The Best Alternatives To Polyvore

Planning our outfits is something we all enjoy doing. Thanks to the app market we can curate our own unique designs and styles that we want to wear and start our own beautiful collections.

One app that was hugely popular with the online fashion market was Polyvore. Polyvore was a hugely popular mood board app.

The app gave its users the opportunity to design aesthetic collections of clothes, beauty products, home wear, and a variety of footwear. 

Polyvore Alternatives

The app was great for planning your outfits and giving you ideas for your next shopping spree. However, its unexpected shutdown in 2018 left many people lost, wondering where to go now to get their fashion inspiration.

Luckily, there are a variety of excellent apps still out there. The app market is growing exponentially so as you can imagine there are plenty of similar mood board apps.

In this article, we’re going to help you out by going through the best alternatives to Polyvore that you can use right now. 

The apps may not be exactly the same, but many offer a lot of the same things or even more! Stick around if you want to learn more. 



The first company on our list is the awesome ShopLook. ShopLook is a community-driven application and web page that allows users to join a large social network of stylists and fashion lovers.

The beautifully designed app gives you the opportunity to design your own outfits or get inspiration from others. 

Using the stylish canvas creator tool, you can create a collage of customized styles by taking advantage of the thousands of top-quality products.

You can add text or stickers to your designs before sharing them with others in a similar way to Instagram. 

When we tested the app we found it very easy to use and loved how you can enjoy looks from other stylists. If you find a look you like from another user the app conveniently gives you the option to buy it. 


  • Excellent design - The app is straightforward to use and looks great.
  • Upload your own products - If you can’t find your item of clothing on the app, you can easily upload a photo of yours.
  • Connect with other fashion lovers - ShopLook gives you the opportunity to connect with other people like yourself.


  • Very socially based - If you want to focus solely on your own fashion this may not be the app for you. 



SmartCloset is available online or via the iOS and Android app stores. SmartCloset is a useful app to have at your disposal if you want to organize your wardrobe or create unique mood boards that suit your style. 

The app allows you to take your wardrobe digital, letting you upload your clothes and accessories. This makes it a lot easier for you to design your outfits and create a mood board around your desired looks.

The app also gives you the option to find other outfits designed by people with a similar style. 

When we reviewed this app we found it to be unlike other apps on the market. This app heavily focuses on your own wardrobe, giving you a good insight into what you can do with the clothes you already have.

This is a great advantage of using SmartCloset as it gives you the chance to make the most of what you already have before buying more. 

The app is clean and straightforward to use so why not check it out.


  • Unique - This app has a variety of unique features.
  • Take your wardrobe with you - With SmartCloset you can see what you already own when out shopping for new clothes.
  • Find new inspiration - The social aspect of the app lets you find new fashion styles and designs.


  • Not free - You do have to pay to buy the app.



Like Polyvore, Urstyle is a mood board app that lets you take control, giving you the opportunity to be the stylist. Urstyle is a great alternative to Polyvore because it actually has some quite similar features.

This includes over 9 million products, backup tools, and the ability to save drafts. 

We were over the moon when we discovered that Urstyle can even import your old designs and styles that you made using Polyvore. 

The app’s features are easy to get use thanks to clear demonstrations. The community section of the app is also a neat touch.

As well as creating your own styles, you can also share them and communicate with others. It is brilliant to meet more people who share your interests.


  • Allows backups from Polyvore - You can save the designs you lost when Polyvore shutdown.
  • Share ideas - You can show off your styles to other fashion lovers.
  • Free - The app is free to download.


  • Very popular - Urstyle is very popular so finding specific styles you like can take some time.



FashMates is another fashion social network app that allows its users to create and share their unique looks and styles with other like-minded fashion lovers.

Claiming to be the leading style platform FashMates has over 12 million impressions every month. Incredibly there are over 500 brands to choose from.

Finding the style that suits you best is easy thanks to the community section categories. The community is split into different subculture categories, helping you find others who enjoy the same style.

One aspect of the app we love is the contests FashMates hosts. This brings fun competitiveness to fashion, letting your peers vote for whose design is the best.

