53 Stunning Light Brown Hair Transformations With Highlights And Lowlights

Key Takeaways
  • Highlighting and lowlighting light brown hair can add depth and dimension to your hair, creating a more natural and multi-dimensional appearance.
  • Highlights, typically a shade or two lighter than your base color, can brighten your overall look and give your hair a sun-kissed effect.
  • Lowlights, which are slightly darker shades than your base color, provide contrast and depth to your hair, preventing it from looking flat and one-dimensional.
  • Highlighting and lowlighting can help balance warm and cool tones in light brown hair, allowing you to achieve a more harmonious and flattering hair color.

A great and easy way to switch up your look is to experiment with your hair color.

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You don’t have to do anything too crazy, and even the most subtle of changes can make a world of difference – especially if you don’t want to get rid of your natural hair color completely. 

brown hair with Golden Blonde highlights

Some of the ways in which you can subtly change your hair is to add either highlights or lowlights.

These changes are usually pretty low maintenance, and are a quick way to transform your look. 

We’ve pulled together some of the most eye-catching and gorgeous highlight and lowlight ideas that are perfect for light brown hair. 

Before we get started, however, let’s first look at what highlights and lowlights actually are. 

Before You Get Started 

  • Consult a professional colorist to determine the best highlight and lowlight shades that complement your light brown base color.
  • Ensure your hair is well-conditioned and free of damage before applying color. Deep-conditioning treatments can help maintain hair health.
  • Always perform a strand test to ensure you’re satisfied with the chosen highlight and lowlight shades before applying them to your entire hair.
  • After your transformation, use color-safe products to maintain the vibrancy of your highlights and lowlights. Avoid excessive heat styling to prevent fading.
  • Plan for touch-up appointments to maintain the vibrancy and balance of your highlights and lowlights every 6-8 weeks.

What Are Highlights and Lowlights? 

Adding highlights or lowlights to your hair can be a great way to add dimension to your natural hair.

Even the simplest of haircuts can look exceptional if the right highlights or lowlights are added. 

Highlights are usually at least 2 tones lighter than your natural hair color, and will often bring out your eye color and skin tone.

They’re also pretty effective at adding a little body to your hair, and look great whether you’re wearing a sophisticated updo, or letting your tresses hang free. 

Highlights that are done throughout your hair are known as full highlights. Highlights that are done around the crown, side, and front of your head are partial highlights. 

Lowlights, on the other hand, are normally around 3 tones darker than your natural hair color. These are often added for 3-tone dyeing, and alongside highlights they add a lot of dimension to your hair. 

In order for hair colorists to add highlights or lowlights to brown hair, they will often use traditional foil techniques. They can also use the balayage method, in which the dye is applied using special paddles. 

In current trends, natural looks and subtle color transitions are all the rage. The idea is to enhance your natural color, whilst complimenting your eye color and skin tone.

However, if you want to have a bolder look, don’t be afraid to opt for more contrasting looks. 

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best highlight and lowlight ideas for brown hair. 

1. Soft, Thin Highlights

Soft, Thin Highlights

Image by @ms_robinita via Instagram

Opting for barely-there blonde streaks is a great way to achieve a totally chic look, especially if you only want partial highlights.

To make the streaks even more subtle, you can even get some lowlights added – which will also help to create dimension. 

As each stylist has their own idea of what subtle means, it’s best to bring an inspiration picture with you. 

2. “Bronde” Colormelt 

“Bronde” Colormelt 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

If you’ve not come across the term “bronde” before, this simply refers to a mix of blonde and brunette, and adding the two together in a series of highlights and lowlights will create endless depth. 

A “bronde” color melt blends warm, golden brown tones with soft, sun-kissed blonde hues.

This technique creates a natural transition from brown at the roots to blonde towards the ends, evoking a sunlit effect.

The result is a harmonious, low-maintenance look that adds dimension and luminosity to the hair, suitable for those seeking a balanced and effortlessly chic style.

