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Monique Johnson

Monique Johnson, affectionately known as "The Braid Guru" within the Makeup & Wearables team, is an experienced Expert and Specialist in hair care with a keen focus on braiding techniques. With a background in cosmetology and salon experience, Monique brings hands-on expertise and a unique cultural perspective to her work, solidifying her position as an Authority in the field.

Her articles, featuring everything from step-by-step guides on intricate braids to in-depth discussions on hair health, have made her a reader favorite and attracted collaborations with leading hair care brands.


Her writing style is a blend of educational and engaging, breaking down complex braiding methods into easily digestible steps that resonate with both novices and professionals. Whether she's penning popular pieces like "The Ultimate Guide to Cornrows" or partnering with hair care brands for sponsored content, Monique's commitment to authenticity and reader trust remains unwavering.

Her contributions add a distinct and invaluable layer of depth to the Makeup & Wearables platform, solidifying her as a Professional and a Master in her craft.