How To Style Your Outfits Like A French Woman: Chic French Looks

Key Takeaways
  • Channel the French woman’s style by embracing simplicity and favoring timeless, well-fitted pieces over trendy, fleeting fashion.
  • Invest in high-quality basics that can be mixed and matched, emphasizing a curated wardrobe with versatile items.
  • Opt for a refined color palette and focus on clean lines and simple silhouettes to capture the essence of French style.
  • Add a touch of personal style through accessories or unique pieces, allowing for self-expression within the boundaries of classic French fashion.
  • Embody the French woman’s confidence by selecting outfits that make you feel comfortable and effortlessly put together.

Emulating French women’s timeless and effortlessly chic style involves cultivating a wardrobe that prioritizes simplicity, quality, and individual expression.

This article explores the key principles of dressing like a French woman, emphasizing the art of understated elegance through well-fitted, high-quality basics.

From embracing minimalism in color and silhouette to adding a personal touch for flair, the guide aims to inspire a curated and confident approach to fashion that transcends trends, capturing the enduring allure of French style.

In fashion, emulating a French woman’s timeless and chic style has been a perennial aspiration for many.

The problem often arises from the misconception that achieving this elegance requires an extensive wardrobe or adherence to ever-changing trends.

The action involves a shift in perspective – focusing on quality over quantity, embracing a minimalist approach, and curating a wardrobe that emphasizes individual flair.

This article guides you through the solution, offering insights into crafting outfits reminiscent of a French woman’s effortless style, proving that sophistication lies not in excess but in the art of simplicity and thoughtful curation.

France is renowned for creating the chicest and most fashionable outfits in the world. Despite changing trends, many classic looks have their roots in the French style.

In addition, the culture often takes outfits seriously, causing many to be envious of their seemingly effortless fashion.

There are so many tips to achieve this magical style for yourself, meaning you can imagine you’re wandering around the Parisian streets.

First, however, suppose you want to learn how fashion is influenced by the French, their traditions, and broader culture. In that case, it can be an overwhelming researching task at first.

We’ve written the following article to help stop you from getting overwhelmed while finding out about this rich subject.

Choosing the wrong pieces to pair together can cause you to display a fashion faux pas. And no one wants to be put off from boldly following their desires!

So, this article will guide you through how to sprinkle French beauty into your daily life. We concisely detail the ins and outs of different French fashions.

So that even if you don’t have the budget for designer fits, you can still shine in your clothing and accessories! Read on to discover more about this magnifique style!

Before You Get Started

  • Take a moment to envision the timeless and effortless elegance associated with French fashion.
  • Embrace the idea of simplicity and versatility as you prepare to curate your wardrobe.
  • Understand the delicate dance between high-end and more accessible fashion elements for a well-rounded style.
  • Prepare to pay meticulous attention to the finer points of your outfits, as it’s often the details that make all the difference.
  • Approach this journey with a mindset that celebrates the power of less, focusing on quality over quantity.

What is Parisian Style?

Parisian style is super distinctive and often what foreigners think of when they mention French style. Several different factors contribute to this fashion sense. Let’s run through them!

Firstly, the Parisian style sticks to timeless clothing that can last for years. This generally means that you have to buy high-quality pieces to achieve this look.

If this seems like it’s too hefty for your wallet, maybe the fact that you’ll have to purchase clothes less often will help. The quality factor allows you to save money if you look after your pieces.

Secondly, consider what shape you are in before buying clothes. Everything must be comfortable, so impractical and flashy outfits are off the table.

This allows you to regularly wear your Parisian pieces. Depending on your physique, you have to choose well-fitting clothes. 

Extravagance isn’t the Parisian way, so make sure you have simple silhouettes.

The sleek and comfortable aesthetic allows you to be minimal, cultivating a capsule wardrobe. Showy clothes aren’t made for Parisians with a chic yet lived-in vibe.

In terms of colors, choose muted and neutral tones, which follow the minimalist theme. Generally, stick to two colors per outfit and don’t exceed three.

This is so that your small clothes collection can allow you to mix and match, giving you outfits that don’t look similar but still follow the aesthetic. 

Classiness is central to this vibe, as showing off brands doesn’t sit within the Parisian style. Therefore, boastful behavior doesn’t align with this aesthetic.

