29 Trendsetting 90s Makeup Looks That Still Shine In 2024

The 90s makeup looks, which once graced the faces of iconic celebrities and trendsetters, continue to captivate us with their unique charm.

90s Makeup Look

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This article is your passport to reliving the magic of an era that celebrated both minimalism and bold experimentation.

Step into a time machine and journey back to an era defined by its distinct style and attitude – the mesmerizing 90s.

The 90s were a playground for makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts, where boundary-pushing trends coexisted with understated elegance.

From the edgy grunge vibes to the shimmering iridescence, the 90s makeup landscape was as diverse as it was influential.

With matte lips, dramatic brows, and defined eyes, the decade birthed signature looks that still resonate today.

Choosing to embrace the allure of 90s makeup is an opportunity to pay homage to a pivotal era in beauty history.

The looks encapsulated the spirit of individuality, inviting us to explore our own unique interpretation of these trends.

Whether you’re drawn to the daring dark lips of the grunge movement or the radiant glow of shimmering eyes, there’s a 90s makeup look that speaks to your personal style.

I love the 90s makeup for its versatility. It’s a canvas that empowers me to express myself, allowing me to adapt these vintage styles to modern contexts seamlessly. And why should you love it? Because it’s a chance to infuse your current routine with a dash of nostalgia, honoring the creativity and innovation that defined an era.

Unearth the classics, rediscover forgotten gems, and get inspired to merge the past with the present – creating makeup magic that transcends generations.

Embrace The Allure Of 90s Makeup Styles

1. Glittery Pink 90s Makeup Looks

The Glittery Pink 90s Makeup Look is a nostalgic nod to the shimmering glam of the era. Characterized by its bold use of pink shades and a generous dose of glitter, it captures the vibrant spirit of the 90s.

This look was popularized by pop icons like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, and it’s all about embracing boldness and self-expression.

This makeup look celebrates unabashed glamor and a playful attitude, making it perfect for parties, events, or whenever you want to make a statement.

It’s about daring to shine and having fun with your makeup. Embrace the glitter and shine, but balance it out by keeping the rest of your face makeup subtle.

Glittery Pink 90s Makeup Looks

Credit: beauty.in.dirt

2. Classy 90s Makeup Looks

The Classy 90s Makeup Look embodies the timeless elegance of the era. Inspired by iconic figures like Princess Diana and supermodels like Cindy Crawford, this look is characterized by its simplicity and sophistication.

It features neutral tones, soft browns, and matte finishes that exude understated glamor.

This makeup look is versatile and timeless, making it suitable for various occasions, from professional settings to formal events.

It’s about embracing a polished and sophisticated aesthetic while allowing your natural beauty to shine through. Focus on enhancing your features with soft and well-blended tones, and remember that less is often more.

Classy 90s Makeup Looks

Credit: hungvanngo

3. Angel 90s Makeup Looks

The Angel 90s Makeup Look captures the ethereal beauty and innocence of the era. Inspired by iconic figures like Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore, this look is about achieving a fresh and youthful appearance.

It features soft, pastel shades and a focus on highlighting natural features.

This makeup look is perfect for those who want to achieve a delicate and innocent aesthetic. It’s ideal for daytime events, casual outings, or channeling a youthful glow.

Use minimal product and embrace a soft color palette that enhances your natural features rather than masking them.

Angel 90s Makeup Looks

Credit: septemberroseco

4. Soft Nude 90s Makeup Looks

The Soft Nude 90s Makeup Look is a timeless and versatile style that exudes understated elegance.

Inspired by the supermodels of the 90s like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, this look is characterized by its neutral tones and emphasis on natural beauty.

This makeup look is perfect for various occasions, from professional settings to casual outings, as it enhances your features while maintaining a polished appearance.

Its versatility lies in its subtlety, making it suitable for all skin tones and ages. Blend the colors well and choose shades that mimic your natural skin tones, allowing your inherent beauty to shine through effortlessly.

Soft Nude 90s Makeup Looks

Credit: runway.rogue

5. Uniqueness of 90s Makeup Looks

The Uniqueness 90s Makeup Look is all about embracing bold and individualistic styles that defined the era.

Inspired by the likes of Madonna and Gwen Stefani, this look celebrates self-expression with vibrant colors and creative techniques.

This makeup look is perfect for those who love to stand out and make a statement with their appearance.

It allows you to express your personality and creativity through makeup. Don’t be afraid to play with colors, experiment with different shapes and lines, and let your individuality shine through.

Uniqueness of 90s Makeup Looks

Credit: kristina_kameron

6. Old School Vibes 90s Makeup Looks

The Old School Vibes 90s Makeup Look is a nostalgic nod to the iconic beauty trends of the era. It’s all about embracing the simplicity and timeless appeal of 90s makeup. Think matte brown lips, defined brows, and subtle, earthy eyeshadows.

