6 Easy To Use Polygel Nail Kits

Polygel nails are quickly gaining popularity in salons and at home. They've developed so quickly because they're simply a fantastic product and are a simple and easy way to change the look of your nails.

Polygel Nail kit

Polygel Nails are lighter, more natural, and easier to work with compared with the more common acrylic nails you get in salons. Regardless, they are just as durable and long-lasting as these nails.

If you want to get started with Polygel Nail kets, then check out these 6 top brands. Each one has something different to offer, so you’re sure to find the brand that is perfect for you on here.


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This brand is perfect if you want to create some holographic nail states or love the look of glitter. With an LED lamp curing time of 60 seconds and a UV lamp curing time of 90 seconds, Vrenmol nail extension gel dries swiftly.

Vrenmol nail extension gel nails can last up to a month or longer with correct nail pretreatment. With the detailed directions on both the selling page and the package, even a novice can create a beautiful and long-lasting nail extension.

This poly nails gel kit contains 9 toxin-free components and a low-odor composition to keep your nails healthy. Your nails will not be harmed by harsh chemicals or adhesives, making them more healthy for your nails over acrylics. 

With the application of a poly nails gel cleanser/slip solution, the gel may be chosen and formed on dual forms smoothly, preventing the gel from adhering to the brush or other poly nails gel equipment.

It's easy to shape and color the poly nails gel because it's so thick, and you should start at the bottom and work your way up.

The Mix and Match Diamond colors make you stand out from the crowd, and these nails are appropriate for both parties and regular work.


  • Super easy to use - Beginners will easily be able to apply these nails themselves thanks to easy to follow instructions included
  • Not sticky - Some nail products can be sticky, which makes them harder to use and apply. This is not an issue with the Vrenmol nail kit


  • Long curing time - though the product description says that curing should take around 2 minutes in total, some reviews have said that this is not enough time and that their nails pop off.

    This could be due to applying them wrong, so follow instructions carefully and cure for longer if you think it is needed. 


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You can create trendy nail looks at home with this comprehensive poly nail gel kit. It's simple to make unique beauty poly gel nail art with the included 8 colors, and you can buy more for a bit more variety in your look. 

This product comes with everything you need to begin your nail art journey.

The comprehensive kit comes with a 48W LED lamp, 6 pieces of pure color poly gel, 2 pieces of temperature shifting color poly gel, a nail prep dehydrator and primer, base coat, top coat, nail slip solution, and other basic poly gel nail art tools are included.

This poly nail gel kit allows you to make robust, flexible, feather-light nail extensions whether you're a beginner or a pro.

Using proper nail prep, which includes filling, buffering, and cleaning, Morovan Poly nail extension gel is easy to shape with a slip solution and can last up to a month.

It's worth noting that the slip solution was formulated specifically for nail extension gel. This allows you to easily and cleanly mold the building gel onto dual shapes. 

To prevent the poly gel from sticking to the brush or other poly gel nail instruments, dip the brush in a slip solution or 75 percent rubbing alcohol.

This allows the poly nail extension gel to be plucked and formed on dual forms with ease. To change the nail art style and remove the builder gel for nails, file the poly gel down and then buffer it.

You will save time and be able to remove your nails more quickly and cleanly using a nail drill machine.

If you want to get a nail kit that is ideal for beginners and includes everything you need to get started then you should try out the Morovan Poly Gel Nail Kit. 


  • Comprehensive kit - you won’t have to buy any extra pieces of equipment as everything you need is included in this kit
  • The equipment works with other polygel brands - if you want to try out a new brand but don’t want new equipment then you’ll be happy to know that the equipment in this kit is universal in that it works with other brands


  • Lack of colors - the colors included in this kit are varying shades of nude, so if you want some color on your nails you will have to buy them separately


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This nail kit is another that comes with equipment included, though not as much as the Morovan nail kit.

This kit comes with four 15ml bottles of poly nail gel, one 8ml base coat, one 50ml slip solution, one nail file, one 8ml topcoat, 60pcs duel forms in 12 sizes, one spatula, and one duel-ended nail brush. 

Under the LED nail lamp that comes with the kit, the gel nail builder dries in just 2-3 minutes. Even nail beginners may construct accurate and exquisite nail extensions by following the extensive instructions in the user manual.

The pink extension gel can last up to one month or even longer with proper application and nail prep (file, buffering, and cleaning). Use a nail dehydrator and primer to increase adherence and make the nail gel last longer.

