21 Adorable Acrylic Nail Designs That Will Brighten Your Life

Having an adorable set of acrylic nails is a beautiful way to brighten your day and show your style. Acrylic nails are charming because they’re strong, so less likely to chip off than polish applied straight to the nails.

In addition, there are many designs to choose from, allowing you to personalize your nails to suit your mood, taste, and lifestyle.

21 Adorable Acrylic Nail Designs That Will Brighten Your Life

However, because there are so many options, picking good quality and cute designs can be tricky. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices, leaving you with rubbish nails or giving up on the search altogether! 

To save you from bare or ugly nails, we’ve journeyed around the internet to find you the best acrylic designs. These can serve as inspiration or give you a reference image to work with!

Having acrylic nails put on is often such a fun experience, so to make the activity even more enjoyable, read on!

1. Daisy Summer Nails

Who doesn’t love some flower power!? These nails are perfect for accessorizing a festival outfit or going well with a cute summer dress.

We love that the muted background makes the little daisies pop. In addition, the orange tips ensure that the floral design doesn’t look childish, bringing a bold edge to the design. 

The minimal tips work well not to overpower the nails, and the neutral base subtly complements the hand’s natural tones. In addition, the scattered flowers create a carefree vibe, which would be ideal for wearing a laid-back, Cottagecore dress.

2. Green Swirls

​​For those that love the ‘70s aesthetic, these green acrylic nails are an excellent take on this era’s style. The swirling green meanders across the nails, creating eye-catching movement and interest.

We love that the lines subtly lighten and are so delicately applied! 

By contrasting the delicate curves with the plain green nails, the designer has picked one tone to tie the separate sections together. The result is a groovy, sophisticated set, which we would enjoy wearing to a rave, beach, or fancy dress party.

3. Firey Pink

Are you looking for cute yet edgy acrylic nails? If so, this fiery set has got you covered. The stylized flames creep up the nails, giving you a grown-up fantastical vibe. We love that the nails are three different colors, which complement each other perfectly.

The neutral base gives the impression that the fire comes from your tips, inspiring grown-up superhero behavior. Who doesn’t want a little bit of a magical boost in their life?

The flames would work well on someone who loves being an Instagram Baddie and wants their nails to reflect that. 

This design would be ideal for wearing to a rave, going out to a club, or simply living your best hot life. The two-tone flames ensure that there’s a minimalist chicness to this design, stopping it from appearing childish.

In addition, the fire is sure to catch strobe lighting, glimmering boldly in a bustling place. 

4. Purple Penguin Pattern

Fancy getting cozy? These warm winter nails with an adorable penguin illustration are perfect for wearing in winter! The festive snowflake pattern would shimmer in the firelight, making it ideal for celebrating Christmas with family and friends. 

The raised acrylic heart pattern resembles thick wooly jumper patterns, adding to the comfortable aesthetic. And, to prevent the scheme from feeling frumpy, the designer has included some sparkle by using glitter.

This would bring glamour to any outfit, making it an eye-catching talking point at any party. 

5. Frogs And Flowers

Love a cute frog? These understated acrylics have got you covered! The adorable smiling frog pops up at the top of the nails, and the daisies complement the whimsical design.

The friendly little creature would be a great addition to any animal lover’s outfit, too! 

The nails have a neutral pink base; they would be great for anyone who loves subtly elegant designs. The green tips are a unique take on french tips, bringing a natural twist on the classic shapes.

We adore that the flowers seem to gently tumble over the acrylics, as though they’re blowing over the pink base.

6. Pink Nails With Hearts And Ombre

Are you searching for the pink Y2K aesthetic? If so, these throwback pink glittery hearts will have you reaching for your lip gloss!

The ombre seamlessly blends up the nails, bringing an arty edge to the design. We love that the hearts alternate between being glittery and matte.

By only making a few hearts glittery, the designer has ensured that the pattern isn’t overwhelming. As the picture suggests, we can see these pink nails going well with washed-out denim.

If you don’t want nails as long as this, we recommend shortening them to a personalized manageable size.

7. Blue, Pink, And, Yellow Butterfly Nails

We recommend taking inspiration from this delicate set for fluttery nails with adorable butterflies. The transparent acrylics really make the holographic butterflies pop!