Anyone who appreciates classic beauty with a touch of nostalgia would love the Old School Vibes 90s Makeup Look.

It’s perfect for everyday wear or for those who want a break from bold and flashy trends. To pull off this look, focus on enhancing your natural features and embracing the minimalist approach that defined the 90s beauty scene.

Old School Vibes 90s Makeup Looks

Credit: elisavg.make_up

7. Yellow Bow 90s Makeup Looks

The Yellow Bow 90s Makeup Look is a playful and vibrant homage to the pop culture of that era. It draws inspiration from the iconic yellow smiley face and combines it with bold and colorful makeup choices.

This look features vibrant yellow eyeshadow, bold eyeliner, and a touch of whimsy with a drawn-on yellow bow under one eye.

This look is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement and embrace the fun-loving spirit of the 90s. This look is all about having fun with makeup and expressing your individuality.

Yellow Bow 90s Makeup Looks

Credit: dennilynorejola06

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8. Natural Blush 90s Makeup Looks

The Natural Blush 90s Makeup Look embodies the minimalist and fresh approach that defined the 90s makeup trends.

This look focuses on enhancing your natural beauty with soft tones and a touch of rosy blush. It was all about achieving that effortless, “no-makeup” makeup look.

This look is perfect for everyday wear, giving you a healthy and radiant appearance while embracing the understated beauty of the 90s era.

Natural Blush 90s Makeup Looks

Credit: runway.rogue

9. Like A Diamond 90s Makeup Looks

The Like A Diamond 90s Makeup Look draws inspiration from the shimmering glam of the late 90s.

This iconic look was all about embracing bold and radiant elements. Metallic eyeshadows in silver or gold hues adorned the lids, and lip gloss added a high-shine finish.

This look captures the era’s vivacious spirit, offering a dazzling and confident appearance perfect for nights out or special occasions.

Like A Diamond 90s Makeup Looks

Credit: natalie_brownx

10. Spider Lashes 90s Makeup Looks

The Spider Lashes 90s Makeup Look is a throwback to the era of bold and dramatic lashes.

This iconic look involved applying multiple coats of mascara to create thick, clumpy lashes that resembled a spider’s legs. It was a rebellious departure from the traditional definition of well-separated lashes.

This look is all about defying conventional beauty norms and embracing a bold, edgy style.

It’s perfect for making a statement and adding a touch of retro flair to modern makeup trends. Just remember to balance the dramatic lashes with more subdued lip color for a cohesive finish.

Spider Lashes 90s Makeup Looks

Credit: kristina.woof

11. Pamela Anderson Inspired 90s Makeup Looks

The Pamela Anderson Inspired 90s Makeup Look pays homage to the iconic bombshell’s signature style.

This look is all about channeling the sultry glamor of the 90s with bold features. Think voluminous hair, bronzed skin, winged eyeliner, and nude lips.

This makeup is a fantastic choice for a themed party or to embrace the vintage allure of the 90s. It captures the essence of a confident and glamorous era and lets you embody the spirit of a true 90s icon like Pamela Anderson.

Anderson Inspired 90s Makeup

Credit: phoebevalentinemakeup

12. Soft Glam 90s Makeup Looks

The Soft Glam 90s Makeup Look strikes a perfect balance between subtle elegance and glamorous charm.

It focuses on enhancing your natural features with a touch of shimmer and a soft color palette. This look involves neutral eyeshadows, a hint of blush, and a glossy nude lip.

This makeup look is versatile and can be worn for various occasions, from daytime events to evening outings.

It’s perfect for those who prefer a more understated yet sophisticated appearance, evoking the timeless beauty trends of the 90s.

Soft Glam Makeup Look

Credit: lafemme_cecile

13. Messy Bun 90s Makeup Looks

The Messy Bun 90s Makeup Look exudes effortless charm and carefree vibes. It pairs a relaxed hairdo with minimal makeup, reflecting the casual spirit of the era. This look involves a light foundation, a touch of bronzer, and a subtle pink or nude lip color.

This look is excellent for casual outings, offering a balance between a relaxed appearance and a hint of makeup polish that’s ideal for embracing the spirit of the 90s.

Messy Bun 90s Makeup

Credit: alexsmakeupdrawer

14. Thin Eyebrows 90s Makeup Looks

The Thin Eyebrows 90s Makeup Look was iconic for its ultra-thin eyebrow trend that defined the era.

It was all about plucking eyebrows into thin, dramatic arches. This look is a bold statement and a nod to the fashion-forward 90s.

Remember, this trend is about embracing a unique style that pays homage to the 90s, so confidence is key.

This look might not be suitable for everyone’s preferences, but it’s a fun way to experiment with vintage makeup trends and relive the era’s nostalgia.