This is also a great option for those who can’t commit to being either blonde or brunette. If you opt for more golden tones, the hues will perfectly complement each other. 

3. Cool-Toned “Bronde” with Blonde Highlights 

Cool-Toned “Bronde” with Blonde Highlights 

Image by @eversonfernandes_ via Instagram

When opting for a shoulder-length lob (long bob) cut with this colorway, you can be guaranteed an effortless beach hairstyle all year round.

The sun-kissed light brown hair mixed with the bright blonde streaks give the appearance of darker roots, and deep, chunky waves. 

This helps the look look naturally bleached, as if you’ve just stepped off of the beach. 

4. Toffee Brown with Golden Blonde Highlights

Toffee Brown with Golden Blonde Highlights

Image by @refinery29 via Instagram

Pairing golden highlights with brown locks is quite literally a match made in heaven. Not only does it create a gorgeous color, but it also gives your hair a beautiful, silky sheen. 

This sheen is what gives your hair a “healthy glow”. Pair these colors with a medium-length cut – such as a lob – and it will be easy to maintain. 

5. Bronze Highlights and Chocolate Brown Hair 

Bronze Highlights and Chocolate Brown Hair 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

If you have deep, chocolate-colored hair, you can give it a sleek and shiny appearance by opting for highlights that have a metallic, bronze sheen to them.

This looks especially good on longer hair, and any creative updos. or half updos, really show off the different shades. 

Elevate your chocolate brown hair with lustrous bronze highlights. The warm, metallic tones intertwine seamlessly, adding depth and radiance to your rich base.

This captivating contrast brings out the best of both shades, creating a luxurious and dynamic hairstyle that catches the light and exudes a sophisticated charm.

6. Light Caramel Balayage

Light Caramel Balayage 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

A light caramel balayage delicately weaves soft, sun-kissed caramel highlights throughout the hair, seamlessly blending with the natural brown base.

This technique offers a radiant and natural-looking dimension, illuminating the overall hairstyle with a subtle warmth that beautifully complements brown hair tones.

If you like to keep your brown hair in shoulder-length waves, then it’s easy to make them glow by adding some rich caramel highlights. 

7. Medium Brown with Golden Highlights

Medium Brown with Golden Highlights 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

Having medium brown hair means that you have a lot of different options when it comes to being creative with your hair color.

Why not try combining the balayage look with some chunkier, stand-out streaks to help create an effortless, and pretty style. 

Medium brown hair adorned with golden highlights infuses a sunlit radiance into the natural base.

The warm, glistening tones interplay, creating a luminous contrast and imparting a fresh, vibrant dimension.

This harmonious blend captures the essence of summer’s embrace, adding a shimmering elegance to the rich, inviting medium-brown backdrop.

Brown hair which has mild and subtle tones of red, paired with golden highlights looks incredible on those with warmer skin tones. 

8. Light Brown Highlights

Light Brown Highlights 

Image by @shinecoo via Pinterest

A mix of caramel and ashy tones add a wealth of dimension to your hair, and give the illusion that your hair is thicker and fuller than it seems.

Add a few thin, golden highlights and you’ve got yourself a fresh, modern look. 

Light brown highlights add a touch of sun-kissed radiance to your hair. These subtle, warm-toned highlights blend seamlessly with your natural base, creating a soft and natural-looking dimension.

They illuminate your hair with a gentle glow, enhancing its texture and depth while maintaining an effortless and chic appearance.

If you want to keep the look even more contemporary, why not opt for a choppy bob, styled in loose curls? 

9. Toffee Brown Roots with Blonde Ribbons 

Toffee Brown Roots with Blonde Ribbons 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

If you live a more laid-back lifestyle, and prefer a more effortless style, why not try this balayage look mixed with babylights. 

Toffee Brown infused with Golden Blonde Highlights offers a delectable contrast.

The rich, warm base harmonizes with lustrous golden strands, bestowing a sunlit radiance.