These nails remind us of super magical country meadow walks, which means they would be perfect for an outdoor summer party.

The one-tone pink nails contrast the detailed butterflies, ensuring that each element is balanced. The subtle sparkles add to the fantastical vibe, bringing movement to the art.

The squared tips define the floaty nails, bringing a vital grounding element to ensure they aren’t too soft. 

8. Abstract Nails

These yin-yang style curves bring an updated take on plain pastel nails. We love the candy-colored tones that ensure you can wear multiple different outfits without worrying about your nails clashing.

This is a brilliant option if you love abstract and minimal artwork and are tired of seeing the same elaborate impractical nails.

The nails aren’t so long that you’d feel like you can’t live your life. And, they’re elegantly rounded so that you won’t snag your clothing on them. The swirls complement the tips’ shape, too, meaning this design is cohesive and well thought out!

9. Gingerbread And Candycane

How cute are these festive nails? The little gingerbread people are sure to make you smile when you look at them!

We love that the traditional candy cane pattern has been updated to curve around the nails, too. Although the detailed gingerbread is fascinating, we can imagine this took some time and skill to create!

The polka dot thumbnail is a lovely fusion of the spots on the gingerbread nails and red in the candy cane. What could be better than having a festive manicure to get into the holiday spirit this winter!? So treat yourself to these sweet designs! 

10. Floral Glam 

We believe this flowery set is perfect for those who love their nails to be as intricate and pretty as possible. The painted flora is so detailed!

The shading reminds us of traditional oil paintings seen in museums and country houses. The minimal gold band updates the look, ensuring it doesn’t look old-fashioned.

The subtle baby pink is a lovely way to pick up the petals’ tones and give the set its chicness. The little added jewels would go well with gold rings or other jewelry.

This glamorous acrylics design would be a stunning addition to any wedding or significant celebration. 

11. Yellow Daisies

These floral acrylics would give a luscious springtime vibe to any look. The chick-yellow color makes the nails ideal for rocking at Easter without the stereotypical easter egg design.

The transparent base on the daisy nails ensures the petals really pop and aren’t lost. 

The warm yellow centers match their plain colored sisters. If you like a minimalist design that’s accessible for a beginner to try, we recommend giving this one a go.

With a bit of practice, simply painted nails and dotted petals would be relatively easy to master.

12. Pearl, Glitter, And Matte Dusky Pink

These square ballerina nails in muted colors are super adorable! We love how the matte dusky pink allows the tiny pearls to shine. In addition, the designer has included intricate glitter stripes and contrasting white lines to ensure the nails aren’t dull.

The plain glitter nail brings the design together. Each nail has its own personality that complements the others without being too samey.

The minimal matte pink and pearl sets balance the sparkles so that the acrylics don’t seem too overpowering. Ideal for a festive party or living your best pink sparkly life! 

13. Trendy Abstract Swirls 

Heading to a rave and want a fun addition to your fingers? These acrylics are a perfect way to spice up your outfit and bring the party vibe. We adore that the shapes appear like they have been splattered onto the nails, giving a carefree edge. 

The neon colors would be great additions to any rave or club’s glowing atmosphere. The designer has used a black swirl to ensure the colors are connected and don’t seem too random.

The neutral base brings glassy chicness and allows the bold tones to pop.

14. Gold Reindeer And Hearts 

If you’re searching for some Christmas cheer that you can display on your nails, these reindeer acrylics will satisfy your craving! The glittery additions bring that festive sparkle that reminds us of Christmas tree fairy lights.

In addition, the Reindeer with their gold noses are a fun twist on the traditional design, perfect for those that aren’t a fan of red.

The super shiny glitter is sure to get any sparkle-lover in the festive mood! The delicate antlers balance the bold scheme, grounding it with adorable details. If you want your reindeers to look even more attractive, why not add a smile to their faces?

15. Blue Emoji-Inspired

This two-tone blue set is super fun, ideal for any emoji-lover young or old! We love that the ying-yang design has been adapted to follow the nail’s curve. The flames reach stylishly towards the carefully squared tips, bringing interest to the acrylics. 

