15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of the most popular stores on the high street for the latest trends in fashion and stylish clothing.

They offer everything from the basics to the best going out dresses, all at a relatively affordable price.

As well as selling a huge variety of the latest fashion pieces, Urban Outfitters also has a fantastic beauty section stocked with a range of top brands.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

We all love Urban Outfitters so much we find ourselves craving more stores offering a similar experience.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of retailers that do. As a result of this, we have done the research and decided to put them all in one place.

We have found 15 stores just like your favorite high street retailer so you have even more options the next time a shopping spree is on the agenda.

Every store on our list shares a similar style to Urban Outfitters, while also still offering their products at a reasonable price.

Let’s not waste any more time, let’s dive into the list.

Free People

We will start our list off with an obvious choice. Given that Free People and Urban Outfitters are owned by the same company, we can expect a similar level of high-quality service.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

If you’re a fan of Urban Outfitters’ bohemian pieces, Free People is definitely for you. They have an amazing range of workout gear and loungewear on offer.

Prices often cost a little more than UO but we found the quality to be better.


  • Owned by the same company – Anthropologie owns both companies.
  • Similar styles – You will find similar styles in both stores.
  • High-quality materials – The clothing produced by Free People is of high quality.


  • Slightly more expensive – You will spend more money at Free People.


Seeing as though Anthropologie owns Free People and UO, it would be silly not to put them on this list. Anthropologie is referred to as Urban Outfitters’ twin sibling.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

This trendy fashion retailer has over 200 stores stocking the hottest fashion, following trends as they change throughout the year.

You can find some great hidden gems in Anthropologie so keep an eye out for those bargain price tags.


  • 60-day return policy – This gives you plenty of time to change your mind.
  • Up to date with the trends – You will always find the latest trends in Anthropologie.
  • Number of physical stores – Anthropologie has over 200 stores.


  • More expensive – In general Anthropologie is more expensive than UO.


ASOS is one of the most popular stores around the globe and it’s not hard to see why.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

They offer their customers a huge array of trendy, stylish clothes and accessories at a wonderful price, just like Urban Outfitters.

In our opinion, in some ways, ASOS is even better. ASOS is more inclusive when it comes to its size range and has a pretty killer beauty department.


  • Sizes for all – ASOS has size ranges that suit everybody.
  • Fast service – Your order will be at your door in no time.
  • Variety of styles – This store sells a huge range of styles and trends.


  • No physical store – You can only shop online.


H&M is much like Urban Outfitters in respect to what they sell. H&M has a great mix of polished pieces-yet-easy wardrobe staples and funkier designed pieces.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

This store has been known to work with high-end designers to offer its customers the latest styles. They have collaborated with Stella McCartney, Balmain, and Giambattista to name a few.

An extra bonus to shopping with H&M is its affordability and plus-size options. You will also love the sustainability push H&M is striving towards in their products.


  • Affordability – H&M is even more affordable than UO.
  • Sustainable efforts – H&M is trying to use more recycled materials in its pieces.
  • Online and in-store – H&M is accessible online and in-store.


  • Fashion’s biggest polluters – Despite its best efforts, H&M is still by far fashion’s biggest polluter.


Lulu’s are the absolute best when it comes to providing its customers with girly styles they will love. They have a massive collection of adorable, cute clothes and fashionable accessories.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

If you’re looking for exclusive, must-have dresses or the perfect bridal collection, then be sure to check Lulu’s out.


  • Specialized in women’s clothing – Lulu’s stocks some of the best women’s fashion choices.
  • Bridal section – Lulu’s has a whole section dedicated to all your bridal needs.
  • Amazing offers – You will find some great savings at Lulu’s.


  • No menswear – You won’t find anything for men at Lulu’s.


Urban Outfitters can get a little pricey sometimes so if you want a cheaper alternative why not take a look at Topshop.

Topshop has a super reasonably priced budget-friendly range, complete with plenty of trendy options for your next outfit.

The best thing about Topshop is the fact the quality of the items on sale isn’t compromised as a result of the low prices.


  • Great value for money – Topshop sells high-quality clothing at an affordable price.
  • Cheaper than UO – Shopping in Topshop will save you money.
  • Student discounts – Students get a discount and free shipping on orders over $20.


  • Closed physical stores – Topshop stores have been closed down since the ASOS take over. You can now only buy online.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is an American fashion retailer that specializes in the latest fashion for young women.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

It is slightly more affordable than Urban Outfitters and usually runs exclusive deals and events that can save you a fortune.

If anything Nasty Gal is that store you spend way too much money in thanks to the dangerously low prices. You can expect to find stunning statement pieces, comfortable winter wears, and the most glamorous of accessories.


  • Awesome sales – Who doesn’t love a good sale.
  • Perfect for younger women – Nasty Gal aims to target younger women.
  • Range of products –  You can find almost anything you want related to fashion at Nasty Gal.


  • No menswear – Nasty Gal is only suited to women.


Missguided is based in the U.K. Like Urban Outfitters they sell plenty of fun, fashionable pieces.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

Their product line ranges from sexy going-out dresses and lingerie to cozy everyday sweats and apparel including jeans and blouses.

Missguided caters for all sizes, including plus-size and maternity styles. With affordable prices, there really is no reason you shouldn’t give Missguided a try.


  • Great prices – Missguided’s product range is affordable.
  • Maternity range of clothing – Missguided is a great option if you’re looking for excellent maternity options.
  • Something for every occasion – Missguided sells clothes suitable for going out or staying in.


  • Only available online – Missguided has trialed a physical store but is only available online in the U.S.


