Breathtaking Brown Eyes: 40 Makeup Looks To Make Them Pop

Key Takeaways
  • Brown eyes can be beautifully accentuated with warm, earthy tones like browns, coppers, and golds.
  • Experiment with contrasting colors, such as deep purples or blues, to create a striking contrast with brown eyes.
  • Applying a shimmery highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes can make them appear brighter and more awake.

Blue eyes may get all of the love, but brown eyes are gorgeous too!

Your peepers reflect light more than other colors, which brings out the gorgeous red, amber, and gold tones in your iris.

And All colors of the rainbow look beautiful on brown eyes, so you have an endless amount of shadows and liners to choose from. 

Eye makeup for brown eyes

If you want to make your brown eyes pop, you’re in the right place! You’ll find 10 of the best eye makeup tutorials for brown eyes below.

No matter what color brown your eyes are, there’ll be a look that brings out their beauty below.

So what are you waiting for? Try a few of these eye makeup tutorials for yourself and have fun experimenting! 

Before You Get Started

  • One of the best things you can do at first is to clean and well-moisturized face. It is essential to use a suitable primer to create a smooth canvas for makeup application.
  • Keep in mind to apply an eye cream to the delicate skin around your eyes. It is a great way to hydrate the area and helps makeup glide on smoothly.
  • Have all your makeup tools and products ready. You must have eyeshadow brushes, eyeliner, mascara, makeup remover, cotton swabs, and a mirror.
  • Take time to decide on the style and intensity of your makeup.
  • It is vital to choose eyeshadow colours that complement brown eyes. It is great to have warm shades like earthy tones, golds, purples, and bronzes work well.

Dark Brown Eyes

1. Plum Eye Look

Eye makeup for brown eyes

Plum is a reddish shade of purple that looks gorgeous on dark brown eyes.

Purple looks good on all brown eyes, but the red undertones here will help to bring out the deeper colors of your iris.

This look is perfect for all seasons, though plum’s rich hue looks amazing during autumn and winter.

Follow these steps to get the look

  • Prime your lids with an eye primer or concealer. This will create a smooth base for the eyeshadows to sit on.
  • Take a brown eyeshadow that has a slight pinkness to it. This will be your transition shade; a color that will create a smooth gradient between two other eyeshadows. Use a small fluffy brush to apply the shadow to your eye crease.
  • Take your plum shadow, then use a flat shader brush to apply it to the center and inner corners of your eyelid. 
  • Use the same plum shadow on the lower lash line, keeping the color on the outside third of your eye. Smudge the color lightly so that it doesn’t seem too stark underneath. 
  • Use the deep purple shade on the outer corner of your eye, then blend to remove any harsh lines. 
  • Take a deep black eyeliner, then line your upper lash line. A cat-eye or winged liner looks best with this look, though you can keep the line thinner if you prefer. 
  • Curl your lashes, then apply your favorite mascara. Waterproof mascara will hold the curl of your lashes better than a regular one. If you want to use lashes, opt for ones that aren’t too thick. These may distract from the beauty of this look. 

2. Cobalt Blue Eye Look

Cobalt Blue Eye Look Eye makeup for brown eyes

Deep blue eyeshadow is a simple, yet effective way of bringing out dark brown eyes. This is a sexy eye look, so it’s best reserved for a night out or special event.

Nevertheless, if you want to wear this one out doing your daily errands, we won’t stop you! 

Cobalt blue is a bright, yet deep shade of blue that looks fantastic against rich brown eyes. Dark brown eyes can rock most shades of blue, but this one will really make a statement. 

