Easy Headband Braid Hairstyles

Merry Christmas, lovelies!  I’m about to head out to spend some time with my in-laws who’re visiting me from Korea, but thought I’ll do a quick blog post about these  cute headband braids I’ve created for you last week.  What are you guys doing today?

I get so many requests for easy hairstyles for school and braided headband styles in particular.  Originally, I had planned to do a normal headband braid looks with a French braid, a Dutch braid and a French fishtail braid, but after doing the first style, a French braided Headband Braid, I decided to make it totally easy and lazy instead, because I know how some of you struggle with French braids.   So although the first style is a true French braid, the last 2 are super-duper LAZY EASY braids!






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