40+ Ideas For Your Graduation Dress

Graduating is a huge part of your life that symbolizes the success in which you have achieved, and it is only fitting that you have a special outfit for such a special day!

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It can be hard to know where to start looking, or even what type of dress you’re going to want – that’s why we are here to help. We’ve created a list of more than 40 different dresses that are suitable for graduation.

40+ Ideas For Your Graduation Dress

You are bound to find one that you like the look of! With so many shapes and different fits, the possibilities are endless – especially when you consider all the different kinds of fabrics, colors, and patterns as well! 

First of all, it depends on what type of dress you want. Do you want something casual and comfy or something more formal? We’ll begin with 10 dresses that are not only super cute but also super comfy!

Comfy Dress Ideas

1. Off-The-Shoulder Floaty Dress

This dress is flattering for almost any body type; the flowing and loose fabric allows for some breathing room making it extra comfy for you! The off-the-shoulder detail creates a simple but elegant look.

2. Strappy Bodycon Wrap Dress

This dress is made from a silky material which makes it comfortable and movable to wear. The wrap detail makes it incredibly flattering and the straps keep it comfy while also looking sophisticated. 

3. Dreamy Floaty Dress

This dress creates an aura of elegance and class but without losing any level of comfort. The floaty sleeves are open and easy to move around in, and the layered skirt helps to flatter any body shape.

4. Floral BodyCon

The material of this dress is soft and stretchy making it super comfortable while also fitting to your body! The floral pattern creates a feminine and girly feel to the dress.

5. Floaty Floor Length Gown

Perhaps you are looking for something that is quite extravagant, and much less casual however you still want it to be comfortable. This dress is perfect as the floaty fabric makes it breathable but also looks incredibly elegant. 

6. Puff Sleeved Ruffle Dress

The form-fitted body of this dress creates a unique look that fits your body shape. The skirt and sleeves which puff outwards help to make the dress look regal but also comfortable. 

7. Ruched Dress With Floaty Sleeves

Sometimes body-fitting dresses can be quite daunting and unflattering – however this dress has a ruched fabric creating a flattering illusion for anyone who wears it. 

8. Belted Ruffle Dress

This dress has a floaty and ruffled skirt that both looks beautiful and is comfortable to wear. The belted middle section creates a flattering silhouette. 

9. Patterned Baby Doll Dress

Baby doll style dresses are perfect when it comes to how comfy they are. The skirt begins below the bust, making it more flattering and easier to wear and move in. 

10. Backless Tea-Length Dress

This backless dress is effortlessly beautiful, and not only is this detail pretty and flattering, but it also makes it much more breathable. The tea-length skirt of the dress makes it more sophisticated. 

Fitted Dresses

11. Long-Sleeved Ruched Bodycon Dress

This beautiful ruched dress fits the shape of your body, but the bunching of the fabric keeps it flattering. The long sleeves make the dress more elegant, alongside the fact that they are off-the-shoulder. 

12. Silky Cowl Neck Dress

This dress has a unique neckline that shows off all of your best parts. The silky material the dress is made from makes it all the more elegant. 

13. Boned Bodice Dress

The boned bodice of this dress creates an almost corset-like feel without the uncomfortableness of wearing an actual corset. It is a simple yet beautiful design that is perfect for a graduation. 

14. Fitted Leather Dress

If you really want to make a statement then this is the dress for you. Entirely made with a leather-like fabric, this strapless dress will have you turning heads. 

15. Strappy Lace Dress

This lacey fabric of this dress gives it a unique texture that looks and feels beautiful. The lace design is both intricate and pretty, making it effortlessly beautiful to wear.

16. One Shoulder Split Seam Dress

This silky dress is formal and fitting, yet interesting due to the one-shoulder detail. The split in the seam allows for a little bit of leg to show. 

17. Off-Shoulder Corset Wrap Dress

This incredibly beautiful dress is made from a velvet-like material that creates an elegant feel. The corseted bodice flatters your body and the skirt is wrapped. 

18. Asymmetric Bodycon Dress

If you are looking for a dress that will stand out from the rest, then this may be the dress for you. The asymmetric neckline creates a flattering illusion that differs from any other dress. 

19. Long-Sleeved Silky Tied Knot Dress

You will look like a beautifully wrapped gift in this shiny silk dress with long sleeves. The tied knot on the side of the waist creates that perfect flattering illusion.

20. Backless Silk Slip Dress

This backless silk dress is effortlessly beautiful. It is simple but elegant and perfect for a graduation day. 

Floor Length Dresses

21. Simple Slit Dress

This beautifully simple dress is perfect for practically any occasion. It can be dressed up or down. 

22. Floor Length Halter Neck Dress

The neckline of this dress makes it unique and elegant and is very on-trend at the moment. The halterneck elevates the dress from something simple to something more interesting.

23. Full Sequin Dress

You’ll be sure to turn heads in this very dramatic and very sparkly full-length dress covered in beads and sequins!

24. Crossed Strap Open-Back Gown

This simple but elegant dress has a unique cross-over with two straps in the back of the dress. 

25. Tulle Cross-Over Dress

The wrapped bodice makes the dress more interesting than your plain average evening gown. The tulle makes the dress floaty and ethereal as you walk across the stage.

26. Unique Pattern Dress

This is another standout fashion dress. The unique pattern will stand out from all the other solid-block colored and floral printed dresses.

27. Bright Pleated Dress

This color is not for the faint of heart, but will certainly draw attention to you on your special day. 

28. Plain Blush Dress

The simplicity of this dress makes it timeless. The blush color complements so many skin tones.

29. Fishtail Mermaid Dress

The shape of this dress is what makes it different from the rest. It is form-fitted all the way until the end where it poofs out, imitating a mermaid tail. 

30. High Neck Velvet Dress With Train

This dress is very formal but very beautiful. With long sleeves and a high neck, this regal gown also has a short train.

Unique Dresses

31. Red Ruffle Dress

This dress is very unique in that the ruffles of the skirt are vertical, creating a more full effect. 

32. Lace Dress With Bell Sleeves

What makes this dress stand out from the rest, are the beautiful lace sleeves with flared ends. 

33. Sunset Sequin Dress

This dress has multiple layers of tulle in shades of pink, blue and purple. The sequined bodice makes it a real eye catcher. 

34. Contrast Applique Dress

The lace applique design of this dress contrasts in color to the rest of the dress to make it really stand out.

35. Sequin Dress With Tulle Overlay

This beautiful dress is made from a sequined fabric, but also has an added tulle overlay.

36. Embroidered Mini Dress

This dress is beautifully unique because the fabric is covered in tiny embroidery, giving extra detail. 

37. High-Low Dress

This dress is higher than the front than it is at the back, giving it a very unique dynamic.

38. Fringe Mini Dress

This dress is covered with layers of fringe for a fun look that moves as you do

39. Silk Buttoned Dress

This simple but beautiful dress has a unique line of buttons down the front of the bodice. 

40. Patterned Feather Dress

This dress is covered with feathers to complement the loud patterned fabric it is made from. 

41. Ruffled Mini Dress

This dress is entirely covered in horizontal ruffles, giving it a very fun and different texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Dress Can I Wear To Graduation?

It depends on the dress code of the specific event you are going to. Usually, it will be smart-casual. 

What Should I Wear To My Graduation Ceremony?

Check the dress code for your specific event. Usually, graduations are fairly formal. 

Does It Matter What Color I Wear To Graduation?

Some people like to dress in the colors of their institutions, but as long as there is no color specified on the dress code you can wear whatever color you like.