The heart is funky, too! The lines that follow the heart’s shape ripple out, reminding us of a beating heart. It’s super retro, so if you love the ‘70s aesthetic and want to update it, we recommend trying this set out.

The ravey smiley face is an excellent addition that looks like a sticker, making the set look adorably DIY-ed.

16. Minimal Valentine’s Day Nails

If you’re a beginner at doing your own acrylic nails, this simple design is a great one to try. The beautiful baby pink base would make any Valentine’s Day meal a pretty addition without being too over the top.

The squared tips make them well defined against the light-colored skin.

The delicately drawn-on designs bring a slightly grungy edge to the nails, meaning they’re ideal for rockers who want a little love.

On the other hand, the handmade appearance makes for a very laid-back set, which would suit someone who doesn’t like flashy acrylics.

17. Blue Holiday Vibes

Love the snowy season? These nails allow you to celebrate winter in style! The gorgeous snowflake hugs the navy blue background, popping well in white. The little sparkly jewels added to the snowflake tips stop the snowflake from appearing too 2D.

These are super elegant nails, ideal for someone celebrating Christmas who doesn’t want overpowering acrylics.

The subtle silver sparkle reminds us of freshly fallen snow. And the dark blue brings a magical night sky vibe to the set. But, of course, these holiday nails would be ideal for a work Christmas party, too!

18. Ombre Dreamy Clouds

How cute are these whimsical sunset nails? The little fluffy clouds are like something straight out of a Disney movie! We adore the detail that’s gone into these little acrylics, too. The tiny white sparkles bring starry beauty to the design. 

By placing the white on a pink and orange ombre background, the artist highlighted the white features. The tiny crescent moons would suit being on any astrological-loving person’s nails.

The floaty clouds are perfect for gazing into and daydreaming. And, this set can be easily personalized to add more or fewer clouds to suit your style.

19. Yellow Smiley Faces 

If you want nails that are likely to make you smile when you look at them, this friendly set is an excellent option! The seemingly random smiley face pattern is so fun, ideal for any party, brightening your mood, or fun celebration.

The non-serious design allows you to experiment with faces, too! You could do a few pulling funny looks if you fancy spicing it up a bit.

The neutral base color stops the design from being too much. In addition, we like that these acrylics are super wearable, as the nails aren’t super long, and there are no hard edges.

So, you can get on with your day without worrying about breaking a nail!

20. Bright And Starry

This embellished manicure is super in style, using bold colors to make the stars stand out. We love this set’s playfulness; the bright pink color would bring a young feel to any outfit.

In addition, the raised stars provide the design with an interesting texture that creates interest within the pattern.

The muted orange is warming, making these nails ideal for wearing on a sunny holiday or to a pool party. The matte pink really allows the stars to shine and makes the light dance across the raised shapes.

We can imagine that these nails would be pretty easy to create with a bit of practice. So, if you’re a beginner, why not try them out! 

21. Polish And Pearls 

These properly manicured nails are an immense pleasure to gaze at! They have such an eye-catching holographic sparkle that makes us spot something new every time we look at them.

In addition, the super subtle orange and pink ombre brings a warmth that complements the cool-toned sparkles. 

These glittery acrylics are like a modern snowglobe and are sure to cure your boredom if you find yourself stuck in a dull moment. The pink balances out the sparkles, ensuring that the busy design isn’t overpowering.

If you don’t like pink much, you could easily pick out the blue tones in the sparkles to create an alternative ombre. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last?

Acrylic nails will last approximately between 2 and 3 weeks. This is because they’re super strong. However, you will need to look after them and avoid chipping them to help them last. The acrylics can quickly peel, chip, or lift if you don’t.

Do Acrylic Nails Just Fall Off?

The acrylics will eventually fall off after a long time on the nail. However, this only happens when the acrylics look awful because your natural nails will grow, pushing your acrylics upwards.

We don’t recommend pulling them off because this will hurt.

How Often Should You Take A Break From Acrylic Nails?

Many people have different opinions on how long required to take a break from wearing acrylic nails.

Some scientists have worked out that you need approximately 3 to 6 months for your nails to recover after you’ve used acrylics a lot. Breaks are brilliant for restoring your nails’ health.