Follow these steps to get the look:

  • Use a nude eye primer to prime your lids. If you don’t have an eye primer, concealer and setting powder will do the same job. 
  • Apply a nude eyeshadow that’s similar to your skin tone onto your whole eyelid, including the crease.
  • Take a deep cobalt blue eyeshadow, then use a flat brush to pack the color onto the lid. Keep the color on the lid, making sure it doesn’t extend past the crease. 
  • Use a small fluffy blending brush to diffuse the blue color outwards. The aim is to make the blue shadow blend into the nude shadow on the crease. Don’t rush while doing this step, be patient and take your time. 
  • Take the same blue color and use a smudger brush to line your lower lashes. Smudge the color outwards so that it blends into your skin. 
  • Use a black eyeliner to line your lids. Depending on your preference, you can use a liquid liner or a pencil. A pencil will create a smokier look, but a liquid one is better for creating bold wings. 
  • Curl your lashes, then apply lots of mascara for maximum effect. 

3. Natural Smokey Eye Look

Natural Smokey Eye Look Eye makeup for brown eyes

Smoky eyes were loved by many in the past as well as today. On dark brown eyes, smoky eyes create a simple, yet seductive look.

You can use any combination of colors for this look, but we’re going to focus on neutral shades as they highlight darker eyes well. 

Follow these steps to get the look:

  • Prime your eyes with an eye primer or concealer. Make sure that it’s blended into your lid well.
  • Use a black pencil liner to line your upper lash line thickly. Kajal works best for this as it smudges well, but you can use any pencil liner that you want to use. 
  • Take a small blending brush and diffuse the black liner onto your eyelid. 
  • Apply a deep black shadow above your eye crease. Make sure that this color doesn’t reach your eyelids, it should stay within the crease area. 
  • Use a fluffy blending brush to move the black shadow onto your outer eyelid. Make sure that the color looks even; there shouldn’t be any patchy areas. Don’t take the color above your brow bone, leave some space for a highlight. 
  • Take a shimmery silver eyeshadow, then apply it to the inner and center part of your eyelid. 
  • Use a black liner to line your lower lash line, then smoke it out to match the rest of the look. 
  • Take a liquid black liner to draw a thick wing on your upper lid. The goal is to create a cat-eye shape, so make sure that the wing slants slightly upwards instead of straight across. 
  • Your lashes may get lost under all the dark shadows, but you can counter this by wearing lots of mascara and adding a pair of lashes. 

Medium Brown Eyes

4. Gold Eye Look

Gold Eye Look Eye makeup for brown eyes

Black and gold is a classic color combination. On the eyes, gold eyeshadow and black liner create a striking contrast that suits medium brown eyes.

The gold will highlight any gold or amber flecks in your iris, while the black adds a dramatic flair to the whole look. 

A cut crease eye look draws all of the attention onto your beautiful eyes. It’s fantastic for special occasions and it suits a lot of outfits.

You can stay subdued and wear an all-black outfit, or go out there and match the gold shadow with a metallic dress

Follow these steps to get the look:

  • Use an eye primer or concealer to prime your lids, then set with a powder.
  • Use a medium brown eyeshadow as a transition shade, applying it to your eye crease. Diffuse the color a little further into your brow bone and blend. 
  • Take the blackest liquid liner that you have, then create a wing on both eyes. 
  • Take a gold eyeshadow, then apply it to the remainder of your eyelid. Use a small brush to blend the gold shadow and black liner, creating a gradient as you do so. 
  • Use a clean liner brush to apply a line of concealer slightly above the crease. This line should be clean and defined so make sure that the eyeshadow doesn’t mix into the color. Finish the line where your winged liner ends, following the same angle.
  • Apply the medium brown eyeshadow underneath your lower lashes, then smoke it out slightly. 
  • Curl your lashes, then apply a few coats of mascara. As this look is very glamorous, you may prefer to wear lashes with this look, but it isn’t necessary. 

5. Green Eye Look

Green Eye Look on brown eye

If you’re tired of classic eye looks, green is a color that is far from boring! Green shadows come in several shades and finishes.

Whether you go for a metallic shade or a matte one, green also draws attention to any brown flecks in your eyes. 

This look pairs an emerald green eyeshadow with an orangey-brown one for an interesting contrast.

It looks great with lashes and lots of liner at night, but you can try a less intense version for a little fun in the day.