Being modest is essential, so avoid bragging about using brand names and loud pieces.

Quick Guide: Outfits Like A French Woman

  • Curate Timeless Pieces: Build a wardrobe around versatile staples that stand the test of time.
  • Blend High and Low: Combine luxury items with more affordable pieces for a balanced look.
  • Attention to Detail: Elevate your outfits with carefully chosen accessories and tailored fits.
  • Confidence in Minimalism: Embrace the power of a curated wardrobe, focusing on quality over quantity.

How To Style Yourself So That You Look Like A French Woman

1. Oversized Clothes

Oversized Clothes

To be sure you’re adhering to the French aesthetic, go big or go home! Oversizing is a classic feature in this culture’s fashion, which adds to the laid-back vibe.

Playing with gender expression is something many French people love to do, so consider wearing masculine pieces if you’re a feminine woman.

The giant overhanging cuffs poke out delicately on this model, making it look like the person is wearing their boyfriend’s shirt. This tumbled-out-of-bed bohemianism is an essential element in French styling.

If you’re a woman wanting to emulate this aesthetic, make sure you have feminine touches.

The dainty loafers on this model and cute handbag provide refined details that tie the outfit together.

Oversized coats can be used to bring an androgynous edge, perfect for exploring old cobbled streets! 

How about pairing the loafers with baggy and delicate socks?! 

2. Suited And Booted 

Suited And Booted

Try an oversized masculine suit and shiny boots to recreate Chanel pieces, which emulate the French fashion powerhouse. Pinstripes are used in this style, as are black and thickly woven fabrics.

The too-large look is very French, and understated elegance and mystery hide the figure beneath. 

For this model, she’s paired the similarly colored coat with this matching blazer and trouser set. So, the neutral tones are minimal without being boring.

The angular shapes bring interest, too! If you want to make this outfit look less formal, wear sneakers with it.

The hair-down style stops the look from appearing too professional, so you could just as quickly wear this look to an office as for a coffee catch-up.

Black is used a lot in the French style. If you wanted to incorporate this more, you could go for the timeless all-dark outfit.

3. Eccentric Pieces

Eccentric Pieces

Even though the French style is typically minimalistic, there are often striking elements, too!

So, if black isn’t your color, you can spice up your life with baby pink and orange-red tones.

We love that the model has used this bold beret and matching pointed heels to bring eccentricity.

If you want a more casual take on this quirky element, you could wear dungarees or overalls. This benefit is that they’re comfortable while making a chic statement.

In addition, the vintage, Chanel-Esque clothing that this model wears is genuinely timeless and known for its excellent brand.

For many years, Karl Lagerfield, the director of Chanel, created many structured coats and jackets similar to what this model wears.

Although there’s no overpowering pattern to the outfit, the fabric’s material is an essential factor. Wear thick, woven woolen jackets with matching or large shiny buttons for this high-end designer look.

If you’re going to experiment with eccentricity, make sure you follow the fashion guidelines we laid out before this section. This will ensure you don’t stray from the French aesthetic.

4. The Bridget Bardot Aesthetic


Bridget Bardot is a style icon famous for her effortlessly chic french style.

This outfit with a white shirt has such a laidback Parisian elegance that it could easily be worn now. The pleated front is crisp, minimal, and clearly high-quality.

Masculine white shirts are a staple in French wardrobes, and Bardot was no stranger to wearing them.

In addition, the fun polka-dot necktie brings the feminine element that ensures the outfit doesn’t look like a fancy English school uniform.

Why not search online for Bridget Bardot’s looks and take some inspiration from her? We love that she often wore her hair in a Parisian messy way, adding to the just rolled out of bed vibe.

Add waves to textured locks for Bridget’s signature ‘60s voluminous hair. The result will be Instagram-worthy style!

5. Crochet For Days

Crochet For Days

Fancy lying on some grass and enjoying a stylish picnic? French crochet outfits allow you to do just that!

Ideal for a French summer, putting on crochet in crisp, neutral tones will provide warmth in the cool breeze while letting air circulate in the full sun.

We love this stylish two-piece because it looks so comfortable.

You could comfortably wear this style on a beach, with a straw hat and oversized sunglasses.

This romantic look will be ideal for someone who prefers bohemian influences, as it has an arty and handmade feel.