This pairing adds depth and dimension, evoking a luxurious and natural allure to your hair, perfect for a vibrant and sophisticated look.

This look screams beach babe, and the loose waves help emphasize the look. 

10. Toffee Lob with Golden Blonde Highlights 

Toffee lob with golden blonde highlights 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

Achieve a chic look with a toffee-colored lob (long bob) accentuated by lustrous golden blonde highlights.

The toffee base exudes warmth and depth, while the golden blonde strands add a sunlit radiance, framing the face and creating a captivating contrast.

This harmonious blend of colors offers a sophisticated yet playful hairstyle that beautifully complements various skin tones and adds a touch of glamour to your everyday style.

If you want to keep it more chic, pair toffee brown hair with golden highlights. Not only will it add a beautiful and frizz-free sheen, this medium hair length is easy to maintain. 

Quick Guide to Light Brown Hai : Transformations with Highlights and Lowlights

  • Strategic Color Placement: Highlights and lowlights add depth and dimension to light brown hair, enhancing its natural beauty.
  • Personalized Combinations: Tailor your highlights and lowlights to your skin tone and preferences, creating a unique and flattering look.
  • Maintenance Is Key: Use color-protecting shampoos and conditioners to prolong the vibrancy of your highlights and lowlights. Regular touch-ups every 6-8 weeks are essential to keep the look fresh.
  • Gentle Care: Minimize heat styling, as excessive heat can fade color. Opt for cool water rinses and deep conditioning to maintain the health of your hair.

11. Espresso Brown and Cinnamon Highlights

Espresso Brown and Cinnamon Highlights 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

Sometimes blonde highlights can be too much of a contrast for those that have deep brown tresses.

Spice up your brown waves by adding a muted rusty cinnamon shade.

This will help add dimension, but the glossy finish will give your hair a healthy, silky sheen that will make your hair the envy of everyone around you. 

Espresso Brown with delicately woven Cinnamon Highlights adds a captivating contrast to your hair.

The deep, velvety brown base exudes elegance, while the soft, warm cinnamon streaks infuse a touch of radiance.

This harmonious blend creates a luscious and alluring dimension, framing your face with a subtle yet striking play of colors.

12. Thin Beige Highlights

Thin Beige Highlights

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

If you don’t want to add too much to your hair, and you’re after a more natural look, then why not try thin highlights?

These blend seamlessly into your hair, and just a shade or two lighter will make all of the difference. 

Thin beige highlights delicately woven into your hair add a subtle touch of luminosity and dimension.

These soft, natural-toned highlights blend seamlessly with your base color, creating a sun-kissed effect that enhances your overall look with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

13. Warm Brown and Caramel Blonde Bend

Warm Brown and Caramel Blonde Bend

If you’re looking for a warmer toned hair color, why not pair a toasty brown color with some honey-hued highlights. 

The different shades running throughout your hair will really give it some texture – as the darker base is contrasted with the lighter, caramel-colored strands throughout. 

For a contemporary look, opt for a medium / long bob, and style your hair in loose curls. 

14. Light Brown Hair and Honey Highlights 

Light Brown Hair and Honey Highlights 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

This is one of the more popular looks when it comes to adding highlights to light brown hair style, and looks great on those with medium / long hair. 

What’s great is that this can easily be achieved with your natural hair color, and a few well-placed highlights which will enhance your look.

Honey-colored highlights perfectly compliment lighter brown hair shades. 

15. Dramatic Highlights and Lowlights 

Dramatic Highlights and Lowlights 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

If you’re after a much more dramatic look, why not combine some deep brown lowlights with bright blonde highlights? 

Dramatic highlights and lowlights for brown hair offer a striking contrast.

Rich, vibrant tones like platinum blonde or deep auburn create a bold, high-contrast effect against the base color, making the hair truly pop.

This daring choice adds intensity and depth, creating a captivating, edgy look that commands attention.