Follow these steps to get the look:

  • After priming your eyes, take a brown eyeshadow that has orange undertones. Apply the shadow in the crease, using it as a transition shade. 
  • Apply a shimmery green eyeshadow to your whole eyelid. Take a fluffy blending brush and blend the color into the orange shadow. 
  • If the green is too patchy after blending, use a flat brush to pack on some more color. Use a smaller brush to apply a black shadow to your outer eyelid, blending it into the other shadows.
  • Use the same orange-brown eyeshadow to draw a line on your lower lid, then use a smudger brush to smoke it out. Afterward, use the green to do the same, but smoke it out less than the brown. The colors on your lower lash line should blend, but they shouldn’t extend too far down across your face. 
  • Use a black liquid liner to create a wing. You can make the line as thin or as thick as you wish. 
  • Apply some mascara and if the event calls for it, a pair of dramatic lashes. 

6. Violet Eye Look

Violet Eye Look Eye makeup for brown eyes

Violet is a purple-blue shade that looks fantastic on medium brown eyes. Blue is opposite orange on the color wheel, so it will bring out the amber flecks in your eyes well.

This eye look is great for a night out or special events, but the darker shadows can be difficult to master.

If you’re a beginner, make sure that you have enough practice before the big night.

Follow these steps to get the look:

  • Prime your eyes with a nude eye primer. Make sure that the color is even across the whole eyelid.
  • Take a mid-brown eyeshadow that has a slight pinkness to it. This will be your transition shade. Apply it to your crease and the area around it, then blend. 
  • Use a flat brush to pack a violet eyeshadow onto your eyelid. Blend the color into the transition shade. If the color loses its vibrancy, use the brush to add more shadow. 
  • Use a small brush to apply a black shadow to your outer eyelid. Blend the color into the violet shadow. Apply the same shadow to your lower lash line, smudging it out slightly. 
  • Create a wing with a black liquid liner, then curl your lashes and apply mascara. If you want to use lashes, opt for thin or wispy ones. Thicker ones can mask the colorful shadow beneath.

Light Brown Eyes

7. Rose Gold Eye Look

Eye makeup for brown eyes

Rose gold looks good on all brown eyes, but they look especially beautiful on lighter brown irises. Rose gold has copper undertones.

The warmth from the orange in copper brings out the same flecks in your eyes. Pink adds a girly touch, making this a pretty look to wear both day and night. 

Follow these steps to get the look:

  • Prime your eyes with a concealer or an eye primer. 
  • Take a nude brown eyeshadow that’s a little deeper than your natural skin tone. Use it as a transition shade, applying it to your crease. 
  • Take a mauve or light purple eyeshadow and apply it to the outer edge of your eyelid. 
  • Use your finger or a flat brush to apply a rose gold shadow to the rest of your eyelid. Depending on the look you want, either use the rose gold on your inner corner or use a shimmer highlight instead. 
  • Create a wing with black or brown liner. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. If you want to use lashes, opt for wispy ones that are longer on the ends for a cat-eye effect. 

8. Light Brown Eye Look

Light Brown Eye Look Eye makeup for brown eyes

Brown eyeshadow on brown eyes may sound boring, but it’s one of the most effective ways to make brown eyes pop!

Lighter brown shadows will bring out the same tones in light brown eyes. This is also a look that is great for every day, but you can add lashes and eyeliner to dress it up for the night. 

Follow these steps to get the look:

  • Prime your eyes with a nude primer or a concealer. 
  • After priming your eyes, take a piece of tape and apply it along your lash line. We will be removing this at the end to create a defined eyeshadow wing. 
  • Use a fluffy brush to apply a light brown shade across your eyelid. 
  • Use a darker brown pencil liner to line your upper lash line, then use a smudger brush to blend it out. 
  • Make sure the liner is as dark or as light as you want it to be, then remove the tape. The result should be a sharp wing that’s softer on the inner lid. 
  • Curl your lashes well, then apply a few coats of mascara. 

9. Taupe Eye Look

Taupe Eye Look on brown eye

Taupe is a peculiar shade. Some say that it is brown, while others say it looks gray or green. In this look, we’ll be using a gray taupe that has a purple undertone.

