee colored eyes you can always make a statement with grays, silvers, golds, and most uniquely, all shades and hues of the color purple. 

By making purple a one of your standard eyeshadow go-tos, you will make your eyes pop. This is because brown contrasts beautifully with purples.

Purple eye makeup is extremely wearable—regardless of whether you decide on a sultry violet eyeliner or a quick smokey eye made with varying degrees of purple hues. 

Purple also lends itself to being combined with metallic eyeshadows, gold and silver glitter accents and eyeliners that are black, brown, or contrast and complementary colors like orange hued makeup.

When used as an eyeshadow color palette, purple also is an easy color to glam up or down, depending on the occasion. 

The color purple has been long associated as being the color of royalty and wealth, and wearing it on your eyelids will indeed make you feel like the queen that you are.

 Before You Get Started

  • Begin with a clean eyelid canvas by applying an eyeshadow primer to ensure your purple hues pop.
  • Choose a range of Purple Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes, from soft lavenders to deep plums.
  •  Master the art of blending to create seamless transitions between shades for a flawless look.
  •  Tailor your eyeshadow application to your unique eye shape for the most flattering result.
  • Consider your overall makeup look, including lips and cheeks, to harmonize your purple eyeshadow with the rest of your face.

In this guide, we have put together a few ideas for looks you could try when using purple eyeshadow for brown eyes is inspiration and to learn some techniques on how to apply your makeup. 

1. Accents Of Pink With Purple

Accents Of Pink With Purple

Image by @anban20 via Instagram

This first look uses a cut crease technique—this is a technique that is used to make the eyes appear larger than what they are where a lighter shade of eyeshadow is used to cut across the crease of the eyelid causing a contrast between the colors- and pink and purple eyeshadow to create a stylish look.

In this look, black eyeliner is substituted out with a silver one giving the eye an extra bit of metallic pop, and highlighting the color contrast even more.

This look is a popular one with celebrities and leaves us wanting to wear it all the time!

2. Artsy Cut Crease

Artsy Cut Crease

Image by @_mariam.makeup via Instagram

Another great example of a cut crease technique is used here and is for when you are feeling in an artsy or whimsical mood and you, more importantly, have a few more minutes to block out for your makeup.

This look uses mauve and bright purple tones to create a dusky feel.

Then to complete this look, all you need is an angled brush that is relatively thin, concealer and a steady hand to get this look right every time.

It may be difficult to do the first few times but will get easier after a few practice attempts

3. Pink And Purple Classic Combinations

Pink And Purple Classic Combinations

Image by @instabeautybyjess via Instagram

Pink and purple are perfect accompaniments to each other and by using purple on the top eyelid and pink on the lower lash line, you will achieve a beautiful contrast.

The result is a colorful, stunning look, and both colors compliment brown eyes perfectly.

Tie it all together with some volumizing mascara or some eyeliner to enhance the look.

4. Lusciously Lilac

Lusciously Lilac

Image by @robertavixen via Instagram

Lilac, often the chosen color for bridesmaid dresses and wedding centerpieces, is the perfect purple color or hue to use when you are looking for something a little more understated to wear on your lids.

By adding a light hue of lilac to the center of the eyelid and in the corner of the eye, combined with a darker color on the whole eyelid and paired with clever blending, will highlight the brown of your eyes and make them pop. 

5. Pretty In (Pink-) Purple

Pretty In (Pink-) Purple

Image by @serenity_vanity via Instagram

Here, the combination of pink and purple is used again-just showing how even with only a few colors in your makeup kit, you can make a variety of eyeshadow looks.

Here, purple and pink eyeshadow is built up using different shades in different intensities with a couple of special techniques.

The end result is a look that is both simple, elegant and dramatic all at once.

6. Deep Purple

Deep Purple

Image by @makeupby_calista via Instagram

If you are after a Valentine’s look or any other romantic or whimsical occasion, this eyeshadow look is for you.

It has a sweet love-heart shape on the inner corners of the eyes, accentuating the eye and highlighting the brown of the iris.

The expert mixing of lighter and darker shades of purple and pink is an effective way of making a smokey eye with a difference.

The end result is romantic, whimsical and dramatic—everything you could want for a pop of color on your eyes.