Thin Eyebrows 90s Makeup

Credit: makeup_mars

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15. Soft Vibes 90s Makeup Looks

The Soft Vibes 90s Makeup Look exudes a delicate and understated charm, a departure from the bold styles of the era.

Characterized by neutral tones, matte finishes, and a subtle pop of color on the lips, this look offers a timeless elegance that suits various occasions.

The trick to this look is to enhance your features while keeping the overall appearance soft and sophisticated. This look is perfect for those who prefer a more subtle approach to 90s nostalgia while maintaining a modern, chic aesthetic.

Soft Vibes Makeup Style

Credit: thatjennygirl

16. Disco 90s Makeup Looks

The Disco 90s Makeup Look captures the glitz and glamor of the era’s iconic dance floors. It’s all about bold, shimmery shades, vibrant colors, and daring styles.

This look brings back the disco spirit with metallic eyeshadows, vibrant blush, and glossy lips.

This look is for those who want to relive the energetic vibes of the 90s dance scene and make a bold statement on any occasion. It’s perfect for parties and nights out when you want to shine and dance the night away in style.

Disco 90s Makeup Looks

Credit: hanna.__.belle

17. Blue Eyeshadow 90s Makeup Looks

The Blue Eyeshadow 90s Makeup Look is a nostalgic nod to the vibrant and daring trends of the era.

Blue eyeshadow was a quintessential element of 90s makeup, embraced by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike.

This look involves applying vivid blue eyeshadow to the eyelids, often paired with a nude lip and minimal blush.

Keep the rest of your makeup understated to let the blue shine. This look is perfect for themed parties or those seeking a playful and nostalgic makeup vibe.

It’s a creative way to embrace the 90s trend while adding a modern twist to the classic blue eyeshadow style.

Blue Eyeshadow 90s Makeup

Credit: makeup_by_molly_durr

18. Back To Teen 90s Makeup Looks

The Back To Teen 90s Makeup Look encapsulates the playful spirit of the era, reminiscent of carefree teen days.

Characterized by minimalistic vibes, this look celebrates natural beauty with a touch of grunge. Think softly smoked eyes using earthy tones paired with matte skin and a subtle lip.

The iconic brown lip liner paired with nude gloss was a staple, famously sported by stars like Drew Barrymore. It’s an homage to embracing youthful exuberance with an edge.

Teen 90s Makeup Looks

Credit: beauty_by_charlee

19. Feeling Young 90s Makeup Looks

The Feeling Young 90s Makeup Look embodies the vibrancy and freedom of the era, making nostalgia feel alive.

This look is all about vivid, electric hues that pop. Experiment with bold eyeshadow shades like cobalt blue, electric green, or vibrant purple – the louder, the better!

Frosted or glossy finishes on the eyelids add an extra touch of retro charm. Balance the bold eyes with a neutral lip and matte skin for contrast. Channel your inner ’90s rebel and unleash your colorful creativity with this exuberant makeup style.

Young 90s Makeup

Credit: ansue.makeup

20. Beauty Mark 90s Makeup Looks

The Beauty Mark 90s Makeup Look is a nod to the era’s fascination with unique beauty details.

The signature of this look is the strategically placed beauty mark, often emphasized with dark eyeliner.

This trend drew inspiration from the beauty marks adorned with iconic faces like Marilyn Monroe’s.

This look celebrates individuality and offers a playful way to add intrigue to your makeup routine, capturing the charm of the ’90s with a hint of mystery.

Beauty Mark 90s Makeup

Credit: hanna.__.belle

21. Jasmine 90s Makeup Looks

The Jasmine 90s Makeup Look draws inspiration from the exotic allure of the era’s favorite Disney princess. With its warm, sun-kissed tones and sultry vibes, this look encapsulates a sense of wanderlust and adventure.

Think earthy eyeshadows, bronze blush, and a rich terracotta lip. The key is to achieve a radiant, sunlit glow that evokes Jasmine’s desert palace.

This look invites you to embrace your inner free spirit and adds a touch of Arabian night mystique to your style.

Credit: dianna.222

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22. Bangs 90s Makeup Looks

The Bangs 90s Makeup Look mirrors the era’s edgy, grunge-inspired charm, embracing the rebellious spirit of frontwomen from iconic rock bands. Dark, smudged eyeliner takes center stage, while matte skin and nude lips provide the perfect canvas.

This look complements the popular trend of pairing heavy bangs with a punk-rock aesthetic.

The Bangs look captures the raw energy of ’90s rock and exudes confident nonchalance, making it a bold choice for those who embrace their inner rockstar.

Credit: bailiemakenzie

23. Diamond 90s Makeup Looks

The Diamond 90s Makeup Look embodies the glamorous excess of the era, channeling the opulence of the red carpet.

