4 Strong Reasons To Steer Clear Of Super Glue with Fake Nails

Key Takeaways
  • Super glue is not designed for use on fake or artificial nails, and it can cause harm to both the nails and the skin.
  • Super glue contains harsh chemicals and is a powerful adhesive, which can lead to adverse reactions when used on nails.
  • Applying super glue on or near the skin can result in irritation, burning, or allergic reactions.
  • Super glue can damage both natural nails and artificial nails, leading to breakage, weakening, and a rough texture.

When you purchase fake nails or press on nails, it will tell you the glue that you should be using on your real nails. However, you might feel like the glue they have suggested isn’t working for you.

Yet, we are here to tell you that you shouldn’t be using superglue on your fake nails. 

The 4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using Super Glue On Fake Nails

Superglue wasn’t made to be used on our bodies in any way. It could damage your natural nails.

That is why most superglues have a label on them that ask you not to use this product on your body or skin. 

Before You Get Started 

  • Understand the potential risks to your natural nails and skin that can arise from using super glue, as it is not designed for cosmetic applications.
  • Explore alternatives such as nail-specific adhesives formulated for attaching fake nails securely and safely.
  • Be aware of potential allergic reactions to superglue, as its chemicals may not be skin-friendly.
  • Consider the possibility of long-term damage to your natural nails, as super glue may weaken or harm them over time.
  • If you’re unsure which adhesive to use, consult a nail technician or professional for advice on safe and effective options for attaching fake nails.

1. Super Glue Isn’t Intended For Use On The Body

Super Glue Isn’t Intended For Use On The Body

Superglue wasn’t made to be used on our bodies or skin. This is why there is a label on every bottle of superglue that tells you to avoid your skin or body when using it.

There are two reasons why you shouldn’t use superglue on your body and why manufacturers put the label on the bottle. This is due to superglue being extremely concentrated.

Therefore, if it makes contact with your skin, it can cause irritation and in some cases painful to remove. If you superglue on your natural nails, this can irritate your nails and cause dermatitis.

Once again, when you try to remove the fake nail, it will be really painful as superglue is made to keep the item in place. 

Alongside that, superglue isn’t made in the same conditions that nail glue is. It isn’t made in the same sterile conditions, therefore harmful chemicals could be mixed in the glue, which would then be absorbed by your body. 

Overall, there is a reason why manufacturers place that warning on their products. It says that superglue shouldn’t make contact with the skin or body for a reason, and you should follow that guidance. 

2. Super Glue Could Damage Your Natural Nails

There Are Better Alternatives To Use

Superglue is different to nail glue. Therefore, when it is applied to your nails it can do more harm than good, especially when you want to remove the fake nails. 

The majority of superglues contain an etching agent. This agent is added to roughen up or break up the surface that the glue is used on.

This is why superglue works best on rough surfaces, as it makes the glue become more effective. 

However, when it comes to your nails, the etching agent will degrade and destroy the top layer of your natural nails. As a result, your natural nails will become weak and possibly more brittle.

This could then lead to more nails breaking, and you not be able to have more fake nails for a while. 

As mentioned above, superglue will be difficult to remove, which will then cause damage to your natural nails. When it comes to taking the fake nails off, this can become a very long and tedious process.

The superglue will make taking the fake nails off extremely difficult. 

You will end up having to soak your nails in acetone for extended periods of time. This will then dehydrate your nails and cuticles.

You have to take your time removing the fake nails, otherwise, if you grow impatient then there is a chance that you could lose your own nail in the process. 

Quick Guide to Avoid Using Super Glue on Fake Nails:

  • Nail Health: Using super glue on fake nails can lead to potential damage and weaken your natural nails over time.
  • Skin Sensitivity: Be cautious of the possibility of skin irritation or allergic reactions due to the harsh nature of superglue.
  • Safer Alternatives: Explore nail-specific adhesives designed for fake nails, offering a more secure and nail-friendly option.
  • Application Precision: Super glue can be challenging to control, potentially leading to messy and uneven results when attaching fake nails.
  • Professional Expertise: Seek guidance from a nail technician or professional for the best adhesive choices to ensure a safe and successful application of fake nails.

What Should You Do If You Want To Use Super Glue?

Super Glue and Nail Glue Are Very Different

If for some unknown reason you want to use superglue, there are a couple of tricks to help preserve your natural nails as much as possible. However, we strongly advise you to avoid using superglue on your nails at all costs.

Before applying any superglue, give your natural nails a couple of coats of a base coat nail varnish.