Quick Guide to Purple Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes: Enhance Your Beauty

  • Color Harmony: Choose purple shades that complement your brown eyes, like plums or violets.
  • Gradual Build-Up: Apply eyeshadow in layers for a more intense or subtle purple look.
  • Flattering Blending: Blend colors seamlessly to create a captivating and harmonious effect.
  • Eye Primer: Use an eyeshadow primer for long-lasting wear and vibrant color.

7. Keep It Simple, You Don’t Need To Over Do It

Keep It Simple, You Don’t Need To Over Do It

Image by @baileysarian via Instagram

When veering off your normal track of using neutral palettes on your eyes like your coppers, browns and golds, picking a color as bold as purple can be quite daunting.

However, the good news is, is that you do not have to really apply any complicated or intricate makeup techniques to achieve a flawless look on your eyes.

The simple use of purple with lots of black eyeliner and lashings of mascara or false eyelashes will do the trick.

The key thing to remember is to blend carefully, as these bold color blocks of purple are really quite noticeable if they are not blended together with a brush or the tip of your finger at a push.

8. Spaced Out Purple

Spaced Out Purple

Image by @zoemexiamakeup via Instagram

Inspired by the night sky and the moon, this look is really great for any nighttime look and celebrates artistry involved in creating looks with makeup.

It is always important to remember that use of makeup is a form of self-expression.

9. Popping Purple

Image by @thebeautydeeplife via Pinterest

If you are new to applying makeup and especially bold colors like purple to your eyes, and are struggling to achieve the pop of color that you see on Instagram and in makeup adverts-don’t lose hope, as there are several tricks you can try out to achieve this.

The first is using a primer to give you a smooth and nude base to start on.

When adding the purple tones, use a damp brush so that the color of the purple eyeshadow for brown eyes looks is really able to be worked in properly and making pigmentation that much obvious. Another good tip to try out is the use of setting spray.

Makeup setting spray makes your makeup last for the entire evening, no matter how much you are running about or dancing or even exposed to the elements.

10. Inky Night-Time Colors

Inky Night-Time Colors

Image by @laurabrady_mua via Pinterest

When used together, purple and blue make a killer combination. Purple is of course derived from blue and red parts of the light spectrum, and so the blue and purple hues work well together.

They are dramatic and intense when used together, and create an illusion of the night sky on your eyelids. It is a perfect color combination for a special occasion makeup or a date night out.

11. Purple Reign

Purple Reign

Image by @beautybybda via Instagram

As seen on all the royals clothes in days gone by and even now, gold and purple were often used as a color symbol to indicate power, abundance, and wealth.

Gold and purple are a great color combination and can be used together in many ways to create eye-catching designs.

The metallic gold really accents the purple hues and also works on highlighting the golden hues in your brown eyes to make a beautiful end result that will become a staple look in your makeup repertoire in no time.

The great thing is that gold can be incorporated with purple in many ways-from shimmer eyeshadow to gel eyeliners or even gold bedazzling on the eyelid.

12. Sharp Edges

Sharp Edges

Image by @samanthajayyy_ via Instagram

If you are after a few sharp lines such as tapered edges that can be seen on the underside of this pop of purple, or even wings, then this look is for you.

It is done by using tape or a sharp-edged brush to give you those precise lines.

Tape is a versatile tool to have in your makeup kit and can also be used to perfect eyebrow shape or creating these flicks of eyeliner wings.

The beauty of this look is that any liner color can be used, and you can also create a smokey eye effect if you wish with varying the purple hues on the eyelids.

13. Beat Me Up Buttercup

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Image by @oribelface via Instagram

Not a color combination that is typically thought of, but it really does work well.

Yellow and purple are on opposite ends of the color spectrum and so give a beautiful contrast to one another-just like this soft buttercup yellow and lilac purple does.

Both colors bring out the brown eyes and if you are looking for extra layers of glam, you could finish off the look with some silver eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eye or even on the low lash line if you want something even more adventurous. 

14. A More Understated, Muted Look

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Image by @serenity_vanity via Instagram

If you are looking for a look that is less bold and more subtle, suited for going to the office or every day life, then using nudes and some lighter pale lilac will do the job while still making your brown eyes the center of attraction.