This shade of taupe looks amazing on light brown eyes and it suits several occasions. You can increase the intensity for the night or pare it down during the day. 

Follow these steps to get the look:

  • After priming your eyes, apply a mid-brown eyeshadow to the crease and surrounding area. 
  • Take a light silver eyeshadow and apply it to the inner third of your eyelid. Make sure that the color is evenly distributed, making sure that no patches are showing through. 
  • Use a darker brown eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eye. Diffuse the color so the shadows blend seamlessly. 
  • Take a glittery silver eyeshadow with purple undertones and apply it to the center of your lids. This will be our taupe shade. Blend the color into the silver inner corners. 
  • Use a deep black liner to create a cat-eye wing. Curl your lashes, then apply a generous coat of mascara. You can make the liner as thick or as thin as you wish. 

Quick Guide to Enhancing Brown Eyes with Eyeshadow: Brown Eyes Unveiled

  • Prep and Prime: All you need is to use an eyeshadow primer or concealer to create a smooth base for your eyeshadow.
  • Choose Your Eyeshadow Colors: it’s vital to select eyeshadow colors that complement brown eyes.
  • Apply the Base Shade: Use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply a base shade that matches your skin tone or is slightly lighter all over the lid.
  • Add Dimension with a Crease Shade: Choose a slightly darker eyeshadow shade and apply it to the crease of your eyelid.
  • Highlight and Blend: Use a shimmery or light eyeshadow to highlight the inner corners of your eyes and the brow bone.

A Look That Suits All Brown Eyes

10. Classic Neutral Eye Look 

Light Brown Eye Look Classic Neutral Eye Look 

This eye look is great for all occasions. You can wear this one to work with a little mascara or add some fierce lashes for a night out.

It’s also super simple, so this is a great one to practice if you’re a beginner just getting into makeup.

All of the eyeshadows used are neutral colors; shades that look great alongside the tones in your eyes.

These tones look great on dark, medium, and light brown eyes, so all brown-eyed beauties can give this one a go. 

Follow these steps to get the look:

  1. Begin by using an eye primer as a base. Go for a nude color instead of a clear one, as this will cover any redness or darkness coming through. A primer will also help the eyeshadow to stay on for longer. 
  • Take a light brown eyeshadow and use a brush to sweep it onto your lids. Take it up towards the outer corner, blending any harsh lines away.
  • Use a deep brown eyeliner to line your upper lid. Don’t worry if the line is too thick, as you’ll be smoking it out later. Use a small smudger brush to diffuse the color upwards, so that it fades into the shadow. 
  • Use the brown liner to line your lower lashes, then smoke out the color using the same smudger brush. 
  • Curl your lashes, then apply your favorite mascara. Feel free to use lashes if you prefer a more dramatic look.

11. Neutrals All the Way

Classic Neutral Eye Look 

Image by @fentybeauty via Instagram

To achieve this neutral, monochromatic look, use colors that are near to your skin tone and the same product on your lids, cheeks, and lips.

12. Purple Monochrome

Purple Monochrome

Purple tones look great with brown eyes because they enhance the depth of your irises. Apply a plum to a purple hue around your eyes to achieve a monochrome appearance.

13. Neon Lights

Neon Lights

Image by @kendalljenner via Instagram

An easy way to introduce neon colors into your makeup look is to try adding it as a co lored liquid liner.

Consider using this look for a festival, party, or day when you feel like being extra glam.

14. Bold Blue

Bold Blue

Image by @alluremagazine via Pinterest

Bold, explosive colors and brown eyes are an unbeatable combo.

Apply the shadow throughout your entire eyelid as well as the lower lash line, keeping the rest of your makeup basic. Blend, blend, blend some more for a smooth finish.

Bold blue eyeshadow is a stunning choice to make brown eyes pop. This intense, vibrant shade creates a striking contrast, enhancing the warmth of brown eyes.