This base contact will add a couple of layers to your natural nails, which means less superglue will be touching them and damaging the top layer.

It acts as a kind of buffer, so the superglue isn’t applied directly to your natural nails. 

Also you shouldn’t try to remove the nails too soon after they have been applied. Try to wait a couple of days before attempting to remove them. This is because superglue is at its strongest in the short term.

However, over time as it is exposed to more moisture, this will improve its effectiveness. However, the removal of the nails may still be a long process. 

3. Super Glue and Nail Glue Are Very Different

What Should You Do If You Want To Use Super Glue

Both superglue and nail glue contain cyanoacrylate. However, nail glue contains a lower concentration of this ingredient and also contains additives that make it last longer. 

The added additives help nail glue deal with moisture a lot better than superglue does. While also, the additives are a lot more gentle on your skin, so it won’t irritate your skin.

While superglue has a higher concentration of cyanoacrylate and etching agents that cause irritation and will damage your nails. 

Super Glue will weaken over time, the more it is exposed to moisture. It will weaken and remove the top layer of your natural nails. Alongside causing skin irritation if it comes into contact.

Compared to nail glue, that actually tends to last longer than superglue, because it can handle moisture a lot better. Once it has been removed, nail glue won’t damage your nails due to the added additives. 

What makes these products different, is also what makes nail glue so much better to use. The lower concentration and added ingredients, is better to be used on your nails. It will keep them safe and protected.

Also, your fake nails will be a lot easier to remove as well. 

Keep in Mind

  • Potential Harm: Recognize that super glue is not designed for cosmetic purposes and can cause harm to your natural nails and skin.
  • Adhesive Options: Explore alternatives, such as nail-specific adhesives, to ensure a safe and suitable bond for fake nails.
  • Allergic Reactions: Be cautious about potential allergic reactions, as super glue may contain chemicals that can irritate the skin.
  • Long-Term Nail Health: Consider the impact on the long-term health and strength of your natural nails when using non-specialized adhesives.
  • Professional Guidance: If you have doubts or concerns, seek advice from a nail technician or professional for safe and effective adhesive choices for attaching fake nails.

4. There Are Better Alternatives To Use

Super Glue Could Damage Your Natural Nails

Most nail technicians will recommend and strongly advise that you use a nail glue or some kind of gentle adhesive on your nails. You should be using an adhesive that won’t damage your nails. 

It is important to note that there are various types of nail glues on the market, and all of them vary in effectiveness. Some cheaper brands will package superglue as nail glue, however, as we have just learned above, they are very different products.

You should try to stick to reliable and well-known brands, and always check the ingredients of the nail glue that you are buying. 

Pro Tip

Opt for nail adhesives specifically designed for artificial nails, which are safer and less damaging. These specialized products ensure a secure and long-lasting bond without harming your natural nails.

5. What Happens If You Use Super Glue For Fake Nails?

Using super glue for fake nails is not recommended and can be potentially harmful. Super glue, also known as cyanoacrylate adhesive, is a strong adhesive for bonding materials like metal, plastic, and wood. It is not intended for use on human skin or nails.

Here are some reasons why you should avoid using superglue for fake nails:

Skin Irritation: Super glue can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. When it comes into contact with the skin, it can bond quickly and be challenging to remove without causing damage to the skin.

Nail Damage: Super glue can be too harsh on your natural nails. It can weaken and damage your nails, making them brittle and prone to breakage.

Toxicity: Some superglues may contain toxic chemicals when inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Breathing in the fumes or having the glue come into contact with your skin can be harmful.

Lack of Flexibility: Super glue does not have the flexibility needed for fake nails, which require a more flexible adhesive that can withstand the daily movements and stresses on your hands and nails.

If you want to apply fake nails, using nail adhesive specifically designed for this purpose is best.

Nail adhesives are formulated to be safe for use on the nails and skin and provide the necessary flexibility for a comfortable and secure fit.

Additionally, if you need to become more experienced in applying fake nails, it’s advisable to consult a professional nail technician to ensure a proper and safe application.

Fun Fact

Superglue was originally developed as a surgical adhesive during World War II. While strong, it can be harsh on your nails and skin. Using nail-specific adhesives is safer and more effective for applying fake nails.

Final Thoughts

Superglue might sometimes be seen as the cheap alternative to nail glue, but it can seriously damage your natural nails.

We have given you our four main reasons why you should avoid using superglue on fake nails.

The main point is that superglue will damage your nails and will be incredibly difficult to remove. 

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