20 Gorgeous Pink Eye Makeup Looks To Complement Blue Eyes

Key Takeaways
  • Pink eye makeup can beautifully complement blue eyes, creating a striking contrast that makes your eye color pop.
  • Pink eye makeup offers a range of shades, from soft pastels to vibrant fuchsias, allowing for a variety of looks that can be adapted for different occasions and moods.
  • Proper blending and balancing of pink eyeshadows with neutral tones can create a harmonious and sophisticated eye makeup look.
  • Pink eye makeup designs for blue eyes offer a canvas for personal expression, enabling you to experiment with different styles and techniques to find the look that suits you best.

Pink eye make-up works so well with blue eyes, as they complement the cool tones. There are many different styles, shades, and techniques you can use to make these gorgeous looks.

So whether you’re looking for something edgy, glamorous, or chic, we’ve got designs for you to be inspired by.

21 Pretty Pink Eye Makeup Designs For Blue Eyes

With so many eye makeup designs for blue eyes to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which to do. Picking the wrong one can mean you end up looking super ugly.

And, no one wants their eyes to look infected! Avoiding getting actual pink eye is so important. 

We’ve collected the best diverse inspiration to help you make up your mind. If you’re feeling bold, you can take notes from the following article, get your brushes and try some looks out.

For beginners, we’ve included a few designs that are easy to do, even if you have limited knowledge of makeup. 

Before You Get Started

  • Analyze your eye shape to determine the most flattering eyeshadow application techniques.
  • Select pink eyeshadow shades that enhance the natural beauty of your blue eyes.
  • Use an eyeshadow primer to help the eyeshadow colors appear vibrant and stay in place.
  • Ensure you have quality blending brushes for seamless color blending.
  • Apply makeup in natural light or with well-lit mirrors to achieve the most accurate results.

1. Soft Pink

Soft  Pink Eye Makeup Looks

Image by @fabmoodmag via Pinterest

Are you looking for a soft eye look with a hint of glitter? If so, this well-blended pink eyeshadow has got you covered!

The makeup artist has blended the pink colors from light to dark to make the eyes pop.

In addition, the creator has put in a sleek cat-eye to ensure the eyes don’t look too round, which creates this sultry look. 

Black eyeliner has been smudged on the lower lashes to add a grungy element, which makes it vampy. The cleanly drawn eyeliner requires a lot of skill to achieve.

The artist has seemingly elongated the eyes by taking it to a point at the inner corner. The fluttery eyelashes add to the glamor, too!

2. Shimmering Rose Gold And Electric Blue 

Shimmering Rose Gold And Electric Blue  Pink Eye Makeup Looks

Image by @dulcefcastro11 via Pinterest

If you’re looking for a bold pink shadow eye look, why not have a go at this electric one!? The cat-eye shape is a modern take on ‘60s cut crease, using blue to define the corners.

The clean blue eyeliner works well with the cool tones on the lips and matches the piercing irises that the model has.

This design would be perfect for wearing to a rave as it complements vibrant strobe lighting well. The shadow has been blended into a fiery shape, which is brilliant for adding some edginess to your outfit.

The fluttery lashes ground the whole design so that the blue and pink aren’t overpowering.

3. Bright Bubblegum Pink

Bright Bubblegum Pink Pink Eye Makeup Looks

Image by @glaminati via Pinterest

Do you love the color pop style? If so, this bubblegum pink look may be for you! The mint green goes well with the blue eyes, stunningly bright.

This reminds us of 80s makeup, so it’s only made for those who love to stand out and express their extravagance with their faces.

You can take away the mint green and simply put it in bubblegum pink if you want to tone down this design.

In addition, you can choose to go for a more neutral lip color, which doesn’t match the eyeshadow.

The warm orange adds definition to the crease, too.

4. Glossy Shadow

Glossy Shadow Pink Eye Makeup Looks

For those searching for an understated and dewy look, why not try this design out. The glossy lighter pink highlights the naturally dark inner corner, bringing sparkle to the scheme.