Applied skillfully, it adds drama and allure to your gaze. The rich blue pigment should be blended flawlessly, with a hint of shimmer for added depth.

To complete the look, consider pairing it with neutral or earthy tones for balance, creating a mesmerizing and captivating eye makeup style that accentuates the natural beauty of brown eyes.

15. Extra Nude Lips

Extra Nude Lips

Image by @jlo via Instagram

“Extra Nude Lips” is a makeup style that compliments brown eyes, making them pop with understated elegance.

This look features a soft, neutral lip color in shades like warm beige, pale pink, or light peach, creating a subtle contrast that enhances the depth and warmth of brown eyes.

The focus here is on achieving a natural, polished appearance, allowing your eyes to take center stage.

A touch of lip gloss or balm adds a shine, completing this effortlessly chic and flattering makeup style for brown-eyed beauties.

16. Fresh Freckles

Fresh Freckles

Image by @emrata via Instagram

Freckles have a way of bringing a youthful allure to any look. If you already have freckles, embrace them by wearing light makeup that highlights rather than conceals your unique traits.

Keep in Mind

  • Complementary Eyeshadow Colors: Remember to Choose eyeshadow colours that complement brown eyes to enhance your natural eye colour.
  • Eyeshadow Blending: Proper blending is necessary to achieve a polished look. Make sure you Invest in good-quality eyeshadow brushes and take the time to blend your eyeshadows seamlessly.
  • Eyeliner Precision:  When using eyeliner, particularly along the upper lash line, aim for precision. The choice between a thin or thick line depends on your desired look.
  • Mascara for Definition: Mascara adds definition to your lashes. It is best to consider curling your eyelashes before applying mascara.
  • Use a Primer for Longevity: Extend the staying power of your eyeshadow by applying an eyeshadow primer. It not only prevents creasing but also makes the eyeshadow colours appear more vibrant and long-lasting.

17. Mellow Yellow

A gorgeous makeup style that shines with brown eyes is bright yellow eyeshadow. To make your sunny color pick shine out, keep the rest of your look simple.

18. Floating Eyeliner

Image by @zendaya via Instagram

Floating eyeliner is a striking makeup technique designed to make brown eyes pop.

It involves applying a vibrant or contrasting eyeliner shade just above the crease, creating a captivating illusion of a floating line.

This technique draws attention to the eyes, enhancing their natural depth and warmth.

To achieve the desired effect, choose eyeliner colors like teal, plum, or emerald that complement brown eyes beautifully.

Floating eyeliner adds a touch of drama and intrigue to your eye makeup, genuinely mesmerizing your brown eyes.

You may make classic eyeliner more fascinating by embracing a more modern silhouette.

Try black along the outer crease like Zendaya for a new, romantic look, then apply rose tones to the rest of your face.

19. Smoke it Out

Smoke it Out

Image by @joansmalls via Instagram

A smokey eye is sultry and dark, perfect for adding drama to a night out.

Smudge out the bottom lash line and extend the shadow to the outer edge of the eyelid, producing a delicate wing.

You can go as subtle or intense as you choose, and the smoky chocolate tones here really bring out your brown eyes. Defined brows and bare lips complete the appearance.

20. Minty Fresh

Minty Fresh

Image by @southernliving via Pinterest

Minty Fresh eyeshadow is a captivating shade designed to make brown eyes pop with vibrancy and allure.

This cool, refreshing mint green hue adds a striking contrast, enhancing the depth and warmth of brown eyes.

Its velvety texture glides on smoothly, offering a long-lasting, crease-resistant finish.

Whether used as a subtle accent or a bold statement, Minty Fresh promises to brighten and emphasize the natural beauty of brown eyes, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance to any eye makeup look.

Light, light shadows contrast beautifully with brown eyes. A mint color looks both nostalgic and modern when paired with fluttery lashes.

21. Just Peachy

Just Peachy

Peachy eyeshadow is a warm, soft shade reminiscent of ripe peaches.

Its gentle orange undertones beautifully complement brown eyes, creating a striking contrast that makes the eyes pop.