To make it easier to use or spread the nail extension gel, dip the brush into the slip solution (included in this gel nail kit). Hard gel for nails is easy to pick up and apply to dual-form nails.

This professional nail kit is appropriate for both beginners and seasoned nail professionals. To change nail styles or remove nail extension gel for a speedier and cleaner appearance, you'll need a powerful nail drill. 

The Makartt poly gell sets kit is perfect for making a variety of nail designs on press-on nails, and it may be used to make a square, oval, coffin, or french nail extensions.


  • Can apply as much or little as you want- as it is so easy to control how much gel you put on your nails, you will hardly have to do any filing away of extra dried gel
  • Very easy to work with - beginners will love this product because the instructions are easy to follow and it is very user friendly


  • Slip solution is not included - this is a vital product used to stop the poly gel nail from slipping off your nail bed. This kit instead gives you a nail cleanser which does not work as well. You will need to buy a slip solution separately


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Gershion poly nail gel is made from high-quality natural resin that has been carefully selected for its features.

This resin has high transparency, excellent gloss, good durability, is lightweight, odorless ness, and is non-toxic. It's also difficult to disintegrate or turn yellow which is a common problem found with poly gel nails. 

Gershion extension nail gel can last up to a month or more with good nail prep (filing, buffering, and cleaning ).

It won’t come off even if you washed your dishes or clothes, so you don’t have to be too careful when doing housework or manual labor.

You can also replenish your nails every two weeks as the new cuticle region grows to keep the nails looking fresh. 

With this set you can have beautiful nails in just three minutes! Under an LED bulb, the nail extension gel dries in 1-2 minutes (not included in this kit).

The user handbook includes extensive instructions on how to construct neat and exquisite nail extensions, even for nail rookies.

The Gershion 30ml poly nail gel kit includes a nail file, dual forms, a dual-headed pen, and a base top coat, among other things. All you'll need is a bulb and some additional slip solution. 

This nail kit would make a wonderful gift to a loved one for any occasion. 


  • Perfect for beginners - if you have never done your own nails before then this is an excellent kit to get started with
  • Colors cure well - In just 1-2 minutes the gel cures hard making the nails very durable


  • Nail forms may not fit - though you receive many nail forms, they are all the same size, so you may find that they do not fit you if you have wide or thin nails


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The most up-to-date nail enhancement on the market is the Gelish PolyGel Enhancement Trial Kit.

Gelish PolyGel combines the advantages of acrylics and hard gels to provide you with a natural-looking, durable, flexible, and light-as-a-feather nail look that is odor-free.

The application of these nails is super easy and can be done in just 4 steps:

  1. squeeze out the poly gel and cut to the right sizer using the multipurpose tool
  2. roll onto the nail
  3. shape the product into place using the brush and slip solution
  4. cure for 30 seconds to a minute in 18G LED light

This product is more suited to professional nail technicians who are looking to upgrade their equipment. Thanks to the premixed solutions, you will be able to apply these solutions quickly as there is no need to mix the liquids and powder.

It also does not harden until the nail is placed under the LED or UV lamp, so you will have plenty of time to design the nail while the solution is wet. 

This kit includes a natural clear, slip solution, tube key, and a multi-purpose tool. 


  • Very durable - thanks to the combination of acrylic and gel, you will be left with very strong and durable nails 
  • Easy to shape - as it cannot dry without the use of a lamp, you will have plenty of time to work on the shaping of the nails


  • Not for beginners- this product needs to be used by a professional as beginners to the nail art world will find it very difficult to use


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Saviland poly nails gel is a quick-drying nail augmentation and builder gel that dries in under two minutes under a manicure lamp.

Even nail newbies will be able to use this thanks to the detailed instructions on how to make stunning nail extension patterns in the user manual.

Saviland poly nails gel can last up to three weeks with proper application. There is little chance of chips or smudges happening, and it is very unlikely that they will break off.

This is because this gel is very flexible but also durable, so these nails can survive almost anything with the right care

The kit arrives in a gorgeous box with 12 pieces of poly nail gel, an instruction booklet, and a bookmark as a bonus. You will be able to DIY a stylish look for any occasion by using neon and glitter poly nail gels.


  • Pigmented gels - the colors are very bright and vibrant 
  • Easy to use - even teens may find that this set is easy to use


  • A bit sticky- this can make the gel a bit hard to shape and work with


If you are looking to start your nail art journey, or are looking to upgrade your nail set, then any of these poly gel nail kits would be ideal for you.