Haley Pearson Hairdresser



Professional Hairdresser

Haley Pearson

Haley Pearson brings a wealth of real-world experience to the Makeup & Wearables team as a former hairdresser with years of hands-on expertise in the industry. Her background uniquely positions her as an Experienced and Qualified professional to provide readers with practical, tried-and-true advice on various hair topics, from cutting and coloring to treatments and trends.

With a knack for understanding the challenges and questions people commonly face in hair care, Haley's articles serve as comprehensive guides that demystify the complexities of achieving salon-level results at home.


Haley's writing style is characterized by its relatable tone and practical orientation, often incorporating anecdotal experiences from her time as a hairdresser to illustrate her points. Readers appreciate her articles for the actionable tips she provides and her ability to empower them to take control of their hair care routines. 

Whether she's writing about the latest hair coloring techniques or advising on managing different hair types, Haley's contributions to Makeup & Wearables are revered for their authenticity, thoroughness, and real-world applicability, establishing her as an Authority and a Professional in the industry.