If you have longer hair this contrast will definitely make a statement, plus, there is more room to show off the blend of light meeting dark.

16. Caramel Blonde Waves

Caramel Blonde Waves 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

If you want to add a richer color to your blonde highlights, why not opt for deep caramel highlights instead? When paired with a warm brown base color, this look looks exceptional on those with warmer skin tones. 

Why not try this color on mid-length hair, and style your hair in loose girls to add some depth and volume. Add some more volume to the roots to add to the laid-back look. 

Caramel blonde waves cascade gracefully, infusing warmth and luminosity into every twist.

The sun-kissed hue dances playfully through the undulating strands, creating a captivating contrast against the rich brown base.

These luscious waves exude a natural elegance reminiscent of a sunlit beach while adding dimension and radiance to the overall look.

17. Honey Blonde Angled Highlights

Honey Blonde Angled Highlights 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

If you’re looking to keep your hair as natural as possible, why not consider livening up the color with a pop of honey blonde highlights.

If you have an angled haircut – such as bob or lob – make sure the highlights follow these angled lines. 

Honey blonde angled highlights gracefully frame and accentuate your brown hair, infusing it with a warm, sunlit glow.

These strategically placed highlights create depth and movement, adding a touch of radiance to your look.

The harmonious blend of honey tones seamlessly transitions, lending a naturally luminous dimension to your hairstyle.

18. Ash Blonde Highlights

Ash Blonde Highlights 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

If you have cool toned skin, and your hair has more muted brown tones, why not add ashy blonde tones rather than golden blonde tones? Lighter shades that frame your face will help brighten your appearance. 

Ash blonde highlights infuse a cool, silvery elegance into your hair, creating a chic contrast against brown or blonde bases.

These muted, pale tones add depth and dimension while offering a modern, sophisticated look.

Ash blonde highlights are versatile, suitable for various skin tones, and impart a subtle yet striking transformation that exudes timeless charm.

Although this gives a much softer look, it still adds endless dimension. 

19. Choppy Haircut with Caramel Highlights

Choppy Haircut with Caramel Highlights 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

If you have fine hair and want to give the appearance of thicker hair, why not opt for a shoulder-length choppy haircut.

Adding caramel colored highlights will brighten your face and add a frizz-free shine. 

The choppy haircut boasts textured layers, adding movement and volume to the hair. Paired with caramel highlights, the hairstyle takes on a vibrant and dimensional character.

The warm caramel tones blend with the base color, creating a sun-kissed effect that enhances the overall texture and depth, resulting in a stylish and modern look.

20. Cool Blonde Balayage Highlights

Cool Blonde Balayage Highlights 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

There’s a lot of room for you to play around and experiment to make this style truly your own.

Although most people opt for warm, golden hues as they are popular highlight choices, if you have a cooler complexion, a more neutral blonde shade will suit you better. 

Cool blonde balayage highlights offer a chic and modern twist to your hair.

Delicately hand-painted strands of ashy and platinum blondes seamlessly blend with your base color, creating a natural, sun-kissed effect.

These highlights add depth and dimension, while the cool undertones lend a refreshing and sophisticated vibe, perfect for a trendy and effortless style.

21. Illuminating Lowlights

Illuminating Lowlights 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

If you love to style your hair in loose curls but you’re looking for something a little bit different, why not add some lowlights and highlights that enhance your natural color, rather than hiding it. 

Illuminating lowlights are strategically placed darker shades woven into the hair to enhance depth and contrast.

These subtle accents add a radiant dimension to the overall look, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow.

The result is a natural and luminous appearance that adds texture and richness to the hair, effortlessly elevating its visual appeal.

Adding in lowlights will give your hair a richness which will help to define and accentuate any curls and layers. 

22. Dimensional Waves

Dimensional Waves 

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

Sometimes the most simple looks can be the most difficult to recreate. However, these understated looks sometimes have the biggest wow factor. 

