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Our panel of contributing experts includes authors and editors from various aspects of the fashion and makeup industry with years of experience. Our experts follow the industry trends closely and ensure our content is authentic, relevant, and fact-checked. With their commitment to excellence, they enrich our platform with valuable insights and tips, empowering our audience to stay ahead of the ever-evolving world of fashion and beauty.

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Our expert panel comprises beauty and fashion connoisseurs with extensive and distinguished careers in makeup and skincare. Drawing from their rich industry insights, our panel guarantees that the written content is abreast of the latest trends and is valuable and beneficial for our audience. With a commitment to innovation, their collective expertise elevates every piece to an unparalleled standard of excellence, ensuring that our readers are consistently inspired and informed.

Dermatologist (MBBS)
MD (DVL) Gold Medallist

Dr. Shamsa Kanwal

MD from KMC & MRCP1 UK Certified

Skilled Hairstylist