Adding a light dusting of pale lilac shades to your eyelid blended with some nude shades will give you a feminine and classy look without much effort or time.

If you want to, you can pair this look with a nude lipstick or if you are feeling more bold and adventurous, a purple lipstick of your choice to accentuate the purple color palette. 

15. Purple Smoke On My Eyes

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Image by @d_glam_beauty via Instagram

Creating a smokey eye with shades of pink and purple with sultry black is a combination you cannot go wrong with.

The variation of purple eyeshadow makes the brown in your eyes pop, and if you are looking for a smash hit where people won’t be able to take their eyes off of you, then this is it. You will command the room. 

16. All The Glamour Drama With Purple And Silver Cut Crease

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Image by @velvet702 via Instagram

Cut creases can be a bit tricky to perfect, but once you have them down and as part of your makeup skill set, you will love to use this color combination of purple and silver.

This cut crease includes a bright pop of purple combined with a silver line to create the crease detail in the crease of the eye.

In this particular example, a nude-taupe shade is used for blending and combining everything together.

The silver adds to the drama of an otherwise simple look and the metallic undertones of the color compliments all purple hues and brown eyes perfectly, every time.  

17. Classically Feminine Purple Eyeshadow Combinations On Brown Eyes

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Image by @biancanicole.mua via Instagram

What is it about brown eyes and purple hues that just work so well together?

The best part about this winning combination, is that you can create a multitude of looks with just a few different shades of purple.

If you are looking for a simple, understated look, use lighter shades of purple with brown liner, or go bold and bright with purple and metallics.

Either way, you will love the look that is achieved with this combination. 

18. Warm Metallic With Purple Hues

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Image by @samanthajayyy_ via Instagram

Warm metallic tones such as gold or shimmery browns or coppers around the eyes will really help to bring brown eyes to life and make them glisten and shimmer under the light too.

The warm gold or browns will highlight any brown, gold flecks or color variations in your eyes.

The warmer metallic tones will compliment the cooler purple color hues and create not only a balance, but also give your eyes a pop of glamour and gloss. 

19. Copper Tones With Purple Hues

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Image by @neelofer via Pinterest

As described above, the warmer metallic tones compliment brown eyes with purple eyeshadow well.

Coppery eyeshadow shades do the same—they bring a warmth and earthy feel to the look while complimenting the boldness of the purple hues.

Here, we see an example that combines the bold lines of purple across the lower lash line with the top eyelids balanced out with the brick-red tones of copper.

This is an absolute must-try for any occasion and is simple and easy enough to do on the fly. 

20. The Pink To Purple Glamour Blend

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Image by @harbsy via Instagram

Using clever and expert blending of pink and purple in a gradient of light pink to dark purple makes for a dramatic, glamorous look that allows the color to be built up slowly.

When blending colors together with eyeshadow, it is best to start with a small amount at first and then build it up slowly-it is easier to add color than take it away if you have added too much.

Pro Tip

Apply a hint of sparkly champagne or gold makeup to the inner corners of your eyes for a vibrant and alluring look that will make your brown eyes stand out when you use purple eyeshadow.

21. Purple & Warm Metallic Tones

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Image by @anban20 via Instagram

For brown eyes, the harmonious fusion of purple and warm metallic tones in makeup creates a mesmerizing and enchanting look.

This exquisite combination complements the rich depth of brown eyes, enhancing their natural allure.

Purple, with its various shades like plum, lavender, or violet, brings depth and contrast to brown eyes, making them appear more vibrant.

The regal undertones of purple evoke a sense of sophistication and mystery.

Warm metallic tones such as bronze, copper, or rose gold add a luminous and sun-kissed touch, which beautifully complements the warmth of brown eyes.

These metallic hues catch the light, imparting a captivating, ethereal glow that draws attention to the eyes.

The interplay between purple and warm metallics creates a stunning contrast, making your brown eyes pop with an enchanting, multi-dimensional effect.

This combination is a striking choice for everyday elegance and special occasions, allowing your brown eyes to radiate a captivating charm.

22. Gold n’ Purple Smokey Eye Look 

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Image by @zoemexiamakeup via Instagram

Create a captivating Gold n’ Purple Smokey Eye Look to enhance the allure of brown eyes. Start by applying a neutral eyeshadow base to create a smooth canvas.