As a stylist or colorist, adding subtle, dimensional waves requires a lot of control, as you need to balayage the hair in a way that looks natural but still looks jaw-dropping.

The key to this look is the face-framing highlights, and subtle highlights throughout the rest of the look. 

23. Soft Babylights on Sandy Brown Hair

Soft Babylights on Sandy Brown Hair

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

Some of the best highlights are the ones that achieve a natural look. Why not enhance your natural hair color by opting for babylights that mimic the highlights you’d get after a few weeks in the sun as a kid.

Not only will these babylights brighten your appearance, they’ll also give you a youthful look. 

Soft baby lights delicately woven into sandy brown hair create a natural, sun-kissed effect.

These fine, subtle highlights blend seamlessly with the base color, adding a touch of brightness and dimension.

The result is a soft, effortlessly radiant look that enhances the hair’s texture and complements various skin tones.

24. Waves for Ash Blonde Hair with Side Swept

Waves for Ash Blonde Hair with Side Swept

Image by @aaashleee via Instagram

Not ready to go completely blond? Try one of our suggested color schemes.

Between blonde and brunette, ash blonde is a lovely, subtle change. Highlighted hair always has more depth than monochrome hair.

25. Long, dark-brown hair with faint highlights

Long, dark-brown hair with faint highlights

Image by @cristenkelso via Instagram

With cool ash highlights, your brown hair will look lighter. They intensify the color and give your hair a stunning shine.

Layers will further balance the cut by giving your hairdo dimension and texture.

Keep In Mind

  • Balanced Contrast: Achieve a harmonious balance between your base color and the highlights and lowlights to avoid a stark or unnatural appearance.
  • Complementary Tones: Select highlight and lowlight shades that work well together and complement your light brown hair style, enhancing its richness.
  • Skin Tone Consideration: Take your skin tone into account when choosing shades; warm or cool tones can have different effects on your overall look.
  • Gradual Transition: Gradually transition from the base color to the highlighted and lowlighted sections for a more natural and blended result.
  • Consult a Professional: If you need more clarification about the color selection or application process, seek the expertise of a skilled colorist for a flawless transformation.

26. Brown-Gold Colormelt

Brown-Gold Colormelt

Image by @cristenkelso via Instagram

Combine lowlights and highlights for a look with limitless depth. The color melt is gorgeous and ideal for individuals who are hesitant to commit.

A bit blonde and a little brown gives you the best of both worlds. When the colors go so well together, there is no need to make a decision.

27. Golden-blonde Highlights in a Chocolate Bob

Golden-blonde Highlights in a Chocolate Bob

Blonde accents on light brown hair style give it a delicate, feminine look.

The neck-length, wavy bob has lengthy honey streaks running through it that heighten the appearance of the seductive peek-a-boo bangs.

28. On Sandy Brown Hair, Highlights

On Sandy Brown Hair, Highlights

Image by @hairluvbytiffany via Instagram

The best highlight ideas for light brown hair revolve around creating a natural appearance.

Imagine this fashion as a reproduction of the highlights you used to get after spending a lot of time outside as a child. That kind of motivation will help you develop a young look.

29. Balayage-Painted Highlights

Balayage-Painted Highlights

Image by @maeipaint via Instagram

This look for light brown hair style is ideal. These appealing hues and textures are a sure bet.

Request painted-on (or balayage) highlights that are more vibrant close to the face from your stylist. After that, have her style it with current, free waves.

30. Multi-Toned Bob with Lowlights

Multi-Toned Bob with Lowlights

Image by @salonlebeau via Instagram

Partial highlights are typically placed through the top layer of the hair off the part so that they fall over the rest of the hair.

The darker hair underneath with the blond on top makes for a sassy look. Light brown hair style color can be known for skewing “mousy” – this look is anything but.

31. Loose waves in brown-blonde hair

Loose waves in brown-blonde hair

Image by @ilonamusaelyan via Instagram

Use a large barrel curling iron to add soft waves for a beachy appearance. To make long bangs seamlessly flow into the mane, part your hair to the side.