In addition, the white would work well to reflect that European sun so that you don’t get too hot.

The freshness has a dreamy and nostalgic subtlety, too.

If you want to make the crochet look more attractive, add accents such as smooth loafers, a chic leather handbag, and a straw hat like the one the model is wearing.

Knitwear isn’t for anyone, as it requires you to embrace coziness over angular shapes.

 Keep In Mind 

  • Prioritize Quality: Choose high-quality pieces over quantity for a refined wardrobe.
  • Versatility Matters: Opt for pieces that seamlessly transition from casual to formal occasions.
  • Balance High and Low Fashion: Integrate both high-end and more affordable items for a well-rounded look.
  • Attention to Detail is Key: Pay close attention to accessories, tailoring, and small details that elevate an outfit.
  • Confidence in Simplicity: Embrace a minimalist approach and trust that simplicity speaks volumes.

6. The White Shirt Element 

The White Shirt Element

When many people think about chic fashion, they envisage white shirts that are slightly oversized.

This model is wearing a perfect example, rolling up the sleeves to emphasize the casual aesthetic.

This monochromatic scheme works because it is a timeless combination, which is key to this Parisian vibe.

Whether you use chiffon, pure cotton, or Chantilly lace, you can get this masculine edge, which transports your outfit into belonging in a French cafe.

Find a shirt with pleats running down the front for a Briget Bardot look. With this, you can live out your film star glamour dreams.

The high-waisted suit pants emphasize the feminine hips, stopping the model from appearing drowned in the outfit.

This tailored, loosely structured clothing brings the borrowed French vibe for this aesthetic. Pair the look with chunky and angular sunglasses to channel your chic side.

7. Oversized Coat

Oversized Coat

Feeling chilly but don’t want to lose your chic French aesthetic? If so, how about wrapping up in a warm oversized trench coat?

This beige one fits with the minimal straight-leg blue jeans, blacktop, simple loafers, and accessories it’s paired with. The French fashion trend celebrates winter wear by making it the focal point.

The effortless thrown-on style brings a chic edge to the otherwise crisp pieces the model is wearing.

In addition, the pointed sunglasses provide a cleanness that ensures the person doesn’t look scruffy. This coat look can be seen on French runways, streets, and Paris fashion week parties.

We recommend a cold-toned woolen coat in bluey-gray if you want a brighter color.

You can make this item your signature and add to the mysterious feeling with bold sunglasses. A leather clutch or over-the-shoulder bag will add a more high-quality vibe to the outfit. 

If you want to add a more elevated element, put on some stilettos and strut your stuff.

You can make the outfit more professional by wearing tailored pants that aren’t denim, which gives a French lady feel to the outfit. Or, you can put Chelsea boots on to add a country element.

8. Plaid 

Plaid French style

Plaid has a place in French style because it has the angular craftsmanship that is Parisian fashion through and through.

In addition, plaid and blue jeans combine formality and French casualness. And, you don’t have to limit the plaid to jackets; you can rock it on pants too. 

Popular with bloggers, plaid comes in many different color combinations. For example, you can introduce warm tones for a fall look like this model is wearing.

Or, for an earthier style, use dark and light green plaid interlaced with white. American preppy style influences many French women’s outfits because they admire the tailored nature.

Pro Tip

Embrace the power of the “less is more” philosophy. Prioritize quality, simplicity, and timeless pieces in your wardrobe for an effortlessly chic French look.

9. Chic’s The Word

Chic’s The Word

Why not embrace a delicate polka dot dress to get the je ne sais quoi that French style is renowned for. This model pairs the light neutral dress with pointed kitten heels, adorably dainty.

The low-cut wrap-dress stops the piece from looking childlike because it brings the sultriness that chicness relies on.

The red lip is a timeless classic, ensuring that the old-Hollywood put-together aesthetic is upheld.

Using red lipstick to neatly apply to your lips is a welcome contrast to scruffy brown hair. Likewise, the brown clutch complements the beige-toned dress and straggly brunette hair.

For a more colorful vibe, use pastel colors which will bring breeziness. Light blue denim tones are timeless, fitting with the French feel.

To help you nail this element, we recommend imagining you’re traveling on an old boat down the Seine River.

Think dainty sandals, straw boater hats, and boxy handbags made with natural materials.

