12 Best Products To Stop Hair Breakage

Hair Breakage — it’s a time as old as time, and one of the saddest. We’ve all encountered some type of hair breakage, from minimal hair breakage to extreme, disastrous hair breakage. Hair Breakage 101When your hair breaks, this isn’t coming from the root. When individual strands of hair get damaged, they become dry and brittle. … Read more

8 Best Luxury Shampoos That Are Worth Splurging On

Whilst we do have the option to wash our hair with drugstore bought shampoo (there is nothing wrong with that), it is also pretty nice to indulge our senses with something more luxurious. From the beautiful scent to the added hair loving ingredients, a luxury shampoo can work wonders even on the most damaged of … Read more

Hair Transformation: Find The Best Bleach To Suit Your Needs

Key Takeaways Before selecting a bleach, determine your hair type, whether it’s fine, medium, or coarse, and its current condition. If you have fine or delicate hair, opt for a gentle bleach with a lower-volume developer to minimize damage. Medium hair can handle a moderate-strength bleach. Look for bleach with a 20-volume developer to maintain … Read more