Keep most of your hair’s natural darker hue at the roots while adding highlights. Or, for a different look, try adding lowlights to your light brown hair style—you’ll be amazed at the results!

Pro Tip

Opt for foiling or balayage techniques for a customized and natural-looking blend of highlights and lowlights that enhance your light brown hair style.

32. Highlights in Bronze for Brunettes

Highlights in Bronze for Brunettes

Image by @glayda via Instagram

Light brown highlights with a metallic, bronze sheen can make your long; chocolate-colored hair look smoother and shinier.

The enormous loose waves on the bottom are balanced off by the oversized knot in the back, highlighting the subtle hues.

33. Mid-Shaft-To-Ends Blonde Ash Balayage

Mid-Shaft-To-Ends Blonde Ash Balayage

Image by @romeufelipe via Instagram

A balayage’s lush combination of hues already exudes effortless style. Even better, the dark roots will contrast when your hair grows out and bring chicness to your haircut.

You can therefore forego your usual six-week touch-ups, which is also better for your locks.

34. Golden Highlights in Spots for Chocolate Hair

Golden Highlights in Spots for Chocolate Hair

Image by @cristenkelso via Instagram

Shiny locks with depth can be achieved with light brown hair style with blonde highlights.

The subtle contrast and added definition provided by the lighter colors enhance the texture of the cut.

Because several tones are intertwined, the loose waves are very noticeable.

35. Brown hair with cinnamon highlights in espresso

Brown hair with cinnamon highlights in espresso

Image by @petermenezes via Instagram

For ladies who like a conservative look, long, dark brown hair with blonde highlights could be too angular.

Why not add a more subdued red cinnamon color to your brown hair? The glossy shine and delicate edges keep your hair looking thick and healthy.

36. Dark Brown Hair with Thin Beige Highlights

Dark Brown Hair with Thin Beige Highlights

Image by @richiemiao via Instagram

Thin highlights are an excellent option for someone looking for a more natural look because they blend in perfectly with the hair.

Going a couple of tones lighter is enough to make a difference.

37. Highlights in a bright blonde contour

Highlights in a bright blonde contour

Image by @romeufelipe via Instagram

Enjoy your highlights and balayage. You’re not required to maintain the typical ombre-inspired appearance.

Put the smallest pieces around your face to highlight and brighten it. The bolder the style, the greater the contrast between your natural color and the highlights.

38. Messy Bob with Balayage Face-Framing

Messy Bob with Balayage Face-Framing

Even a short bob makes a cute backdrop for light brown hair style with balayage.

To make the most of the locks you have, choose a striking contrast between the blonde and brown because you don’t have a lot of available inches.

The rough ends and a disorganized finish heighten the cut’s edge.

39. A stunning Tawny Bob with Blonde Balayage

A stunning Tawny Bob with Blonde Balayage

Image by @penniepannavalee via Instagram

The balayage bob is popular because it always looks fantastic in photos. The color combination is captivating, and the angular cut is attractive.

When you leave the house in the morning, tousle your hair with your preferred product to achieve that cutely unkempt look.

40. Highlights in Creamy Blonde with a Hazel Brown Base

Highlights in Creamy Blonde with a Hazel Brown Base

Image by @beautiquebynicole via Instagram

You’ll be looking twice since her light brown hair style with caramel highlights is so gorgeous!

Larger highlights might not look as natural, but they give you a just-came-off-the-beach appearance by giving you a practically sun-bleached look.

Of course, the choppy surf adds to that Southern California vibe.

41. Extremely feminine brunette balayage

Extremely feminine brunette balayage

Image by @beautyandbalayage via Instagram

When people think about balayage, they frequently picture something very fashionable.

However, this golden hairstyle shows that subtlety and minimalism are also fashionable.

Finding a means to incorporate a new trend into your unique style is crucial when you do so.