On top of this, the FashMates app also gives you the opportunity to make some money. You can do this by styling for the biggest brands and retailers. 

FashMates is a really fun way to enjoy your fashion and engage with other people you have common interests with so why not try it out.


  • Split into subcultures - This division helps you find people with similar interests.
  • Men’s fashion also included - FashMates is excellent for men’s fashion too.
  • Contests - The contests add a lot of fun to the app.


  • Membership required - Some parts of the app require a paid membership subscription.


Combyne is the perfect Polyvore alternative if you want to express your creativity. The sleek and vibrant design of the app makes it super easy to create and share the most amazing mood boards.

Inspired by Instagram, using Combyne you can utilize the canvas feature to create beautiful outfits. Once you’ve created your outfit, share it with your friends or other fashionistas.

The app gives you the opportunity to find what’s hot in fashion right now, helping you find new inspirations and designs you might want to try. 

When we reviewed the app we found a large variety of product images and design tools to be excellent.

There are thousands of images to choose from. The Swipe Combyner tool allows you to mix and match designs to create more unique pieces. 

As if that wasn’t enough you can also add makeup, stickers, decor, and even food to express not only your style but also your vibes.


  • Variety of features - There is a wide range of features just waiting to be used.
  • Express yourself - The additional tools Combyne offers let you fully express your personality.
  • Neat design - The app looks very aesthetically pleasing.


  • Lack of a clipping tool - The only downside to this app is a missing clipping tool.



With Fashiers it has never been easier to find inspiration or create your own designs. This simple yet super powerful app lets you use the outfit maker tool to design your new outfits.

It is designed to look like a more minimalist social media platform so its users can create mood boards without any unnecessary bulk getting in the way.

Fashiers intuitive design has made the app a lot easier to navigate, giving you a more enjoyable experience when it comes to finding the styles you like.

You can choose from hundreds of top brands when it comes to selecting products, before adding them to your colorful board. 

All in all, this app has everything you need to express yourself and find new inspirations whilst taking a no-nonsense approach, letting you create stunning mood boards effortlessly. 


  • Minimalistic - The minimalistic approach makes it a lot easier to design your mood board.
  • Range of top brands - You can choose from hundreds of top brands when designing outfits.
  • Free - This app is also free.


  • Can’t upload photos - Unfortunately, you can’t upload photos of your own clothing. 



The next Polyvore alternative on our list is the popular TrendMe app. Like the other apps on our list, TrendMe considers itself to be a ‘fashion social network’.

TrendMe is a great place to show off your style and personality to the fashion community.

As well as having the option to create your own mood boards, you also have the ability to shop for the latest fashion trends just like you could on Polyvore. 

If you want to experience a true community then TrendMe is the place for you. Within minutes of signing up, we had other fashionistas adding us to their community.

It is a brilliant way to find new inspiration and get your own creative juices flowing. 

The app is easy to use and the startup pack is great, so if you are fairly new to the fashion app world TrendMe could get you started.


  • Interactive - You can connect with thousands of people on the app.
  • Easy to join - It takes just minutes to set up your account.
  • Lots of inspiration - There is plenty of inspiration to help you with your styles.


  • No menswear - This app is only suited to women’s clothing.



Chicvore was specifically created to fill the void left by Polyvore. The main difference between Polyvore and Chicvore is that Chicvore promises to look after your designs forever. 

This smaller, private community app gives its users the opportunity to choose from an array of outfits.

You can choose from women’s shoes, clothes, accessories, menswear, and home wear to produce your styles, before sharing them with the community.

At the moment Chicvore is an invite-only service. To become part of this private community you need to email them with some details before they will let you in.

Once you have been a member of the community for a prolonged period of time, you are allowed to invite your friends in. 


  • Similar to the Polyvore app - Chicvore aims to offer exactly what Polyvore did.
  • Men’s and women’s wear - The platform suits both men and women.
  • Range of styles - There is a great range of products to choose from.


  • Invite only - This can make it difficult to join the community.