The warmer tones subtly define the crease and really make these pretty, speckled eyes pop. 

The delicate lashes aren’t too heavy, which complements the well-blended look. The pink tones blend well with the colors in the cheeks and blusher that’s also been applied.

In addition, they’ve created a design that hugs the blue irises by taking the eyeshadow under the eye.

5. Matte Ballerina Eyeshadow

Matte Ballerina Eyeshadow Pink Eye Makeup Looks

This matte eyeshadow is super rosy, ideal for wearing to celebrate spring. The subtle pink is blended well to not overpower, making it perfect for wearing it casually out and about.

The slightly brown tones work well with the model’s eyebrows and dark roots, too! 

To make the makeup even more cohesive, the makeup artist has matched some tones used in the eyes with the lip colors.

In addition, the inner eye highlight has been dabbed onto the cheekbones and nose tip as well.

This ensures that the model’s features look soft and super pretty.

6. Euphoria Inspired

Euphoria Inspired

Image by @umkoalalol via Pinterest

Fancy trying an edgy look? This carefully applied art reminds us of Euphoria! The dewy pink touches give it a fresh youthfulness that would suit someone wearing it to a party, rave, or festival.

The darker pink parts are cleanly taken over the lid, making the makeup look stylized butterfly wings.

The double wings at the side are an exciting alternative to doing a cat-eye. The smudged product adds to the grungy vibe, which would suit someone who finds it challenging to apply eyeshadow in super neat lines.

The blending also ensures that any fall-out from dancing doesn’t look noticeable. 

7. Romantic Sparkles

Romantic Sparkles Pink Eye Makeup Looks

Image by @anastimazz via Pinterest

This dusky pink eyeshadow shimmers in the light beautifully! We adore that the artist has used highlight to elevate the shadow and match the shine on the cheekbones.

The light pink tones match the whimsical rose petals and matte lip. The shading has been lightly added so that the eyes are elongated.

The eyeshadow is a good color because it matches the undertones to the foundation and is blended seamlessly into the brow bone section.

In addition, the highlighted brow bone area adds depth to the look, making the deeper colors define the outer eye edges.

8. Neon Foxy Eyes

Neon Foxy Eyes

Image by @PEXSHOP via Pinterest

This fresh and fun look uses mint green to complement the light-colored irises. Foxy eyes are super on-trend, and to achieve this look, the makeup artist has applied a lot of eyeliner.

In addition, the black liner has been swept into the outer corner excellently to create this long-eye look. 

So that the black eyeliner doesn’t make the makeup look imbalanced. The downward-facing point adds to this animalistic design, reminding us of flames. Perfect for a fiery person to wear and slay their day.

Quick Guide: Pink Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

  • Choosing the Right Pink Shade: Soft, pastel pinks or warm peachy pinks tend to complement blue eyes beautifully. Cool-toned pinks may create an alluring contrast.
  • Blend with Neutrals: Pair pink eye makeup with neutral eyeshadows in shades like taupe, beige, or soft brown for a balanced and harmonious look.
  • Eyeliner and Mascara: Enhance your blue eyes with brown or plum eyeliner, and finish with black mascara for added definition.
  • Highlighting the Inner Corners: Apply a touch of a lighter, shimmery pink in the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear brighter.
  • Personal Style: Adjust the intensity of the pink eyeshadow to match your style, whether it’s a subtle wash of color or a bold, vibrant look.

9. Coral Charlotte Tilbury Smokey Eye

Coral Charlotte Tilbury Smokey Eye

Image by @PEXSHOP via Pinterest

Charlotte Tilbury is well known for producing sensual eye makeup in soft, warm colors. The smudgy eyes have a laid-back vibe that’s also super glamorous.

This means it’s very accessible for beginners to try, as it doesn’t require you to be super precise with the brushes.

The artist has added darker pink and black tones to make them look darker and have the eyes shine.

The cat-eye shape gives it a fashionable foxy feel, making the eyes look extra mysterious.

The subtle shade on the lips helps the eyes pop, and the blue color goes with the orangey shades, neutralizing one another.