42. Subtle Balayage and Bold Face-Framing

 Subtle Balayage and Bold Face-Framing light brown hair transformation

Image by @ninezeroone via Instagram

For a fantastic retro vibe, use your light brown hair with highlights.

The hairdo shown, which is layered and subtly feathered, is a stylish illustration of how to update a traditional look.

The important features are the flowing curls and face-framing highlights.

43. Lowlights That Look Natural

Lowlights That Look Natural light brown hair transformation

Image by @saloncouture_ny via Instagram

You can’t tell where the base color finishes, and the highlighting starts with this look because there are so many highlights.

The end product is one of the most stunning light hair hues we’ve ever seen. A deep purple shampoo will marvel to keep the ideal toning over time.

44. Highlights in a cool tone

Highlights in a cool tone light brown hair transformation

Image by @habitsalon via Instagram

Are lowlights and highlights curling loosely together? Please, I say.

The blonde tones show out more in the front, while the brown lowlights are more noticeable on the top and back of the head.

So it’s something similar to ombre. Beautiful, for sure.

45. Highlights in Ash Bronde for Brown Hair

Highlights in Ash Bronde for Brown Hair light brown hair transformation

Image by @cristenkelso via Instagram

Looking for a cooler color scheme? The best highlights are faded ones. They still feel natural while giving your hair a gentler tone.

Even if the balayage is faint, it nonetheless adds countless dimensions to the light brown color of your hair.

46. Ombre brown hair

Ombre brown hair light brown hair transformation

Image by @hairxjojo via Instagram

With the addition of ombre hair color, light brown hair style is given a new lease on life. Your hair is gradually lightened from the naturally brown roots to the ends, where it is golden blonde.

47. Long Caramel Balayage Hair That Is Soft

Long Caramel Balayage Hair That Is Soft light brown hair transformation

Image by @maeipaint via Instagram

Warm balayage highlights the smoothness of your long mane. Your hair looks longer thanks to the highlights, and the lengthy locks lengthen the face. Thus, this cut is both fashionable and flattering.

48. Light Brown Highlights That Are Subtle

Light Brown Highlights That Are Subtle

Image by @kristen.lumiere via Instagram

What you get when you let a balayage lob grow out is hair that is light brown with blonde highlights.

Your back-skimming locks now have lovely movement thanks to the angled ends that gave your long bob its distinctive structure.

49. Sporadic Highlights of Various Intensities in Bronde

Sporadic Highlights of Various Intensities in Bronde light brown hair transformation

Image by @kendallxfire via Instagram

Spreading out your highlights unevenly will give your balayage a unique look. Unevenly, yes.

A cliff with several dimensions is produced by the variation in color concentration in some places compared to others.

If you want to keep the haircut from feeling overly cluttered, avoid a style with plenty of texture, such as layers.

50. Highlights in medium brown hair give it more radiance

light brown hair transformation

Image by @jayrua_glam via Instagram

The curls’ accentuation by highlights makes the hair look considerably shinier than it truly is.

Therefore, you do not need to grab a product and wave your hair io achieve a healthy-looking glow. Using layers wisely will make your cut appear bigger and feel lighter.

51. Blonde Highlights in Beige

light brown hair transformation

Image by @un.rooted via Instagram

A natural-looking style like this can be achieved by having light brown hair style with slightly paler color highlights.

The beige bronde hair color is a feast for the eyes, offering a simple appearance.

52. Highlights of blonde and beige in light brown hair Style

light brown hair transformation

Image by @justhairobsession via Instagram

Women frequently inquire about the best highlight colors for light brown hair style. Naturally, blonde!

On the other hand, we advise having various blonde tones for a more daring appearance. This technique gives your hairstyle depth.

53. Brown Hair with Sunny Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair with Sunny Blonde Highlights light brown hair transformation

Image by @yigiitkara via Instagram

The blonde highlights in light brown hair style give it a stylish, ethereal appearance.