Then, blend a warm matte brown shade into the crease for depth. Apply a rich, shimmery gold eyeshadow on the eyelid, intensifying the center for a spotlight effect.

Now, it’s time for the captivating purple. Using a deep plum or eggplant shade, gently blend it into the outer corner and the lower lash line to add drama and contrast.

Finish with black eyeliner along the upper lash line to make your brown eyes pop, extending it into a subtle wing.

Coat your lashes with volumizing mascara, or consider false lashes for added glamour.

This blend of warm Gold and sultry purple complements brown eyes by adding depth and a touch of mystique.

It’s a perfect choice for evening events and special occasions, adding a hint of extravagance to your gaze.

23. Smokey Sparkly Purple Look 

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Image by @laurabrady_mua via Instagram

Create a mesmerizing, Smokey, Sparkly Purple Look to make your brown eyes pop with elegance and allure. Start by applying a neutral eyeshadow base to your eyelids.

Then, blend deep plum and rich purple shades into your crease, gradually intensifying the color towards the outer corners.

Apply a matte black shadow to the outer V of your eyes for added depth and blend seamlessly.

Now, it’s time to add the sparkle. Dab a shimmering lavender or silver eyeshadow onto your lid’s center, gradually extending it toward the inner corners.

Use glittery purple eyeliner to define your upper lash line and add a touch of sparkle to the lower lash line. Enhance your lashes with several coats of mascara.

Finish this captivating look with well-groomed brows and a subtle nude lip to keep the focus on your stunning, sparkling purple eyes.

This Smokey, Sparkly Purple Look is perfect for a night out or any special occasion, enhancing your brown eyes’ beauty with enchanting glamor.

Did you know?

Purple eyeshadow looks can make brown eyes look even more vibrant, as the contrasting colors create an eye-catching effect that enhances your natural beauty.

24. Artistic Dusky Purple Cut Crease 

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Image by @robertavixen via Instagram

Create a mesmerizing, artistic dusky purple cut crease look that perfectly complements brown eyes. Start by applying a matte beige eyeshadow as a base.

Then, blend a soft mauve shade into the crease, gradually intensifying the color towards the outer corner.

Next, take a deep dusky purple eyeshadow and carve out a sharp cut crease, emphasizing the natural contour of your lid.

To add dimension:

  1. Blend a shimmering lavender eyeshadow on the inner half of your lid and blend it seamlessly into the purple.
  2. Apply a touch of silver or champagne shimmer to the inner corners for a brightening effect.
  3. Line your upper lash line with black or dark brown eyeliner and create a subtle wing.
  4. Finish with several coats of mascara to define your lashes.

This dusky purple cut crease will make your brown eyes pop with a sultry and artistic allure, showcasing their depth and warmth.

25. Silver Upgrade To The Cut Crease

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

Image by @oribelface via Instagram

The last look on our list, is a silver flick in the cut crease of the eyelid to add something sparkly and glamorous to this nude-brown blend with purple hues.

This look on its own (without the silver addition) is a great daytime look for the office.

Adding the silver line in the crease takes your look to a whole new level, ready for those after work drinks, quickly and effectively. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Before committing to a purple color, test it out first. When you are buying a green eyeshadow, apply it to the back of your hand to see how the color contrasts to your skin. It is important to note if it downs out your skin or compliments it.
  • Mixing purples with metallic colors and shimmer-based products will give you a more rounded and elegant look.
  • Blend and buff your eyeshadow shades together to get a more cohesive and smooth look on your eyelids. 
  • Always start with a light cream, nude, or peach color as a base before applying the bolder purple colors
  • With applying bold eye colors like purple, it is best to start off with doing your eyes, then the rest of your face.
  • If you want to highlight the corners of your eyes, add in darker or lighter shades to enhance them. 
  • Layer the eyeshadow until the desired color is achieved.
  • Always, always use eyeliner and mascara to finish off your look. 
  • If you are having trouble with perfecting the techniques mentioned above, such as wings or creating cut creases on the eyes, be sure to check out YouTube tutorials. There are many different hacks and shortcuts to perfect the techniques and many knowledgeable people out there.  
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