This earthy hue imparts a subtle, natural warmth, making it a versatile choice for day and evening looks.

Peachy eyeshadow adds depth and dimension, enhancing the richness of brown eyes for a captivating gaze.

Peach is flattering on many skin tones and eye colors, mainly brown eyes. Use similar shades of eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick to get a monotone look.

22. Pops of Sparkle

Pops of Sparkle

Image by @lilyaldridge via Instagram

A deeper eye color allows you to be more creative with your eyeshadow.

Apply a shimmering shadow over your top eyelids, a bit of neon liner in the same shade, and your fave mascara to achieve this look.

Keep the rest of your look basic and bright, and you’ll be the talk of the party all night.

23. Barbie Babe

Barbie Babe Eye makeup for brown eyes

Nicki Minaj has nailed the brown-eyed Barbie beauty look, which uses pink shadow and blush, dramatic false lashes, and nude, glossy lips to mix simplicity and glamour.

While larger-than-life earrings and blonde and pink hair complement the outfit, feel free to accessorize as you wish to become the doll of your dreams.

24. Tightline Backline

Tightline Backline Eye makeup for brown eyes

Tightline backline is a makeup technique using black eyeliner to enhance the beauty of brown eyes.

This method involves applying a thin line of black eyeliner along the upper waterline, nestled between the lashes.

It subtly defines the eyes and makes them appear larger and more captivating.

By darkening the lash line without overwhelming the eye, brown eyes are brought into focus, creating a mesmerizing pop.

This technique is perfect for a natural, everyday look or can be layered with additional makeup for dramatic effects, making it a versatile and essential tool in any makeup enthusiast’s kit.

25. Colored mascara

Eye makeup for brown eyes

Colored mascara combined with eyeliner in the same shade adds focus to your lovely brown eyes. No one will be able to look away from this deep blue with a hint of gold sheen.

Gold shimmer is a luminous, radiant pigment that adds a captivating glimmer to makeup looks, particularly enhancing the allure of brown eyes with eye makeup.

Its warm, metallic sheen beautifully complements the earthy tones of brown eyes, creating a mesmerizing contrast that makes them pop.

This glistening touch of gold adds depth, dimension, and a touch of luxury to eye makeup, leaving a lasting impression with its enchanting brilliance.

26. Punchy Shade Lipstick 

Punchy Shade Lipstick Eye makeup for brown eyes

Image by @bridalmusings via Pinterest

A punchy shade lipstick is a vibrant, attention-grabbing lip color that adds bold and exciting contrast to eye makeup for brown eyes, making them pop with intensity.

Whether it’s a fiery red, electric coral, or deep fuchsia, these striking lipstick shades create a captivating focal point, enhancing the natural beauty of brown eyes with eye makeup look and delivering a stunning, confident look.

27. A Staple

A Staple Eye makeup for brown eyes

Image by @imaanhammam via Instagram

Enhance your captivating brown eyes with a timeless allure. Apply a classic black eyeliner for a defining gaze, while a coat of mascara adds depth and intensity.

Complete the look with bold red lipstick that contrasts beautifully with your brown eyes, making them truly pop with a touch of elegance and charm.

We adore how classic black liner, mascara, and red lipstick bring out the deep drama in brown eyes with eye makeup look.

Pro Tip

The most crucial tip for brown eye makeup is to choose eyeshadow colours that complement your specific shade of brown eyes. This choice can significantly enhance your natural eye colour and make your eyes pop. It is crucial to choose the right eyeshadow colours tailored to your specific shade of brown eyes, which is essential for a truly captivating and personalized makeup look.

28. White Hot Liner

White Hot Liner Eye makeup for brown eyes

Welcome to white eyeliner, a fashion from the early 1960s that has returned.

This method makes the eyes appear larger and brighter while tying the whole look together.

Apply the eye pencil gently down your lower waterline from the outer corner, or try it outside your lash line like Willow Smith for a more abstract appearance.