Additionally, it’s ideal for people who wish to feel like Hollywood divas, even on everyday days. Add modest waves so your hair can flow nicely and have an enhanced luster.

Fun Fact

The trend of highlighting and lowlighting hair dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, when lemon juice and natural sunlight were used to create subtle highlights, a practice that has evolved into modern highlighting techniques.

How to Keep Highlights and Balayage Looking Healthy 

Whether you opt for all over traditional foil highlights, or more subtle balayage strips, both of these can be damaging if they are not cared for properly.

To make your new hairdo look healthy, make sure you use products which have been specifically created to strengthen and protect colored hair. 

Try using a hair mask to help protect your lightened hair from damage, such as heat from styling tools, that will cause your hair to become dry or brittle. 

To avoid seeing orange, red, or brassy tones in your blonde highlights, try using purple shampoo.

These are specifically designed to help neutralize any warm tones, and help keep your highlights or balayage looking bright and bold. 

brown hair with highlights

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Balayage? 

Balayage is a French term that literally means “to sweep”. It is a hair coloring technique used by stylists and colorists all over the world in which the highlights are hand-painted or “swept” onto random sections of the hair. 

Lightener or dye is usually painted on, starting around the midsections. The dye becomes  denser the closer to the ends of the hair it gets.

These highlights are usually a few shades lighter than your natural or base hair color, which helps create natural depth and dimension. 

Balayage is often mistaken for a specific hair look, however, it is actually the name of the technique.

Unlike traditional highlights there is no need to use foils when using the balayage technique.

As the color is brushed on to the surface of the hair, it gives the illusion of a natural sun-kissed look – which is often described as a more natural looking ombre. 

Balayage can be applied all throughout your hair, which ultimately lightens the overall appearance. Alternatively, you can get partial, or mini balayage in smaller areas around your face. 

What are Babylights? 

If you want more subtle looking highlights, opt for babylights instead. 

This is a hair coloring process which mimics the natural sun-kissed and dimensional highlights that commonly occur on children’s hair.

Babylights are typically used to add a soft glow, and are typically applied near the front of the hair to frame the face. 

What is an Ash Hair Color? 

Ash is a pigment or character of hair color. Hair colors that are ash have cool undertones to them, especially with hints of blue and green that give the hair a smokey and silvery look.

Ash is not typically a vibrant hair color, and rather gives the hair a sleek, icy appearance. 

Ash colors tend to compliment those with cool skin tones. As cool skin tones don’t rely on big vibrant colors, the subtlety of ash will flatter and enhance the complexion, rather than wash it out. 

You can also use ash to remove any colors from brunette to blonde that  have unwanted warmth, which will soften the warmth that naturally occurs in your hair. 

Final Thoughts 

So there we have it – the most gorgeous highlight and lowlight ideas for brunettes. We chose a range of different hairstyles for long, medium, and short-length hair, as well as picking colors for both warm and cool toned complexions. 

Selecting the right highlight and lowlight colors for brown hair can create a harmonious and dimensional look.

Opting for warm, caramel, or honey-toned highlights can add depth and brightness to the brown base, complementing its natural richness. These hues mimic the sun-kissed effect and create a radiant, sunlit appearance.

On the other hand, cool-toned lowlights, like ash or chocolate shades, can provide contrast and balance to brown hair.

These shades introduce depth and sophistication, preventing the hair from appearing flat or one-dimensional.

When choosing highlight and lowlight colors, it’s essential to consider your skin tone and personal style. Experimenting with subtler or bolder tones can achieve different effects, enhancing your overall look.

Consultation with a professional colorist is advisable to ensure the best results, as they can tailor the colors to suit your specific undertones and preferences.

Ultimately, the right combination of highlights and lowlights can elevate your brown hair, creating a stunning and dynamic hairstyle.

We hope that this list has given you some inspiration to bring with you next time you visit the salon!

Tina Cole

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