10. Hazy Fairy Vibes

Hazy Fairy Vibes Pink Eye Makeup Looks

Image by @Br0ken_otaku via Pinterest

If you’re searching for a whimsical fairy vibe, how about trying this magical design? The subtle sparkle is super glamorous and has a vintage feel to it.

The neon pink has been cleanly applied for a youthful look, which is very playful.

The big fluttery lashes add to the old Hollywood aesthetic, too. 

The dreamy blue eyes work well with this dewy, highly blended artistry. The shimmering pink has been taken underneath the eye to pop the white parts.

We can imagine this would be fun to wear to a holiday party or summery festival. Also, the matte pink eyeliner prevents the lid from looking overly glittery. 

11. Alternative Candy Inspired

Alternative Candy Inspired

Image by @Br0ken_otaku via Pinterest

This arty vibe is an attractive Asian look for those who love embracing their alternative side.

In Korea, the current trends are puffy eyes, so pink has been used here under the eye to make it look more bulging.

Also, the subtle electric blue liner defined the bottom area, making the eyes appear wider than they are. 

The light pink eyeliner on the top is super graphic, adding more highlights to match the whites of the eyes. The blue irises match the makeup colors, creating a very defined line.

The double-winged eyeliner is an alternative take on the cat-eye look. We adore that the pink has been taken into the eyebrow for an otherworldly feel.

12. Dazzleshadow Smokey Look

Dazzleshadow Smokey Look

Image by @johnlewis via Pinterest

This look has been created using MAC products, which are super popular because they are highly affordable.

If you’re just starting out on your makeup journey, we recommend trying their eyeshadows as it’s easy to apply.

In addition, the dark pink powder is well blended to create a sultry appearance.

The edgy black is reflected in the un-filled eyebrows that have been swept away from the face.

This ensures that the eyes appear even foxier. We believe this would be ideal for wearing if you have a grungy or gothic style.

This eyeshadow design would also fit in at a rock concert.

13. Muted Ballerina Pink Eye Makeup Looks

Muted Ballerina Pink

Image by @charlottetilbury via Pinterest

This pink ballet look is super soft, ideal for a classy event. The beige tones are an elegant take on pink eyeshadow that matches the natural colors in the skin and eyebrow hair.

In addition, the dark brown eyeliner is a subtle alternative to black, adding to this warm design. 

The bright blue eyes complement the brown colors well, as these two tones are well known for suiting each other.

The ballet pink in the waterline makes the eyes appear bigger than they are. And, this color matches the one applied to the brow bone area. The warm strawberry blonde hair ties in nicely with the blended products.

Keep in Mind

  • Eyeshadow Shades: Opt for soft, pastel pinks or warm peachy pinks to complement blue eyes. Cool-toned pinks can create a striking contrast.
  • Lipstick Shades: Pair pink eye makeup with lipstick shades that enhance your overall look, such as nude, soft pink, or even a coral tone.
  • Hair Color: Consider how your hair color interacts with pink eye makeup. For example, cool-toned hair colors like platinum or ash blonde can complement the cool-toned pinks.
  • Attire: Coordinate your clothing with your makeup. Choose colors that harmonize with the pink eyeshadow, such as neutral tones or complementary shades.

14. Insta-Baddie Liner Pink Eye Makeup Looks

Insta-Baddie Liner

Image by @marchantsophie via Pinterest

This graphic liner is made for someone very skilled at applying makeup precisely. The bright pink under the eye is super fun and flirty.

The thick red liner is on-trend because it makes the model appear foxy.

So many celebrities get plastic surgery to create this same foxy look. 

The light beige inner corner is a lovely contrast to the rosy parts, a refreshing neutral part of the look. The pink mascara is a unique addition and alternative to harsh black lashes.

The bold colors are so arty, great for experimental people who love expressing themselves with makeup.

15. Lashes For Days Pink Eye Makeup Looks

Lashes For Days

Do you love being glamorous? If so, this subtle pink eyeshadow with bold, thick lashes is a fabulous option for you.