Cider claims to be “your closet’s happy hour” and we must admit it certainly lives up to that description.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

This fun and cheerful store has a wonderful collection of vibrant, playful designs perfect for a summer’s day or going out with friends.

There are flirty dresses, stylish going-out tops, and printed pants on offer at this store. They even have a mood-curated selection of pieces that give off romantic, sophisticated, and retro vibes.

Keep an eye out for Cider’s daily flash sale if you want to get yourself a bargain.


  • Vibrant and fun – Cider wants to make your day better through color and style.
  • Unique collection – This store has an excellent collection of unique looks for sale.
  • Try a new look – Cider gives you the opportunity to try a new look.


  • Niche – Cider suits a more niche market. If you want a wider range of styles you might want to look elsewhere.


Boohoo is an inexpensive store that has some pretty great styles at a very reasonable price.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

On top of their already affordable prices, they tend to run awesome deals and sales, giving you the opportunity to pick up some amazing bargains.

The great thing about Boohoo is how they are for everyone. This store sells women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories that are up to date and in season.


  • Excellent savings – You can make some great savings thanks to the Boohoo sales and customer-friendly prices.
  • Move’s with the seasons – Boohoo always stocks the latest fashion trends.
  • Something for everyone – This store has clothing for everybody.


  • No physical stores – It’s a shame there’s no physical store for us to explore.


Nuuly is a similar store to Urban Outfitters primarily because they actually created the store.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

This store is a subscription service that gives the customer the chance to rent stylish clothes without paying the full retail price.

Though it’s quite costly, Nuuly is an awesome way to try a ton of new trends and looks.

The store gives you the opportunity to wear high-end clothing that you may otherwise not have been able to afford.


  • Unique service – This unique subscription service is a fun way to try new looks and styles.
  • Wear high-end clothing – Thanks to Nuuly you can wear expensive clothing you might not be able to afford normally.
  • Created by Urban Outfitters – If you love UO, there’s a high chance you’ll love their other stores.


  • Expensive subscription – The subscription service does come at a pretty hefty price.

Frank And Oak

This Canadian Store sells men’s and women’s clothes with a focus being on sustainability.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

Their website is full of information regarding the brand’s targets and active steps they take to become more eco-friendly.

Frank And Oak are one of the best at producing casual everyday outfits with neat touches when it comes to color and textures. We particularly like this store’s denim styles.


  • Sustainability efforts – This store prides itself on trying to be more eco-friendly.
  • Men’s and women’s clothing – Frank And Oak sell clothing for men and women.
  • Variety – This store has plenty of variety in regards to different styles.


  • Not many stores – You will probably need to shop online as Frank and Oak only have a few physical stores.

River Island

River Island is a streetwear brand that sells a wide variety of affordable clothing for us to enjoy.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

Their high-quality pieces may differ slightly from Urban Outfitters because they only sell their own label, but you can find a number of similar styles you will love.

Operating online and in-store you have plenty of opportunities to indulge in some shopping here.


  • Affordable – River Island has fair prices.
  • Physical locations – You can visit River Island in-store to try before you buy.
  • High-quality -This store sells only the best items of clothing.


  • No other brands – River Island only sells its own brand.


If you’re looking for an ethical brand, selling high-quality basics at an affordable price, then look no further than Everlane.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

Everlane is well known for its jeans and basic tops. They sell clothing that is easily splurged on.

We love how Everlane is completely open about how and where its products are produced, showing us exactly how sustainable they are.


  • Eco-friendly – Everlane tries to be the best it can be when it comes to sustainability.
  • Reasonable prices – The clothing at Everlane is available at a great price.
  • Amazing sales – Everlane often reduces stock by up to 60%.


  • Basic clothing – Everlane is great if you want affordable, basic clothing, but if you want more high-end pieces you will need to look elsewhere.


Revolve has a bit of something for everyone. Prices tend to be a little higher than Urban Outfitters, but they do offer a similar vibe and style.

15 Stores Similar To Urban Outfitters

This store has a variety of funky, trendy styles with a Brooklyn-y vibe. We found that Revolve clothing is typically of higher quality than that at UO.

Here you will also find an extensive selection of sexy dresses, party outfits, denim, and graphic tees.


  • Budget section – You can save money in Revolve’s budget section.
  • Stylish clothing – Revolve provides customers with the latest fashion trends.
  • High-end – Revolve sells both budget and high-end clothing for those wanting to treat themselves.


  • More expensive – This store is generally more expensive than Urban Outfitters.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

As much as we love to shop in Urban Outfitters it can sometimes be nice to change things up.

We can do so by exploring other stores that aren’t that unfamiliar to UO but still offer their own unique looks and styles.

As you can see from our list there are a whole host of options to check out. We could quite easily have added more and more to this list, but these stores are our favorites.

They are similar to Urban Outfitters while also offering something different. Some focus on more budget-friendly clothing whilst others sells only the biggest brands.

Now that you have read our list it is time to get out there exploring.

Find the stores you like and go on your next shopping spree. Why not even revamp your wardrobe while you’re at it. It seems like you have a pretty good excuse to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Urban Outfitter Style?

Urban Outfitters sells a wide range of different styles, however, they primarily target teens and young adults who are interested in alternative and hipster fashion,

Is URBN The Same As Urban Outfitters?

URBN is Urban Outfitters’ parent company. URBN also owns a number of other brands, including Terrain, Nuuly and Anthropologie.

What Is The Best Store Similar To Urban Outfitters?

In all honesty, all of the stores on our list are great alternatives to UO, however, if we had to narrow it down and choose our favorite three we would probably say ASOS, Free People, and Anthropologie are the stores we think are the most similar to Urban Outfitters.