Bantoa is slightly different from most of the alternatives on our list. Instead of being a website that lets you make and share mood boards, Bantoa lets you browse looks online before letting you buy individual pieces from those looks.

As a result of this Bantoa is a better option for those of you who want to go shopping rather than design styles to share online. 

The sign-up process for Bantoa also differs quite a lot. When you first sign-up to the website, you can only purchase sets. After the signing up process, you can use the ‘become an outfitter’ section to put outfits together. 

This is a unique website that aims to inspire and meet the needs of those with more niche tastes. Bantoa is well worth checking out if you want to try something different.


  • Great shopping options - With Bantoa you have a wide selection of shopping choices.
  • Organized website - The website is easy to navigate thanks to how well organized it is.
  • Buy pieces from your favorite outfits - Bantoa gives you the opportunity to buy your favorite pieces from some of the most popular outfits.


  • Strange signup process - The signing up process to join Bantoa seems a little long and unnecessary.



The final Polyvore alternative on our list is LookBook. LookBook claims to be the number one source of fashion inspiration for people around the world.

LookBook provides a unique twist through their app that many people, including us, love. 

Unlike the other apps on this list, LookBook focuses on its user’s real looks rather than the creation of looks through a mood board. Photographers, models, and your ordinary person share photographs of their outfits. 

This positive community environment gives people the opportunity to hype each other up, give feedback, and of course, grow a following. The great thing about this sleek app is that if you don’t want to publish, you don’t have to.

You can show love to other styles and gain inspiration without having to post yourself. 

Though it doesn’t contain a mood board feature, LookBook is a great option for sharing your style and keeping up with the hottest new trends.


  • Real - Real styles produced by real people. There is no photoshop or trick photography used on LookBook.
  • Fun-loving community - The lookBook community loves giving each other praise.
  • International - The app is popular worldwide so expect to see an array of interesting looks.


  • Not for buying pieces - There is no shopping feature on LookBook.

Buyers Guide

If you need help choosing which app to try out, why not consider these factors.


Some applications and websites are free to use which is great. However, some require an initial download fee or annual membership. If you plan on paying for an app you first need to see what you are going to get as a result of paying.

Does the app come with more features than a free service? If not, why not try the free app out first. 

The Best Alternatives To Polyvore

Mood Boards

If you’re looking to create mood boards you need to make sure the app you download has this feature. Most apps have some form of mood board feature, but some choose to focus on other things.

An example of this is Bantoa. Bantoa doesn’t offer a mood board feature, therefore you would stay away from this app and instead choose one that does. 

Ability To Shop

We recommend choosing a service that lets you shop for the styles you like most. Unfortunately, not all services let you do this which is a shame.

The last thing you want to do is find an outfit you love but you can’t find it anywhere. Using a service that lets you purchase the items you like will prevent this from happening. 

Final Thoughts

Many people have been missing the creative space they need since the collapse of Polyvore, struggling to find somewhere where they can save their outfit ideas and share their styles.

However as you can see from our list, there is an abundance of amazing apps and websites out there that let you do the same things as Polyvore or even more. 

A great app will let you create stunning mood boards, design outfits, share your styles and immerse you in a loving community of people that share your passion for fashion.

A fashion social network will help you build a new wardrobe, make the most of the one you currently have and also provide you with all the fashion inspiration you need to develop your taste.

Now you have our list at your fingertips why not try out the apps to see what inspiration you can share or find. You will be creating new, impressive styles in no time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened To Polyvore?

Polyvore was acquired by a brand called Ssense in 2018. It wasn’t long after this purchase that the company shut Polyvore down with no information regarding its closure being released to the public.

Will Polyvore Ever Come Back?

Unfortunately, Ssense has confirmed Polyvore is gone for good, never to return. It’s a good job there are plenty of alternatives.

How Do You Make Money On ShopLook?

You can make money on ShopLook by earning a commission based on the percentage of total sales you have driven through your social media. Every time a sale of a top brand’s clothing is made as a result of your posting, you will earn a commission. 

Brittney Adams