Of course, the show’s stars are these luscious lashes. However, the shadow makes them work.

The rosy pink product has been packed onto the lid to create a dark base, which allows the eyes to shine. 

This is a subtle smokey eye, which doesn’t use loads of black, so it’s super accessible for many people to do. The almond-shaped eyes are perfect for wearing these false lashes, which are super affordable.

This is an ideal day-to-night look, which wouldn’t look out of place in a club. 

Pro Tip

To make blue eyes pop with pink eye makeup, apply white or nude eyeliner on your waterline to create the illusion of larger, brighter eyes, complementing the pink hues.

16. Magical Night-Sky Inspired Pink Eye Makeup Looks

Magical Night-Sky Inspired 

Image by @johnlewis via Pinterest

How funky is this look? We love the magical colors taken into a winged shape that creates this whimsical fairy look.

The sparkles are subtle, just like fairy dust, so this is perfect for someone who wants to live a fantasy of a grown-up princess. 

The cool blue underneath the eye matches the irises, which is a clever way to ensure the makeup matches the natural features.

We recommend researching what your undertone is in your skin to match up the shades in the product. This is so that your design doesn’t clash with your natural beauty.

17. Edgy Glitter And Neon Green Eyeshadow Makeup Look

Edgy Glitter And Neon Green Eyeshadow Makeup Look

This is Katie Jane Hughes rocking a neon green pop of color. How awesome is this? If you want a high-end fashionable look that’s still edgy and accessible, why not try this design?!

The rosy pink hues contrast with the apple green, creating this wearable yet unique look. 

The fluffy brows with a slight pink tint add to the sharp and grungy vibe. The clumpy mascara adds to the effortless and laidback feel, easy to achieve by adding multiple layers.

The messy eyeshadow allows even super beginner artists to master the blending. There’s no specific shape you have to put it into.

18. Geometric Eyeshadow Wing Pink Eye Makeup Looks

Geometric Eyeshadow Wing

Image by @bhcosmetics via Pinterest

How futuristic is this vegan look? We love that the products used to create this didn’t harm animals for the super environmentally conscious.

This eyeshadow is by BH Cosmetics and uses a smooth matte mixture with shimmery bits.

The dark red and pink tones pack a punch, ideal for the ’80s themed fancy dress party.

We adore that the colors aren’t super blended together, which produces an edginess that you wouldn’t get if the eyeshadow was more smudgy.

The black mascara fanning across all the different shades makes it more cohesive.

The gold shimmer on the browbone bounces the light away from the eye, too. 

19. Fun Wedding Look 

Fun Wedding Look 

Image by @weddingforward via Pinterest

Why not use this shimmery eyeliner to make your blue eyes sparkle and shine. How pigmented is this gorgeous product!?

The peachy-pink eyelids compliment the foundation perfectly, adding a classic edge to the otherwise unusual design. The dark crease adds definition, which would suit a pink ballerina gown.

The black lashes have a hint of blue sparkles to pick up the specks in the irises, too! The subtle brown shades also match the eyebrows, carefully and softly shaded in.

The makeup artist has added a baby pink highlight to the brow bone section to lighten the look.

Fun Fact

The use of pink eyeshadow to enhance blue eyes dates back centuries. In ancient Egypt, people used crushed rose petals as eyeshadow, foreshadowing the timeless appeal of pink eye makeup.

20. Subtle pastel Pink Eye Makeup Looks

Image by @joshuajordan1 via Instagram

You can keep things discreet if you are not quite ready to wear a half-and-half appearance.

Apply a light pink shade from the inner corner of your eye to the center of your lid.

Next, blend a blue of equal brightness to the outer corner of your vision and your brow bone, beginning in the center where the pink finishes.

If you’re not excellent at blending where the pink and blue meet, dab some white or glitter in the middle to hide mistakes. 


Whether you love the edgy, soft, grungy, retro, or glamorous style, there are pink eye looks that will suit you if you have blue eyes.

We hope you enjoyed looking through these varied designs and found yourself inspired to try doing something different. Happy experimenting! 

Brittney Adams

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