10. Noir Ooh La La

Noir Ooh La La French style

If you keep your French outfit all black, you can be sure you’ll wear something striking and matching.

This is darkly chic, ideal if you have a goth side but don’t want to fall into a black eyeliner smudgy hole.

And you don’t need to wear motorcycle leathers to appear edgy. Instead, you can use elegant lines and shiny handbags. 

The polka dot tights here are delicate, ensuring that the outfit maintains the black aesthetic without being totally dressed in dark tones.

The stilettos are another way to create refinement, which stops the blackness from overpowering. Again, as you can see here, the dark sunglasses bring chic mystery.

Attach a trench coat to your waist for a winter-friendly vibe, adding warmth.

To avoid an overpowering black aesthetic, we recommend adding a pop of color or white shirt every once in a while.

Statement jewelry can be a way to introduce depth to an all-black outfit, too. 

11. Bandana Accent 

Bandana Accent French style

Using a soft scarf to accessorize with thicker fabrics adds a gentle feminine touch to this style.

Tying it like a bandana is an easy way to keep your neck warm and add a French vibe to your outfit. By changing the colors of the scarf, you can alter the feel. 

The bohemianism a simple bandana can bring to an otherwise professional seeming person is astounding.

However, this red-orange sweater and handbag bring warmth, making it perfect for wearing in Fall.

So why not replace all the elements you would usually turn black with color to spice up your capsule wardrobe?!

12. Leave Your Midriff Bare

Leave Your Midriff Bare French style

The summer heat doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your French style. Revealing your midriff is a sexy way to stay calm.

The critical part of doing this is not exposing too much because you’re at the risk of being tacky. To do this, it’s a great idea to wear a long piece like a midi or maxi skirt with a crop top.

We recommend using a white crop top in either a re-altered shirt style or a cute twisted knot.

We love that the stylist has paired this outfit with brown sandals, which suits the warmth in the air and sunny street.

If you want to layer this up, why not put a trench coat that can easily be shrugged off with it?! 

Faded blue jeans with a cropped top are a chic way to produce a laid-back vibe that’s super attractive. And of course, no fashionable sunny Parisian day is complete with a pair of sunglasses.

To make the day seem even warmer, we advise you to choose brown tinted ones, which will enhance the beige stone buildings if you’re in Paris.

Fun fact

Did you know that the iconic French Breton striped shirt, a staple in French fashion, was initially introduced in the French Navy in 1858? Today, it’s a timeless piece that effortlessly adds a touch of Parisian flair to any outfit.

13. Vintage-inspired Summer Flowers

Vintage-inspired Summer Flowers French style

Vintage French women often have flowery patterns, which many today are inspired by.

Tropical prints with bright colors are sure to lift your mood and will suit a springtime walk in a park.

A straw bag will complement this dress. Especially if you’re headed for a stroll on a beach in the South of France (or pretending to).

We adore that the stylist has picked out the green in her dress to accessorize. The matching dog leash and chunky bag complement the fresh feel.

And you don’t need to go floral all over; you can simply bring petal designs in a skirt, bandana, mesh socks, or chiffon blouse.

14. Lace 

Lace French style

Are you searching for a chic French wedding dress? If so, we love this lace one that uses delicate fabrics to highlight the elegantly slim arms without being super revealing.

Chantilly lace is a French staple used for high-quality clothing designs for princessy brides.

If you’re looking for an everyday outfit, use a sheer lace dress underneath a black slip. There’s plenty on the market that are affordable, too!

And it doesn’t have to be Chantilly lace; you can wear any type of lacey outfit you can find to bring the traditional chic French Outfit feel.

Half-hiding your body is very typically French, which brings the mystery that flirts with anyone who sees the person wearing it.

Lace can be used to make an outfit youthful, elegant, or bridal, depending on how you wear it. That’s awesomely versatile!


Dressing like a French woman is super easy when you know-how!

So whether you love the chicness you get when you put on some kitten heels or prefer the Parisian edge of an all-black outfit, you can achieve these styles with a bit of effort.

We hope you found the Ooh La La factor you were looking for when you clicked on this article.

For this look, remember to keep any clothing you wear comfortable, timeless, high-quality, and possibly oversized! If you stick to these, you can’t go wrong.

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