White Hot Liner, a white eyeliner, is a game-changer for eye makeup for brown eyes. Applied along the waterline, it creates a bright contrast that makes your brown eyes pop with a captivating intensity.

29. Ultra Glossy

Eye makeup for brown eyes

Image by @madelame via Instagram

Lip gloss does one thing consistently: it adds volume to your lips. Clear gloss will allow your natural lip color to shine, further complimenting your skin and eyes.

30. Pastel Perfection

Pastel Perfection

Elevate your eye makeup for brown eyes with delicate watercolor eyeshadows. These soft, blendable shades bring out brown eyes’ natural warmth and depth, creating a captivating and ethereal look.

Adding a watercolor eyeshadow moment to any look gives a dose of excitement, and you may select between classic placement and more abstract color strokes, as seen below. 

31. Reds and Pinks

Image by @fkatwigs via Instagram

Cherry tones may bring out the warmth in your complexion and are appropriate for all seasons.

If you have red hair like FKA Twigs, you can get a robust monochromatic look that will have everyone in your orbit.

32. Flushed

Image by @oliviamunn via Instagram

Rosy tones look even better against substantial eye makeup for brown eyes, and we’re not complaining.

Choose a blush color that complements your skin tone and apply liberally for an all-over flushed look.

33. Celestial Silver

Celestial Silver

A futuristic contrast can be precisely what you need to keep things intriguing.

For a truly magical look, find a silver shadow as bright as your eyes are rich, make a unique bottom wing with a matching liner, and finish with lashes to the sky.

34. Mermaid Dreams

Mermaid Dreams

Image by @kyliejenner via Instagram

Combine blue-green and shimmering pink to create a mermaid gradient that genuinely pops on brown eyes with this eye make look.

Finish with classic eyeliner and wispy lashes for a modern look that can be worn anywhere.

35. Sunset Bronze

 Sunset Bronze

Image by @aaliyahceilia via Instagram

Warm eyeshadow tones and an allover glow are an easy way to make your brown eyes eye makeup look stand out during the golden hour.

36. Moody Mauves

Moody Mauves

Try a delicate purple or mauve for a subtle but powerful color. Combine with light pink blush and glossed lips for a simple look that will turn attention.

37. Bold Lower Liner

Bold Lower Liner

If you’re afraid of color, apply it on your lower lash line for a slight pop.

This gives the appearance of a colorful shadow without committing to a complete eye look, and the unique color placement particularly pops against brown eyes.

38. Barely There Makeup

Barely There Makeup

Image by @adutakech via Instagram

Allow your brown eyes to take the stage with this understated eye makeup look.

It’s all about sticking to the fundamentals to emphasize your natural features and give you that “no-makeup makeup” radiance.

39. 90s Inspo

90s Inspo

Image by @rowanblanchard via Instagram

Brown lipstick, sculpted brows, and exceptional eyeliner technique were popular in the 1990s. All three were essentially created for people with brown eyes.

40. The Power of Bronzer

The Power of Bronzer

Image by @ashleygraham via Instagram

Because it warms the skin, an allover sun-kissed look looks great with brown eyes eye makeup. Apply the same color to your entire face, then add mild eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick for a cohesive, glowing look.

Fun Fact

The world of brown eye makeup has its own unique “language.” Makeup enthusiasts and professionals use creative and whimsical names for various eyeshadow shades and palettes. These names can range from “Toasty Caramel” and “Cocoa Dream” to “Bronze Goddess” and “Mocha Magic.” It adds a touch of fun and creativity to the art of makeup and often reflects the warm and inviting nature of brown eye makeup.

In Summary

Brown eyes are beautiful! We should all work on loving our traits, but if you feel like your eyes don’t stand out, makeup can quickly solve that! So many colors suit brown irises, but the looks we’ve mentioned above are certain to make your eyes pop even more.

Make sure that you prime your eyes each time, especially if you’re using a colorful shadow. Your eyeshadow may fade quicker on unprimed eyes.

The looks above aren’t an exhaustive list by any means, so keep trying out new looks and have fun making your brown eyes pop! 

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