Brittney Adams - Makeup Artist



Certified Makeup Artist

Brittney Adams

Brittney Adams, Makeup & Wearables' resident makeup specialist, is a certified makeup artist with years of experience behind the beauty counter and on professional sets, making her an Experienced and Qualified professional. 

With a blend of artistic vision and technical expertise, Brittney possesses an extensive knowledge of makeup products, application techniques, and trends, establishing her as an Expert and Specialist in the field. Her first-hand experience in the makeup industry allows her to provide insightful and practical advice, catering to a diverse audience.

Whether it's a flawless everyday look or high-fashion editorial makeup, her skill set encompasses a broad range of styles, solidifying her position as an Authority and a Professional in the industry.


Brittney's writing is rich in practical tips and creative inspiration, often incorporating insights from her vast real-world experience. Her articles frequently feature detailed product reviews, tutorials for achieving specific looks, and insights into the ever-changing world of beauty and cosmetics, establishing her as a Master in her craft. 

With a keen eye for what's trending and an inherent understanding of color theory and skin undertones, Brittney provides readers with an enriched makeup experience that goes beyond the surface, cementing her as a valued contributor to the Makeup & Wearables platform.