Known for its shimmering appeal, this look is all about iridescent eyeshadows and lip gloss that catches the light just right. Think metallics, glitter, and a touch of drama.

This look radiates confidence and embodies the glitz and glamor of the ’90s, perfect for those who want to make a dazzling statement.

Credit: jennseren

24. Night Terror 90s Makeup Looks

The Night Terror 90s Makeup Look delves into the realm of dark fantasy, echoing the era’s fascination with gothic aesthetics.

This look is an artful blend of deep, moody hues and bold experimentation. Dark, matte lips and intense, smudged eyeliner are the focal points, often accompanied by pale, porcelain-like skin.

This look empowers individuals to embrace their inner darkness, making a strong statement celebrating the mysterious allure of the ’90s goth culture.

Night Terror 90s Makeup

Credit: makeupsinner

25. Gina 90s Makeup Looks

The Gina 90s Makeup Look pays homage to the effortlessly cool aura of 90s sitcoms and the iconic characters they introduced, like Gina from “Martin.”

With a focus on natural beauty and understated elegance, this look is about enhancing your features rather than masking them.

The Gina look captures the essence of approachable chic, offering a touch of ’90s nostalgia and showcasing the appeal of embracing your true self with grace.

Gina 90s Makeup

Credit: crueltyfreebychristine

26. Neutral Vibes 90s Makeup Looks

The Neutral Vibes 90s Makeup Look brings back the minimalist grace that defined the era, celebrating the beauty of subtlety. Characterized by soft, earthy tones and a focus on enhancing natural features, this look is universally appealing.

The eyes are defined with light browns and soft eyeliner, while the lips are adorned with nude shades.

The charm of the Neutral Vibes look lies in its timeless elegance and versatility – suitable for everyday wear or paired with a bold outfit for balance. It’s a reminder that less can truly be more, making it a classic choice for those seeking understated beauty.

Neutral Vibes 90s Makeup

Credit: mariele_mua

27. Smoky Eyes 90s Makeup Looks

The Smoky Eyes 90s Makeup Look reignites the sultry mystique that defined the era, exuding an air of allure and confidence.

This iconic look focuses on the eyes, with intense, smudged eyeliner and gradient shades creating a captivating smoky effect. Often paired with nude lips and subtly bronzed skin, the Smoky Eyes look is a balance of drama and understated elegance.

This look channels timeless glamor, perfect for evenings when you want to make a statement with your gaze.

Smoky Eyes 90s Makeup

Credit: rachelaustinboxley

28. Blue Crayon 90s Makeup Looks

The Blue Crayon 90s Makeup Look transports us back to the bold experimentation of the era, where vibrant shades ruled the scene.

One of the defining features of this look is the electric blue eyeliner or eyeshadow, vividly tracing the eyes for a pop of color. Popularized by celebrities like Christina Aguilera, it’s a playful nod to the era’s fearless creativity.

The look is a vibrant celebration of individuality and nostalgia, perfect for those craving a dash of ’90s spirit in their style.

Blue Makeup Style

Credit: nadiamohamofficial

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29. Brown Matt Lips 90s Makeup Looks

The Brown Matte Lips 90s Makeup Look embraces the era’s earthy elegance with a touch of rebellion.

This look is characterized by deep, matte brown lip shades and pays homage to iconic figures like Naomi Campbell.

Brown matte lips were a definitive trend, showcasing a blend of confidence and sophistication.

This look exudes a blend of timeless chic and bold individuality, offering a nod to the ’90s while remaining effortlessly stylish for any modern occasion.

Brown Matt Lips 90s Makeup

Credit: natashajeney

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key features of 90s makeup looks?

Bold elements like matte skin-defined brows and statement lips characterized 90s makeup looks.

Smokey eyes with smudged eyeliner were a hallmark, often paired with neutral or brown matte lips. Glitter and shimmer were also famous for adding drama to the eyes and lips.

How do I achieve the iconic grunge look from the 90s?

Focus on smoky, smudged eyes using dark eyeshadows and eyeliner to achieve the grunge look.

Go for matte, pale skin, and add a touch of contour for depth. Bold, dark lips or brown matte lips complete the look. Remember, imperfection is key for the grunge aesthetic.

Which celebrities influenced the 90s makeup trends?

Celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Kate Moss, and Jennifer Aniston were influential in popularizing 90s makeup trends.

Their distinctive looks, from Drew’s dark lips to Kate’s minimalist beauty, left a lasting impact on the era’s beauty standards.

Can I modernize 90s makeup for today’s trends?

Absolutely! Incorporate elements like dewy skin and lighter brows to update these looks.

Experiment with bolder colors or reinterpret the iconic styles with a contemporary twist, making them more wearable for today’s fashion.

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